Laxworm’s ‘The Show': FCIAC buffoonery, NFA’s Jemal Davis talks score management, Rep-Am’s Kyle Brennan talks playoffs

Just wrapped a jam-packed show with the mysterious Mr. Laxworm. Pretty good show this week.

You had me ranting onward about the FCIAC’s insane rescheduling format in light of ‘Superstorm Sandy,’ the pointless continuation of superconference league championship games, and the Northern-Eastern inferiority complex, etc.

About 40 minutes in, we welcomed NFA coach Jemal Davis to talk about his 8-0 football team and his thoughts on the brouhaha over his violation of the ‘Score Management’ policy vs. Stamford. Some pretty good responses there.

And, finally, we welcomed NVL Football and Rep-Am writer Kyle Brennan, who’s well ahead of the game in determining who has already clinched state playoff berths (Windsor, Avon, Ansonia) and who’s close to clinching.

The show went an hour and 20 minutes. Laxworm and I talk for the first 40 (since Davis was having trouble joining the discussion). Davis finally joins us at the 40 minute mark. and Kyle joins us at the 1-hour mark.

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Sean Patrick Bowley

17 Responses

  1. Dave Lib says:

    I was very impressed with the comments by NFA’s coach Davis. Great interview and he made some excellent points about the 50 point rule. However, I disagree with him about one thing he said: He said he owes it to the players on his team that might get college offers to keep them in the game for their highlight reels. I don’t like that. Your best players should be out of the game in a rout….forget the highlight reels for colleges!
    Besides that, I agreed with everything he had to say.

  2. Dave Lib says:

    Also, I left the Xavier-Shelton game last night when it was 28-10. When was the FG by Xavier kicked? Time? Score? Down and distance? Those facts will get a better idea of whether the X coach was right or wrong, or if it should be a complete non-issue. Thanks.

  3. Chris says:

    Xavier was ahead 56-10 when they attempted and succesfully completed a 45 yard old field goal. To be fair, it did hit the cross bar and bounce over. Haven’t seen any interview or comments from the HC of Xavier on why he attempted a FG with 46 point lead in the 4th quarter.

  4. Dave Lib says:

    Interesting. Thanks for the details.

  5. So they kicked a field goal. Who cares? Rather it was a touchdown?

    I can’t stand everybody being so nit-picky over late-game scoring. You coach your team, I’ll coach mine. Go away.

  6. Dave Lib says:


    I’m not making a big deal about the field goal in the fourth quarter. I just hear so many coaches and fans complain about running up the score, etc. I asked for the details because I wanted to know what the beef with the Shelton fans was about. The X coach probably wanted to find out what type of range his kicker had in real games with 11 defenders coming at him. He might be called upon in a big spot in the states (or vs. WH or Middletown) to make a long FG.
    I’m not disagreeing with you. I think a lot of people are too sensitive about score margins, etc. It’s the sign of the times.
    However, if the X coach was up 56-17 with :13 left and was passing the ball to get into FG range and spiking the ball to stop the clock, than that is a completely different issue.
    Just wanted to know the details, since somebody else was complaining about the FG.

  7. Football Fan says:

    But was it the First String Kicker ? haha
    Agreed SPB,50 Point rule is a a joke .

  8. mueller says:

    Like Jack Cochran used to say, maybe the team on the losing end should stop the other team or put more work in during the off season, from what I’ve heard Roy isn’t holding his kids to a high enough standard in the strength and conditioning department. Shelton was a power and consistent for so long, now they’re starting to remind me of Ridgefield, great freshman teams and skill kids, with no size upfront, attributed in part to a lack of emphasis on the weights! No weights no states!

  9. No Ax To Grind says:

    I listen to the Laxworm Show every week. This may have been the best show yet. If folks have not listened yet…get on board. It is a must listen to for Ct. High School Football fans. SPB your banter with “The Worm” for the first 40 minutes of the show while you waited for Davis was great. You guys need to more “just talking”. Don’t get me wrong…I love the coaches interviews…especially the Xavier, Hand, Masuk, Trinity and Barlow coaches over the season, but the insight that the two of share when you are just chatting is fantastic. Two guys that REALLY know High School Football.

  10. mr fciac says:

    to much talk about nfa they play a soft schedule

  11. mike says:

    First of all, anyone who takes advice from Jack Cochran is a a complete moron. Jack Cochran is the biggest cheater amongst high school football coach’s this state has ever seen. He knows it and he’s been caught countless times doing it. That’s why he no one will hire him. He couldn’t coach the right way so he resorted to all of his nonsense. We would all be better coach’s if we could recruit kids out of area like Jack did. Or refuse to trade film after the opposing team already sent him their film. He’s a great role model as well. Just like the time he sucker punched a coach at a high school state powerlifting meet. Right, he’s a real football genius….please.

  12. mueller says:

    Mike how many kids did he send to great colleges both academic and athletically? How’d his kid turnout? Straight A student, great football player? Did he cheat yes, but he didn’t do anything with regard to recruiting that a certain school with many state titles isn’t currently doing right now

  13. Lock says:

    A cheat is a cheat. Too soon to see how his kid turns out. I wish him the best but let him play a down in college before you call him great.

    As for Shelton, Coach Roy isn’t the real problem, its his groupies and hangers on that are the problem. But hey, for free beer 5 nights a week you can be a coach or trainer too,,,,,,,,

  14. TECMO says:

    I was at that game with Xavier blowing out the Gaels at Finn. I will say this the Xavier lines were way stronger than what Shelton had to play with. The difference in size was also in the X-Men’s favor, making the Gaels look like freshmen in comparison. Xavier scored at will when they wanted to. As for the Damn fieldgoal in the end was the least of the Gaels problems. What is coach Roy thinking with a three man defensive line trying to stop a team as big up front as the X-Men.

  15. Bubba says:

    Mueller: There is a saying that goes like this: ” two wrongs don’t make it right” Love bubba

  16. Paul says:

    @Lock…Agree Coach Roy is not the whole problem but as a head coach you have to take responsibility.It is true,he needs to reevaluate his staff and flush out all or most of his groupies.The work ethic from his players is without question his responsibility.Rumors of no summer work[lifting,passing leagues]from some of his better players are now starting to show they are true.Right now the program is in big trouble unless changes happen fast.He needs to stay out of Porkey’s,Ascot,Highland and start figuring out how to fix this mess.I wonder if they can hold Hand to less than 50 points tomorrow night?