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Sean Patrick Bowley

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  1. GHS1973 says:

    42-7 at the half…GHS…Gave up 7 points on D…Oh well..They are good, but need Liam O’Neill back to really compete for States…Need that extra threat on Offense…IMO

  2. Whopper16 says:

    Congratulations Newtown. Not our best effort…regroup and get them next week Bobcats..Newtown had our number tonight…that is all from the Whopper…too sick over this loss to write anymore tonight…3-1..lots of football left to play..looking for silver lining..hard right now…

  3. Xhs says:

    Results tonight show how dominate XHS has been so far. Prep kills shelton (we beat them by 20+) north haven romps new London (we beat them by 35) next week Hand should be a great one!

  4. SJ Alum says:

    This time last year Xavier scored 141 total points more than their opponents, This year they have scored 145 points against considerable better teams. Congrats to North Haven and Prep on their wins, SCC dominance, displaying how far ahead Xavier’s program continues to be. Hand vs. Xavier will be the game of the year winner will be crowned #1 and I don’t see that changing for the remainder of the season.

  5. PompWarrior says:

    Good to see Pomperaug get a win… the boys worked hard and kept it together despite starting 0-3..something to build on. Expected a better game from New Milford, but we had them 28-0 at half..A bit suprised since I saw they held Newtown to 21..but they have no size on the line, can’t run the ball and can’t stop the run..and had a gazillion offsides (encroachment)penalties on defense..never saw anything like it in my life..

    Pomp has Stratford and Immaculate up next, good chance to be 3-3 before Brookfield comes to town..

  6. @PompWarrior – Good points… wish we’d received a box score from that game…

  7. JB says:

    I doubt big wins over Shelton are the litmus test of greatness in the SCC this year, otherwise it is a down year for the league.

    Hand is definitely not as good as last year, showing nothing all that great so far … like that Amity game was troubling at only 14-0 through 3Qs – showed weaknesses on offense and only an average Hand defense. Even Shelton handled Amity fairly easily. I don’t think Hand can score enough points to come close to Xavier. Prep looks bigger and more formidable than Hand, but we will find out next week. Too bad Hand and Prep don’t play this year. My view is that Xavier takes Hand by something like 35-10.

  8. SCCObserver says:

    @JB its really kind of funny, Fairfield Prep is definitely better than hand

  9. @SCCObserver… Let the Prep cooing commence. It’s been awhile, fellas. Welcome back.

  10. UBilly says:

    Glad to see prep win a few games and suddenly they are better than the #3 team in the state! Run up the points and you must be better, right?

  11. Wave99 says:

    @ Pomp Warrior…

    Nice win for Pomp, yet another disappointing game for Green Wave, they are better than that. Pomp ran exclusively out of wing T- same as Masuk did in 2nd half of game vs NM..NM could not stop it in first half…good 2nd half adjustments, but number of offside penalties were atrocious, I agree. Almost surreal how many times they jumped.. don’t know what record is for number of defensive offside penalties in a game, but I bet NM was close last night. 4 more turnovers,a blocked punt, a dozen penalties or more= awful game for NM. Some coaching up to do this week.

    On another note..great call on Newtown/Brookfield SPB, I really thought it would be closer.

  12. SCCObserver says:

    @SPB @Ubilly well it is just a ranking, prep had to play xavier, otherwise it would be undefeated right now, and they probably played them as close as anyone will all season. I haven’t heard too much about the hand offense this year, and prep has a pretty good offense and a really good defense so I think its at least arguable that their better

  13. JB says:

    IMO – doubting if Hand is really #3 in the state.

  14. Brian says:

    Almost halfway and here are my state final matchups with a 3rd team that could upset the applecart along the way.

    LL Xavier vs Staples (Greenwich)

    L Masuk vs Windsor (Hand)

    M Joes vs Berlin (Hillhouse)

    S Ansonia vs Bloomfield (Hyde)

  15. BHS Fan says:

    Another brutal loss for a young Bethel team. The defense (I use the term loosely) has surrendered 180 points in 4 games, while holding exactly no one to under 40. Bethel should be okay next year, but that is a long way off. Next up: a struggling (is there any other kind?) New Milford team. Tough to justify charging admission for that game.

  16. Sawthat says:

    Whopper? Not your best effort!!!! You guys played over your heads and still had nothing that Newtown couldn’t handle…. Unfortunately for Newtown & Masuk no challenges til week ten… It will be a classic!!

  17. Frank Football says:

    Yeah Hand is awful! They shouldn’t be ranked, they could lose 35-0 easily! You’ll see!

  18. another fan says:

    1. @4 Hand will maybe win over Xavier ,Windsor could win L over Masuk, Xavier could beat Staples LL ,leaving Ansonia #1 if they go the distance.

  19. Frank Football says:

    If Hand beats X, they wont lose and will be #1 for the rest of the year. Ansonia should move to the SCC, if they win out in that conference, they would be #1.

  20. CTFB12 says:

    @Whopper, I guess the 2 “div1 QB’s”?!?! didnt help your Brookfield Bobcats even give Newtown a game. I hope you realize now that they “may” be good high school players but far fom div1 material. You cant throw that around, Ct has had few div1 QB’s. Here’s a list I can recall, If anyone can add to feel free.
    Scholarship Players
    1. Smith-CCSU
    2. Goldrich-UNHapshire
    3. Baty-Kansas
    4. D’Amato-Stonybrook
    5. Cochran-Uconn
    6. Orlovsky-Uconn
    7. Herandez-Uconn
    8. Murphy-Florida
    9. Croce-Bryant
    10. Reed-Florda
    11. Clements-CCSU
    12. Katchmar-Marist
    13. Boyle-BC (2013)



  21. CTFB12 says:

    Non Scholly
    6. Ragone-Penn

  22. GHS1973 says:

    @CTFB12…You forgot Young-BYU in 1980…