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SPB’s Guide to the Games Week 5



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Sean Patrick Bowley

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  1. Dylan says:

    It is unfortunate that a school the size mof Hillhouse has to play Xavier every year.

  2. Les says:

    Hamden is not 0-4

  3. Gah. There’s at least one a week. Forgot they crushed Law… Fixing

  4. Rebel says:

    Mr. Pacheco is a great runner. He will still gain over 100 vs Masuk. Not saying he’s going to get 200-300 yards. But i don’t think anyone realizes how young the rebels are. They start 4 sophmores on defense, and their offensive line consists of 4 juniors. Overall the rebels may not beat masuk, or may not come close. But last years line with joe Pacheco would have been lights out.

  5. The Dude says:

    Wait! Hand and Xavier are playing this week?

  6. Bay says:

    Week 5 preview

    Bassick at Central
    Somebody finally gets a W in the Park City.

    Staples at Danbury
    Wreckers may try to remind everybody that X-Hand is not a 1-2 matchup.

    Franklin (MA) at Westhill
    Battle of New England.

    Seymour at Ansonia
    It would be more fun if one of Ansonia’s traditional rivals could, ya know, rival them.

    Harding at St. Joseph
    Good one for boy’s hoops.

    Amity at West Haven
    Blue Devils can’t afford to look ahead to next week. Ok, they probably can.

    Greenwich at Fairfield Ludlowe
    Good news for Ludlowe: since 1 game cannot be considered a streak, a new losing streak cannot possibly start until next week.

    Norwalk at New Canaan
    So why did those players get suspended?

    Ridgefield at Fairfield Warde
    DellaVolpe’s mother swears she’ll do a better job paying attention to the game this week. She said it’s the least she can do as clock operator.

    Hamden at Wilbur Cross
    Two programs that Jack Cochran would turn into state champions in 4 months.

    East Haven at Jonathan Law
    Another great SCC game that will get lost in all the hype this weekend.

    Fairfield Prep at Cheshire
    Good football game. This would also be a great lacrosse game. Whoops, sorry to bring up lacrosse games to Rams fans. Too soon?

    Hillhouse at North Haven
    Two teams fighting their way to a SCC Div 2 crown, if it existed.

    Shelton at Notre Dame-West Haven
    Like so many before them, the Gaels were left traumatized by their Catholic school experience last week. Another day of catechism awaits.

    Daniel Hand at Xavier
    Eh, whatever.

    New Fairfield at Masuk
    Panthers are worried about Pacheco. Word on the street is that he’s the best player in NF history. And everybody knows that New Fairfield street talk is the truth, son!

    Weston at Bunnell
    I know SPB does not like putting spreads on the games, but the Trojans would have to be considered the favorite here, right?

    Stamford at Trinity Catholic
    Black Knights probably tired of hearing about how well their Stamford neighbors are doing this year.

    Newtown at Oxford
    Oxford and Seymour still find a way to be intertwined. Both have suspect 3-1 records and are facing a league power.

    Barlow at Immaculate
    After this, Barlow will be 5-0. Ok Mayans, we believe you.

    enjoy the games!

  7. Jay says:

    SPB the answer is yes the comp is SOOOOO BADDDD 1/2 the starters out and no impact on game….Norwalk, McMahon look way way down this year…fciac looks weak in general this year top to bottom

  8. Whopper16 says:

    Brookfield needs a huge, comfortable win this week to get some confidence back. Can’t look ahead to next two games against Masuk and Pomp after this, stil a very, very, good chance to be 8-2 this season.

    What is going in New Milford and Bethel? I know NM had the tough schedule, but expected them to be better this year with returning QB. I have always said their offense is ridiculously easy to defend though; no line, no running game at all, and they can’t stop the run, bad combination. I know Bethel misses Schmidt but it doesn’t seem liek they can stop anyone on D, but their Soph QB looks like a good one for next few years. I think brighter days are ahead fro Bethel, New Milford, eh, not so much.

    Good luck to New Fairfield this week, hope they make Masuk work hard and soften them up for Brookfield next week!

  9. ctfan says:

    Masuk will shut down Pacheco…Kids talented but Masuk just to good. Masuk wins big.

  10. R-MAC says:

    Lets get this party started, X-Men at home with Daniel Hand. I am gonna go with Xavier because I think the X-Men have more weapons and the better ground game with Berry leading the way./Prep at Cheshire,should be a close one with Cheshire coming out on top./Hillhouse comes up short at home with the Indians on the warpath./Shelton is a lost team team this year in the SCC and NDWH is just what the Gaels need to find their way back home. Go Gaels !/ Masuk at home with the Rebels could be entertaining if the Panthers can’t contain Pacheco. Milone will be playing both sides of the ball and will be a key factor in the Panthers offensive arsenal of weapons. Cummings looks better each week and Frankie B. is running wild this season. Freah Meat Panthers, Get Em !/ Newtown vs Oxford, the Nighthawks will beat them so bad they have nightmares !/ The battle of Stamford will go to Trinity Catholic, I am saying my prayers and lighting candles !/ Last on my list but not least the Senators are gonna go smashmouth in your face and run down the Wilton defense. R-MAC

  11. BHS Fan says:

    Whopper16, Bethel’s Qb is a very talented junior who has already rushed for over 700 yards. Bethel, this disappointing season, suffers from a lack of seniors (only 5 on the roster) and injuries. You’re correct that the defense has been particularly dreadful, failing to hold a single opponent to under 40 points. Nevertheless, I would like to think that Bethel is up to the challenge(?) of defeating a poor New Milford team. Who knows?

  12. notfromridgefield says:

    Pacheco will do just fine against Masuk.

  13. CTsfinest says:

    Believe it or not, tomorrow will be a breakout game for the best player no one is talking about , and hes already got 16 tds and 800 yards… Xavier 35 Hand 14

  14. fan07 says:


  15. johnnyribbs says:

    Bay rules even more than last week. Nice work.

  16. Pardits says:

    Cant’ wait to see Newtown whoop up on Masuk this year.

  17. Spread King says:

    Hamden -3.5 Wilbur Cross
    St Joes -17.5 Harding
    Staples -22 Danbury
    Darien -23.5 Trumbull
    Greenwich -33.5 Ludlowe
    Ridgefield -21 Warde
    Derby -25 Watertown
    Xaiver -2.5 Hand
    Law -6.5 East Haven
    Foran -13.5 Lyman
    Prep -3 Chesire
    Hillhouse -1 North Haven
    Branford -17 Sheehan
    ND WH -5.5 Shelton
    Masuk -33.5 NF
    Bethel -4.5 NM
    Weston -3.5 Bunnell

    Pick your Friday winners. Enjoy. #spreadking

  18. Honus says:

    Normally I make FCIAC predictions, but every game tonight should be a blowout. Both Saturday games should be very competitive though. I think Trinity will be riled up at home and take it to Stamford. Wilton should win in a low-scoring run-dominated affair.