This is not a Xavier-Hand post, this is SPB’s Elite 8

ATTENTION: This is not a post about Hand vs. Xavier.

REPEAT: This is not a post about Hand vs. Xavier. The Game of the Century of the Decade of The Year of the Week.

This is modest post ranking the teams in the southwestern corner of Connecticut.

This is SPB’s Elite 8.

Yes, I know you don’t care because — hey, no Xavier, no Hand, right?


We poor saps down south, we’re waving our arms, sending up smoke signals, waving our traffic batons: LOOK AT US! OVER HERE! LOOK AT US! OVER HERE! LOOK AT US!


OK, yes, let’s talk Hand-Xavier like the Blog Minions on the state poll post.

But will you give me one second to post the Elite 8 teams of southwest Connecticut?


I’ll be brief. Promise and we can get back to the Rumble at Palmer or whatever we’re calling it.

Get ready for a little non-Xavier-Hand outrage:

FAIRFIELD PREP (3-1; This Week: at Cheshire) has jumped two spots and bumped Darien from the ranks of the Eight.


Call it faith, call it foolishness, but we admit we were impressed with how the Jesuits dismantled Shelton. Like, really, really impressed. A week after taking Xavier’s best shot and hanging tough, we think Prep’s earned its way back into the Elite 8 for the first time since… 2007?

Aside from you Prep denizens who have assured us all year that Fairfield Prep is back, the rest of us were shocked at how Fairfield Prep crushed the Gaels. It wasn’t even close. Say all you want about Shelton, they’re still a decent team. That was a bloodletting.

This is a huge game vs. Cheshire coming up. Looking at the schedule, this is Prep’s last heavy lift until West Haven on Thanksgiving Day. Win here and the Jesuits are in great shape for the second half of the season.

ST. JOSEPH (3-1; This Week: vs. Harding) and DARIEN (3-1; This Week: at Trumbull)

Don’t read too much into this, fellas. Technically, the Hogs and Blue Wave did nothing to deserve such disrespect. They only took care of Stamford and Danbury convincingly.

So what gives? It’s the old poll conundrum, frankly. If one team gets bumped up, prepare for some teams to get bumped down. If we could rank St. Joseph 8A and 8B, we would. But we can’t. So we won’t. They’re that close, though.

Just keep playing ball, guys.

STAPLES (3-0; This week: Friday at Danbury); ANSONIA (4-0; This week: Thursday vs. Seymour); GREENWICH (3-0; This week: Friday at Ludlowe); MASUK (4-0; This week: Friday vs. New Fairfield); WEST HAVEN (4-0; This week: Friday vs. Amity).

Those teams stayed in their positions, and so have a few others below. But we’ve stopped being so liberal with our honorable mentions. The teams we’ve listed among the ‘Missed’ are close to elite, while we’ve dropped the others off the map (for now).

These teams have thoroughly handled most, if not all of their opponents this season (except others in the Elite 8). They all deserve their spots.

OK, back to Xavier-Hand…

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Sean Patrick Bowley

12 Responses

  1. Lester says:

    Sean – unrelated to your Elite 8….BUT. Plenty of games to be plaed, but playoff points are starting to take shape, and once again every division with the exception of LL has at least one Tech school in the mix, and by the looks of their schedules will probably stay in the mix. I really don’t care if that bumps a team from a rea league out of the mix, but it essentially provides one of the 8 playoff teams with a bye. Is there at least discussion within the CIAC to create a Tech School division?

  2. @Lester – There is, yes. Something to get into after this week, sure.

  3. FCIAC lives says:

    Yes, FCIAC teams are all over the place, top 10, just missing, etc. SCC, ok showing along with SWC.

    Staples will stay put for weeks and will be a good game in 3 weeks vs Darien. Week 10 will be the FCIAC game of the year. Greenwich has an easier road so look at 2 undefeated teams battling Thanksgiving weekend. St Joes only has 2 tough games with NC and TC but with a little luck, could head into states 9-1.

    SCC – West Haven has their work cut out for them with upcoming games against Hand and Xavier and finishing with prep. They could easily be 7-3. will drop out of top 8 in a couple of weeks as Hand is too dominant. Prep, may get upset at Cheshire if they fall behind early. Elite 8 could be short lived for the Jesuits.

    SWC – Masuk and Newtown will be sending their JV teams to the next 5 games until they face each other in week 10 for the battle of the SWC championship. Another game of the year during week 10. Both teams stay in Elite 8 throughout the season.

    Xavier 31 Hand 21

  4. RebelNation says:

    @FCIAC Lives..

    Lots of good points, but beg to differ on SWC analysis..I agree that Masuk/Newtwon are tops in league, but Masuk will have all they can handle with New Fairfield and Joe Pacheco this week…NF may not win it, but Masuk will have their hands full for 4 quarters trying to defend this kid. Would like to see him and Milone in a foot race…

  5. Jay says:

    C’mon man where the hell is NC in this poll?

  6. Thecrusade says:

    Still no love for TC huh?

  7. @TheCrusade – Patience! It’ll shake out if TC keeps winning. Darien 2010 will tell you all about it.

  8. BigPoppa says:

    I agree that St. Joes may very well be 9-1 going into States, but their offense needs to be more consistent on the ground. Mufasa Abdul-Basir really should get more paying time, as he has the outside moves and speed to be a game breaker, even though he is only a sophomore. If I were Joe D., I would use Pulaski as my short yardage back, as he has more brute strngth than Civitella, who is probably a year away from being prime time. Go St. Joe’s!! Everyone else watch out!!!!

  9. CTdude says:

    Why all the love for Barlow? They have played no one!

  10. hsfan says:

    Barlow is good third best team in SWC very impressed how well they run that option. YPC for their three leading rushers is crazy.

  11. Joes alum says:

    With Newtown struggling against a class S average team, St. Joe’s should jump in front of them for the Elite 8. The Hogs are for real this season. They would beat Prep and Newtown so I see them at #6 in week 6