State Polls Week 5: Calm before the storm

Blowouts ruled Week 4 with nary an upset to be found among the ranks of the elite.

So, naturally, there was no movement in the latest Top 10 polls.

With several massive games upcoming this week — hello, SCC! — expect to see some shakeups.

For now, here you go:

NHR Top 10 Media

Other teams receiving votes: Southington (4-0), 269; Newtown (4-0), 253; North Branford (3-0), 142; Middletown (4-0), 136; Hillhouse (3-1), 131; St. Joseph (3-1), 96; Norwich Free Academy (4-0), 91; North Haven (3-1), 76; Fairfield Prep (3-1), 35; Trinity Catholic (4-0), 27; Farmington (4-0), 23; New Canaan (3-1), 15; Wolcott (4-0), 12; New London (3-1), 8; Darien (3-1) and Hyde (4-0), 7.
The following voted: Marc Allard, Norwich Bulletin; Bob Barton, New Haven Register; Bill Bloxsom, Hersam-Acorn; Sean Patrick Bowley, Connecticut Post; Don Boyle, Sporting News CT; Jim Bransfield, Middletown Press; Kyle Brennan, Waterbury Republican-American; Chris Brodeur, Danbury News-Times; Bryant Carpenter, Meriden-Record Journal; George DeMaio, WELI; Mike DiMauro, The Day of New London; Matt Doran, MSG Varsity; Tom Evans, Norwalk Hour; Noah Finz, WTNH-8; Ned Griffen, The Day of New London; John Holt, WFSB-3; Mark Jaffee, Waterbury Republican-American; Ken Lipshez, West Hartford News/New Britain City Journal; Mike Madera, Elm City Newspapers; Joe Morelli, New Haven Register; Dave Phillips, Shore Line Newspapers; Mike Pucci, New Haven Register; Dave Ruden, Stamford Advocate; Tom Yantz, Hartford Courant; Mike Wollschlager, New Haven Register; Jimmy Zanor, Shore Line Newspapers.

The Day Top 10 Coaches

Also receiving votes: Southington (4-0), 113 points; Middletown (4-0), 96; Norwich Free Academy (4-0), 76; Hillhouse-New Haven (3-1), 74; Newtown (4-0), 66; St. Joseph-Trumbull (3-1), 53; New Canaan (3-1), 26; Trinity Catholic-Stamford (4-0), 25; Darien (3-1), 23; North Haven (3-1), 22; North Branford (3-0), 19; Tie, Avon (4-0) and Barlow-Redding (4-0), 15; Derby (3-1), 9; Farmington (4-0), 8; Tie, Hartford Capital/Classical/Achievement (4-0) and Wolcott (4-0), 7.
The following coaches voted: Tom Brockett, Ansonia; Jim Buonocore, Ledyard; Craig Bruno, Bunnell-Stratford; Steve Filippone, Hand-Madison; Rob Fleeting, Windsor; Tanner Grove, Montville; Jude Kelly, St. Paul-Bristol; Tim King, Valley Regional-Deep River; Sean Marinan, Xavier-Middletown; John Murphy, Masuk-Monroe; Marce Petroccio, Staples-Westport; Bob Zito, Maloney-Meriden.

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Sean Patrick Bowley

81 Responses

  1. MXR says:

    Who’d a thunk Hamden @ Cross and Lyman Hall @ Foran would be so impactful!

  2. Xavier eXudes eXtreme eXcellence says:

    Xavier is the most dominant team in Connecticut for many reasons:

    First, their coaches are better than any staff around. Marinan is a master motivator, Guyon is a genius, and the rest of the staff are relentless in their pursuit of perfection.

    Second, Berry is by far a better ballcarrier than Phillips, Newsome, Cooper, and anyone else in CT.

    Third, the X defense is inpenetrable, immovable, and incredible.

    Fourth, the BC-bound Boyle was born to be the best.

    Fifth, the X tradition is tried and true like Larry McHugh.

    31 consecutive wins and counting, #1 in CT and LL Champs back-to-back-to-back.

    Xavier 54
    Hand 12

  3. Bubba says:

    No CT H.S program puts up 54 points against Hand. Wake Up!

  4. Bubba says:

    When was the last time a #1 played #2 team in the State in a regular or playoff game? I bet the answer is never, it would take some diligent research. This game should have serious media attention! In any other state, this would be a live broadcast on a major network.

  5. @Bubba – It’s happened fairly recently. Within the last 10 years, I believe. I’ll let some of our poll historians (Bobby C?) on here cover me on that.

    It is being live broadcast, CPTV check your local cable listings, or visit

  6. Xhs says:

    Wow I’m a homer and I wouldn’t say stuff like that. I’m with bubba no one puts up 54 on Hand. Enjoy the run fellas cause at best it’s 6-4 next year for Xavier. Really bad junior class this year! But we will get into that next year. Get there early I see 5-6k at Palmer on Friday.

  7. Steve Sanders says:

    Xavier is going to hammer Hand this week. Last year this would have been a totally different game. Hand is ranked where they are based upon winning after last year. I don’t see Xavier scoring 54 but I could see them shutting Hand out prolly 35-0. I’m surprised Southington doesn’t get in the top 10 this week.

  8. FauxRealism says:

    You don’t have to go back that far… in the current X win streak!

    2010 opening week #2 Xavier defeated #1 ND-WH 22-15 with late score in waning minutes after ND fumble recovered by Marinan Jr and returned deep into ND territory. Epic game.

  9. @Faux – There ya go. I was there. & I’d forgotten all about that one.

  10. PaperTigers says:

    Ok, the game week is finally here. Now lets talk:
    Xavier is not the same team as it has been the last 2 years
    Hand is not either
    Xavier has 2 legit DI players
    Hand as well
    After those players, The rest are pretty even.
    I will take Boyle and Berry over Walsh and Gerson(?)


  11. bubba says:

    The last time Xavier played Hand. Hand crushed them at the Surf Club 31-16. Put that in your pipe and smoke it!

  12. MXR says:

    Not that it matters much, but was X #2 or #3 before that ND-WH game? I simply don’t recall that game having the build-up this one is getting. And that build-up is despite looking at the polls above — I am sure Staples and Ansonia would question whether this one is actually #1 vs #2, though it will not be plausible to argue the winner is not #1 coming out.

  13. @MXR – not nearly the build up because only ND was a defending state champ at the time, and not riding much of a win streak. This one’s got two defending state champs, undefeated at midseason.

    And, yes, they were 1-2 at the start of the season

    This blog’s got an archive back to 2006 (when it started). Use it! Pretty funny to go back once and a while, even if some of the media’s gone.

  14. JB says:

    It seems like Hand is a bit of a mystery this year, so you know Filippone has something new brewing for this Friday night.

  15. MXR says:

    SPB — very interesting to look back. The comments on that Poll post begin with a question when did we last have a #1-#2 game to open the season and include a RAY BROWN quip that X must have out-recruited ND-WH. Good to see that some things are constant.

  16. @MXR – Also a question from me on Xavier’s 2010 offense. …Guess they didn’t need it much.

  17. MXR says:

    They will Friday. That poll set up with Masuk #6, while your prior post had the CHWSA poll opening with ND-WH #1, Masuk #5 and X #6. If only people had known then what was coming that season and the next!

  18. PaperTigers says:

    That was a long time ago. Before Marinan replaced both coordinators. Well before the players started believing.
    Wasn’t that the time when there was some concern over the Hand players using “vitamins”.
    Just syaing…….

  19. bubba says:

    @ PaperTigers: I’m looking at your comments, and I can tell you never played or coached! At least become knowledgable, comparing individual players that play different positions, really! The players from Xavier are good and impactful at their respectful postion on the field, and so are the Hand players. I can tell you don’t know what talking about, the game is more intricate than a few guys on each team. Your vitamin commet is pure ignorance. The year was 2004 and non-athletes were implicated not football players. Typical Private school, we lost because the coordinator were bad! How about Hand beat your team because they were better that year.

  20. stat dude says:

    Hand will slap the X-boys by at least 14.

  21. Hasbeen says:

    What’s the story. Does Xavier recruit kids or not. I never really followed them or their rivals.. Being a Catholic school don’t kids come from all over to play? I always wondered but never asked.

  22. Kyle says:

    I know not all the voters get to see all the teams in the state an what not, but honestly Berlin deserves nothing to be in the top ten. Not say I’ve seen both teams but from what I saw from Berlin against Ansonia last year, that team is not very good.

    I don’t have a right to say who should be in it but I’d bet tht st joes and a few other teams in the FCIAC and the SCC are way better than Berlin.

  23. SCCObserver says:

    @PaperTigers I agree with your points but I think the score will be 40 -14, Hand can’t stop X’s offense, they will score more than 4 times.

  24. SCCObserver says:

    @Bubba ok…but what happened in years past has nothing to do with this year, the game is more intricate than a few players, but in a close game the most talented players give evenly matched teams the decisive advantage. x has the best quarterback in the state, a top tier running back with 4.4 speed, solid to good receivers and a relentless defense that even scoring on is an accomplishment

  25. kris1 says:

    @ Xavier eXudes eXtreme eXcellence

    Love your enthusiasm, but you may be a little off your rocker. Marinan is a very good coach, he has a good staff, and they’ve had a fantastic 2+ year run. They’re not a dynasty, yet. They won in 2005, got lost for 5 years, then won back to back in 2010, 2011. Don’t know if they’re the best staff, they’ve had some down years since he arrived in 2002. Looks like they’ve figured out how to sell recruits on attending that fine Catholic institution.

    Berry is a very good HS back, he’s not a D1 player at that position. Maybe in track. He doesn’t have great feet. Meaning he doesn’t have the ability to put a foot in the ground and change direction quickly. A necessity at the next level. His speed can get him to the edge against HS competition, but he won’t outrun players to the corner against D1 defenders.

    Both North Haven and Fairfield Prep had success against the X defense. I expect Hand to have some as well.

    Boyle throws a nice ball, but I’m kind of surprised they haven’t given him more opportunities to throw the ball. Specifically against Prep when they were able to stuff the X running game from the 2Q on. The jury is still out on whether he will ever see the field at BC, give it a few years.

    You should go back and check your Xavier history. The X tradition was non-existant from 1983 to 2005. After McHugh, that program was a doormat until Marinan arrived and began to recruit top talent.

    I’ll give you the 31 consecutive wins and the back to back state titles, both impressive feats. However, I’d hold off on the last back. They’re not as good as the last two Class LL championship teams. They could lose this season.

    Good luck Friday.

  26. Xhs says:

    I disagree all teams lost players but I’ll take x, staples, hand, and yes Masuk as the cream. I’ll pass on Ansonia (not deep enough). That said Xavier will give up points. The stats say equal to last year but I don’t see it. That being said and gulp, Xavier offense is better then last years. Don’t get me wrong they were great last year just more explosive this year. Can’t wait to see the game, let the better team win, tip your hat, and a unanimous #1 should be voted on. I’m sorry Staples is great but until X loses after what they did to them last year they should be voted #1. Staples gave up as many points to st. Joes as Xavier has all year. Give credit where credit is due. If Hand wins then they s/b #1

  27. CTball says:

    @kris1 Boyle will definitely see the field at BC I’m sure of it hes incredibly skilled and vastly underrated because of injuries and playing time., and I’m assuming you haven’t seen too much of berry this year, he has awesome field vision, is a mostly off tackle type of guy and get through holes quicker than any back in the state, is incredibly powerful and can break tackles…and having track speed means you can get to the edge against virtually anyone.

    they can lose but i doubt they will

  28. jay says:

    This is what high school football is all about! #1 Xavier vs #2 Hand! Does it get any better? 6,000 fans expected! What a chess match! How will Hand stop Boyle and Berry and that huge OL of Xavier. And Hand’s Walsh and Gerson are monsters on D. It may come down to who avoids turnovers and costly mistakes. Both D’s are great! Execution and special teams and field position are crucial! Both teams are so well coached! Both have great student athletes and passion as both are defending champs. I’m looking for a lower scoring battle of the SCC beheamoths….the best conference in CT…score predictions to follow

  29. Programming note: I will have a huge post on this later tonight, complete with links to other stories and a poll. Keep chatting here, but save the big guns until later.

  30. jay says:

    Who was the best team in the past 20 years? Last years Xavier or Hand team? Bloomfield in the 90’s? Cheshire from the 90’s?

  31. GHS1973 says:

    Shout out to CPTV for putting these games on TV for those of us who can’t make it there…I know they lost their contract for UCONN Women’s basketball to SNY…At least they found another CT sport to broadcast on a weekly basis…

  32. Xhs says:

    Jay, in all honesty, (and yes I’m a homer) no one could score enough points to beat that Xavier defense of last year. 7 kids went to d1 schools.

  33. mueller says:

    Sanders- Southington Gbury will sort out whos the top Class LL team up north, I agree from what I know about Southington this year and the Pomperaug mentality installed up there they aren’t that pass happy softie anymore, plus that communities’ support for high school football is vastly underrated, they get more fannies in the stands on a regular Friday night than Ansonia gets all year at Nolan, and Ray before you run your mouth the populations aren’t that different

  34. GHS1973 says:

    Mr.Xhs…I have no reason to doubt you, but who are these 7 D-1 players, and who do they play for?…All I know is Tyler Matakevich (St.Joe’s) was all over the field on Saturday making tackles for Temple…He spent a year at Milford Academy in NY, but is still considered a freshman (not sure how that works), but whatever…He’s good…FCIAC bred, and has a shot at bigger things…Temple plays UCONN Saturday, so we’ll see if he’s in the game again (he was in there for an injury to the starter last week), and see what he does…At the college level I always root for the CT boys, regardless of state conferences…

  35. Xhs says:

    Wait a second, southington, Glastonbury, nfa, Hartford public, and newtown and 5 of 9 class ll teams which are undefeated and you can eliminate them right now from contention. The other four Xavier, Staples, Greenwich and West Haven will determine the LL winner

  36. GHS1973 says:

    BTW, I forgot the young man from Bunnell who plays WR for Rutgers…Hardison?…He’s really on his way…That’s SWC, right?

  37. Brian says:

    Southington, Glastonbury and Newtown will all make LL playoffs. West HAven may not as they could lose to xavier, hand, and prep. NFA might make it also as that ECC is terrible.

    The kid at Rutgers is Mark Harrison I believe from Bunnell. Good player right now for them.

    I think Hand hangs for a while but Xavier’s size will wear on them 2nd half.

  38. Ballfoot says:

    XAVIER – 24 HAND – 14

  39. Xhs says:

    I agree some will make 0 chance at winning

  40. Ansonia says:

    Xavier will need a big game out of Berry for them to win. Hand will punish Xavier’s receivers if they don’t keep it balanced. Ask Cochran and Masuk how much fun they had trying to throw in West Haven last year. Hand won’t make mistakes so its up to Xavier to stay patient and control the action with their run game. Boyle has to be sharpe too, no need to hold on to the ball and show off the arm this week. Right now I’m leaning in X’s direction only because Hand doesn’t have a real Identity on offense. If Hand gets production out of the QB’s arm then Hand wins. Can’t wait.

  41. Jon says:

    Xavier 37-hand 31, double OT

  42. HSFF says:

    the 2010 team from masuk was real good maybe the best in state that year and maybe the best in past 20 years

  43. Dylan says:

    @Ansonia, Xavier is not Masuk. Xavier has more than Boyle and Berry.

  44. GHS1973 says:

    From what I saw on the video clips, you have to really tackle Berry below the knees with both arms around his lower legs…Hard bumping him is not gonna do it..He’s too balanced, and so fast he’ll be gone quick, and no one’s gonna catch him…

  45. Dylan says:

    @Kris1 You seem to know more than the rest of us, are you a scout? These are high school athletes and your assessment is way over the top for the kids from Xavier. Save that for when Boyle is at BC and Berry is wherever he decides to go.

    Xavier has played two teams that were physical and talented, Fairfield Prep and North Haven. Those teams also had playmakers who could score from all over the field but they struggled against XHS.

  46. Frank Football says:

    @40 Ansonia: This is the most accurate evaluation of Hand Football. Finally, someone comments with knowledge of the game!

  47. jay says:

    Xhs I agree with you. I saw Xavier in the playoffs last year and I believe they were one of the best teams I’ve seen in the state the past 20 years. I don’t know about 7 DI’s but I talked to some assistant Don Bosco Prep NJ coaches who saw them crush Norwalk and Staples and said they could compete with Bosco who was ranked #1 in the country!I was impressed with how physical Xavier was and absolutely manhandled opponents. I liked that kid Austin Wezenski who I believe is at ECSU now. Even Mike Quick on MSG was super impressed with Xavier and had them ranked in his Top 10 in the Tristate. Where are they now? Sean Marinan at UConn, Santos Knox at UMass?, Pat Dmato at Stonyhill. I know Graham Stewart is now at UConn, transferred from the Florida Gators. Tim Boyle has a great arm and that big OL Creeron, Lisle, Schumann, Dorsey and Co. Fairfield Prep did a fine job this year against X. I think Hand last year was as hard a hitting team as I’ve seen also. How impressive is Matt Walsh! And Peter Gerson, called the best athlete by his coach. Should be a high school football fans dream matchup.

  48. Ansonia says:

    Just make sure Berry keeps his pad level low

  49. Stephen McPhereson says:

    Preps gunna steamroll Cheshire… Just throwing it out there.

  50. Honus says:

    No matter which team loses, X or Hand, I can’t see them dropping any lower than #4 next week. If X wins in anything but a sloppy effort (many turnovers, penalties, etc), they should retain #1, otherwise, Staples might squeak in. If Hand wins, it comes down to whether the voters think X was not as good as they thought vs that Hand was that much better than they thought. If the former, Staples squeaks in; the latter, and Hand likely gets #1.

  51. jay says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Prep makes the playoffs and meets Xavier again for a rematch.

  52. Dylan says:

    I think Prep and North Haven are solid teams capable of going far in the state playoffs. I think because Xavier played those two big and physical teams they are better prepared for Hand. The d-linemen for Prep were hard hitters, mean guys got several roughing penalties. Xavier has big hitters too #44, 22 and 10 are solid tacklers and the line is outstanding.

    @Ansonia, we get it, Hand tries to intimidate, they cannot intimidate Xavier.

  53. GHS1973 says:

    If Berry keeps his head & pads low, then Hand won’t be able to tackle him…I think that’s what Ansonia was saying…

  54. Xhs says:

    Murphy, jaccubucci also playing college ball

  55. Xhs says:

    Mastriani also playing small ball at catholic u

  56. JB says:

    Berry is going to get shutdown. This will come down to Boyle and we are gonna see if he is a gamer or not. Also, Hand Offense has been coy all year – they got something new up their sleeve for Friday night.

  57. mueller says:

    XHS, objectively, do you know how Gbury fared vs. Xavier when they scrimmaged? Without regard to win/loss, just in terms of did they compete in a respectable fashion? I respect the Tomahawks more than most considering they’ve performed fairly well in states, but watching them on CPTV I thought they had better size up front

  58. FalconsGrounded says:

    Hand has Xaviers number. If you look at the head to head through the years, Hand has a 14-6 edge. Hand has 10 state championships to X 3.
    They kids in that town grow up living for the chance to play for the Tigers. They do not have to grab the surrounding towns best players to be winners, they breed them.
    Hand wins going away 35 – 14.
    Feel the PAW Power.

  59. Xhs says:

    Mueller, Windsor was the only team which really competed within a few scores. Glastonbury, New London etc got dominated.

  60. Xhs says:

    Now on to a few points. I had a hard time with Boyle won’t get a sniff at BC. Does anyone here know who recruited him? Let’s see SYR, PItt, Temple, Uconn, BC not enough for you? Let’s get into the big boy offers, NC State, Gators, #2 ranked Oregon (which really doesn’t make sense as the start a sophomore) and we won’t talk about the visit to South Bend. But all those schools know less then the people on this board who say he can’t play. SPB can confirm these names with the other Sean. Most teams have played X (because of the loss of Masteiani) with deep secondary help so Berry has killed them. Staples tried this last year with two deep. We passed less then 10 times and rushed for over 400 yards on them. If Hand takes Berry away and puts 8 in the box Boyle will throw for 400. See you all at Palmer it should be fun. Just FYI, why BC (tons of family in Boston).

  61. cheshirecat says:

    We have played both teams the past two years and Hand has a real shot this year. We almost beat Xaiver(9-6) and Hand(14-13) in 2010 but were physically beat up last year by both teams. This years Hand team is a fantastic defensive team similar to Xaiver of last year. Still favor Xavier but Hand is so well coached and Gerson is the best player on the field so they have a chance.

  62. MXR says:

    XHS, will you be at the alumni tailgate? It would be great to meet (re-meet?) a fellow member of the SPB universe.

  63. RAY BROWN says:

    the best high school football team in the past 20,was the freeney-era bloomfield team.they would have pissed on x ,masuk or hand

  64. JB says:

    @Xhs – Agree with you on Boyle … he is legitimate D-1 (Rivals has him at a 3-star). Was actually at his Temple camp and he was awesome. Great size and superior arm strength. Wasn’t as fluid as some prospects out of the pocket, but seems to have good speed at the HS level. My feeling is Hand can likely shutdown Berry and then try to make Boyle throw it to win. They won’t be after Boyle, rather they will be looking for big hits on the WRs … like the Masuk strategy last year. But I just don’t think Hand has the same crew of studs like last year and Boyle can run/scramble better than Cochran. Having said that, Boyle is still going to need a strong/”gamer” type day if Hand comes with that kind of strategy. Still like Xavier in this one by 2 TDs.

  65. Dylan says:

    @JB Xavier is more than just Boyle and Berry…they have other guys that run the ball and they have playmakers on defense…over the past two years their best players were on the O and D lines and the players this year are pretty good…I am sure Hand is a fine team but Xavier has already been tested by two good teams who routinely put up 40+ points and they could only manage 2 TDs each…the kid from North Haven was relentless and had two long runs and the kids from Prep just battled all night long (minus the first 2 minutes…In fact Xavier has been susceptible to the big play, the QB from Hamden had one for a score. However, I do not see a team just driving and scoring at will against Xavier.

  66. JB says:

    @Dylan – agreed. My guess is Xavier 28-14, unless Filippone pulls out some sort of secret weapon on offense.

  67. Impartial Observer says:

    I have seen both teams play twice this year.

    RB: slight advantage Xavier – Berry is very good, O’Toole is good too.

    QB: slight advantage Xavier – Boyle can chuck it and run a little, Bilcheck can run and chuck it a little.

    WR: slight advantage Hand – Hand receivers get open, catch and make plays, Xavier’s do not get nearly as many opportunities.

    OLINE: slight advantage Xavier – Xavier is big and steamrolls people, Hand is quick and creates seams.

    DBACKS: even – neither team has played a good passing team yet.

    LB: slight advantage Hand – Walsh is real solid and Hand has some good athletes, Xavier LBs are good athletes and create a little chaos with their blitzing

    DLINE: slight advantage Hand – Gerson is real good and the Hand NG is solid, Xavier is big and powerful

    SPECIAL TEAMS: even – both teams are solid at what they do.

    COACHES: advantage Hand – Filippone has many more championships under his belt than Marinan. Hand gets it done with average talent while Xavier gets it done with great talent from all over the state.

    FINAL SCORE: Hand-24 Xavier-23

  68. SCCObserver says:

    Luster is a very good receiver for Xavier

  69. Master Legend says:

    Now I know why people think lowly of Ansonia people. We don’t use fancy terminology. Instead of saying “will you be at the alumni tailgate”, we say “wanna get bombed with me and a bunch of other former players in the parking lot before the game??”. And instead of drinking 17 year single malt scotches and microbrews, we drink Jim Beam and Busch Light.

  70. Xhs says:

    Well let’s see, no common opponents yet but hand beats Cheshire (who barely beat shelton 35-7 while Xavier beats Fairfield prep by 20 who crushed shelton by 38. Augh, I quit just play the freaking game and vote the winner #1

  71. MXR says:

    @Master Legend, its purely a question of location. If you want to bring the beer, you can choose it — just let us know where you’ll be.

  72. Guys…. Really with this talk? Not appropriate.

  73. Dave K says:

    Ray – we agree on (#63) the Bloomfield Freeney team. Funny you didn’t mention Ansonia. Would the (Alex Thomas teams) get peed on too?

  74. Ryan says:

    @RAY BROWN,”the freeney-era bloomfield team.they would have pissed on x ,masuk or hand”
    Stay classy

    I thinks its close for a majority of the game and then Xavier pulls away for a 28-14 win. That being said I would not at all be suprised to see Hand pull it out. Cant wait for the game, and to have a Palmer Field hot dog.

  75. Ryan says:

    The ’05 Xavier team was also a great team. Amari Spievey was unstoppable and they beat 9-1 Trumbull, 9-1 West Haven, previously unbeaten Southington, and an 8-2 Hand team by a combined score of 113-58. On the season they outscored their opponets 354-80.

  76. SMASHMOUTH says:

    A lot of good commentary to go around on the blog this week, where has everyone been all season. I think R-MAC had it right last week on most key games about the coaching being the difference with programs like Xavier, Hand, Staples, Greenwich, New Canaan, Masuk, Ansonia, etc. These teams all come from ares in the state that have very good youth ball AYF, POP, that get these kids early and get them ready for their Highschool programs. The Coaches know their talented players before they reach freshman stage , from their youth ball experience. #1 Xavier and #2 Hand have a bunch of talented players who grew up playing against each other in the youth ball programs in those counties. Thanks to CPTV we get a chance to see it all go down fridaynite under the lights from the comfort of are own homes !

  77. PapaDags says:

    I have comcast where I will be bartending Fri eve in Derby…anyone tell me what station it will be on…..CPTV—what channel if anyone knows,thanks

  78. Paul says:

    @63- Ray should know all about the Freeney/Pinnock Bloomfield era….They **** on Ansonia two years in a row…..Would of loved to see 2011 X team matched up with those Bloomfield teams.That would have been the game of the century.

  79. GHS1973 says:

    @PapaDogs…I have Comcast & CPTV is WEDH on Channel 13 where I live..

  80. PapaDags says:

    Thank you-GHS1973–stop in and have your first drink on me…Over the Hill Tavern in Derby–this game will be on—along with the Yanks

  81. Hand Tigers says:

    Is Xavier #22 Luster related to the BB player at Valley. He is a really good football player on both of ball.