Laxworm’s ‘The Show': Wrapping Week 9; Bunnell’s Craig Bruno; Kyle Brennan talks playoffs

Laxworm talked Week 9’s nuttiness and spoke to Bunnell coach Craig Bruno about his team’s struggles and his coaching philosophies in the first half hour.

Later, we spoke with the Rep-Am’s Kyle Brennan — who has fast become the new CIAC playoff points guru this season — breaks down last week’s state playoff qualifiers and looks ahead to this week’s potential clinchers.

Somewhere along I-95 on the shoreline heading back from a wedding, I managed to join the conversation.

Good show, check it out.

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Sean Patrick Bowley

22 Responses

  1. cthsfbfan says:

    Come on, Laxworm. Four times he said “Lots of teams would be happy to be you with only have two losses”. Oops! Actually, Bunnell has only two wins! Bunnell is an outstanding outfit having a rough year, but that is a pretty big mistake by the host. I thought it was funny that Coach Bruno never corrected him! Still, I’m glad he does a weekly high school football broadcast.

  2. Observer says:

    Just as a thought. I wonder if coach Fillipone still thinks West Haven is better than Xavier? I’m thinking, rather, that Hand happened to play their best game, and Xavier their worst, on the same night. Just saying.

  3. JB says:

    Hand out coached Xavier and also got all the breaks. Hand showed Xavier’s weaknesses, but also played out of their minds on offense. West Haven not as disciplined as Hand on defense; has great athletes. But shutdown Philps and WH is done. Prep could do the same if it gets up for the game. WH better have a bounceback otherwise someone else is going to take the 8 spot.

  4. SJ Alum says:

    Agreed Observer, That’s what makes the SCC so competitive. Strength of schedule and any given week any team can play their hearts out for a win (ND over Prep / Hand over Xavier) or just not show up as in the case with West Haven last night. When you compete at that level, playing hurt, mental toughness week in and week out the rewards and life lessons compound to greatness. It’s too bad Ansonia can’t prove this to the rest of the state.

  5. Facts says:

    Just to be clear on Xavier vs. Hand game. At one point in the game Hand was called for 10 straight penalties before one flag was thrown against Xavier. On the critical third quarter possession we had to gain over 120 yards starting at the 20 due to a very one sided officiating situation. The Palmer field advantage was in full effect. They played the next week against West Haven and pulled out a tough trap game. The following week against a very tough physical North Haven team. I am not sure any team and in any division can stack up against their wins this year.

  6. Frank Football says:

    Hand is the better team. Hand got all the breaks,ok here’s a stat to counter that opinion. The penalties at the half of the game was 13 Hand, 0 for Xavier, and they were phantom calls, even the Xavier fans knew they were getting the expected home job.

    To get your kids to play out of their minds every week is the challenge. In a game when both teams are 4-0 during the middle of the season, both teams healthly, and #1 Xavier playing at home. Hand smacks them, and really beat them good. Just saying!

  7. SJ Alum says:

    Hand’s goal for the past year and a half was to beat Xavier, They came to play and their will, dedication and adjustments made it evident they would. Xavier couldn’t adjust in the second half and had no idea how to come from behind (they never had to). Hand is now realizing the pressure of being THE #1 Target and at times is allowing inferior teams to hang around, they are not playing like they did against X. That being said a true championship team will battle through their shortfalls, second string players will step up and the playmakers will come through in the clutch…If Hand runs the table they deserve that #1 ranking. Xavier is playing like the powerhouse they are and learned some valuable lessons this year. Staples wants to prove to the state they are the best and they may get a chance should the football Gods align a rematch with X. Stay tuned some great games ahead!

  8. Dylan says:

    @Frank Hand beat Xavier and that is the bottom line. But at the end of the day it amounts to one loss which can happen at anytime. I do not think Hand is the number 1 team in the state. In fact, look for Staples and Ansonia to siphon off some of those votes in the polling next week. Hand is a slow offensive team and their skill players are not dynamic. Teams are competitive against Hand because they can stay in front of them defensively. West Haven was not in awe of Hand, I believe Xavier was in awe of Hand, or rather gave them more credit than they deserve. Thats all water under the bridge now. Xavier can still finish strong and get a third LL crown and if Hand loses, which I doubt, Xavier can battle Staples for a third state CT #1 (mythical) title shot.

  9. JB says:

    @Frank & Facts – see recent post by Xhs … he also claims that Xavier was playing Hand with 4 JV LBs due to injuries. That wasn’t obvious to me, but I don’t follow your teams that closely. But what gives with all this banter. Everyone in your league seems to have an excuse and claims its last opponent must be like the 2nd best team in the state. It is really hard to tell who is the best in the SCC … based upon Xavier’s recent run, I would say a rematch with Hand would turn out way different … just saying. When is the SCC championship game?

  10. jeb says:

    Bottom line is both Hand and Xavier were better teams last year…Staples is the most improved team this year but will have a very difficult time getting past Xavier in the Class ll finals. Ansonia is solid..can pass and run equally as well.

  11. SJ Alum says:

    @JB The SCC championship game is held EVERY week!

  12. Rob says:

    I think its very funny that I cannot be sure if comment #11 is a serious statement, or is an attempt to mock the stereotypical SCC thinking.

  13. Dave Lib says:

    SCC is the best conference in the state…from top to bottom. Not even close.

  14. RAY BROWN says:

    yes that scc. d-2 is loaded.and who would want to face those d-1 powerhouses prep,shelton ,guilford and cheshire?pretty soon the scc will form a d-3 division to hide all the garbage programs

  15. Bubba says:

    Yeah your right Ray, and the SCC will invite Ansonia in and put the in that Division 3, baby steps Chargers.

  16. NBCoach says:

    No matter how you look at it Hand has played the most difficult schedule in the State. Hand has the highest point CIAC point total than any team. Ansonia is second and Windsor third. After that there is a great divide. The majority of teams have played 9 games so far. Hand has beaten 6 teams with a winning record (5 wins or more for a winning record for those who can’t count). Ansonia has beaten 6 teams as well (except that the NVL is for the most part a suspect league. Ask anyone outside the NVL). Xavier has beaten 5 teams. Windsor is fourth having beat 4 teams (Is the CCC a truly competitive league?). Southington has beaten 4 teams. After that, it gets pretty embarrassing. Masuk 3, Avon 3, Berlin 3, Staples 2, Greenwich 2, Hillhouse 2, New Canaan 1. Before you crow that your team should be number one, you should play competitive schedule and win a State title the year before (assume that you will have some talent left from the prior year). Staples got spanked in last year’s title game. They will claim they were a year away. Jeez, Hand graduated 14 plus starters last year but had a junior class that had 7 starters and many backups that got quality playing time in 3rd and 4th qtrs. I watch Ansonia play Wolcott on TV and the Ansonia starters were playing right to the end of the game. Why? The score was 34-6! Inflate those stats. Hand starters have been beating teams on average by more points this year than last year and have played a more competitive/tougher scheduled than last year’s team. However, their starters have been pulled in the 4th qtr. except in the X and WH games. You guys claim that Hand’s offense is slow and not as dynamic as last year’s. Hand has a new QB Bilcheck who throws and runs not just throws. I bet he has more total yards per game than last year’s QB Ask Xavier’s coach what he thinks of him. Hand has Gerson and Walsh and other teams don’t. Hand’s RB O’Toole is just as talented as last year’s RB. I bet this year’s receivers collectively have more receptions and have a higher completion rate than last year’s group. Last year, Vitale was Mr. Dynamic and this year’s corps is more vanilla/blue collar/get the job done without the need of the big play (They do have big plays just not advertised). All that matters, it works and they are ranked number one because of it. If they win out and take the title home they will be ranked number one. However, nothing is a guarantee. Just ask the 2011 Masuk team.

  17. another fan says:

    @Bubba, or is that Babba? Ansonia does not have to prove to you or the scc how good they are year in and year out . Eat that and burp.

  18. MXR says:

    Another fan — very true. Unless they want to be #1 in the Polls.

  19. another fan says:


    Common’ man,I think 4 times they been there….

  20. MXR says:

    No one respects Ansonia’s history more than I do. But there wold be a lot more #1’s to go with all those undefeated seasons and Class titles if they included wins over the other top teams of a given year. No one hangs with Ansonia for a 35 year stretch, but those things are decided fresh every year. And I just don’t see how Ansonia is getting there this year, despite what will undoubtedly end up as 13-0, Class S championship and 27 game winning streak. Oh yeah, and NVL Champs, again.

  21. another fan says:

    @MXR and SJ Alum

    You both have very similar arguments (other posts)and are somewhat valid but flawed,first nobody can scope a league if they don’t play outside of it untill the playoffs.Historically, the NVL has done well against state teams.Naugy,Seymour got diced,(see Oxford /Stratford score)but we really don’t know how good or how bad a league is till the end of the year. (FCIAC) last year showed face in a bad way in the end,and we know what happened to Masuk.I think the NVL shined with 2 state champs and almost a 3rd (almost).You are absolutely right MXR a lot has to happen for Ansonia to be #1 (this year) AND future years.I posted some predictions weeks ago and I still have a chance at being right (at the end)in order for Ansonia to be #1 so we will see.

  22. dbs says:

    and @bubba leaves ray brown speachless > HAHAHAHAHAHA +1