Week 5 Primer and Live Updates: The Storm Arrives

It’s judgement night in the SCC: Hand and Xavier will kick off in the Rumble at Palmer Field. Hillhouse and North Haven tangle in the fray at Vanacore Field. Fairfield Prep takes on Cheshire in the fight at the Maclary Complex.

There’s so much to say, so much to talk about. Elsewhere Liam O’Neil is back at quarterback for Greenwich as the Cardinals take on Ludlowe. Joe Pacheco and New Fairfield head into the Panthers’ den of Benedict Field in Monroe. Barlow’s looking to go 5-0. And Trinity Catholic hopes to keep its state playoff drive intact when it hosts rival Stamford on Saturday at an Alumni Field that should be packed with alumni.

Ooooh, baby. Can you feel it in the air?

We’re almost halfway through the 2012 season. It’s Week 5.

Buckle up.

Welcome to football central, where you can get all the info you you need as we begin this pivotal week of games.

Here we go.

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25 Responses

  1. Gerg F says:

    Should be a great night!

  2. GHS1973 says:

    Wow…Who would of thunk it?…Hand by 20 L vrs LL…Congratulations to Hand…Now what are the polls gonna say?

  3. fan07 says:


  4. Kyle says:

    I believe it was last year on this blog when traditions came out about Ansonia people were bashing Ansonia sayin they didn’t look good.

    I took the eye test on TV last night and by what you guys talk about from the SCC on here you’d think these kids were studs. I was NOT impressed. What do you guys watch? I think you’re more obsessed with stats than anything.

    Not saying these teams aren’t good because they are two of the premier in CT. But don’t ever come on this blog and say Ansonia can’t compete with them. We can and easily can beat both those teams.

    Ansonia would have the 4 best athletes on the field at all times against those two. I don’t want to sound ignorant but I’m sick of hearing how much better those teams are to Ansonia.

    Newsome and matos would run right by those kids

  5. dave k says:

    I was wondering who would be the first Ansonia guy to post “I watched that hand/Xavier game last night and Ansonia could beat both of them” thanks Kyle

  6. RAY BROWN says:

    X got dominated by the muchj better Hand team.Impressed with Hands offensive diversity.X was big and slow.WALSH was the best player on field.To all the Xbloggers who will probably disappear,if they thoughtXS RB was best in state they should check their drinks.ANSONIAS speed and atheletes would wreak havoc on X.Never seen STAPLES,but HAND-ANSONIA matchup would be a good one.Somebody call xhs and make sure hes ok.Xfor excellence just got Xed out.

  7. SCC says:

    @Kyle yeah but their defense wouldnt be nearly good enough to shut down x’s offense

  8. Kyle says:

    You got it Dave, we could bet them both. I don’t mean to take anything away from those teams they are good..

    Just sick of this criticism like Xavier and Hand are so much better than Ansonia. From what I saw last night, they aren’t. Now I’m not saying we would kill them or anything but we can beat them. Even ask Fillipone he even made a reference how good Ansonia was in the New Haven Register.

    And this discussion how Xavier was the greatest dynasty CT has seen is finally over. Cause thy are far from it.

    I know you’re all LL and L fanatics, just remember best team CT ever seen cane from class S, Bloomfield

  9. Frank Football says:

    No Kyle: Because at the point of attack most of the SCC teams would blow up Ansonia’s line of scrimmage. Those kids would get hurt!

  10. HamdenFan says:

    @Ray brown X had a bad game and people over hyped them but any running back in the state would’ve been shut down against that defense, including newsome and already hillhouse’s back, if you load the box it will happen,I think ansonia X would still be a good game, but Hand is better than ansonia…fyi 2011 X team was the most dominant high school

  11. Kyle says:

    You’re entitled to your opinion, Ansonia supposively beat up on Hand during a camp at Southern. Ask Fillipone what he thinks of Ansonia. It is somewhat irrelevant being a camp and what not so you can’t judge it by that.

    Why can’t Ansonia stop X. Spread us out we will man up all those receivers…. And what makes you think you can stop Ansonia. Game plan for newsome, good luck

    2011 Xavier was not the most dominant HS team, you’re high on crystal meth and acid at the same time.

  12. dave k says:

    Xavier was dominated by Hand in the second half. Any talk about Ansonia in irrelavent. Ansonia will never play a team anywhere close to the caliber or Hand or X. They beat up weak nvl and class s teams period. IMO there are three SCC teams that would soundly beat Ansonia. Xavier, Hand and listen closely Ray Fairfield Prep.

  13. GHS1973 says:

    It’s over…Temple beats UCONN in OT 17-14…Freshman Tyler Matakevich (St.Joe’s) with 19 tackles for Temple…UCONN’s kicker 0 for 4 in FG attempts…

  14. Frank Football says:

    I am entitled to my opinion, you are correct. Hand doesn’t attend Southern Camp, you mean Yale Camp. Hand beats them pretty good in that camp and in previous consecutive camps. As far as Filippone goes, he is a class act and would never run it up or speak ill advised about any program in Ct, he does the oppposite. Xavier was the most dominant team in the State last year, but in my opinion Hand would have beat them, because last years team was equal and maybe a little better. I think Ansonia is awesome, but unless they move to a more competitive conference they will be untested, and therefore not considered the best program in CT. Not sure what the drug reference is all about! Love Bubba

  15. Hand #1 says:

    Let’s get this straight – Ansonia did not beat up on Hand at the Yale camp. That reference is pure nonsense. Hand dethroned the king….they are #1. Ansonia will not be tested all year and will likely not play any Top 10 team in the state. Ansonia is, at best, #3 or #4, and fortunate to be there.

  16. John Flynn says:

    hand probably used steriods for the X game wouldnt doubt it

  17. UBilly says:

    @John Flynn = dumb, don’t bae a cry baby.

    Great HS football game at Palmer. Lots of exciement and atmosphere. Now WH takes on the Tigers. Will there be a let down in Madison?

  18. Hand Fan says:

    See how this works Ansonia: Now we play 5-0 Westhaven, and you play Crosby or some ridiculous team.

  19. TigerFan says:

    @John Flynn… You can go cry in your bathroom… I’ll lend you a rally towel. Your team was OUTCLASSED, OUTPLAYED, but most importantly, OUTHUSTLED by the Hand Tigers. Roids? I don’t think so. Go beat up on Amity next week and feel good about yourself you loser.

    P.S. Hand SuperFans OWN Palmer Field

  20. TigerFan says:

    And Kyle, Hand kicked Ansonia’s ass at Yale Camp…. Supposedly you don’t know where you are getting your facts. Get em straight: Newsome has no chance. Cooper and Berry have been shut down. You know who the best team in CT is. West Haven is going to come out flying next friday, and the Tigers are going to flatten them. It will be an awesome game.

  21. RAY BROWN says:

    fortunate? ANSONIA has been top 5 last 20 years.i dont know how you scc people think.the no.1 team in the state(supposedly) gave up 40 on their home field,maybe they shouldnt have been no.1.i know one thing HAND wouldnt score 40 vs. ANSONIA OR STAPLES.

  22. JB says:

    Ray Brown is correct. Watched the game and not sure either team is even top 5.

  23. Bubba says:

    But Xavier was going to score 54 against Hand, where are those people, and JB your an FCIAC guy, it’s so obvious that your an SCC hater, and you picked X. Now Ansonia or Staples is better than Hand. If Staples plays Xavier in the Class LL finals they may win,but I think Greenwich is the team to beat in Class LL. L is open: NC, Masuk, Hand, and Windsor will decide that Class. Ansonia will win their class, not only do they not play any competition in their league, the class is weak. SCC has 19 teams and a Divisional format, they would accept Ansonia tommorrow, play a competitive schedule and you will get your props all across CT.

  24. JB says:

    @Bubba – I am an FCIAC guy no doubt but also willing to call it as I see it … last year both Xavier and Hand were better than any FCIAC team – no argument. I am not an SCC hater, but total respect. This year? Not convinced with all the players that graduated … both Greenwich and Staples would easily compete with Xavier and Hand from what I witnessed on CPTV. Also, Glastonbury and Windsor seem to be right there as well. And Ansonia is a contender – if they played up in LL and/or L they would prove to be right there as well. So the SCC does not seem as strong as last year IMO. We will see. And not as much competition in L this year beyond Windsor and Masuk. The overall team strength in LL is way better this year with Xavier maybe not even in the top 3 based upon Friday’s performance.

  25. RAY BROWN says:

    Didnt ANSONIA win the M last year? every year their opponents are weak.i beleive the NVL had two state champions last year.