‘About Last Night…': FRIGHT NIGHT!


The insanity started early Friday, with Hillhouse laying the wood to former No. 1 Xavier, 49-21 with mere seconds gone in the fourth quarter.

Read that again: 49-21!

And you bet the snark was a-flyin from these fingers.

Yea, that score was nutty. But it was nothing compared to what happened next.

Xavier must have finally got off the bus and replaced those imposters in black. It was 49-28… then 49-35…

Then 49-42.

Hillhouse, which had smacked mighty Xavier around for a little over three quarters, suddenly looked as if it had never seen a football before.

What was going on here?

Xavier coach Sean Marinan had a theory: “We have all of these big kids, these 300-pound linemen and they weren’t hitting anybody,” he said. “I was screaming at them: Go out there and HIT somebody.”

Like switch, they did. The pendulum had swung — violently — back the other way.

Suddenly, Hillhouse was reeling. It couldn’t move the chains as effortlessly as it once had. Yet the Academics received one, last chance to run out the clock. If they allowed Xavier to get the ball back, there was never any doubt Xavier would score.

Well, Hillhouse fumbled a snap that leaped out of quarterback Je’Vaughn Moore’s reach. Chidi Broderick recovered and Xavier was business on the 27-yard line.

Just a few plays later, DeAngelo Berry scored on a short run. Marinan raised two fingers in the air.

“We had the momentum on our side,” he said later. “There was no doubt we were going for two.”

Berry was barely touched on his way to the end zone for the 2-point conversion. Xavier 50, Hillhouse 49, 50 seconds remaining (see video, top).

Sure, Xavier had to stop Hillhouse one more time. But, again, there was never any doubt. Xavier, which was playing without standout linebackers Max Tylki and Carlos Ortega and, later, lost linebacker McNeil Finnegan, had gone from the funeral parlor to dancin’ on Broadway. Hillhouse had no chance. Moore’s 4th-down pass was batted away by Max Shumann (video above).

Xavier 50, Hillhouse 49: Final.

Game of the Year, easily.

It tied the state record for biggest comeback. You had to see it to believe it.

“I’m glad you guys finally got angry,” Marinan told his team. A few of them were in tears. But these tears never felt so good. “I can’t tell you how proud I am.”

Count the rest of us blown away.

And this continued throughout a wild, wild, wild Friday night that saw upsets and near-upsets galore. Some teams survived. Some didn’t.

Amity smacked Fairfield Prep 24-21, putting the Jesuits’ once-certain playoff hopes in jeopardy.

The Jesuits weren’t alone. Ridgefield joined Prep’s misery after a 22-14 upset loss to McMahon.

Derby was behind Torrington 39-0 in the first half, yet almost pulled off an even more incredible comeback than Xavier. Derby rallied to within one score twice in the second half — 45-37 and then 52-44 before Torrington recovered an onside kick with a half minute remaining.

Even Ludlowe, which just hours before learned that its coach, Matt McCloskey, would step down after the season, reared and bit Stamford 7-6.


Oh, but there’s SO MUCH MORE to go. A majority of the teams in Shangri-La play Saturday. Staples-Darien is our headliner, but — based on Friday night’s results? — who the heck knows what’ll happen.

Here are your Friday night results. Read all the stories on the High School Football page.

  • Friday night’s high school football roundup
  • FCIAC: Fairfield Ludlowe 7, Stamford 6 | McMahon 22, Ridgefield 14 | Trinity Catholic 49, Bassick 26 | Trumbull 28, Danbury 14
  • NVL: Ansonia 61, Crosby 20 | Seymour 23, Wilby 14 | Wolcott 28, Watertown 14 | Holy Cross 52, Sacred Heart 20 | Woodland 56, Naugatuck 30 | Torrington 52, Derby 44
  • SCC: Notre Dame-West Haven 53, Wilbur Cross 12 | West Haven 43, Cheshire 20 | Amity 24, Fairfield Prep 21 | Shelton 57, Hamden 30 | Sheehan 48, East Haven 6 | SCC: Guilford 41, Branford 14 | Jonathan Law 35, Lyman Hall 34 | Xavier 50, Hillhouse 49 | Hand 24, North Haven 7
  • SWC: Brookfield 24, Pomperaug 15 | Newtown 37, Bethel 14
  • CCC: Glastonbury 47, East Hartford 6 | Simsbury 21, New Britain 12 | Wethersfield 43, Bulkeley 8 | Bristol Eastern 40, Maloney 13 | Middletown 49, Bristol Central 0 | Windsor 34, Farmington 14 | Berlin 34, Plainville 14 | Rocky Hill 42, Weaver 0 | Platt 45, Bloomfield 20
  • CSC: Capital Prep 56, Wilcox Tech 8
  • ECC: Ledyard 26, Montville 21 | Plainfield 29, Killingly 8 | Stonington 28, Griswold 7 | Fitch 56, Windham 46 | Waterford 41, St. Bernard/Norwich Tech 7
  • PEQUOT: East Hampton/Vinal Tech 26, Lewis Mills 0 | Haddam-Killingworth 20, Morgan 7

Full schedule here

Sean Patrick Bowley

58 Responses

  1. Observer says:

    I was at the House vs. X matchup. Simply put, it was one of the most unbelievable come-from-behind wins I have ever seen. I credit X for not quitting. A 28 point deficit is no small obstacle.

  2. The Dude says:

    Saw West Haven vs. Cheshire. Ervin Phillips = ridiculous

  3. Mike says:

    If WH makes the playoffs which it now appears it will even with 2 losses .they will be a tough out.They appear to be improving as year goes on and can literally score from anywhere on the field.

  4. Dylan says:

    Connecticut has really good football this year! More teams are competitive and fewer cupcakes. The SCC teams are amazing, Fairfield Prep, Amity and north Haven are good teams.

    So happy for the team at Xavier and sad for the Hillhouse guys. These are all just kids so I will not criticize or over-analyze. These kids all play hard! Xavier’s kids could not stop the incredible speed of Hillhouse but as the game went on they figured it out. I am happy for these kids they persevered. The team has a lot of good players some really good, Hillhouse matches their talent and quite honestly, I don’t see how they lose any games. If HHS makes the playoffs, look out Class M!

    Xavier has to deal with two more 1-loss teams and a 2-loss Shelton team. I hope they can make the playoffs.

  5. SJ Alum says:

    Xavier finally showed a will to survive, come from behind never give up attitude which became contagious throughout the team and fans. Hillhouse is fast and I mean lightning fast, Great job Cooper (Hillhouse) on a 4,000 yard career and counting. Shout out to the Hillhouse band as well, they were awesome. In the end a record tied and a lifetime memory of Ct High School Football made! Saturday here we come!

  6. Kyle says:

    So the SCC excuse must be that Hillhouse is the 5th best team in the state if Xavier is fourth. You people are crazy in the SCC, house is not that good, so undisciplined. Speed kills in this game, if you think house and west haven are fast, come to Jarvis stadium

  7. Honus says:

    Had Derby, down 39-0, rallied to beat Torrington fifty something to fifty something, that would have been an epic comeback. Losing 50-49 after being up 49-21 in the fourth quarter is an epic collapse. Credit to X for never giving up, and for absolute sure the sign of a great program, but also the sign of team whose best season is still yet to come. Yet more proof IMO that beating a higher seed in HS football does not automatically leapfrog you to where that school once was.

    Looking to face “better” FCIAC competition, after Ludlowe beat Stamford, I hear NFA called dibs on them for next year. I can’t accuse Ridgefield of being overconfident against McMahon because I was the only person who actually vouched for them in print. So then what does this now tell us about Greenwich, who had a ho-hum win against them in week one? As for Prep, ouch. Many teams have the talent to win, but few have the confidence they always can win regardless of the score.

    As for further upsets today, for sure I would focus on Darien-Staples, not because I am predicting an upset, but because it will tell us a bit more about Staples’ psyche knowing they know that many are wondering if they might be next. Ditto with Greenwich now that Ridgefield has lost. I still expect NC and SJ to win big, both on a mission to erase perceptions of last week.

  8. Dylan says:

    @kyle, rankings don’t matter at this point. Teams have to make the playoffs and fight to make it to the state finals and take the title. A great thing about high school athletics is that along the way, in between the rankings, tough wins and devastating losses, these young people discover somethings about themselves. For Xavier, they discovered that you have to play to the final seconds, that even without three starters on defense, you have to find a way to get stops, and that you have good players who can make big plays for you and shorten the deficit much quicker. If you are Hillhouse you learned that you can compete with a much larger team. You also learned that you cannot give up the big plays, you have to make teams take time off clock.

    And the Hillhouse kids are not undisciplined. That is an unnecessary comment.

  9. Football Fan says:

    An NVL supporter claimimg that Hillhouse is not that good.Hillhouse is 2+ Touchdowns better than any NVL team except for Ansonia.A showdown with Wolcott in the State playoffs may settle this discussion.

  10. UBilly says:

    @kyle – so tired o hearing you whine! Play some good teams and have a few exciting competitive games and you will get nice press and people outside your local area will come and enjoy the game! No one is denying that your team is excellent and well coached year in and year out. It is just sad they can not control their schedule and play at least a couple of top 20 teams a year before the playoffs.

  11. RAY BROWN says:

    lets move x back to the no.2 spot in the scc poll.we can put amity 3rd
    because they beat fairfield(we’re back)prep.dont forget ndwh,we can ffit them in somewhere,they actually won a game.but my vote for no.2 ggoes to lyman hall.what a joke.ansonia would hang 40 on x before they knew what hit them.i cant comment on staples ,ive never seen them,but ansonia would be a arguable pick as no.1.

  12. Joe the Shot says:

    Hey Kyle is that you? We see mountains of missed tackles and poor play in our league. (NVL) Derby allowed Torrington to look like the old Packers last night. In the second half if not for a weird penalty on a TD Derby may have won. Talk about insanity.

  13. JB says:

    Perhaps Confucius captured it best when he wrote:

    I hear and I forget;
    I see and I remember;
    I do and I understand.

    This is why we play the games. Strap it on and let’s find out!

  14. RAY BROWN says:

    @ 10.–hillhouse is so good they couldnt hold a 28-point 4th qtr.
    lead. more scc garbage.ansonias 3 tds better than anyone in scc with the exception of hand and that includes x and west haven.id love to see those matchups, which will never happen.

  15. Kyle Brennan says:

    Just want to be clear that “Kyle” is not me (of the NVL Blog, for those who don’t know). While I’m here, though, I might as well chime in on a few points.

    Wolcott *should* make the Class M playoffs (although its strangely disappointing performance against Watertown definitely leaves open the door for losing out and narrowly missing) but I don’t think the Eagles will be able to beat Hillhouse or St. Joseph. They would stack up and be similar to Berlin, Barlow, New London, Weston, Ledyard, Brookfield, etc.

    I’ll be voting Ansonia No. 3 this week behind Staples and Hand. I still think the right defense can limit the Chargers this year, especially because their offensive line is so much smaller than it was last year. Time will tell, to some degree. I’m excited for the inevitable Ansonia-Trinity matchup in the Class S playoffs.

    Very odd season so far for Xavier. I joined the media poll after Week 1 and only voted the Falcons No. 1 then because they gave me no reason to vote otherwise after an easy win. I switched to Staples after the Fairfield Prep game (SPB and Ned Griffen, among a few others, are on board with me there). If Xavier does get in (which is a big if at this point) that will make Class LL by far the most interesting bracket, especially because the Falcons won’t be the favorites.

    To the point of Connecticut football being “really good” this year: I think we should remember to separate quality from parity. This season has more parity than I can remember in a long time but I wouldn’t say the quality is much better than in any recent years. Watching offensive records fall and 95-combined-point games are impressive and all, but I still think an old, good defense is better than all this. It wasn’t all that long ago that defensive battles were the sign of good football.

    Oh, how I miss it.

    JB with Confucius. That is big-time right there.

  16. DBIII says:

    The Gaels beat amity but got smacked by prep… Figure that one out lol

  17. jeb says:

    Ray Brown…corrrectomondo..I must agree with your assessment of Xavier. Ansonia would score at least 50 on them this year..Of the teams I have seen Staples is the best then a toss-up between Ansonia and Hand. If St. Jose’s gets healthy and makes the M playoffs they will beat Hillhouse. As for Daniel Hand they are very good but not as good as last years team. The state in general only has three or four top tier teams this years. Look for Shelton to give both Hand and Xavier a good game. Ridgefield had the softest schedule remaining after Greenwich yet couldn’t get the job done against Brien McMahon a team both New Canaan and Staples could have won by 50 points. Newtown and Masuk will be a classic on Thanksgiving Eve.

  18. RAY BROWN says:

    jeb—- just read a article on recruiting class this year and analyst
    called this the worse year for ct. high school football in along time.judging by the scores, their are very few elite teams.

  19. mueller says:

    Ray, just curious, have you ever posted a comment that didn’t take a shot at a team, league etc. or one that was biased and belligerent regarding the superiority of Ansonia? And before you go off on me, I do think Ansonia is the best team- way to knock Hillhouse, yes they blew the game, but your talking about an inner-city class M school who constantly overachieves against a class LL all boys school that recruits- stay classy

  20. FauxRealism says:

    @ Ray
    Did you see the NH Register piece on Boots Jarvis yesterday?
    His coaching philosophy ‘Win if you can, lose gracefully, and be humble in victory’.

    Let’s add UConn & the NY Giants to the list of local teams that Ansonia could beat but will never play.

  21. wave says:

    Oh man, Staples looked absolutely amazing against Darien. I thought they were going to put up a fight, but nope, Staples was just too good. The amount of speed and elusiveness on that team is just astounding. From what I’ve seen, they’re the best team in the state; they have 4 ball carries who can take it to the house on you along with a great WR. I just don’t see how a team could stop them; they can easily run or pass it on you.

  22. mooncake says:

    Staples offense was great today.

    As I say: please come see The Show. Today was Nick Kelly as the star. Staples QB Massie is flat out underrated.

    However, if there is a good quality team that can throw the ball and complete passes; you can keep up with Staples. I don’t think you can run the ball and win against them.

  23. mooncake says:

    Darien Coach Trifone on Staples:

    “In my 34 years, this is the best high school football team I’ve ever seen,” Trifone said of Staples, which piled up more than 400 yards of offense in the first half, and crushed Darien 63-28. “We played Masuk back in 2010 and we played Hillhouse in the state semifinals, and they were some phenomenal team back in 2008. This team is bigger and faster collectively than anyone I’ve ever played.”

    Read more: http://www.stamfordadvocate.com/sports/article/Staples-football-wrecks-Darien-3986964.php#ixzz2AXtBl05Z

  24. PatPatriot says:

    Mooncake – shhhhhhh….. our time will come!

  25. SCC Dominant says:

    @ RAY DOO DOO BROWN, ansonia has had the opportunity for many years now (dated prior to when Derby left the SCC) to join the league. They want NO PART in real competition week in and week out. Running backs would not last more than 6 games in SCC DIVISION 1 league. Im not talking about D2 because those teams have a major break in comp. Play Amitys schedule, take a look at it and tell me how the will do once Arkeel gets a concussion and is all done. Back up dont run wild up here buddy boy. So shut your mouth unless u can put ur money in it. NVL sucks and so does Ansonia for that matter because if they were “so good” they wuold join a REAL LEAGUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Ray Brown: Ticking people off on this space since 2007.

  27. R-MAC says:

    The Tiger’s were hungry today in the jungles of Bridgeport’s Bullard Havens. Platt tech provided all the fresh meat that the Tigers needed. Led by #13 Cris McNamara at QB stepping up for a injured starter #5 Brooks. McNamara was like a kid in a candy store having his way in the air with strikes to #6 Turnage, #10 Marquez #4 Solomon. John Shannon had a great day pounding away at the Panthers defense with some playmaking on the ground. The Tigers defense held Platt to only 6pts all game. McNamara had a 70yd plus bootleg early in the game. The kid played both sides of the ball and speacial teams. Late in the 4th qt McNamara made a one-handed pick and had to be tackled by one of his own men because of the 50pt rule. Bullards is back in the race again with Prince losing to a Abbott tech team that the Tigers mauled a few games back. The real Tiger Test will be in 2 weeks on the road to Cap/Class/Achieve where they need to bring the same kinda fire they had today in the bowels of Bridgeport, Roar on Tigers !

  28. R-MAC says:

    @ #24, I know what you mean Trifone, Staples went up to Don Bosco for a scrimmage earlier this year with Daniel Hand and Xavier and some other area teams and held their own and got the respect of Bosco’s Coach when asked later about the Wreckers performance with the Ironman in the scrimmage calling them on the same level as Prep. The Wreckers will have to make through the SCC’s best in the finals to be called #1 in this state in my opinion though.

  29. John Jay says:

    @Ray Brown-Ansonia is the Boise State of Ct HS football.Could beat anyone on one night…If Ct had the College ranking set up the computer would hate Ansonia.C’mon wins over Woodland,Derby ect might put them in the top 10[maybe]…Be happy with a final #3 ranking and pipe down….Look at X,Hand and WH schedules and you will have no argument from anyone.Want some respect join the SCC.

  30. GHS1973 says:

    Hey moonraker…They are big, and no doubt good, but till they beat the Greenwich Cardinals on Thanksgiving morning, I wouldn’t count your blessings yet…

  31. GHS1973 says:

    oh, and btw #40 is a free safety number..it’s unsaid but lose the Kelly kid, by any legal means possible..Um, hit him real hard, early…

  32. Weasel says:

    I told you guys two weeks ago…when #1 Xavier lost, #2 Staples became #1 and #3 Hand became #2.

    What on earth is so difficult to understand about that?

    Ansonia? Well, they can whine all they want but they’ll face what Masuk faced the last 2 years…strength of schedule. Who knows how good they are; their opposition isn’t even Triple A minor league. Fine program, no doubt, but there’s little reason – and makes them sound like bullies – to crow about beating such weak opponents.

    Staples…number 1. This is a southwestern Connecticut blog, isn’t it?


  33. Football Fan says:

    If this circumstance actually occurs,A LL or L Playoff Champion with 1 loss would be a logical choice for the final #1 spot over a {13-0} Ansonia.No comparison at all in terms of quality teams defeated.

  34. jeb says:

    Ansonia will beat Trinity easily if they play…48-7 or worse. I’m an FCIAC fan…I like Trinity but i hope for their sake they don’t play Staples in the Fciac…the 50 point rule would go into effect in the first quarter.

  35. Bobby Don says:

    Can someone tell me why immaculate is so horrible? I mean they should have been close to Bunnell. Is it the players, the coaches, a combo of both??

  36. ho...hum says:

    hmmm ghs73…it should read until greenwich beats Staples…they are the defending FCIAC Champions unfortunately…my Ludlowe Falcons will get there someday :((

  37. GHS1973 says:

    @37 ho hum…I agree they (Westport/Staples) have had our number for a while now…And, they will definately be the favorite again on Thanksgiving Day, but you never know the outcome until they actually play the game…

    BTW, Why did they split up Fairfield?…Too big & they built another school?…They would be a force in the FCIAC if they were all still together…

  38. TigerSupporter says:

    Saw Greenwhich – they beat RHS up pretty good and while the score was 20-7 – it could have been worse. Saw Staples – they will not lose a game this year. As for NC beating McMahon by 50 – didn’t you just sqeak by the powerhouse Wilton – who the Paper Tigers crushed? Jeb you can’t tell people that NC is that good based on history – how are they doing this year? Middle of the pack at best in the FCIAC this year – at least 1 more loss coming your way.

  39. ho...hum says:

    I’d love to see the fairfield schools combine…in this economic climate I’m shocked that this isn’t taken into consideration. Imagine all the bridgeport schools combining for athletics…heck only one school in the city has a track, tennis court, baseball field, and a football field. Hardings field doesn’t count. It is just a parking lot with dirt….who is the AD….shame …shame…shame.

  40. PatPatriot says:

    Staples v Greenwich will be a classic this year. Anyone who thinks otherwise is crazy. Hopefully it will be for all the FCIAC marbles – as it should be.

  41. PatPatriot says:

    Staples v Greenwich will be a another classic this year. Anyone who thinks otherwise is crazy. Hopefully it will be for all the FCIAC marbles – as it should be.

  42. FauxRealism says:

    There was one only Fairfield HS from 1986-2003… winning percentage 0.325 during that span.

    Source: CT HS Football Record book, list of defunct programs

  43. Bubba says:

    Here’s an idea: The CIAC or the CT Coaches Association creates a football schedule like the BCS format strength of schedule. Essentally, an optional schedule for the schools that what to challenge their programs to play the best competition week after week. Only those schools will be eligible to contend for the rankings in the State and a true State Title. We will have a B and C State Title for all the teams that want to stay in the comfort of their our crummy league. It could eliminate the mindless nonsense that people post. Thoughts?

  44. JB says:

    Agree with PatPatriot. T-day game should be another classic and a must-see game. Also, I think Greenwich and Staples could be two of the best LL teams in the state this year. Both should make the playoffs and then the rest of the state will see the strength of each … great combinations of power and speed – on both sides of the ball – and extremely well coached as always.

    Everyone stay safe in this storm, looking nasty near the shoreline.

  45. Warde and Ludlowe existed until 1986 (lots of FCIAC coaches went to one or the other). Then came Fairfield HS, but that failed because the student population outgrew it within 20 years, hence the split back into Warde & Ludlowe in 2004.

  46. Hasbeen says:

    As I’ve written since before week one the FCIAC crown will come down to Staples coming to Greenwich. Both schools have great skill position players; the ones you read about in the press and also the ones that aren’t getting the press. There are really good athletes that are unsung heroes on both squads. Staples o line is almost all returning players from last year. Greenwich’s defense has a majority of returning players. Both QB’s are returning and have been playing great. I see a real shoot out. Whoever gets a break and makes the least amount of mistakes will win. It would be a shame if the loser doesn’t make the LL playoffs.

  47. GrimReaper says:

    Staples will beat Greenwich in a shootout….neither team will have success stopping each other….but Staples hangs 50 or 60 on Greenwich for the win. Forget the FCIAC, Staples is the best team in the state. (IMO, followed closely by Ansonia, then a big drop to Hand)
    Also, Lou Marinelli has done an excellent job after losing nearly his entire team from last year. They are not vintage NC, but whoever said above that they are middle of the pack in the FCIAC this year has zero credibility. Middle of the pack? Beat Joes’, lost in OT to TCHS, crushed McMahon. Probably the same person who said Ridgefield was a contender.

  48. TigerSupporter says:

    @GrimReaper Agree with Staples comments – someone on this thread – Jeb mentioned NC could have crushed McMahon yet they were in a dog fight with a very weak Wilton team that the Paper Tigers crushed but only scored 49 – give it a rest with how great NC – history yes – this year mediocore at best.

  49. notfromridgefield says:

    Still not sold on Greenwich. I like Staples, alot, over Greenwich – 3 TDs or more.

  50. GrimReaper says:

    NC is not great this year. We all know that. But you called them middle of the pack and mediocre. That is just hatred.
    Yet here they are, 6-1, with a better record than Ridgefield and relevant in Class L.
    NC would be 6-1 with Ridgefield’s schedule right now, with the only loss coming to Greenwich.
    You’re gonna talk about “how much a team beat Wilton by?” Really? What’s next, JV scores? Scrimmages?
    NC is rebuilding, and happens to be winning at the same time. Not going to bring any titles home this year…they weren’t expected to.
    I thought the Ridgefield talk was over when they lost to BMHS Senators last week? Cheer for your program and not against others who are successful. Good bye to you.

  51. UBilly says:

    Before we get too focused on stats, lets look at what leads to teams accomplishments. Staples is a very good team but looking at their schedule, I don’t see the competition to crown them king already. I do believe they will contend in the States, but would not be shocked to have West Haven, Glastonbury, Southington or especially Xavier knock them off.

    If I am reading the line correctly, they punched in 14 points in the last 4 minutes of a game they had in hand already? 21 points when entering the fourth quarter leading Darien 42-14? Running up a large margin of victory to build your resume does not always equate to a state championship.

    In the CCC Southington’s signature win over Glastonbury overshadows anything Staples has, and looking at the remaining schedule, Southington plays two 5 win LL schools and a 4 win LL.
    Glastonbury’s wins over 5 win LL Manchester and 4 win LL Newington are similar to Staples with their remaining games not quite matching Staples, but surely both of these CCC schools have enough to challenge.

    Two SCC schools have what I think can give Staples a game as well. West Haven closes with a 5 win LL and a 6 win LL which would make them contenders with a similar success story as Staples.
    Xavier if they close out with wins would point to a much better strength of schedule than Staples, boasting wins over a 6 win LL school, two 5 win LL schools, a 6 win L school and a 5 win M. The best wins Staples can boast of right now is a 4 win LL, a 4 win L, and a 5 win M. Remaining wins would add strength to their resume with a 6 win LL and a 4 win LL.

    I am not saying that Staples is not playing great football against the schedule it has been handed. I am simply pointing out that scoring points against inferior competition does not assure success – see Fairfield Prep, who many on here were proclaiming as being the second best team in the SCC only a few weeks ago when they played a tough game against Xavier!

    Until you win the championship, you are a contender. Xavier still wears the crown in LL and a couple of upstate teams may upset Staples plans to be the one to try to remove the kings crown!

  52. ho...hum says:

    f I am reading the line correctly, they punched in 14 points in the last 4 minutes of a game they had in hand already? 21 points when entering the fourth quarter leading Darien 42-14? Running up a large margin of victory to build your resume does not always equate to a state championship.

    HMMMM…Looking at the box score those were jv football players…are they expected to take a knee…our perhaps they game should just end…or better yet start the jv game at that point so you don’t have to play on the following day. It seems that Staples has a reputation of not running up the score on opponents…just a fact not speculation .

  53. Manchild says:

    Guys, let’s get some facts correct. At the Staples/Darien game, the score was 42-7 at 2:43 in the 3rd quarter when the Staples starters began to come out. However, Darien kept their starters in and did not quit. They blocked a punt, tried an onside kick and threw the deep ball effectively. Darien was still trying to win the game and scored 21 points in the final 14 minutes. After the Staples score to make it 49-14 at 9:02 in the 4th quarter, the rest of the Staples starters came out. The last two Staples touchdowns were scored by the JV. You can’t tell that Staples back-up RB to take a knee, he has earned the right to play hard in a varsity game and score if he can. Plus, it would have been an insult to Darien. It was an off-tackle dive and he busted it, so good for him. Darien is no slouch team and did not quit. Darien is a legitimate competitor with a strong offense; always a top program and they played hard to the end. So don’t go making conclusions about something you know nothing about.

  54. Reality Son says:

    54, that is what you get with the FCIAC and SCC, those teams that are average would be tops in any other league. I have seen FCIAC, SCC, NVL and SWC games this season and FCIAC and SCC are the top two leagues who end up beating each other up weekly. There are still weak competition at the bottom, but that may be once or twice a year. Look at McMahon beating Ridgefield! You just never know where as the NVL, Ansonia is going to dominate everybody and the SWC, you dont have any games until Newtown-Masuk. Though the Masuk vs Barlow could be slight interesting but my guess is Masuk by 4 TDs.

  55. TigerSupporter says:

    @GrimReaper – again get over yourself and NC – In the FCIAC they will end with same record as RHS and yes I mentioned the score of the Varsity game as a reference to someone else who talked about how NC would beat McMahon by 50 – read the posts right or just continue to ignore the obvious – RHS is middle of the pack – I can admit that – you should too in respect to NC – I am always pushing for teams and I root for many FCIAC teams but NC and others rankings are not based on this year but based on history – based on this year NC will end up 8-2 and playing in L maybe – as for good bye – sorry to see you go

  56. GrimReaper says:

    @Iiger Supporter

    I have no clue at this point what you are even arguing about. Everyone here is in agreement that this is NOT a vintage NC football team, yet will still find a way to win 8 or 9 games and qualify for the states. NC does not deserve to be ranked, and nobody is asking them to be ranked. As I said, there will be no titles won in NC this year.
    What don’t you understand? Why the bitterness for NC?
    Better yet, don’t answer that. I don’t understand you responses or argument.
    Anyway, I hope you and your family survived Sandy unscathed and all is well.

  57. fair enough says:

    @Tiger Supporter
    Grim Reaper is clearly winning this argument. NC is as of now #4 in the FCIAC, nowhere near the middle of the pack. Yes they struggled a bit against Wilton, but I was at the game and can say those were self-imposed mistakes. If they played there best they would have easily won by at least 3 TD’s. And you say they will lose again this season…to who???? Stamford, Trumbull, and Darien remain, all weaker than they were last year. NC should easily finish the season 9-1