Week 9 Primer and Live Updates: Can we play football already?


New Canaan quarterback Ted Bossidy poses while shoveling snow off Dunning Field's stands on Thursday (Courtesy: Ramfootball.com)

Complete chaos.

We have ourselves a natural catastrophe.

Rain, snow, sleet, hail, wind, earthquakes … Thankfully, no locusts. Though we wouldn’t be surprised at this point.

We’ve had a complete rearranging of the schedules once again, including Barlow-Masuk (now Saturday afternoon at Bunnell) and West Haven-Xavier (now Monday). .

There were adjustments, movements of sites and capitulation of home field advantage (see: Panthers, Masuk. They’re playing at Bunnell for the second time this season, their ninth “home” game away of the last 5 years. Benedict Field is a mud pit. Do something about this, Monroe.)

Yet we soldier on. We must get the games in. And get the games in we shall.

Teams were out in force to clear their fields Thursday. Some of them haven’t played in weeks. Central, which plays Trumbull tonight, hasn’t played in 20 days.

They’ll do anything to play ball. They’re champing at the bit.

Let’s go, already.

There are a few biggies around the state, but there are relatively few intriguing games remaining around here before Thanksgiving, outside of Trinity’s attempts to earn a share of the FCIAC title, Barlow doing the same in the SWC and a few playoff spots up for grabs. It’s not nearly as uncertain as it typically is around these parts. Let’s get these games over with and get to Thanksgiving Week as soon as possible.

Check the CIAC site for the latest schedules and results.

Here are this week’s games to watch

Kyle Brennan has done yeoman’s work figuring out who will clinch state playoff berths this weekend. Check him out.

I’ll be out at a wedding Saturday (no not mine, why would I get hitched during football season?). So I’ll be out of commission until Sunday. Enjoy the weekend. We’ll see you on the other side of Week 9.

Live Updates below

Sean Patrick Bowley