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Sean Patrick Bowley

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  1. R-MAC says:

    Does Masuk have a chance at beating the #1 ranked Daniel Hand in the state finals this year. I know that I’m getting stir crazy and a little ahead of myself. Is Thomas Milone the answer , Masuk would love to be #1 in the state. Can Coach Murphy pull it off. I think the Masuk offense can keep up, but the defense is where Masuk might not match up well. Hand has been tested by West Haven a few weeks back and the Westies almost pulled of the upset. Xavier has been all business since being defeated and has made played good defense except for the Hillhouse game. Masuk has one of the best high scoring offenses in the state. But just how good is their defense ?

  2. Brian says:

    Yes Masuk has a shot (I picked them back in August). Much of LL and L playoffs will be based on Match up luck. Maybe Hand gets picked off by a Windsor or NC than Masuk knocks off that team. Hand is a very good football team but I’m not ready to crown them just yet.

  3. Rick Benscoater says:

    I think Weston beats Masuk.

  4. R-MAC says:

    Weston couldn’t handle Pacheco and the Rebels , how are they gonna stop Milone and his Panthers at home in Monroe ? Too much to overcome, I know that Weston is having a great year but beating Masuk at home. No way, the JV will be in for 4th qt. as is to be expected. 55-14 Panthers !

  5. Brian says:

    I thought the Masuk/Weston game is at Weston? Either way Masuk rolls

  6. BHS Fan says:

    Masuk’s win over Weston will be easier than its win over Barlow. Very good year for Weston, but they are not as good as Barlow, nevermind the likes of Masuk.

  7. SWC LIFE says:

    im probably going to venture to Benedict Field tomorrow night. it’ll be a close game, i can tell you that

  8. Brian says:

    41-13 is close?

  9. John says:

    How is Darien playing a home game Friday night at 7pm? They don’t have lights. Is that game being played on Saturday?

  10. Weasel says:

    @6, said like a true BHS fan. But, as us Westonites have long known Barlow’s real initials leave out the “H.” Trojans will beat Barlow for homecoming. They always do.

  11. Reggie Palmer says:

    Weston vs. Barlow smack talk – love it!

  12. mr fciac says:

    New Canaan and Newtown had the softest schedule this year

  13. Brian says:

    SPB Check this out:
    Once Greenwich beats Danbury and Staples beats Westhill they will both clinch a LL spot along with Xavier,NFA,Newtown,Southington, and Gbury. Gbury can lose to Simsbury and still get in. So 7 teams have basically clinched after tonight.

    If West Haven beats Prep they will clinch the final spot easily over Ridgefield who also would have 2 losses. But lets assume Prep can win these last 2 games. I don’t think they can beat WH but for this purpose lets assume it.

    Public will lose to Windsor giving them 3 losses and they will be out.Same is true for Manchester. Not enough points from East Hartford.
    Westhill will end with 4 losses when they lose to Staples and Naugy will end with 4 after they lose to Ansonia.

    That leaves 5 teams for 1 spot: OF the 5 Ridgefield will only have 2 losses and will need help to fight off 3 loss teams. Their schedule was awful. Not sure how they lost to McMahon but its killing them.

    1) West Haven: has 920
    Hamden 0 (Amity and NDWH)
    Guilford 0 (Hand)
    NDWH 10 (0 Hand 10 Hamden)
    Sheehan 20 (Whitney tech and Lyman Hall)
    Amity 10 (10 Hamden 0 North HAven)
    Lost to Hand
    Cheshire 0(Southington)
    Cross 10 (East HAven not Hillhouse)
    Lost to X
    Assume loss to Prep
    total 970/10=97.00

    2) Prep:has 640
    Cross 10 (E. haven not hillhouse)
    East HAven 0
    Lost to X
    Shelton 10 (Derby)
    Cheshire 0 (Southington)
    Hamden 0 (Amity and NDWH)
    Lost to Amity
    Lost to NDWH
    Branford 150 (140 with a win tonight and 10 with Branford over EHaven.
    West HAven 170
    total 980/10=98.00

    3) Ridgefield. Has 820
    Lost to Greenwich
    Ludlowe 20 (Norwalk and Warde)
    Stamford 0 (Mcmahon and Westhill). Huge 20 points if these go to SHS
    Wilton 10 (Warde not TC)
    Warde 0 (Wilton and Ludlowe).
    Norwalk 0 (Ludlowe and mcmahon). 10 from mcmahon game would be huge
    Lost to Mcmahon
    Harding 0 (central)
    Central 10 (harding)
    Danbury 120
    total 980/10=98.00. the 2 stamford games and norwalk/mcmahon are big

    4)Cheshire: has 750
    Shelton 10 (derby)
    branford 10 (east haven not prep)
    lost to Hand
    NDWH 10 (Hamden not Hand)
    lost to Prep
    Cross 10 (East HAven not hillhouse)
    lost to west haven
    East HAven 0 (cross and branford)
    Hamden 0 (Amity and NDWH)
    Southington 190
    total 980/10=98.00

    5) Simsbury: has 760
    Newington 10 (Weathersfield). big game
    Conard 0 (hall)
    hall 10 (conard)
    lost to manchester
    South Windsor 10 (Rockville) big game
    lost to Windsor
    New Britain 0 (Berlin)
    Lost to Southington
    East Hartford 0 (Manchester)
    Glastonbury 180
    total 970/10=97.00

    I have 3 teams at 98.00 and 2 teams at 97.00 for 1 spot. Some of the big upsets may not take place but its incredible how close it is if they ever did. Ridgefield has the msot upside if stamford high can 2 games. All the teams Need Prep and Prep needs Prep to beat the westies to make all the above relevant.

  14. jeb says:

    Contrary to popular beliefs…this Hand team is not as talented as last years team…ditto Xavier. Masuk could surprise people by winning the Class L and until a team of Staples caliber is tested no one knows for sure how good they really are..though I feel they are the states best team. Ansonia should have no problem running and passing their way through the Class S tourney. The SCC and the FCIAC have only two good teams in their leagues this years. Hand, Xavier, Staples and Greenwich. The other teams are not as talented as in years past. No one is talking about Windsor and they should be…

  15. No Ax To Grind says:

    @Rick Benscoater…yeah…not so much.

    That was total destruction in Monroe last night. Ugly. Even when the refs desperately tried to get Weston in the endzone at the end of the first half (phantom penalties…stopping the clock when Weston had no timeouts left…adding time…letting them set up) they still couldn’t score. The REFS actually looked dejected…lol…
    Masuk looked great last night and they were playing with the back up QB.
    I’m thinking Hand/Masuk for the L title. If Masuk keeps playing the way that they are, it should be a great game.

  16. NBCoach says:

    @Jeb Saw Staples play last night and earlier in the year. Crushed a very weak Westhill team. However, If Staples plays Xavier in LL playoffs or finals, they will be crushed just like last year. Mark my word. Xavier’s D line and linebackers will eat Staple’s offense. They will have to resort to the air and that won’t be pretty either. X’s O line will give their QB time to throw and RB room to run. Score: 42-13. Staples has played a very weak schedule this year. X has not. For a Staples team that went to the finals last year, the FCIAC gave them a pretty easy schedule. Seems to happen a lot in the FCIAC. Same with New Canaan. How many teams have Staples, Greenwich and NC played that have better than a .500 record? Having seen Hand play both last and this year, this year’s team has seven returning starting players on D and 4 on offense. The offense is more balanced than last year’s. The D is just as good. I give the edge to this year’s team.

  17. Fred says:

    Well, I don’t know that Xavier would crush Staples, but in last year’s title game Xavier’s dominance of the line of scrimmage and hard hitting negated Staples’ skill players. The same will happen this year to a lesser extent. This is where the toughness of the SCC pays off.

  18. PatPatriot says:

    NBC – West Haven and Westhill may have more similarities than you may like to admit. One dimentional teams with a standout running back. I was at the X WH game. X could not run the ball effectively. They absolutely killed WH on WR screens (free yards with no impact by a pass rush). X is very very good, but not the team they were last year.

  19. magromats says:

    Ludlowe’s 21-20 win over Norwalk – GREAT game and terrific night for the Falcons in what is the FCIAC success story of this season.

  20. cmiller says:

    @Ax –

    that was not the true Weston. who shows up thanksgiving?

  21. Facts says:

    Thank you Sean for what you do for High School football fans. I am a Hand fan and we have absolutely no coverage through the Register or the Courant. I follow and enjoy your coverage, just wish we could move our program into your area for real coverage. I won’t compare programs but wanted to just give your readers some facts about the brutal Hand schedule. Currently the team has 9 wins, 5 against LL (including back to back weeks against X and West Haven), 3 wins against L (with a win against a strong North Haven team the week after WH), The only M game on the schedule was away against a very strong 7 win Hillhouse team. I have watched Hand for years and this might be the best atheletes top to bottom we have ever had. The limited exposure of this team will work to their advantage. I just want your readers to better understand their journey to date. Best of luck to all the schools and may all the atheletes remain healthy for the duration. Thank you for letting me enjoy football through this blog.