‘About Last Night…’ Week 8 (Redux): No comeback needed


DeAngelo Berry easily slips through Shelton’s defense on his way to a 51-yard, third-quarter touchdown in Saturday’s 59-17 victory. | Screen cap by Sean Patrick Bowley

Nearly five quarters and eight days ago, Xavier trailed Hillhouse 49-21. Despair and defeat dripped from their facemasks.

Let’s check in with the Falcons now, shall we?

Lessee, they scored four touchdowns in four possessions in the fourth quarter to shock Hillhouse, 50-49.

They added four more touchdowns in five possessions in the first half against Shelton. Then they tacked on four more touchdowns and — and — added a field goal that bounced off the crossbar and in for the final points of a 59-17 victory.

So that’s 12 touchdowns and a field goal in five quarters.

In the age of ‘Score Management,’ no less.

Yipes. Welcome back to the living, Xavier.

The Falcons, who are still banged up a big on defense (and, believe it or not, it showed vs. Shelton), are fine and dandy on the offensive end, thank you. They’ve scored 50-or-more points in three straight games and are 7-1, looking good in the Class LL playoff race with a showdown with West Haven next week.

Shelton barely laid a finger on back DeAngelo Berry, who touched the ball just 11 times and scampered for over 200 yards and four touchdowns. They rarely touched quarterback Tim Boyle, who was 10-for-10 for another 200-or-so yards.

So now the showdown for one of the Class LL playoff spots is ready to rock for Week 9. West Haven vs. Xavier. Let’s get ready to rock.

Once again, a very slow night here in Shangri-La since the SWC and FCIAC have pushed their games due to the aftereffects of Superstorm Sandy. But it was busy up north.

Here’s what went down:

Woodland (6-1) hammered reeling Holy Cross 28-0 to claim the second and final NVL Championship berth.

Awright! So get excited for Woodland-Ansonia II, kids! The Hawks will face the Chargers in the title game Nov. 15 at Municipal Stadium. Ansonia defeated Woodland 47-16 in Week 2.

(Remind me: Why are we doing this again?)

West Haven crushed Wilbur Cross 47-12 to set up their Xavier showdown next Friday (see above). Cheshire dismantled East Haven.

Up-and-outward, Fitch toppled New London 39-27 in a big victory that improved its profile in Class L. New London dropped back a bit in Class M.

Southington rallied back from an early deficit vs. Simsbury and then used a big second half to win 35-14. Stephen Barmore threw four touchdown passes and Southington scored 28 unanswered points over the final three quarters.

Middletown nipped Farmington 14-6 in a big game with Class L playoff ramifications. The Dragons climbed to No. 5 and, in the process, knocked Farmington (6-2) to No. 9, just below the cutoff.

Here are the ever-changing CIAC playoff standings. Uber-freelancer Kyle Brennan of the NVL Football Blog and the Rep-Am has calculated our first state playoff clinchers: Ansonia (Class S), Windsor (Class L) and Avon (Class L) are all in. We’ll wait for Polecat HQ to confirm. Polecat has confirmed.

We’ll let the boys have their fun. We’re not touching playoff scenarios until next week.

Saturday Results

  • SCC: West Haven 47, Wilbur Cross 12 | Xavier 59, Shelton 17 | Cheshire 39, East Haven 0
  • NVL: Torrington 67, Kennedy 36 | St. Paul 48, Sacred Heart 36 | Woodland 28, Holy Cross 0 | Naugatuck 52, Watertown 14
  • CSC: Abbott Tech 28, Whitney Tech 8 | Platt Tech 47, Wilcox Tech 26
  • CCC: Southington 35, Simsbury 14 | Wethersfield 35, RHAM 14 | Hartford Public 37, Bulkeley 0 | Middletown 14, Farmington 6 | Bloomfield 41, Weaver 0 | Hall 40, Newington 18 | Northwest Catholic 36, Bristol Eastern 7 |  Tolland 32, East Catholic 22
  • ECC: Fitch 39, New London 27 | Montville 35, Stonington 27
  • PEQUOT: North Branford 41, Coginchaug 0 | Valley Regional/Old Lyme 41, Lewis Mills 7 | SMSA/University 29, Windsor Locks/Suffield/East Granby 16  | Coventry/Windham Tech/Bolton 36, Housatonic/Wamogo 7 | Gilbert/NW Regional 37, Granby Memorial 0

Sunday schedule

Yes, there are games today. We’ll be down in Woodmont to see if Foran and its band of merry sophomores can knock North Haven out to pasture.

  • ECC: Woodstock Academy at East Lyme, 2 p.m.
  • PEQUOT: Morgan at Nonnewaug, 2 p.m.
  • SCC: North Haven at Foran, 4 p.m. | Law at Guilford, 4 p.m.
Sean Patrick Bowley

30 Responses

  1. dave k says:

    Wow, is the Xaviar offense that good or is Shelton’s defense that bad? There were numerous plays where X rbs were un-touched. Receivers were uncovered so Boyle going 10 for 10 was like shoting fish in a barrel. Shelton did move the ball on offense but not enough to matter.

  2. SPB wanna be..... says:

    Shelton’s def is that bad. It was Senior night as well. Thought they would “show up”. Not….
    Shelton did move the ball (Xavier had 4 starters out on D, replaced 2 of them with sophmores!)
    We will see how good Xavier really is next Friday. Westies have more speed then Hillhouse and will not let Xavier have a come back. Eddie has been around too long to let that happen.
    All though Xavier has had Their number the last few years.

    Just saying….

  3. The Dude says:

    Is the 50 point rule in effect for conference title games? I mean they technically don’t count in the standings.

  4. anonymous says:

    lack of class by the xavier coach kicking that field goal, besides a few missed blocks,bad throws,id say the only thing that stopped the gaels offense was the playcalling

  5. RAY BROWN says:

    shelton is that bad.

  6. SMASHMOUTH says:

    Play calling, Speed,, Size, Experience, Coaching, Whatever you wanna call it was all too much for the Gaels last nite at Finn. X-Men 59 pts. Gaels ? I can’t remember another time when the Shelton Gaels have got blown out as bad as they have this year.Fairfield Prep earlier in the season, and the Gaels still have Daniel Hand waiting for the kill. Not the powerhouse in the SCC they used to be, the Gaels are in need of some rebuilding and a new defense way of rethinking their 3 man front, which was ineffectual on the Xavier offense. It was senior nite, and I’m not saying the boys didn’t play the hearts out in front of the home town crowd, but the Xavier side of the field was loud and proud all nite long. I was expecting more of a turn out last nite from the home crowd, but shelton was also having its Halloween near by at the middle school. No treats for the Gaels though, at the highschool last nite.

  7. RAY BROWN says:

    shelton fans are frontrunners—always were.when they won in the orlovsky years, you couldnt keep them out of papers—now the only fans they get are band parents—and coop of course

  8. dave k says:

    Ray even in in a down year Shelton will out draw Ansonia. There was a decent crowd last night. The front runners were on the other side of the field with their cow bells. And coop was not there.

  9. GHS1973 says:

    Mr. Ray Brown, I respect your passion for Ansonia… But, Mr.Brown are you trying to suggest that by way of a big victory over a rebuilding Shelton, that Xavier would be chump change for your boys in Ansonia?…I doubt that even you would believe that…As long as they can never play each other because of the way the current system is setup, then it’s easy for you to make that claim…Hell, you better watch out for Stamford Catholic in the States, let alone even thinking you could compete with the likes of the bigger boys…Xavier, Hand, Staples, NFA, etc…

  10. Chris says:

    With the feeder system and # of kids in program, no way Shelton High should be losing games by 42-3 (to Prep) and 59-10 (to Xavier).

    Something is wrong…

  11. X-Fan says:

    Xavier also was missing a HUGE portion of their defense…just saying…

  12. GHS1973 says:

    If Greenwich can’t beat Staples for the first time in a while, then maybe no one will beat them…However, you never realy know how good the SEC & ECC LL teams are…Thats what makes CT Football cool…


  14. Dave Lib says:

    While walking out of The Rent (lame name) last year in the final moments of Xavier’s convincing Class LL state championship victory over Staples, I turned to the people I was with and said “This will be a rematch next year in the finals. Only the other team will be celebrating.”
    I know that wasn’t exactly going out on a limb, but, through Week 7 (8? 9?)I’ve seen nothing to change that opinion. I still think we are on a collision course for that rematch…..only it could be in the semifinals (all depends on the final seedings)
    I don’t see Staples winning that game by 35, but I do see the Wreckers winning that game. Could be a classic.
    Still lots of football to be played before “Finals Weekend.”
    One last thing…a person a few posts above said that Ansonia better watch out for Stamford (Trinity) Catholic in the states. I respectfully disagree…..I think Ansonia is three touchdowns better than Catholic High. Catholic would score on Ansonia, but I don’t see them stopping Ansonia. I hope that’s another match-up we see in states. Nothing against Catholic, but Ansonia is on a different level….and I’m an FCIAC follower, mostly! But I’ve seen many teams in many leagues this year. Ansonia is legit. They are not just Newsome pitch left, Newsome pitch right, Newsome handoff up the middle. Many weapons on that team.

  15. GHS1973 says:

    Hey Sean, I respect totally the job you do, but if you think Staples doesn’t have a chance this year, then I have to think you are wrong..
    And, there is always the chance that The Cardinals might out score the Wreckers on Thanksgiving Day…Ain’t putting money on it, but you never know…

  16. @GHS1973 – Is that a typo? Do you mean if I think ‘Greenwich’ doesn’t have a chance? …Where’d I say Greenwich didn’t have a chance? Of course they have a chance. Staples is the favorite at this point, no doubt. But nobody’s going to sell Greenwich short.

  17. GHS1973 says:

    @SPB…No typo…my glass is always half empty…reverse thinking..just trying to get them pumped up…

  18. Then I don’t know what you’re talking about. I think Staples has a great chance. I’m voting them No. 1 in the state. If that’s not an endorsement…

  19. GHS1973 says:

    No problem…Staples always has our number…They’re good…We’ll get’m one of these days, though…Maybe even this year…

  20. mr fciac says:

    greenwich has no shot against staples and that’s that

  21. @mr fciac — now that’s not true…

  22. mr fciac says:

    SPB have you seen Staples? they are locked and loaded in all phases.
    I have seen both teams and Staples is better. i wont even bring in the
    coaches “staples wins that battle too”
    Frustrated Ridgefield Tiger fan

  23. mueller says:

    Wags you’re a funny dude, I agree that Shelton is a joke and deserve most of the criticism coming their way, but don’t go after their turnout! talk about stones from glass houses, that crowd at Jarvis on Friday was the best I have seen in years, and schools like Ridgefield, Newtown, New Canaan to name a few, draw crowds at least that size routinely. And don’t give me some excuses why Ansonia doesn’t draw like they used to if you’re going to just spout from the mouth without backing up the facts!

  24. Ansonia says:

    GHS, there are years that Ansonia can’t compete with the big boys, but this isn’t one of them. They have legit scholarship players at RB and WR. They have a star in the making at QB who’s only a sophomore. Their doing this without three starters due to injury. If it wasn’t for the injuries I’d say they’re the best team in the state. The way it stands their in the conversation. If you followed the HS circuit during the offseason you’d understand that they have a quality team that deserves to be in the mix for the #1 spot. Ask your head coach what he thinks of Ansonia. I guarantee he puts them right there with Hand. I can’t wait to see Staples.

  25. Ansonia says:

    I thought that small school from New London might of changed your perspective a bit more. It helps to have more to choose from, but you can only put 11 on the field at a time.

  26. XHS2010 says:

    Ansonia will be given all it can handle when it faces North Branford’s offense in the state tournament.

  27. Brian says:

    Ansonia would beat NB by about 4-5 TD’s in my opinion.

  28. Paul says:

    Wags,judging by the crowd[or lack of]in Seymour last night it seems to me Valley Football is dead in all towns including Ansonia….If not for yourself,Sponge, and a couple guys from Norwoods and Lemko no one even cares…I hear there were more fans at Nolan Field Saturday for the AYF Championships than there are at Charger games.Sad but true

  29. Ansonia says:

    Paul, your talking out of your derrière. There was a nice crowd at the Wolcott game and the programs doing just fine.

    XHS2010, Stop! Your embarrassing yourself. They’ll get exposed, badly. You have enough to worry about with your squad and the tail end of your little baby run.

  30. Paul says:

    Hey Ansonia,
    Did not mean to hit a nerve.We all know the programs fine from a football standpoint.The comment about the attendence was from a gate attendant that works the Varsity games.He said there are more people here today[youth championships]than at our Varsity games.I was at the Rent for all the finals last year and the attendance for all games are very low compared to the past.Ansonia has great program but its mostly the baby boomers that carry on the tradition there.People in there 50’s that are reliving their glory days.