Nor’Easter forces FCIAC’s hand: League reschedules again

With Wednesday and Thursday’s forecasts becoming more grim by the hour, the FCIAC has once again been forced to reconfigure its Week 8 and Week 9 high school football schedules.

The league announced Monday afternoon that all Week 8 games could be played by this coming weekend and all Week 9 games could be played as late as Nov. 17.

Though this likely renders a potential FCIAC championship game involving anyone other than Staples and Greenwich on Thanksgiving impossible, the league held back from canceling it outright according to its press release language on the FCIAC website.

“The FCIAC championship game match-up will be determined after the completion of the week nine (Nov. 15-17) games. If the championship game cannot be rescheduled, co-champions will be declared.”

That statement seemed to leave the door open for a separate championship game (somehow). But one FCIAC board member told The Advocate’s Dave Ruden “the only way to interpret” the statement is that there will be no championship if Trinity Catholic is involved.

Whew. Why couldn’t they just say that?

Anyway, if Trinity Catholic wins its final two games with Darien and St. Joseph, it will be declared co-champions alongside whichever team finishes in the top 2 of the FCIAC playoff standings. If Staples wins out, for example, they’d be co-champs with Trinity since the Wreckers would likely finish first.

If Trinity Catholic loses and Greenwich and Staples win their final two games, their Thanksgiving week game will be for the official FCIAC championship (and the league will collect half the gate in the process. God I love this league).


It took a potential nor’easter to force their hands, but the FCIAC finally made the right decision for their schools, their football programs and, most important, their players.

Just in time.

Now it’s up to the individual schools to reschedule their Thursday games, if needed.

Friday, Nov. 9

  • Greenwich at Brien McMahon, 6 p.m.
  • Stamford at New Canaan, 7 p.m.
  • Bridgeport Central at Trumbull, 7 p.m.
  • Harding at Ridgefield, 7 p.m.
  • Danbury at Fairfield-Ludlowe, 7 p.m.

Saturday, Nov. 10

  • Staples at Fairfield-Warde, 11 a.m.
  • Bassick at St. Joseph, noon
  • Darien at Trinity Catholic, 1 p.m.
  • Wilton at Westhill, 1 p.m.
Sean Patrick Bowley

36 Responses

  1. Brian says:

    So now all the FCIAC teams except TC can thank another storm for getting it right. If TC is involved they will be co-champs. TC gets lucky actually. If they win 2 games they can say they are FCIAC champs. Something they would have no shot at otherwise with Staples in the way.

    Regardless of what happens with TC and Staples any football person knows the game on T-DAY between GHS/Staples is the real title game.

  2. tcfan says:

    @Brian, so what is your problem with TC? All your posts are anti-Trinity.I am tired of people like you knocking down our players, you get satisfaction of downplaying and knocking on these kids who bust their ass every week for every game. They don’t have the numbers like Greenwich and Staples. They are a “s” class school playing the “L” and “LL” schools in the FCIAC…. their total enrollment is 425 kids. Instead of knocking on them give them some respect to go out there and play against these powerhouse schools instead of playing the small schools like Ansonia does.

  3. Josh Boone says:

    Trinity has been catching breaks all year, they first get New Canaan’s kicker to crap the bed in overtime after they couldn’t put them away in the second half, and their stud couldn’t finish a game, Now, if they win out, they’re able to say they were FCIAC champs even though they didn’t play a champ game where they would lose by 21+ to Staples.

  4. mueller says:

    I understand where you’re coming from TC but what Brian is saying is that while you have had a great year by TC’s standards, they are not still in the class of GHS and Staples, beat Darien and SJ and then cry foul. Greenwich and Staples are premier programs, NC is down

  5. Northern CT Fan says:

    Help me out here Sean. Aren’t all of the FCIAC teams already scheduled for Wed. night or Thurs. morning games during week of Thanksgiving, with Greenwich to face Staples and TC to face Wilton? So, what does not playing the FCIAC championship accomplish? It doesnt prevent anyone from the possibility of having to play 4 games in 2 weeks (11/17, 11/21 or 11/22, first round of states on 11/27 and second round on 12/1), it just prevents TC from facing Staples. My question is why? This would be a HUGE break for TC (assuming TC beats St Joes and Darien the next two weeks, admittedly no small feat), which then will likely have a home playoff game vs an opponent who travelled from far far away (like a Rocky Hill or Northwest Catholic)or having to go on the road to some place like North Branford or even Hartford (Capitol Prep).

  6. Dave Lib says:

    I give Trinity a lot of credit for beating NC. However, I blame NC for not having a running back ready for that game. If they played this game over, I would give NC a big advantage. Still, not TC’s fault that NC didn’t insert a running back.
    This whole FCIAC Championship is a joke! Now, more than ever, the league brass (who I respect as individuals and know personally) should finally accept the fact that the game does not work “logistically.”
    The league has gotten bailed out in the past by not having 3 teams go unbeaten in the conference. And I don’t what to hear that “mother nature made this a fluke year in scheduling.”
    Again, for about the 5th team in the last 10 years, the league title game might be played on Thanksgiving morning, while the rest of the league’s players are playing their own game and the rest of the league coaches are coaching their own teams. The league wants to showcase this game? Really? When half of the title games are postponed until Thanksgiving morning and buried among the other games?
    What other sport in the world has their title game going on at the same time as the other members in that league are playing? Gerogia vs. Bama in the SEC Title game, while Kentucky plays Tennessee in a regular season game…at the same time? Ridiculous.

  7. craisins says:

    @tcfan – no one said TC players don’t bust their butts; but so do most all of the players around the league. So TC is nothing special in that regard. And while they are a “s” school with 425 kids, THEY RECRUIT!

    And look at strength of schedule beyond their win over NC; TC has played WHS (4 wins) Harding (0 wins), Stamford (2 wins), Norwalk (2 wins) and Warde (2 wins). Five wins over teams with a combined record of 10-25 with only WHS having a winning record. You can’t hold a schedule against a team; they played who they were scheduled to play. But by the same token, you have to factor in strength of schedule when evaluating teams.

    Let’s see how the rest of the season plays out.

  8. GHS1973 says:

    Was it really a second storm coming that changed the FCIAC’s mind?…Or public/media outrage including what was expressed on SPB’s Blog?…Maybe a combo of both?…Who knows…Let’s just all hope for a nice day on Thanksgiving..

  9. Hasbeen says:

    The only silver lining in the storm clouds is that whoever is in charge of scheduling woke up and did what they should have done the first time they had to reschedule the next two weeks.

    I agree with the other comments. If TC wins out give them a co championship. They deserve something. We all know they would be huge underdogs against Staples and Greenwich. They would luck out and not have to play either team. Let the big dogs play in Greenwich and fight it out for the Turkey.

    It will be a great game. I only hope that the loser of the game will not get knocked out of the LL playoffs. Has anyone done the math to figure that out? Because it would be great for these two FCIAC teams to prove to the rest of the state how good they are and they will shut everyone that criticized their “easy” schedules.

  10. mooncake says:

    If TC wins out (Stamford Catholic, for a old timer like me) they have a reason to be really disappointed.

    Find a way to play the championship. 17-18 yr old kids will make it work. The FCIAC has a championship game (thank goodness for that) and for better or worse it should take place. If not, I think we will all be rooting for them with all our hearts against Ansonia. They are a S school with a lot to be proud of and they should be allowed to compete. I’m sure Greenwich and Staples would agree.

    Now, show us and go beat Darien!

  11. Brian says:


    I have no issue with TC nor the fact they recruit. They are a private school and like Xavier if they can get the players so be it. I am just a big HS football fan and I like to see to the best teams play each other. TC in 2012 does not belong on the field with Staples or Greenwich. Staples could beat Greenwich by 40 on Thanksgiving day and I would still say that. I am willing to bet everyone else on this blog would agree. It’s a shame the FCIAC doesn’t let the better teams play each other year in and year out. The scheduling is awful and playing games on Thanksgiving day that don’t play a part in the title game is just ludicrous.

    Hasbeen, I have done many projections in the LL and it looks like both Staples and Greenwich will get in with 1 loss. The other teams I expect to make it are XAvier, NFA, Southington, Newtown, Glastonbury and West Haven. West HAven and Ridgefield are real close with 2 losses each. If WH beats Xavier, Xavier will get in with ease over Ridgefield. I project Prep to lose to WH, Manchester to lose to Southington and Public to lose to both Middletown and Windsor so Prep, Manchester, and Public would all be eliminated with 3 losses.

  12. Brian says:


    Even if TC lost to Staples in the final if would have no bearing on States so if TC goes 9-1 or 10-0 they would get a home game in class S playoffs. Like I said above they would receive half of the title without having to playing it. For TC its the best scenario the league could have given them really.

  13. Fciac says:

    If they played a running back? Do you realize trinity was winning 28-21 at half and then their qb got hurt and they didn’t complete another pass after torching them in the air? If oleary doesnt get hurt they win by 2 scores minimum,,,ask coach marinelli who stated that following the game. So nc s down…who cares. They are supposed to beat Trinity regardless , like they always do , even when their down as you say but they didn’t because Trinity is just better than them this year. Nc is 6 and 1 by the way, I guess that’s down.

    By the way you pompous jerks..if Stamford had 1 team or even just 2 , you would be looking up at them all year. Imagine Cottarell, Webb, Howsie and Brown on a team together?

  14. Fciac says:

    Hasbeen…you get it. Good for you.

  15. JB says:

    All is now right in the world. Thank you, Sean.

  16. Kerry says:

    Personally, I love the FCIAC championship. I grew up with it and it is certainly more “traditional” than the myriad contrived rivalries played on Thanksgiving. Greenwich, for instance, has had Thanksgiving “tradition” with TC, Wilton, Danbury and Staples. We used to play that game on turkey day after a semifinal round. I say make the last game of the regular season the “rivalry game” and keep the FCIAC championship on Thanksgiving. Every league should want to showcase its two best teams.
    As far as TC, Greenwich and Staples schedules, they’ve all played the schedule they were given. Nobody can choose their opponents from year to year. All three should be congratulated for being undefeated to this point.
    To TC being lucky, I disagree. The kids and coaches would, I’m sure, to a man, want the chance to prove themselves against either FCIAC powerhouse rather than take a “co-champ” title. To say otherwise is an insult to the kids and coaches of that program.
    Let’s see how the chips fall and have discussion with Mr Kuzco and the powers that be on how to improve the system.

  17. Hasbeen says:

    Brian, thanks for doing the LL figuring. Fciac I get it, you get it, Brian gets it, how come the people in charge of the league don’t get it or it takes them so damn long to get it? I don’t think Trinity will be able to beat either of their next opponents. Lets get this bad weather behind us and hope for some good weather the rest of the season. I’m getting too old for the cold!

  18. Dave Lib says:

    If they played again this weekend, I’d say NC would beat TC. But they can’t, and that’s the beauty of it!
    I’m an NC fan! Don’t understand yoyr argument…it’s like your contradicting yourself! LOL.
    I have been watching NC for longer than you have been alive, and this is NOT vintage NC…yet here they are, 6-1. A remarkable job by Lou and his staff.
    And watch your language, calling several people pompous jerks.
    “If Stamford had 1 team” What about Norwalk? Brideport? NC has one school and beats larger schools all the time!

  19. Dave Lib says:

    Also, you are mixing public players with PRIVATE! LOL. That’s like saying “if Trumbull basketball had the St. Joe’s stars on its team….they would dominate.”
    Your new name should be Captain Obvious (Oblivious?”

  20. Dave Lib says:

    I know SPB disagrees with me on this, and I respect his opinion. Sean likes that all teams get to play on Thanksgiving. This is great for several reasons.
    But if the FCIAC wants to hold their “Holy Grail” game for its traditionalists, then they should do it on Thanksgiving morning (like they did until the mid-90s) and no other games in the league should be playing at that time. Their schedules should have been completed the previous weekend.
    The set-up- now is ridiculous.

  21. Ck says:

    Trinity does not

  22. Pat McGroin says:

    Danbury plays a lot of games this weekend….

  23. @Pat – They’re still moving them around. Schedule is chaotic at moment.

  24. HSFBFAN says:

    I agree on the Thanksgiving Day Championship game

    and everyone else is in the stands watching

    I remember those games being packed and there were always two fantastic teams playing

  25. Lewis says:

    I’m guessing that all scenarios are not pleasing the FCIAC since there is no extra game or gate($$)if there are declared co-champs and there shouldn’t be any revenue for them if a “regular season home game” doubles as the championship. I would think the home team on Thanksgiving keeps the gate so the league loses both ways. There might be a revenue share with that but that winds up hurting the schools since this “rivalry” game is going to bring in a good crowd regardless. The FCIAC Championship game has to be a MAJOR line item in their budget so think of it from their perspective. We can banter back and forth on how they are screwing up but even high school sports is a business and if they keep losing financially then many more problems could surface. The schools are going to wind up getting hit. So if you are asking yourself, WHY is the FCIAC working so hard to find a way to have a Championship, this may answer your question.

  26. Jack says:

    let’s say trinity and staples are the two top teams heading into thanksgiving….couldnt they play for the FCIAC championship and just have their scheduled opponents Wilton and Greenwich swap and play eachother? Wilton is supposed to play TC and Staples is supposed ot play Greenwich, why cant they just switch it so we get an Fciac title game and wilton and greenwich play eachother? Is daddy missing something here?

  27. @jack – Yeah, because those are regular-season games. These teams are trying to get into the state playoffs and get high seeding. Those games count toward their point total. Greenwich-Staples is HUGE for the winner because it’ll get them a home playoff game and high seeding in Class LL.

  28. @Lewis – FCIAC gets half the gate if the title game is the regular-season Thanksgiving Game.

  29. Lewis says:

    Do participating schools get a take if the FCIAC Champs is a seperate game on a neutral site?

  30. Polar says:

    Not understanding the FCIAC…weather report for Thursday is sunny and breezy…Keep the schedule as is and let the cards fall as they may. Leave the FCIAC championship in tack. I would like to see TC play Staples…O’Leary is a true warrior!!! Who has Staples played anyway…the FCIAC scheduling is a joke…at least get the Greenwich game in before the championship game…

  31. @Polar – What weather report you looking at? Next week’s?
    The FCIAC should have done this a week ago.

  32. GHS1973 says:

    @Hasbeen…I can tell we root for the same team, and I know I’m cautious by nature, but let’s not look past Brien McMahon yet…They’re not that bad with wins over their only 2 common opponents (FF Ludlowe, and Ridgefield)…I know the Cards are not taking McMahon lightly, and rightly so…With their schedule this year, Greenwich knows it has to go into Thanksgiving Day undefeated (or pull the upset over Staples) to have a chance at States…And, I agree, let TC have an FCIAC co-championship if they win out…Good for them for bringing their program back, although I don’t think they’ll beat St.Joe’s…

  33. Brian says:

    Greenwich can afford one loss to make states but not 2. They have to go into the Staples game undefeated IMO. It might even allow them to play a little looser than if it was a must win. The difference in seeding would be huge but atleast they will have already qualified unlike last year.

    The weather for tomorrow (Thursday) is not bad by midday. They are calling for sun by the PM though I think the wind is going to play a role again. With that said, it could be 75 and sunny the FCIAC should have never scheduled the 8th and 13th games to begin with. The storm gave them an excuse. I’m curious on what would have happened if the forecast was fine. Would they have changed it based on outcry or stayed with the original plan?

  34. Hasbeen says:

    @Polar, you don’t make sense with your weather report. Also, we all know about the scheduling issues but Staples, Greenwich and TC all have played their games and won their games thus far. The athletes shouldn’t be belittled because of the schedule makers. They bust their butts and play hard and do their job every week. Greenwich and Staples have blown up everyone they played so far and TC has survived some close calls. What do you mean about getting in the Greenwich game before the Championship?

    Ghs 73. They aren’t taking McMahon lightly. But come on, McMahon will not be able to stop GHS offense and their Wing T offense won’t be able to go anywhere against the Cards defense just like Central’s Wing T. Cards defense is getting better every week.

  35. GHS1973 says:

    @Hasbeen…I hear ya…I just get pessimism attacks from time to time, lol…I’m glad the defense is getting better, because they can’t afford any 2nd half lapses, especially against Staples..

  36. lol says:

    should have been tuesday and tuesday anyway… bad job by the fciac