‘About Last Night’ Week 8: North Haven 28, Foran 7 (The Movie) and other notes


Foran and North Haven clashed Sunday evening in a relatively big game with playoff implications, not to mention the SCC Division II East title.

While Foran fought the good fight, North Haven used heavy doses of Ethan Suraci in the second half and got a key fumble recovery for a touchdown to post a 28-7 victory at the Vito DeVito Sports Complex.

North Haven (5-3) wins the SCC D-II East title and keep its faint Class L playoff hopes alive. Those hopes, however, had already taken a crushing hit when Fitch defeated New London on Saturday.

Foran drops to 4-3, well back in the Class M playoff race.

[Here are your updated CIAC playoff standings]

RickVolk21 was there among the nice Sunday media contingent. His highlights are posted above.

Elsewhere on Sunday, Guilford hammered Law, East Lyme and Morgan won.

We have a few local games on the docket today. Rivals Bullard-Havens and O’Brien Tech play at 2. Derby and Seymour face off at 6.

We’re also anxiously awaiting any further news from the FCIAC which, despite repeated weather warnings and continued school closures in Fairfield County,  is on track to proceed with its Thursday-Tuesday Week 8-9 schedule.

The board of directors is meeting today to discuss options in the already messy league tournaments in other sports. Sources have told me they might take a look at the football situation.

Let’s hope so.

Sunday’s Results

  • ECC: East Lyme 48, Woodstock Academy 6
  • PEQUOT: Morgan 20, Nonnewaug 6
  • SCC: North Haven 28, Foran 7 | Guilford 48, Jonathan Law 0

Monday’s Schedule

  • CSC: Bullard Havens Tech at O’Brien Tech, 2
  • ECC: Waterford at Windham, 6:30 p.m.
  • NVL: Derby at Seymour, 6:00 p.m.
  • PEQUOT: Cromwell at Old Saybrook/Westbrook, 2:00 p.m.
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Sean Patrick Bowley

17 Responses

  1. The Dude says:

    I learned something last night after seeing North Haven for the first time ever. If you are a guy like myself who likes the spread and throwing the ball around then North Haven is definitely not the team for you.

  2. @The Dude – As Ned likes to say: GOD’S OFFENSE

  3. FauxRealism says:

    @ SPB

    We probably need a clarification from Ned but I think that’s his name for the DOUBLE Wing (as currently run by Fitch, Stonington, the old Pomperaug offense, the current Masuk short yardage offense, the old Tolland offense when they played Seymour a couple years ago). Aside: If anyone wants to read about the Double Wing google ‘Coach Wyatt’, he is the guy who coined the term ‘Wildcat’.

    The SINGLE Wing run by North Haven I think Ned calls God’s Father’s offense or some such thing. NH is the only one who runs it around here.

  4. GHS1973 says:

    Just saw the noon weather report for Wednesday/Thursday…Looks real nasty even into Thursday night…The FCIAC Board of Directors really ought to think this schedule through very well…Also, Dave Ruden tweeted that Brien McMahon hasn’t even been able to practice until today..

  5. Jack says:

    Ansonia runs a version of the Double Wing also. See the Matos touchdown on a fake power sweep inside counter, his second touchdown pass reception, or better yet, Newsome’s first touchdown against Ledyard last year. The offense when going with the right personnel is amazing to watch. Overwhelm at the point of attack, hide what you are doing, throw the ball when the safeties come up to stop the running onslaught. Tolland took it to Seymour that year with some nifty DW running and passing. DW was developed by Don Markham in Finland because his linemen could not execute the Wing T plays on which the DW is based. The Wing T is based on Single Wing concepts. Hmmmm, sometimes I read tooooooooo much ;)

  6. Ned says:

    Dear FauxRealism,

    Re: your descriptions. B-I-N-G-O

    Oh, and it’s GOD’S OFFENSE (double wing), and, GOD’S FATHER’S OFFENSE (single wing)

    Hugh Wyatt credits Don Markham as being the one who’s use of GOD’S OFFENSE influenced him to give it a try. He saw Markham use it when both coached in Finland. Markham brought it to Bloomington (Calif.) High in 1994. Team was 1-9 in 1993. Finished 14-0 in Markham’s first season and set a national record with 880 points. Had a pretty small roster, too, if memory serves

    Hugh’s site is http://www.coachwyatt.com. Wrote a good overview, too, on the single wing

    Shine on, you crazy diamond

  7. Brian says:

    IF we get 3 inches of rain on Wednesday into Thursday TC’s swamp won’t be available to play on Thursday by 1pm. That field is awful.

    As we have all said before they need to play these games on Saturday and play this weekends games next weekend and if turns out to be TC/Staples they are co champs. IF its GHS/Staples then they get lucky on Thanksgiving. Since there is only 3 in the running for the title game and all 3 are making states I wonder if the coaches even care about a title game. Maybe that is what the first question should have been? If all 3 agree that co champs are crowned the games should be moved for sure.

    Lastly, I have not checked Stamford’s schedule but if SHS is not home on Thursday night than TC and DArien should play at Boyle at 6pm not at 1pm on the first day back to school.

  8. Kevin Pataky says:

    I’ve been covering North Haven Football for quite a few years and Head Coach Anthony Sagnella has been using the Single Wing all this time. They teach it to all the fourth through 8th grade level teams so they know it when they get to the high school. Any of the players, wing, quarterback, fullback, tailback can run or throw the ball on any play. The full assortment of plays they run were not used completely in yesterday’s game by far – because they weren’t needed. Plays like the double hand off or multiple reverses. These kids have been running it for years and are quite well versed in it.

  9. Kevin Pataky says:

    Looks like the Darien @ Trinity Catholic game on Thursday was moved to Saturday at 1pm and Fairfield Ludlowe moved their Thursday game to Friday at 7pm because of the weather.

  10. Kevin Pataky says:

    This link shows the FCIAC’s decision regarding football games this Thursday: http://www.fciac.net/news/99-fciac/3757-fciac-football-postponed-to-this-weekend.html

  11. RAY BROWN says:

    feel bad for foran—scc poll had them preseason no.1 for next year.

  12. Paul says:

    Hey Ray,
    That was a baseball poll you saw….Yes,they will be ranked #1 in the SCC and possibly the state next year.

  13. Paul says:

    BTW Ray,SPB was at the Derby/Seymour game last night.I would bet that Foran can compete with or beat either of them teams last night.Just saying!!!

  14. Kent says:

    um…I think you mean softball poll

    Joking aside, Foran football will have almost everyone back next year, it might be a good year, time will tell then

  15. Football Fan says:

    @ Paul

    Foran is at much better than both Derby and Seymour.

  16. RAY BROWN says:

    it looks like that 25-year rebuilding plan is paying off .your right paul.i think ansonia can beat all sccd-2 teams in one day——-just sayin.