THE GAME OF THE CENTURY*: No. 3 Hand at No. 1 Xavier


Two defending state champions.

Two teams from the mighty, mighty Southern Connecticut Conference.

Two teams riding long winning streaks.

Two teams vying for the No. 1 spot in the polls forever.

Two teams.

One winner.

It’s the one you have been waiting for since the Class LL and Class L trophies were handed out back in December.

It’s the Game of the Century.*

It’s Hand vs. Xavier.

We’re trying desperately not to get swept up in the hype machine. After all, in terms of sheer importance, Hand-Xavier takes a backseat to the SCC Division II clash between Hillhouse and North Haven, or the other SCC Division I fight between Fairfield Prep and Cheshire.

The losers of those final two games are all but cooked in their respective state playoff races.

Meanwhile, the loser of Hand-Xavier still will be in good shape in the Class LL and Class L playoff races. They just can’t afford to lose again.

See what we’re getting at?

But, loooord, we just can’t help ourselves down here in Shangri La. The top two state champions from last year trading blows on a statewide stage? Sign us up.

It’s a game so big, yours truly has been commandeered to make sure Hearst Connecticut has presence among the media blitz. And, it’ll be a media blitz, that’s for sure.

Roll call! New Haven Register, Hartford Courant, WELI, CPTV, Middletown Press, Shoreline Times, The Day? … did I miss anyone? Répondez, s’il vous plaît.

Anywho, here’s the ol’ SPB Blog’s humble contribution to the Rumble at Palmer. We don’t typically cover these behemoths, so don’t expect a lot of insight from our end.

We do want to give our media buddies who *do* cover these teams a pop. Because they’re working hard — oh, so very hard — on giving us the most on this mega-matchup-of-a-lifetime.

When you see your web traffic spike with referrals from “,” you can thank me with gifts later, Mr. Barker and Mr. Otterbein.

These links will be updated all week. Here we go:

Hartford Courant

New Haven Register/Middletown Press


The game will be broadcast live on CPTV Sports, which is broadcast on Cablevision (ch. 139), Charter (ch. 223, 224), Comcast (185, 187, 744), Cox (ch. 805) and Thames Valley cable (ch. 87).

Maxpreps has designated this one of the Top 10 national games of the week.

So… who’s going to win???? You’re seeing a few crazy polls up there in the links. But what would we be doing if we didn’t poll our readers, as well? (I mean, let’s be honest. Anybody who’s anybody is already here and weighing in, right? :)

After you vote, please feel free to discuss until the big game Friday.

*Until the Next Game of the Century.

Sean Patrick Bowley