SPB’s Elite 8: Week 9

Rolling out the new tools here on the Hearst CT Football Blog. New Elite 8 look, too. Since so few of our teams played, let’s just say everybody’s staying put this week.


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Sean Patrick Bowley

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  1. John Q says:

    west haven would beat greenwich.

  2. sab says:

    Barlow “just missed” again and they are having their best season in 30 years??? Come on!

  3. Jesse says:


    How does this Ansonia team rank up against the last few?


  4. Observer says:

    West Haven should worry about Xavier first. Just sayin…

  5. @Jesse – It’s different. More dynamic on the offensive end, many more weapons, the ability to run and thrown. But, perhaps, Ansonia a bit weaker on the lines. Not to say the current crop isn’t good, it just not as dominating as previous Ansonia lines. Who would be? Those previous lines were pretty dominating. Defensively pretty good in the skill areas, some good players in the front seven.

    There’s a lot to like but, overall it’s not as strong as last year. This feels more like two years ago, but with more weapons on offense.

  6. Brian says:


    Don’t bet on it. If u don’t win at Palmer field we won’t have to worry. Also Pray that Manchester doesn’t upset Southington. IF they do, WH could be shut out.

  7. Whopper16 says:


    Barlow may be having their best season in 30 years, but the Elite 8 is not about which team is having their best year, it’s about the best 8 teams.. Barlow was down 21-13 at half, at home, vs winless New Milford. Granted you came out and dominated 2nd half to get convincing win, but I dont see any way you belong in elite 8…you have Brookfield coming up after Masuk, you could very well be 7-2 very soon.

  8. jeb says:

    Ansonia is scary good!! They have weapons all over the field and they are throwing the ball more this year. Because of thier schedule you can’t rate them ahead of Hand or Staples but they are every bit as good if not better.

  9. TECMO says:

    That is the case whopper, Barlow could very well end up 7-2. Masuk and Newtown have earned their elite eight rankings because of who they beat and how they beat them. Barlow has to pass the Panther test on the home turf of Masuk. Now as far as I know that game is still on for tomorrow nite, but the field could be a mud bath with the latest storm that passed through. It would surprise me if the Panthers try and find another field that may be available, Bunnell maybe ? or rescedule to another day. I would like to see that game played at Barlow where it should’ve been in the 1st place, what’s the big deal anyway, both teams schools are in the middle of the woods. Either way Barlow has to beat Masuk to get the attention of the rest of the SWC.

  10. Please don’t move the Barlow-Masuk game. I’m wedding-bound on Saturday.

  11. …annnnnd Masuk-Barlow will be postponed. No makeup yet. Thanks, Masuk.

  12. Brian says:

    Of course. The mud hole known as Benedict field strikes again!

  13. From what I understand it’s more of an administration move, not something to do with field.

  14. betterbrookfield says:

    you wont have to worry about brookfield. im sure westmark and his inflated stats will shut down against any really good team.

  15. Brian says:

    The field only has one more home game left on it so it shouldn’t be a problem to play on it Friday. IF they host a state playoff game it will be at Trumbull anyway like always. As I’m typing this I see it got moved to Bunnell. So i would now think it was totally a field thing….just to mess u up from seeing Masuk SPB lol

  16. jeez says:

    Why is the barlow/masuk game rescheduled. Isn’t it the home team’s call? Why would barlow do masuk any favors by moving the game? Just play the game. Seems to me that masuk is crying about the conditions and wants no part of playing barlow on that field b/c barlow is a good team and the field would even the playing field. Ridiculous how masuk gets whatever they want.

  17. Colonial says:

    Masuk vs Barlow – Saturday 2:00 at Bunnell.

  18. hsfan says:

    Barlow doesnt want a sloppy field either they run option.

  19. GHS1973 says:

    IMO…Every High School Football team’s offense runs best, and is built on the assumption of ideal field conditions, and a sloppy field throws them off…It adds an uncertainty whether the offense can adapt to a slow down in the mud, and the coaches aren’t used to dealing with that, and would rather avoid it if possible…BTW #17, Masuk is the home team…

  20. Masuk Alumni says:

    @jeez Incorrect, sir. Masuk is the home team in this situation and they moved it because they have yet to put turf in to place and the field is a mud-bath. Also, wouldn’t this give Barlow more of an advantage now playing on turf again not having to worry about sloppy conditions? Let’s get the facts straight before we say “masuk gets whatever they want”.

    SPB another great season so far..Love the blog, makes it very easy to keep track of CT HS Football as a college student in Rhode Island. Thanks again for all the hard-work! Go Masuk!

  21. TigerSupporter says:

    Is Masuk going to put in turf? Probably not as they are able to practice inside where the passing league is held when their field can’t be used – as to the comment of an advantage IMO it is an advantage neither team as Barlow would have a tough time moving their smaller lineman in the mud – good luck to both team but Masuk sould win easily

  22. SMASHMOUTH says:

    The Bunnell Panthers ? I know that sounds silly but is it a surprise that the game got switched to stratford, no its not ! Its a better place and its easy to get to. Its also a safer playing surface and since the Bulldogs have rolled over and played dead this year, why let the dog pound go to waste. It would be nice to see a home team win there even if that home team is the Bunnell Panthers. Every dog has its day, and cats like Panthers have nine lives.

  23. GHS1973 says:

    I would rather see every team play in the conditions given…I dislike turf fields…I’m an oldtimer, but the best games I’ve ever seen (Pro’s, College, High School) were played in adverse field conditions on grass, before artificial turf was installed or invented…It (the field conditions) changed the game plans of both teams and the best team adapted accordingly, and won the game…

    Oh well, I know times change, and I guess I fall further behind in the way I think…

  24. jeez says:

    Exactly GHS. I was mistaken in thinking Barlow was the home team. But in a game where you are overmatched, as Barlow is, you would think slowing down Masuk would benefit them. I too wish teams would just play instead of moving venues. It adds to the game. Which team can overcome adversity? Which coaching staff can make the proper adjustments? This is a new era though and too many teams need “ideal” conditions or they can’t play.

  25. NorthernPride says:

    I agree with Ghs1973, football has become so weak with the weather issues. Unless it thunders, play! And keep in on grass. The high school I teach at didn’t practice outside today cause of the snow, so weak. The downfall of football began with the downfall of our country, right around 2001.

  26. fan says:

    betterbrookfield you are an absolute clown.

  27. JB says:

    How do Trinity Catholic assistant football coaches spend their Thursday night? Clearing the field for Saturday. #cthsfb pic.twitter.com/VpQtDMvT

    Wait, is this Bogner plowing up TC turf for another Blue Wave first down on Saturday? http://www.maxpreps.com/news/FNTGRiCpxkW7UOLQPaaL6g/top-high-school-football-photos-of-the-week.htm

    Mud, pride, victory … TC vs Darien? The toss-up tilt on the tundra.

  28. Buttermaker says:

    @ Brian, Good point on Manchester. I believe they are the whole key to the LL playoffs. Since many people are making their predictions I wanted to throw my 2 cents in. I crunched some number and came up with the following outcome. Please advise if I hosed up the numbers I’m new at this but a high school football fan.
    My 2 cent predictions:
    1. Southington: Loses one of the last two games drops to 4th. I predict that Manchester will upset them as they spanked Hartford recently. I saw Southington on TV vs Glastonbury and I did not think they are that great. I say they go down. Also Manchester is at Home.
    2. Staples, wins out and is #1 seed. Sorry Greenwich.
    3. Greenwich, loses to Staples, drops to #6.
    4. Norwich Free, Wins out, moves to #3.
    5. Newtown, Loses to Masuk, drops to #8. I graduated from Newtown I hope I’m wrong. :)
    6. Xavier, runs the table finishes at #2. Sorry West Haven. I saw Xavier toy with Shelton.
    7. Glastonbury, Runs the table, moves up to #5.
    8. West Haven, Loses to Xavier and Manchester beats Southington.WH is OUT! Sorry guys. If Manchester does not beat Southington they get the #8 spot.
    9. Hartford Public, Out. Too many big dogs to play.
    10. Manchester, like I said, beats Southington and wins out to go 8-2 and leap frogs Newtown for the #7 seed. I could be wrong, it’s been known to happen but let’s just say they beat Southington. Could happen no?
    11. Fairfield Prep, loses to West Haven equals out. Sorry guys.

    Summary of standings with estimated points.
    1. Staples, 9-0 135 pts.
    2. Xavier, 9-1 133 pts.
    3. Norwich, 10-0 129 pts.
    4. Southington 9-1 121 pts.
    5. Glastonbury 9-1 119 pts.
    6. Greenwich 8-1 114 pts.
    7. Manchester 8-2 109 pts.
    8. Newtown 9-1 108 pts.
    9. OUT. West Haven 8-2 102 pts.

    Points are estimated as best I could.
    Very interesting. This could be totally wrong but at least it is interesting. Enjoy the games everybody.

  29. John L says:

    Buttermaker Wow Manchester beat Hartford!!! WH would beat Manchester by 4 tds.You sound like you dont like WH much. Jealous?

  30. Brian says:

    There are so many 10 point swings its tough to nail down the seedings but in my projections I have this based on your Southington losing scenario:

    1) Staples they win out 148.89
    2) Xavier -They win out 143.00
    3) NFA-They win out 136.00
    4) Southington- Lose to Manchester 129.00. I don’t think Southington is losing to Manchester but since u asked for the scenario here u go.
    5) Gbury- they win out 124.00
    6) Greenwich 123.33 (lose to staples)
    7) Newtown-Lose to Masuk 120.00
    8) Manchester 114.00 Beat Southington and East Hartford
    9) West Haven-112.00 Lose to X and beat Prep.

    As u can see the 10 point swing games are huge and of course in the Scenario above Newtown could beat Masuk, New London could beat NFA.

    If Manchester loses it could put WH back in. Imagine them an 8 playing staples in first round!. Also, if WH beats X and loses to Prep by upset WH and Prep both finish at 113.00 in my forecast. Many 10 point games that are meaningful.

    lastly, I’m a cardinal guy so I’m not ready to give away the staples game just yet though I think Staples is the best team in CT and their staff is great. I’m just glad if Red beats Mcmahon and danbury they will clinch even with a loss to staples.

    Here is my projection based on what I think will happen in LL:

    1) Staples 148.89
    2) Southington 146.00 (They beat Manchester and Cheshire)
    3) Xavier 143.00 Beat both WH and Middletown)
    4) NFA 136.00 Beat New London and Waterford
    5) Gbury 124.00
    6) Greenwich 123.33
    7) Newtown 120.00 (lose to masuk)
    8) West Haven 112.00 (lose to X beat Prep)

    I hate this projection as I do want Greenwich opening at Palmer. I will root like hell for Newtown to beat Masuk which will put newtown to the 4 seed NFA to 5 Gbury to 6 and Greenwich to 7. West Haven stays 8. Greenwich to Southington, Gbury to palmer,NFA to Newtown and WH still plays staples.

    Enjoy the games this weekend and I will update for next week’s scenarios with more actual results though I think I’m real close.

  31. Dave K says:

    Masuk could end up with more home wins at Bunnell than Bunnell this year.

  32. The Dude says:

    I’m sure Manchester will be next in the long line of recent CCC teams to flop badly in the playoffs.

    Windsor is probably the only team to take seriously out of the CCC. From what I hear Middletown is good, not sure about them though.

  33. JB says:

    Brian, I think your point totals are too high for Greenwich and Staples. Under your scenario and the likely rest of the FCIAC season, Staples would be at best 142.2 (if both SJ and Darien beat TC) and Greenwich would be at 120.

    I see your hypothetical list as:

    1) Southington (146)
    2) Staples (142.2)
    3) Xavier (141)
    4) NFA (136)
    5) Glastonbury (124)
    6) Greenwich (120)
    7) Newtown (118)
    8) West Haven (111)

    And if TC happened to beat both Darien and SJ, then Staples would drop to 140 and a 3rd seed … to a Greenwich re-match in Round 1.

  34. Brian says:

    Don’t think so JB,

    Staples has 790 now and I have them getting 550 more:

    30 from joes (bassick, TC and Trmbull)
    10 central (harding)
    20 mcmahon (norwalk and Stamford)
    10 from danbury (ludlowe)
    10 trumbull (central)
    20 darien (TC and bassick)

    then 120 from warde 150 from westhill and 180 from greenwich

    790 plus 550=1340 divided by 9=148.89

    now, some of my projected 10 point games could be off but based on what I think will happen they can get that total.

  35. buttermaker says:

    Brian good work crunching the numbers. I don’t hate West Haven I’m just saying Manchester could make things difficult for them. Big game.

  36. joe says:

    no way West Haven will lose to xavier! I dont know why everyone is under estimating West Haven. I believe they will run the table in the LL playoffs!And someone please give me a reason to doubt them?

  37. mooncake says:

    Hey Brian,

    WH at Staples and Greenwich at X in first round! I hope staples plays a day game (I doubt it) so we could see both games.

    Something new to wish for instead of power.

  38. Tim says:

    Joe @ 37: Your right, West Haven is also in my opinion one of the best in LL. They are physical, highly skilled, however a little too predictable. EP is the best offensive player in the state, and I root for Hand- Madison, graduated in 97″. All the best aganist X, hope you get a good official crew at Palmer.

  39. JB says:

    Brian, got it, I was missing some T-day points for each. Here is my revised list off your hypothetical:

    1. Southington (147)
    2. Staples (145.56)
    3. Xavier (142.0)
    4. NFA (135.0)
    5. Greenwich (125.6)
    6. Glastonbury (124.0)
    7. Newtown (117.0)
    8. West Haven (108.0)

    Still many big games left in your hypothetical that could alter this line-up, but these eight look like the final list absent any big surprises. Seeding is still up in the air.

    If Greenwich and Staples take care of business, the FCIAC finals will be the game of the year in LL (FCIAC championship and seeding/home game in quarters). The Xavier / West Haven game will be a good one for seeding/home game. New London could be a real spoiler for NFA’s seeding/home game. West Haven is not going to lose to Prep, but it could be a really good game – Prep being the spoiler. And watch out for Cheshire being a spoiler … but I still think Southington is for real this year with a solid defense together with a strong offense.

  40. Hey_Joe says:

    Joe@37 (and Tim@39),

    42-7 – and the game wasn’t even that close.

    As Jimi used to sing, “Hey Joe. Where you goin’ with that gun in your hand?”

    If WH is so good, then Xavier will romp in LL.

    (BTW – don’t think so, but you guys need to stop living in the past. Once again, WH was exposed by X.)

  41. NEWTOWN-G says:

    Scarangella, Landou, Manfredonia, Elkin, Thornburg – Newtown’s Offensive Line has dominated all year and they put on a great show against MASUK amassing over 225yrds of rushing offense!

    Go NightHawks”