‘About last night…’ Week 4: Blowout City

Fairfield Prep's Strecker Backe looks to pass during a 42-3 victory over Shelton Friday night.

Jeez, kids. What got into your pregame pasta dinners this week?

As the scores rolled across our ticker Friday night, it was blowout, after blowout, after blowout.

“Look at all these points being scored,” WELI’s George DeMaio cooed as the night’s action was read to him on his Friday night broadcast. “Unbelievable.”

They came in all shapes in sizes. They developed in a variety of ways.

You had supernovas, like Hillhouse scoring 27 points in the first quarter in a 47-0 win over Law, or Masuk hammering Bunnell with a 28-point second quarter in its 63-14 victory.

You had rolling thunderstorms like Barlow’s 40-6 win over Stratford, in which the Falcons hammered away with three-consecutive 20-point quarters.

You shootout blowouts, like Amity’s 61-43 victory over Guilford, where the teams trade scores until one of them finally asserts its offensive dominance.

You had see-saw blowouts, like Greenwich’s 62-31 victory over Trumbull. The Cards took a 42-0 lead in the first half. Then Trumbull went into blowout mode, outscoring Greenwich 25-7 to make it a 48-25 game in the third quarter before Greenwich turned on the jets again in a 62-31 win.

And there were shocking blowouts, like Fairfield Prep’s 42-3 victory over Shelton. Well, that one was shocking to everybody who isn’t a Fairfield Prep fan.  Yes, we know you believe Prep is good. But I think that result really jarred the rest of us. Now we’re convinced. Welcome back.

Bassick's Vochan Fowler hands off during Friday night's 29-28 loss to Fairfield Warde.

Anyway, blowouts, blowouts, blowouts ruled in Week 4.

Except in Fairfield where Warde defeated Bassick in a contentious and controversial 29-28 victory. Connor McGuinness kicked a 20-yard field goal with 4 seconds left to give the Mustangs the victory.

But was it legit? Reports say Warde was tackled in-bounds with approximately 7 seconds remaining and no timeouts. Apparently the clock didn’t run, which allowed the Mustangs to set up for McGuinness’ field goal.

Bassick coach Derrick Lewis said late Saturday he would protest the result to the FCIAC and CIAC on Monday. “My kids are crushed,” he said in a text message. “That game was ours.”

Here are the results and links from Friday night’s regional games:

* Games summaries included in Friday night’s high school football roundup.

Light schedule for Saturday. Check here for the statewide scores and Saturday’s results.

Sean Patrick Bowley

23 Responses

  1. RickVolk21 says:

    Re Warde-Bassick clock. Regulars will know this, but maybe not the causal fan: the clock is managed by a neutral referee, not the home team. Not to say the clock guy was right – I’ve seen blunders myself.

    I would like someone to explain the discrepancy between:

    Pat Pickens ‏@Pat_Pickens
    There was a near melée at the end too #cthsfb

    SportsFairfield.com ‏@SportsFairfield
    @Pat_Pickens 2 teams hungry for a W. They played each other hard. Lot of respect between the teams. McGuiness was clutch on the kick #cthsfb

    The arrival of the police and “respect” represent something of a contradiction.

  2. Honus says:

    All games are videoed. If the clock did not start and time should have run out, Bassick should win.

  3. eddysuds00 says:

    let’s just start talking about next weeks ONLY game…
    The Game everyone has been waiting for, for the last 2 years…
    Hand vs Xavier….

  4. R-MAC says:

    What a poor showing from the Gaels at Fairfield, are you kidding me 3 pts. Thats not even 1pt per qt. Coach Roy, its a sad day for the Shelton football program. I knew that Prep would come out on top but for the Gaels to bottom out like they did is a bad joke. The season is over, their is no way they can make the playoffs with programs like the X-Men or Hand and prep in the SCC. Go Gaels, go back home and get serious about playing football again. 3 pts. ? WTF !

  5. R-MAC says:

    Brookfield and Newtown was the game of the weak alright, the weak over-rated Bobcats. Done, over, it was nice while it lasted. Masuk, Newtown, Barlow, no way in hell ! Game Over Brookfield.

  6. R-MAC says:

    Who will beat Staples ? X will mark that spot in the LL playoffs !

  7. GHS1973 says:

    Just watched Temple beat South Florida 37-28 (great game)…Freshman Tyler Matakevich (St.Joe’s) started at linebacker for Temple, making tackles all over the field as usual…I admit the SCC looks like the best conference in CT, but the FCIAC gets its fair share of D-1 players, too…

  8. fan says:

    r mac really? i mean some of you are a joke. let the kids play. i thought newtown was supposed to be really good and if thats true so what, they beat brookfield badly. brookfield played terrible and newtown was lights out. why does this mean brookfield is weak, they just arent at newtowns level, unless of course we go back into time and realize what happened in 08. just saying do not judge teams on one game. having said that newtown was awesome

  9. RAY BROWN says:

    staffs have been so bent on finding ways to score,nobody can play defense

  10. dave k says:

    Jeff Roy’s first season as head coach at Shelton (2004) they only gave 97 points in 10 games. This year they have given up 108 in four games. What has gone wrong?

  11. Coach K says:

    @davek, stop trolling for Shelton haters. So they are not as good this year. Year in and out, Shelton has been one of the most competitive teams in the state. They will be again next year.

  12. BIG MAC says:

    Whooper where you at son? All we’ve heard from you is Brookfield this, Brookfield that. They got destroyed Friday night. If it were not for Newtown putting in its 2nd and 3rd string offense in at halftime,this game oould have been 70-7.

    Barlow and Weston looking good as well. Can’t wait to see them play and then see Masuk/Newtown.

    Before all that can’t wait to see Hand/Xavier this wk.

  13. RickVolk21 says:

    While you’re waiting for Sean’s sideline video, here is a look at Newtown-Brookfield film:


  15. Fan says:

    Well, look at Bunnell!! Maybe Bruno will be a bit more HUMBLE???

  16. spartans97 says:

    @Dave K…you ask what has gone wrong at Shelton? just looks like lack of experience in the trenches…as always they will still finish with a winning record

  17. HSFF says:

    when was the last time shelton was competitive or better then 7-3

  18. dave k says:

    Gaels were 8-2 in 2011. Class LL runner up in 2008. Is that being competive?

  19. HSFF says:

    i guess it is sorry that that is competitive in shelton my bag 08 is long time nt to be in playoff but 8-2 in competitive

  20. Paul says:

    @HSFF-Not sure what program you are associated with,but if you had Hand/Xavier on your schedule each year it would be a long time for your school to make the playoffs also.

  21. Xhs says:

    For what it is worth Shelton played Xavier better then any other team in 2011. I believe it was only 7-0 at half and ended up 27-0 but the game was extremely physical.

  22. JB says:

    Shelton was a strong team last year (8-2) and should have made the playoffs. Unfortunately, I recall the point reduction for the Derby T-day win probably cost them a spot in the LL playoffs.

  23. MXR says:

    In further “for what it is worth,” Shelton was tied with X 7-7 in the 4th quarter in 2010. I was not at either that game or the one last year, so can’t offer more about Shelton vs. X. Of the X games I have actually seen this year and the last two, including both LL finals, three other play-off games and a number of regular season (but not Hillhouse or Cheshire in 2010, both 9-6), Prep this year was by far the most competitive. While I was very favorably impressed with Prep, I do not expect to be saying that after this Friday.