What is Week 4’s ‘Game of the Week?’

Well, knaves, you’ve done it again.

Two weeks ago, you overwhelmingly voted for Trinity Catholic-New Canaan as the Hearst Connecticut high school football Game of the Week.


Last week, you overwhelmingly voted for St. Joseph-Darien.

Correct again.

You are 2-for-2 (we didn’t count Week 1).

Whaddya got for us this week? What’s the best game of Week 4?

Sean Patrick Bowley

9 Responses

  1. Honus says:

    As the season progresses and we develop a series of common opponents, invariably one team emerges as a bellweather team. This year it looks like Stamford is that team. Stamford appears to have the raw talent to beat most teams, but they lack consistency in execution… so far. With St Joe, Trinity, NFA, and NC upcoming, assuming they don’t get discouraged along the way, they could have a serious impact on everyone’s playoff chances, including their own. Looking forward to their game this weekend.

  2. Cal says:

    If the Rams take care of business vs McMahon’s speed rushing attack, do they move back into serious contender status?

  3. jeb says:

    Dear SPB, Rumor has it that four starters of the New Canaan Rams football team are suspended for this weeks game against McMahon. Can you check this out?

  4. R-MAC says:

    Brookfield at Newtown is my pick for game of the week. Both teams are 3-0 and its about time for the SWC, Masuk has to be on the lookout and in top form later in the season when they meet up. Barlow is also playing much better football this season, and New Fairfield has a good team with a strong running game. Masuk has been putting up the points with Milone leading the way. I think the Panthers need to get their defense in order because from what I have seen so far they seem to be giving up a lot of penalty yards. Its a much more competative SWC this year and its not going to be easy street for Masuk. With all that said the bulldogs are looking to get out of the dog house with the Panthers coming to town, Bunnell could not stop New Fairfield’s running game and I dont see them stopping Milone this week.

  5. R-MAC says:

    The Senators will be out coached this week with NC the same way they were with Staples. Yes I know that McMahon was also out played last week but its the coaching that will be the difference this week. Its just the way it is in the FCIAC, with teams like Staples, New Canaan, Darien and Greenwich. The Senators will lose all of those games because they always do. They may have a good quarter or two but will come up short in the end. The Senators could have all the talent going into these games but sure as hell wont know how to use it to their advantage.

  6. fan07 says:


  7. R-MAC says:

    Will the real Shelton Gaels come out to play this week. It was a nice comeback win last week for the Gaels and Prep gave it their all but X marked the spot as being the best highschool football team in all of CT. Prep did make it a game but the X- Men are just that damn good. This week will show us if the Gaels are still a threat in the SCC. I dont see it that way, but I hope the Gaels do ! Calling on coach Roy to show us the way ?

  8. R-MAC says:

    St.Joes at home with Stamford, after a double OT win in Darien. I dont see Stamford keeping up with all that ! Ansonia and Holy Cross, say your prayers and eat your vitamins Holy Cross ! Danbury your not that good and Darien is not in the best of moods this week ! Bullards is the best of Bridgeport this season, they ran all over a Abbott tech team that barely beat Cheney. The Tigers are in need of some more fresh meat and soon to be roadkill for Cheney ! Ridgefield is the better team and will even things out for Wilton this week.