Week 9 Primer and Live Updates: Can we play football already?


New Canaan quarterback Ted Bossidy poses while shoveling snow off Dunning Field's stands on Thursday (Courtesy: Ramfootball.com)

Complete chaos.

We have ourselves a natural catastrophe.

Rain, snow, sleet, hail, wind, earthquakes … Thankfully, no locusts. Though we wouldn’t be surprised at this point.

We’ve had a complete rearranging of the schedules once again, including Barlow-Masuk (now Saturday afternoon at Bunnell) and West Haven-Xavier (now Monday). .

There were adjustments, movements of sites and capitulation of home field advantage (see: Panthers, Masuk. They’re playing at Bunnell for the second time this season, their ninth “home” game away of the last 5 years. Benedict Field is a mud pit. Do something about this, Monroe.)

Yet we soldier on. We must get the games in. And get the games in we shall.

Teams were out in force to clear their fields Thursday. Some of them haven’t played in weeks. Central, which plays Trumbull tonight, hasn’t played in 20 days.

They’ll do anything to play ball. They’re champing at the bit.

Let’s go, already.

There are a few biggies around the state, but there are relatively few intriguing games remaining around here before Thanksgiving, outside of Trinity’s attempts to earn a share of the FCIAC title, Barlow doing the same in the SWC and a few playoff spots up for grabs. It’s not nearly as uncertain as it typically is around these parts. Let’s get these games over with and get to Thanksgiving Week as soon as possible.

Check the CIAC site for the latest schedules and results.

Here are this week’s games to watch

Kyle Brennan has done yeoman’s work figuring out who will clinch state playoff berths this weekend. Check him out.

I’ll be out at a wedding Saturday (no not mine, why would I get hitched during football season?). So I’ll be out of commission until Sunday. Enjoy the weekend. We’ll see you on the other side of Week 9.

Live Updates below

Sean Patrick Bowley

41 Responses

  1. ho...hum says:

    Finally the match up that we’ve been waiting for….Staples At Greenwich…get there early…..The show vs The show stoppers

  2. GHS1973 says:

    Hey Sean, I hope you had a great time at the wedding you attended…Did you do the hokey-pokey (hope so), and catch the garter belt? (hope not)…lol

    You only missed a couple great games & upsets, but oh well..that’s life…We’ll all be looking forward to your analysis, and point total calculations/scenerios for playoff spots…It’s getting to be that time of the season…Just take care of that hangover first…OK?

  3. mooncake says:

    Hey Ho, Hum: The Show is with a capital S.

  4. mooncake says:

    Hey, Ho…Hum, “The Show” is with a capital S. Yeah baby….

  5. Kingpin14 says:

    Great game between Masuk and Barlow. If Shaban(Qb) doesnt go down late in the 3rd, that may have been a different game. Millone and #95 on the DL for Masuk are difference makers.

  6. Honus says:

    I along with a large contingent of NC fans got to see Darien pull a rabbit out of its hat to beat TC yesterday. Both fanbases came out in force and were really into the game, which being played on a muddy field had a classic feel to it already. For pure entertainment, the game had everything. I know TC was probably crushed after the game, but it would have been awkward if they had won out and claimed a share of the FCIAC title without having faced Staples or Greenwich, two teams I don’t think anyone would argue are the teams to beat this year.

    Earlier in the day I got to see Staples again. Holy mother of Mary it was 35-0 in the first quarter and 49-0 at the half. Of their 18 plays from scrimmage they scored on five of them. Yet another coach says they are the best team he has ever seen: “‘I think legitimately, they might be the best team I’ve seen since I’ve been in the league for 14 years,’ Warde head coach Duncan DellaVolpe said.” It’s a shame they can’t move the Greenwich game to 1pm so every one can see it. Or can they?

  7. PatPatriot says:

    Thinking of taking a Veterans Day rode trip up to Middletown for the game tomorrow. Anyone have a recommendation on a good place for a beer & burger / pizza & glass of wine up there before the game? MXR – XHS you out there?

  8. Hasbeen says:

    Would the FCIAC heads ever think of moving the Staples vs. Greenwich game to 1 pm so that more people could come to the game?

  9. MXR says:

    @Pat — most convenient and consistently good food is Illiano’s, right behind the end zone on Washington Street (not sure about its beverage capabilities, but good pizza and Italian comfort food). There are a bunch of good places with full beverage service on Main Street if you are coming off of Rte 9 (Luce, Fiore, First and Last). You can get your classic steamed cheeseburger at O’Rourke’s on the north end of Main Street, or go for simplest burger at 5 Guy’s right next to Illiano’s on Washington Street. Remember, 6:00 start for the game.

  10. JB says:

    @MXR – it appears CPTV Sports has the game in their schedule for Thursday at 9pm – must be the taped version, but do you know if it will be televised at 6pm live? Thanks.

  11. PatPatriot says:

    MXR – thanks. Looking forward to a great game.

    Rumors the FCIAC championship could be moved to Wed night. Sean can you do some snooping? Would make sense from an FCIAC “max the revenue” standpoint.

  12. Not a rumor. They’re looking into it, would stink for me since — y’know — I’d like to actually see Masuk at some point this season. But Greenwich and Staples have to win another game first.

  13. JB says:

    Maybe that was the Greenwich concession to the FCIAC … Rich said, “if you alter this Thursday/Tuesday nonsense we will try to move the T-day championship game to Wed night.” Maximizes revenue, both teams get an extra day of prep for states, etc. But could we also see the game at a neutral site like Boyle with a HUGE crowd? Greenwich is too small a venue for the potential turnout – stadium couldn’t handle it.

  14. AJ says:

    Don’t get me wrong staples is the better team, but Greenwich will put up a fight . I think the QB O’Neal from Greenwich is the second best in the state behind Tim Boyle

  15. Josh Boone says:

    would also get more people to games on Thanksgiving, for those who could be “stuck” between that game and say, Joes-Trumbull or NC-Darien, could do Both!
    what a win-win, FCIAC gets more money, die-hards get more Turkey-Day football

  16. MXR says:

    JB — I have no personal knowledge on the CPTV schedule. The website says they are taping it for showing Weds @ 7:00, so I guess that means they are not planning to show it live.

  17. marlymat says:

    Weston – Barlow is where I’ll be turkey day. huge playoff implications for iiuboth teams. both amazing seasons.

  18. @marlymat – Indeed. That’s where I’ll be if Greenwich-Staples gets moved to Wednesday night

  19. Brian says:

    Why would greenwich give up a home game in the final? Staples didn’t last year nor were they forced to by the FCIAC.

  20. Dave Lib says:

    Excellent point! The FCIAC seems like they often “just wing things” on a year-to-year, case-by-case basis.

  21. Brian says:

    Dave I agree. I want to say a few years back the FCIAC did force NC to play Darien at Boyle when it was for the title and it was a NC home game. They are all over the place with their decision making because they are all clueless. I hope the game is not moved as I want to see Newtown/Masuk also. If the FCIAC game goes to Wednesday night, the SWC should move theirs to Thursday AM. Not that the FCIAC controls everyone but they will lose hundreds of fans if the games conflict.

  22. Got word, Greenwich-Staples will stay where it is. Thursday morning, 10 a.m.

  23. Dave Lib says:

    @SPB….while the rest of the teams in the conference are playing their own games. What a joke.
    And from a conference who is all about the all-mighty GATE which that stand-alone game produces, it again elects to bury that game in with the others.
    Doers the FCIAC not understand “Accounting 101.”
    Scrap the game or move it say that ALL the other 17 teams in its conference can attend!!!

  24. GHS1973 says:

    All is good then, SPB…Time the turkey start, depending when you tradionally like to eat, and go to the game…Better get to Cardinal Stadium early, though, it doesn’t hold a whole lot…I agree, it ought to be played at Boyle like in the olden days…

  25. JB says:

    Big win by the X-men! Looking forward to the CPTV Sports replay. What happened to this Ervin Philips phenom?

  26. mooncake says:

    I agree with Dave Lib….

    Back in the day no games were played on Tday except for FCIAC championship… always at Boyle.

  27. GHS1973 says:

    SCC vrs FCIAC…SCC has had our number for a while now…Can they keep it up?…Good question…No disrepect to the ECC, or the Northern Conferences…They are good too, I know…NVL-Ansonia, Sorry, but I can’t take you serious until you can play and beat the best of the bigs, good luck, but the way its’s set up we’ll never know.

  28. Xhs says:

    What happened to Phillips? For the first time since week 3 Xavier didn’t have to start 5 JV players on defense. They have been missing 4 out of 5 LBs. Their defense is back not the one who had to play against Hillhouse, Hand Shelton and Amity which was pathetic. I’ll take our chances against anybody now. Injuries are part of the game but when you get hit in mass like that we were fortunate to recover. Too bad the Hand game happened during that stretch.

  29. ranker says:

    GHS, you always seem to have good insite to HS football. I personally believe the SCC top 2 to 3 teams each year influence people to believe the SCC is the top league. I think overall, the FCIAC has better teams, from top to bottom. I always enjoy the chatter about which league is the best. They really need to mix up some of these other water down leagues to get the LL/Ls to play each other and keep the S/M in their own division. The only team in S/M that can compete with LL/L on a yearly basis is Ansonia so I dont know why Ansonia doesnt move up a division which I know St. Joes does in hoops.

  30. PatPatriot says:

    Can someone please explain to me what WHS was doing on defense last night? Their scheme was a complete joke. You split 3, I’ll send 2 out to cover. You send 2, I’ll cover with 1. WR screen after WR screen and no adjustment. It really was stealing yards.

    X defense very good (as stated above), QB outstanding, struggled at times running the ball. Field was also a mess.

  31. Dr. Von Nostran says:

    The CIAC does not allow teams to move up in football, as they do in basketball. It is strictly based on # of boys in grades 9-12.


  32. @PatPatriot – They just ran those flat passes all night, dared Westies to defend. They couldn’t. As for the field, none of the Xavier players had any problems, huh?

  33. FauxRealism says:

    @ Ranker
    It’s not the teams, it’s the scheduling. The SCC top teams play more games against similar “top” teams within the league.

    It’s not just perception. The better scheduling shows up in the playoff point rankings, e.g.

    Xavier – 1 loss team, enough points to ranked ahead of 2 undefeated teams (NFA & Newtown = weak schedules)
    West Haven – 2 loss team with tougher schedule, win final game should be in playoffs
    Ridgefield – 2 loss team with with weak schedule, praying for help and currently ranked behind a 3 loss Manchester team

    Not a ranking example but also consider…

    New Canaan – um, why didn’t they play Staples, Greenwich, or Ridgefield?
    Trumbull – why did they get stuck playing Greenwich, Staples, Darien, and NC?
    Is that not a GIANT advantage for NC?

    Take Fairfield Prep – they didn’t have to play Hand this year, but if they could also skip Xavier and West Haven, they would likely be in strong playoff contention.

  34. JB says:

    Sounds like Xavier has made the needed adjustment to teams loading the box against Berry. Whenever X tried those swing passes against Hand the timing was off and too many drops. Maybe West Haven just not as good as Hand crowed on twitter. It will be interesting to watch the TV replay and see where the WH defense fell apart.

    @Xhs – I dont’t recall Xavier having 4 starting LBs out against Hand. That would have been pretty obvious to the media and all over this blog – no? If so, why did Hand get such huge accolades with its win and jump to #1 when it was playing against X’s JV.

  35. Dylan says:

    @JB This kid Phillips was alright last night. Xavier was energized and West Haven’s pass defense was leaky. Xavier needs to throw the ball more often I think.

  36. Fred says:

    Phillips would have done much better on a turf field. Berry was slipping too, but Xavier had the passing game, and WH had none.

  37. SCC says:

    I thought phillips would do better against a depleted xavier defense, but if you focus your defense on stopping one player it is very possible it will happen. Tim and Luster really picked apart the defense last night. I agree they should throw more passes, i saw tantalizing potential in the pass game, if they load the box just throw screens to berry and luster and either one can take it all the way in space.

  38. SCC says:

    @XHS xavier definitely didnt have 4 lbs out since week 3, more like since week 6

  39. Dave Lib says:

    New Canaan will (arguably) play the TOUGHEST schedule in the state next year. I believe they play: Hand, Darien, St. Joe’s, Greenwich, and Staples.
    Staples, Greenwich, and New Canaan played soft schedules this year….and that’s not their fault. The league makes the schedule.
    NC, Greenwich, and Staples should NEVER EVER being playing Bassick, Harding, Warde, or Ludlowe.
    That’s why the SCC is like the SEC of football. Hardly any easy weeks.
    I’m an FCIAC fan, but the scheduling down here can be ridiculous and unbalanced.
    Ridgefield has played one of the easiest schedules in the state….while Xavier and Hand have played two of the hardest. Look for yourself.

  40. Dr. Von Nostran says:

    Teams obvviously are up/down from year-to-year, but comparing the schedules below just makes you scratch your head.

    Bassick (4-5 teams will qualify for postseason):
    Fri., 9/14 New Canaan
    Fri., 9/21 Greenwich
    Sat., 9/29 Wilton
    Fri., 10/5 Fairfield Warde
    Thu., 10/11 Bridgeport Central
    Sat., 10/20 Harding
    Fri., 10/26 Trinity Catholic
    Sat., 11/10 St. Joseph
    Fri., 11/16 Darien
    Tue., 11/20 Bullard Havens Tech

    Ridgefield (1 state qualifier):
    Fri., 9/14 Greenwich
    Fri., 9/21 Fairfield Ludlowe
    Fri., 9/28 Stamford
    Fri., 10/5 Wilton
    Fri., 10/12 Fairfield Warde
    Fri., 10/19 Norwalk
    Fri., 10/26 Brien McMahon
    Fri., 11/9 Harding
    Wed., 11/14 Bridgeport Central
    Wed., 11/21 Danbury

  41. GHS1973 says:

    @Dave Lib…Not sure about all the other FCIAC teams you mentioned, but next year’s Cardinals will look a lot different…They’ll be losing a lot of key seniors from this year’s team…This year could be their best shot to make some noise for a while…