Oxford’s Love Letters: Valley school to romance NVL for invite

Oxford wants a divorce from the South-West Conference.

It’s in love with the Naugatuck Valley League.

According to a report via the Oxford Patch website, the town’s board of education has voted to move its sports affiliation from the SWC, where it has been a member since the school’s inception in 2008, to the only slightly more geographically similar NVL.

Of course, this is just a preliminary move and nothing is definite.

But, according to the Oxford Patch, they all really, really want it because the NVL has eight schools that are close to Oxford’s size (i.e. competitive), it’ll cut down on travel time to member schools, and it’ll create a rivalry with Seymour and other lower valley schools, Ansonia and Derby.

Board member and former football assistant coach Gerard Carbonaro is credited with beginning a discussion which led to Tuesday’s vote.

From the Oxford Patch:

“I’ll be proud of our kids if they compete favorably in that league,” he said. “But I know as adults, I think it’s our job and our responsibility to put these kids in the best position to succeed. The fact that the NVL has eight schools that have populations within 300 students of Oxford – and the SWC only has four – makes a big difference.”

This is anything but a done deal. The 14-team Naugatuck Valley League’s members must invite and accept the Oxford school district to its ranks.

The NVL last expanded in 2008, when it admitted Derby (from the SCC) and St. Paul-Bristol from the now-defunct NWC. Before then, the NVL notoriously spurned advances from Derby for years.

A 15th member would create obvious logistical scheduling problems, particularly in football. If the league is indeed interested in adding Oxford, would probably seek out a 16th school. Of Oxford’s sports programs, the NVL does not sponsor boys volleyball, wrestling or gymnastics.

The SWC realigned its football divisions into large-medium-small this year, mostly to accommodate its smallest members — including Oxford. The football team, which resides in the smallest ‘Patriot Division,’ is in the midst of its finest season as a member of the SWC. The Wolverines are 6-2 heading into Saturday’s game vs. Bunnell.

Bunnell’s Dave Johnson, one of the SWC’s board of directors wouldn’t comment on what a potential Oxford move would mean for his league. He said the league has approved of the 2013 schedules and will be meeting shortly with Woodland athletic director Brian Fell to finalize the details of the SWC-NVL challenge between football leagues in 2013-14.

“Right now it’s business as usual in the SWC,” he said. “The only thing I can say is Oxford is a very valued member of our league.”

Before it became a school in 2007, Oxford athletes typically attended Seymour or Masuk. It is considered a geographical part of the Naugatuck Valley.

Sean Patrick Bowley

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  1. PapaDags says:

    That’s a move a would like to see..Oxford is a Valley team..The move makes perfect sense. I hope the heads that be in the NVL gov. board see it that way also..

  2. Steve Sanders says:

    This is the absolute right move for the wolverines all around. NVL should just drop St Paul who makes no sense being in the league all the way up in Bristol.

  3. dave k says:

    If the Oxford to the nvl transfer goes through there will be an odd number of teams in all four of the south western ct conferences. If the schedule makers could get together we could have two inrta-conference match ups each week.

  4. Remmy says:

    To the Oxford Wolverines, we gladly welcome you to the NVL. #loveletters

  5. mueller says:

    Good move for them, makes logistical sense, think the NVL should add either Nonnewaug or Lewis Mills (Harwinton-Burlington) to make it 16, considering that both are in the greater NVL area and they are the two biggest Berkshire league members (bigger than Seymour, Ansonia, Sacred Heart, Holy Cross, Derby, St. Paul,and Woodland), also they could hold their own in soccer and baseball and girls’ sports, and though they’re terrible at football, they would just join the handful of teams who are already putrid in the league.

  6. R-MAC says:

    Is the SWC going the same way the NWC did ? A bigger and better FCIAC could look something like this. South> Darien/NWLK/McMahon/N.C./Stamford/Trinity/Westhill/Wilton/Staples/Ridgefield. North> N.Mil/N.Fair/Brookfield/Bethel/Danbury/Immac/Newtown/Barlow/Weston/Pomp. Central> Bassick/Harding/Bridgeport/St.Joes/Trumbull/Masuk/Bunnell/Stratford/Lundlowe/Warde/N.D.F.D. It can be done like the SCC with Divisions also. Why not ?

  7. Billy says:

    Then you may see schools from the SWC go to the FCIAC and SCC. I always thought you only need four leagues, and it would be fun to have more non-conference match-ups.

  8. Bunker says:

    R-MAC- I like the set up. I assume Greenwich would go in the south. The folks in Ridgefield would hate it because they would have to play a real schedule every year; Staples, NC ,Darien, Greenwich etc… Imagine a big school playing big schools every week.

  9. R-MAC says:

    Yes, Greenwich would be south, how could I forget the Cards !

  10. Wrote this on Twitter, and it bears repeating:

    Where does Oxford get off saying it wants to go to the NVL, but then saying it’s non-sponsored sports will compete in the SWC? Is the SWC on board with this? If I’m the SWC I say @#@$#%@#! I’m looking into what the SWC has to say about this.

    Yea, Derby, Ansonia and Seymour are all ‘closer,’ but travel to and from SWC schools is NOT nearly as bad as the BOE makes it out to be.

    Overall, their drives are about as long (if not shorter) than most CT schools. The only difference between going to New Milford and going to Torrington is that Route 8 is express, route 67 is local.

    Same goes for the competition. Are there more L and LL schools in the SWC? Sure. But not that much more. Besides, isn’t New Britain, Greenwich or Xavier we’re talking about here.

    To me, this is just a few football guys wanting to play in the NVL and have natural rivals with Seymour, that’s all. The rest is just lip service about kids’ opportunities.

    Does Oxford playing in the NVL make sense, traditionally, geographically. For the most part. But Oxford is just as cozy with Southbury, Newtown and Monroe.

    This move will create more problems than it will solve. Have fun, Oxford.

  11. Rob says:

    Since this is a hs football blog and that is what we care about here, I will speak strictly from a football perspective on this:

    I like this move for the NVL. Oxford is a steadily improving football program and they are a program with Valley roots and a Valley coaching staff. The Wolverines are having a great season and things are only looking brighter when their new stadium is built.

    I understand that their are reasons for each of the following not to happen, but all of them somewhat makes sense as well. In no particular order, here is my wish list fot the 16th NVL team:

    North Branford

  12. Frank says:

    Ultimately the move from SWC to NVL would be a mistake. SWC is a comprehensive conference in terms of sports offerings and competition. NVL is not, and the community demographics fit better for the Oxford in the SWC, also a logic behind the decision to go into the SWC in the first place. Big Mistake if it happens, which I highly doubt. Oxford folks don’t want to be lumped in with the valley, because of the football mafia.

  13. Remmy says:

    Wanting to go to the NVL just to play a natural rival in Seymour? Listen, Oxford is more valley than Naugatuck is. I cut-off at Beacon Falls (Woodland) for “valley.” Ridiculous statement. Oxford belongs in the NVL. It’s a small school and it’s in the VALLEY. It’s not just Seymour they’d be facing…add Ansonia, Derby, and Woodland to the list. This is good stuff. Hope it doesn’t fall through.

  14. Remmy says:

    Community demographics? I’ve heard that one before. Let’s see.

    Bassick/Harding/Central vs. New Canaan/Greenwich/Darien/Staples

    Makes sense…

  15. Traditionalist sentiments aside, Oxford has as much in common with Southbury, Monroe and Newtown as it does Ansonia, Seymour and Derby.

    In fact, I’d even say Seymour has more in common with Southbury, Monroe and Newtown than it does Ansonia and Derby these days.

    You also going to clamor for Shelton to join? They’re ‘Valley.’ (actually, try selling that to the people who live in ‘Huntington.’)

    Point is, this is entirely a sentimental move with football intentions. That’s it. It does nothing for the other sports.

  16. forrest says:

    group all those towns the way they should be: there is no ‘hood’ in newtown monroe seymour oxford or southbury. There is a ‘hood’ in derby and ansonia. The school systems in ansonia and derby are not even close to the other mentioned districts.

    oh and rob, that coaching staff could be gone in two years and could you really talk about their success as a reason to change conferences??? quite a precedent you are setting there. and look at who they beat. Also it is pretty easy to have a decent season when you don’t have to play Masuk which would have beat them by 49.9.

  17. Rob says:

    Socio-economic issues have always bubbled just below the surface on this blog.They are impossible to remove from almost any topic you want to discuss, high school football included. Very interesting.

  18. @Rob – ain’t that the truth

  19. forrest says:

    oh boy wussification coming straight at you. you may not like the way in which I stated the obvious but I also note how you and spb did not disagree. why would we remove them from the topic?

  20. @forrest – Easy, dude. Easy…

  21. Rob says:

    @forrest I don’t disagree with you, nor am I offended by what you wrote. When I said I find it “interesting” that is what I actually mean. I enjoy talking about topics like this. I am simply pointing out the fact that socio-economic factors, like you brought up, are present in all facets of life, even in places where you would not think they would be, such as a blog about high school football.

    Those of us who were here since the early days will recall the ugly Ansonia-Greenwich debate in 2007 that often turned into an argument boredering on class warfare. It was uncomfortable at times, but these issues always are.

    back to the topic:

    “Interesting” that there is a group of Oxford residents who seem to be against being associated with the Valley, even if it is something as supposedly trivial as what conference the high school football team plays in. Equally interesting is that for all the negative conotations that are often floated out there about the Valley, certain powers that be at Oxford are very eager to have their football program associated with it.

  22. RAY BROWN says:


  23. Trophies for Everyone says:

    Inviting teams to the NVL – is it the softer side of RAY BROWN?
    Ray we know you love RECRUITING, but you are flirting with tampering charges!

  24. GHS1973 says:

    @Ray…Leave Bunnell & Stratford alone…Bring in Shelton & Oxford to the NVL to make it even…Replace Shelton with one of the Stratfords into SCC, and put Ridgefield into the SWC to replace Oxford…That will also even out the FCIAC if they ever want to go the division route…Oxford & Shelton just might give your boys some needed competition in Ansonia…Beat them and you’ll have way more credibility…

  25. Dave J says:

    Bunnell THIS year is a 7-3team in the NVL. Any other year has 9 or 10 wins.

  26. GHS1973 says:

    @Dave J….If you had to move, would you prefer NVL or SCC?

  27. AZwinters says:

    An old-time friend phoned me about this brewing debate and said I wouldn’t believe some of the things being written on my hometown. Well I gave it a look and have to say some of the above comments are so ignorant and unfactual it’s not even worth debating the points. However, the fact of the matter is that Oxford is in the “lower” Naugatuck Valley, always has been, and always will be. Naugatuck, Waterbury, and Torrington are in the Naugatuck Valley too – but on the “central” and “upper” branches of the river – look at a map or read a book – it’s well documented despite what some of you think! Are they not teaching history and geography in the schools anymore? Has no one been to the David Humphrey’s House? And just because people from out of town are moving into Oxford doesn’t mean Oxford is a different place all of a sudden. It’s the same old town with a few wealthier families moving in. But Oxford is still Oxford. Where do you think we go for everything? Do you think we all go to Fairfield County now for the doctor, restaurants, stores, and bank? For goodness sake. We’re still driving the 10 minutes to Ansonia, Seymour, Derby, Southbury, and Shelton for everything. Half the people in Oxford like myself are either natives or from other valley towns. This is familiar territory for us, not Monroe, Newtown, Brookfield, Weston, etc. If you don’t know this, then you’re probably not from Oxford. I for one am all for moving into the NVL. This town has always been blue-collar, down to earth people, farm families, and the majority who worked at U.S. Rubber in Naugatuck, Keyrite in Seymour, Farrell’s and American Copper and Brass in Ansonia, Hull Dye in Derby, Chromium Process in Shelton, etc. The total school age population in Oxford isn’t even 2,000 kids. They and their families don’t even make up 1/4 of the entire population. While they may be the polished image of the what looks like the “new Oxford”, they’re not representive of the entire town. I think the out of town bloggers posting above fail to realize this. And enough of the socioeconomic bullying. I grew up with quite a few poor individuals in Oxford, and knew a lot of poor kids from Seymour and Stevenson (Monroe) too. Drive through the Riverside and Towantic sections of town if you don’t believe me, you can still see the houses where not much has changed and people continue to live as they always have in the old Oxford as we know it.

  28. Ryan says:

    Why would Shelton want to play in the NVL? I agree it would be fun to see them play Valley teams every year and it would be fun to see them play Ansonia year in and year out, overall it just doesnt make sense. First they play in the SCC which is arguably the best overall athletics conference in the state, and the best when speaking just about football. Also the NVL doesn’t sponsor boys lacrosse, hockey or boys volleyball. While it would be fun to see the Gaels play football in the NVL and be a top team in the conference every year, its just not whats best for the football program or the rest of the athletic program. Anyone who feels differently is kidding themselves.

  29. Rob says:

    “Bunnell THIS year is a 7-3team in the NVL. Any other year has 9 or 10 wins.”

    People really believe this, that is the sad part.

  30. TigerSupporter says:

    @bunker – yep RHS would hate to play a tough schedule – maybe we can play the same tough schedule as the teams you mentioned this year – as much as it pains me to say this – you beat us – but I will be rooting heavily for Staples and watch as they beat you by 20+ – jealous? Yep Frustrated Tiger Fan? Yep Think the Cardinals are that good after watching them and Staples? Nope – Don’t eat too much turkey before game – don’t want an upset stomach all day

  31. Reggie Palmer says:

    There must have been some reason why Oxford joined the SWC. What has changed?

  32. go blue says:

    Dave J thats funny Bunnell 7-3 in NVL.They would win 3 games this year in the NVL. SWC people think that there league is special. Ha you try to act like your the FCIAC and your not. Your the brunt of FCIAC jokes.

  33. forrest says:

    please rob and go blue, which 7 nvl teams would beat bunnell. hahahaha. new fairfield is def a playoff team if they were in the nvl by the way.

  34. Rob says:

    a. Bunnell might very well finish 4-6 this year. So no, I don’t believe they would be 3-7 in the NVL. Why would anybody think that?

    b. If New Fairfield misses the playoffs, don’t blame the rough and tough SWC shcedule for it. Blame a loss to Oxford (future NVL team!)

  35. lowleagues says:

    you have comparisons of FCIAC and SCC and now you have the NVL and SWC comparison, one is for the best league in the state and the other is “which league is worse”?

    One thing for sure, both the NVL and SWC only have one contender each year which is a shame. Some say Newtown but their record is inflated by a very soft schedule. I see them getting crushed by Masuk and losing in the first round of states to Staples or Xavier. Can you say two loses by 5 TDs each to end a season? yipes.

    Masuk loses to Hand in the championship game for L and Xavier comes up big against STaples for the LL title

  36. go blue says:

    Thats funny forest New Who. NVL always seems to beat the SWC teams in the playoffs when they meet. Besides Masuk and Bunnell up to this year who can you talk about in the states forest..Bunnell in the NVL would lose to AHS Woodland Naugy Holly Cross Woolcott Derby Ttown would strugle with Seymour and Watertown. Stay in the forest and don’t come out unless you have something good to say. Bye

  37. forrest says:

    ok rob please name the 6 teams that would beat new fairfield, oxford, or bunnell

  38. go blue says:

    look up forest i just gave you a bunch.

  39. Brian says:

    Go Blue if u think those teams u listed above would beat Bunnell year in and year out your out of your mind. Ansonia would and that is it. Don’t use this years Bunnell as the benchmark for their program. Even last year’s team at 8-2 which did not make states would kill all those teams from the NVL u mention in most years and the games would not be close.

  40. No Ax To Grind says:

    @go blue…I only went back to 2005 (first page on the CIAC Football Champions page. Here is what I found regarding your “Besides Masuk and Bunnell who can you talk about in States” and this is JUST the finals…not the semi finals.

    State Championship Game:


    Again, that is just the Championship Game, and in that I think that I saw 2 losses to NVL teams. Someone with more time could look at the semi finals and get a more accurate number on the SWC in “States”

  41. forrest says:

    wow. i have seen several of those teams and totally disagree with you. we are so far off it is not worth arguing. seymour and watertown? please. I suppose you think the nvl is a better conference overall. I wonder what spb or rob or any other professional poster thinks?

  42. forrest says:

    thanks brian for a second I thought i was losing it

  43. go blue says:

    Go look at that record against the NVl in the playoffs. Hows that. Forest your trying to tell me that new Who is some big team. That Sratford team that got to a state final got blasted by an NVL team Holly Cross.Also don’t try to make Bunnell into a great team year in and out. They one back to back once.Most years there 7-3 8-2. Most years on par with a Naugy in the NVL.Go look at your bottom teams there no better than the NVL teams.

  44. forrest says:

    I agree that the bottoms are the bottoms in both conferences. new fairfield is a middle of the road team in the swc that would have 1,2, or 3 AT THE MOST losses in the NVL. there isnt more than 3 rb’s in the state that are better than theirs. most years bunnell goes 7-3 sorry to break it to you but that would be 9-1 in the nvl.

  45. No Ax To Grind says:

    Ok @go blue…My afternoon meeting just got cancelled, so I will do the smae for the NVL as I did for the SWC in the Championship Game only since 2005 (1st page of the CIAC Champions page)

    State Championship Game:

    Holy Cross
    Holy Cross

    So by your logic…if we remove the two “top teams” Masuk and Bunnell from the SWC and Ansonia and Holy Cross from the NVL. The NVL has 3 other State Championship appearances by 2 while the SWC has 5 other State Championship Game appearances by 4 other teams.

    The numbers do not back up your claims….and numbers don’t lie. Not that I want facts to get in the way of your posts…

  46. go blue says:

    No Forest don’t think so. You need to get off the blinders. New Who would be middle of the pack in the NVL. There what 5-3. Would lose to AHs wolcott and Woodland. There backs are good but not top 3 in the state. You guys love to talk about the one man show at Masuk hate to tell you Ansonia has 3 of him and one really close to him. Maybe you should get a look at Wolcott to. Maybe a SWC team will meet up with them. There are olny 2 leagues in the state that are really good the FCIAC and tge SCC. Dont put the SWC there. There in the same spot as the NVL. You have Masuk we have the most storied program in the state . Don’t try to put Bunnell in this.

  47. Master Legend says:

    go blue….please learn how to spell Holy Cross and learn how to properly use there, their and they’re. You’re giving us educated Ansonians (yes, there are a few) a bad name. I agree that Bunnell, in most years, would go at least 7-3 in the NVL. Haven’t seen them this year, so I can’t make a judgment, but in a given decade, Bunnell makes the state playoffs 5-7 times (maybe more) if playing in the NVL. One-sided Ansonia fans can scream til their blue in the face (pun intended), but nothing they say can give any credibility to the NVL as a whole. Ansonia is a big fish in a small, stinky pond.

  48. Master Legend says:

    Oh my God! I misused they’re when saying til their blue in the face lol. “Hello Kettle, my name is Pot. You’re black.”

  49. forrest says:

    I am not the one who has the blinders on. joe pacheco is a top 3 back in the state. and you think ansonia has 3 players the caliber of milone? wow adios to your credibility. and i never said swc was in with the scc or the fciac. it is simply a superior league to the nvl. not sure why this is so hard for you. and both are not even close to the scc. enjoy the game (lol) tonight. ill be there (only for a half)

  50. Dave K says:

    Let’s face it, Masuk and Ansonia are the only consistently strong teams in the two leagues. They benefit from the fact that in a down year they will still get 8 wins that they can count on. it doesn’t mean they are not good programs, or that they don’t work hard or aren’t well coached.

    Ansonia is and should be very proud of their 17 State Championships,and 7 since 1995 – but it needs to be noted that they have made the state playoffs 16 times since 1995. They would not get there that many times coming out of a strong league, including the SWC for that matter.

    For the record, Masuk has made the playoffs 9 times since 1995, and has won 3 Championships.

    I would guess that some of the teams coming out of the stronger leagues are more battle tested and have better winning percentages on fewer appearances.

  51. Jack says:

    So why don’t we go to districts by school size like Texas and get rid of all this silly league nonsense talk BS.

    That way we don’t have to play silly league title games.

    Who is really in charge here?

    Who can make this type of decision?

    Did Lee Harvey Oswald really act alone?

    Go Lavender! Go Blue! Go Chargers!

  52. Dave K says:

    What or who is “new who”?

  53. GHS1973 says:

    Sounds like Bunnell-Oxford on Saturday ought to be interesting…L vrs S, with Oxford wanting to get out of the SWC and into the NVL…

    I don’t have a dog in this fight, so this has been a real entertaining, and very interesting thread for me to read…Lot’s of raw nerves touched it seems…

  54. Rob says:

    So to sum up post #39 and #47 = Consider this year a fluke. Bunnell is a very good program that usually goes 7-3, 8-2, or better in the SWC and is in the playoff hunt almost every year.

    And they are also saying that Bunnell (which as we have just established, is a very good program) would go at least 8-2 or better in the NVL and would be in the playoff hunt almost every year

    Sounds fair to me.

  55. Rob says:

    Dave K, you must know some old school Seymour Wildcat fans, right?

    Ask them how many wins they have “counted on” the last four seasons. You don’t just walk out their and win games, in any league.

  56. papa wolf says:

    Is oxford bringing their terrible field which cost new fairfield a playoff spot? The nvl will love that. What a freakin dump. They claim it lies on a wetland, thats why the middle is sopping wet when it rained on a tuesday before a Sat. Game. lol yeah sure….

  57. Bubba says:

    Those damn fields keep costing teams playoff spots. It’s the cans get rid those damn cans. Classic from movie “The Jerk”

  58. GHS1973 says:

    @Ryan #28…Great point..I was only thinking Football…It didn’t cross my mind to think of the other sports that might be affected…My bad…However, Isn’t there some loophole to circumvent that problem?…I believe there is a CIAC rule somewhere that states “Thou shall have freedom of movement in High School Football Conferences”…Yup…And, retain all other sports as usual

  59. johnnyribbs says:

    great point Rob. Papa Wolf, Oxford is actually bringing their 3.5 million dollar new “stadium” over to the NVL (if the NVL will have them).

    FYI 6 of the 14 current NVL teams play on field turf, 7 next year when Naugy builds their new complex. Ansonia and Woodland play on grass that is extremely well maintained. Most of the fields have lights, concession stands and no metal detectors required for entry!

    Look at your flagship program in Monroe before you start knocking NVL playing surfaces.

    Boy this is sure going to make those SWC/NVL games much more interesting next year eh?

  60. Kyle says:

    If the SWC is so good how did that atrocious bethel team make the playoffs last year.

    That team was terrible, please with all this banter going on, it’s ridiculous. Your league is not good. Didn’t Stratford play holy cross in the SS playoffs in ’06 from what I recall it was 40-0 and didn’t Stratford RB go to Virginia that year… Torrey Mack. I believe he had 13 yards rushing that game. Wow that’s something. And look it up but I’m pretty sure that same year Stratford beat BUNNELL 40-0!!!

    History speaks for itself. By the way that same Holy Cross team got beat Ansonia, in a way HC was like new Fairfield cause they used an excuse that it was raining.

    Get a grip So Weak Conference

    Come play us in hoops too, that’d funny

  61. A-Rod says:


    Yes Stratford beat Bunnell in the rain 40-8. That same Bunnell team went on to beat Masuk and Staples for a state championship 2 weeks later so be easy. Bunnell would have smashed the nvl that year and many other years also sans Ansonia. Kolbe, Stratford, Notre Dame,Immaculate would have no issues competing in that league in basketball. It would be hilarious watching them smash every valley school in basketball and most others too. Waterbury schools super weak in fball and valley schools soft in bball. For real.

  62. Kyle says:

    Ill give you that in hoops I forgot about those teams, but if they beat Masuk and Staples that year what did it say about those programs tht year and what’s that say for the NVL, you can’t fight facts that are proven

  63. Kyle says:

    I love how the facts are there to show we destroyed you but then it’s always ya well we still would have smashed the NVL in other years. Give me a break stop with these weak excuses

  64. forrest says:

    is this kyle from the other blog?

  65. Dave K says:

    So much good dialog on in this trail that I finally got to reading the original article. Isn’t the guy quoted, Gerard Carbonaro, leading this, and isn’t he the one that got kicked out of a wrestling tournament after an altercation with a kid from another school and went after a football coach this year (maybe newtown)for scoring late? If that’s the case, is this some kind of personal agenda with the SWC?

    If Oxford really wants this to happen they may want to think about picking another spokesperson. OK, I’m done playing investigative journalist, I assume this has already been ponered by people closer to it………we now return to our annual conference bashing broadcast.

  66. Rob says:

    In 2006, this was all proven on the field, not on a blog:

    Ansonia > Holy Cross > Stratford > Bunnell > Masuk and Staples

    How is this relevant to our current pissing contest in 2012? It’s not relevant to the specific teams above, but it is relevant in the big picture.

    The same arguments from 2006 are still being heard in 2012. NVL supporters are constantly told on here that their league stinks and their best teams are not in the large divisions. Therefore, it is argued, NVL top teams are not as good as the top teams in the SCC, SWC, and FCIAC. Rarely are there chances for comparisons with common opponents, so this mindset is just accepted as fact and NVL people are told to go back to the NVL blog and shut up.

    But in 2006, this was not the case. It was proven that the two best teams in the NVL that year (Ansonia and Holy Cross) were every bit as good as top teams from the SWC and FCIAC and in fact proved to be better.

    Would this happen every year? No. Does this somehow prove that Watertown, Wilby and Kennedy are good teams? No, not at all. They are not. And I know you can find years where the opposite happened: where common opponents showed that the NVL top teams were inferior to other leagues top teams. (St Joes pasting of Holy Cross in 2009 is a good example. New Canaan struggled with St Paul and Naugatuck in recent playoffs, but ultimately won close games)

    But my point, which was proven by the example listed above, is that we cannot just blindly accept X team is better Y team because X conference is better than Y conference. Those assumptions may not be as rock solid as you think.

  67. RAY BROWN says:

    GHS–i told you before do some research—–shelton wants no part of ansonia—-being a valley team ,shelton wuld run thru the nvl and then have to play ansonia for the marbles—-(“look at past results)
    bunnell and stratford are logistically better fits for the nvl then they are the swc.bunnel would be a good addition as would stratford,it would be sad to see those big games vs. immaculate,ndffld
    bethel end but its workable.plus throw in one year wonders like new fairfield and weston and their goes 5 wins

  68. GHS1973 says:

    Easy Ray…I’m new to the Valley (Shelton)…Different place, and I’ve lived just about everywhere, man…I just thought it would juice up the NVL to have Shelton (who considers themselves the Valley at least where I live)in your conference with Oxford…Give you some competition…You know you can beat the Stratfords…

    Besides, my original post was really just trying to balance out the FCIAC in a roundabout way, for what I feel is in their best interest..that’s all

    My roots aren’t in the Valley, so maybe I just don’t understand it all that well yet

    Man, this thread has legs, and gets people heated up, I can tell, but that’s what makes it so interesting..

  69. dave k says:

    Shelton going to the nvl would be like the Yankees going to the international league.

  70. forrest says:

    spb, it is not what?

    rob transitive logic carries as much weight as your ansonia vs. west haven scrimmage every year. if x beats y and y beat z than x is better than z?

  71. Paul says:

    When actually was the last year Shelton played Ansonia in a meaningful
    game?We have to be going back 20+ years.Shelton would never play in the NVL b/c of other sports that the NVL does not provide.As Ray put it Shelton would run thru the NVL schedule and even a yearly loss to ansonia would have given Shelton at least 5 or more playoff berths in the last 20 years.You will see Thursday, Shelton who absolutely stinks this year beats Derby by at least two scores.

  72. Wayne says:

    Harding, Bridgeport Central, Bassick are talking to NVL currently about joining league asap

  73. Simply D says:

    IMHO I wish Shelton was in the NVL with the other valley schools. I know, SCC has opportunity to travel to play the best teams all the way to Middletown and Madison. And SCC has more sports offered.
    The kids are missing out on the natural rivalries. Players and student fans. Shelton vs Ansonia, Seymour used to be a war in every sport. Now with Oxford and Woodland, there should be a valley league.