SPB’s Elite 8: Week 4


MASUK (3-0; This week: at Bunnell), WEST HAVEN (3-0, This week: at Sheehan), NEWTOWN (3-0; This week: vs. Brookfield), ST. JOSEPH (2-1; This week: vs. Stamford)

All four teams move up to fill Darien’s vacated spot. Masuk crushed Immaculate. West Haven handled Notre Dame-West Haven (but not Cameran Tucker), Newtown had no problems with Stratford and, of course, St. Joseph nipped Darien in two overtimes.


DARIEN (2-1; This week: vs. Danbury) — The Blue Wave doesn’t drop far, but the team looked exhausted while losing a two-touchdown lead in the second half vs. St. Joseph. Losing lineman Matt D’Andrea during stretches of the second half didn’t help. He was a terror in the first half.

As mentioned, getting Peter Gesualdi back from injury is critical.

Now comes rejuvenated Danbury, fresh off a wild 36-30, victory over Central. Time to answer the bell.


STAPLES (3-0; This week: Idle), ANSONIA (3-0; This week: at Holy Cross), GREENWICH (2-0; This week: vs. Trumbull).

Staples buried McMahon, Ansonia buried Derby and Greeenwich was in a coma last week. Overall, Staples and Ansonia are putting a chasm between themselves and the rest of the state with the exception of maybe Xavier and Hand.

As for the ‘Missed,’  TRINITY CATHOLIC (3-0; This week: at Norwalk) is on the cusp. We dropped STAMFORD (2-1; This week: at St. Joseph) a bit.

The rest we left almost untouched because, honestly, we needed to make it all fit. So don’t read too much into it.

BROOKFIELD (3-0; This week: at Newtown), NEW CANAAN (2-1; This week: vs. McMahon), FAIRFIELD PREP (2-1; This week: vs. Shelton), STAMFORD (2-1; This week: at St. Joseph), SHELTON (2-1; This week: at Fairfield Prep), and BARLOW (3-0; This week: at New Fairfield) remain unchanged.

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Sean Patrick Bowley

18 Responses

  1. BigPoppa says:

    Way to go St. Joes! Darien was no pushover to be sure, but the teams that can win close games during the season are usually the teams that are still around come playoff time. Keep working hard and you’ll make more believers each week.

  2. fan07 says:

    does everyone think trumbull is back or was that a must win last week

  3. GHS1973 says:

    I think Trumbull comes in very dangerous against Greenwich Friday Night..

  4. HS Sports says:

    I have seen both Greenwich and Trumbull – Greenwich will win easily. Is Trumbull back? I don’t think they are better than .500 based on schedule.

  5. mueller says:

    Dude seriously? Trumbull back? They’re awful they won a war of attrition against arguably the worst program in the FCIAC, do yourself a favor and stop hyping them and figure out how you can facilitate Maffei’s ouster!

  6. Dan says:

    Agree with all of the elite 8 except for Darien still being in the top 8. TCHS or Brookfield should have been 8. SPB I know Darien is talented but they need to prove themselves this year first. They are 2-1 and the 2 wins came from teams with a combined record of 0-6. Comon maaaan

  7. @Dan – They lost in 2OTs to a team I have at 7. I think Darien is still better than the two you mentioned.

  8. The Dude says:

    Trumbull is a 50 point candidate this week.

  9. Dan says:

    @SPB and Trinity beat NC who you had number 8 in your elite 8 heading into that week. Just saying.

  10. @Dan – it’s argumentative. I had Darien at 4 when they lost. and from beginning I wasn’t sold on NC. they were an iffy 8 when they lost.

    I still think Darien is better than TC or NC at this point.

    I still want to see if TC’s win was legit or a flash. Need to keep winning. Same with other teams that are 3-0.

  11. CTHSFootballRocks says:

    SPB, have you seen Brookfield play this year? Do you think they can hang within 3 touchdowns of Newtown? I mean, you have to discount their win over Bunnell (New Fairfield took Bunnell out behind the shed) and a 5 point win over Stratford really doesn’t do much for me. What are your thoughts on the game?

  12. @CTHSFootballRocks – Seen Brookfield live twice. I think Newtown is the favorite, but Brookfield is starting to click. The new offensive look is working well, but against less than stellar defenses. I think it’ll either be a shootout, or Newtown will take a lead and Brookfield will be playing catch up. . Common opponent is Stratford. Brookfield was back and forth with them, Newtown mowed them down. Then again, first games are tough to gage. Brookfield’s much better than it was. Tough game to call, but I like Newtown.

  13. Dan says:

    @SPB- Fair enough

  14. fan07 says:

    why is trumbull at 50 point team this week

  15. JJJJ4 says:

    Brookfield will double cover Hebert which leaves man coverage on Dunn, DeVellis and Devaney (3D). Tarantino should have a field day against the smaller less physical secondary of Brookfield. My prediction Newtown 28 Brookfield 10.

  16. Hsfan says:

    I have seen both new town and Brookfield newtowns defense will win it for them Brookfield will have tough time throwing newtowns safeties are all over the field and jump everything. Brookfield has to key on 7 to make it close and not let him go crazy like Stratford did.

  17. The Dude says:

    fan07- Umm well, blown out by Branford. Ended Westhill’s two year losing streak. And were actually trailing Ludlowe at one point who hadn’t even led in a game since 2010. Now you think you’re beating Greenwich? Right. This isn’t 2010, it will be ugly very, very fast.

  18. fan07 says:

    look at the ludlowe score last week branford game was close and westhill game they were hungry hey like the saying GOES U ARE WHAT YOUR RECORD SAYS U ARE