Week 10 Thursday primer and Live Updates: NVL title up for grabs (not really) and other biggies


Trinity Catholic's Shaquan Howsie carries the ball vs. Darien November 10, 2012. The Crusaders can clinch their first state playoff berth since 1993 and squash St. Joseph's playoff hopes with a victory tonight at Bunnell. Photo: Lindsay Niegelberg / Stamford Advocate

Week 10 got underway in earnest last night with Newtown clinching a spot in Class LL with a 40-8 win over Immaculate, Ridgefield keeping its slim playoff hopes alive by crushing Central 53-16, and Foran getting blasted by Guilford.

Tonight, it’s the NVL Championship game at Municipal Stadium – OR – ‘Lotsa Luck, Woodland. Just don’t get hurt before Seymour!’

We won’t be attending the NVL proceedings, leave it to the guys at the NVL Football Blog to break down that bloodbath game for you.

Kyle Brennan of the Rep-Am pretty much eviscerated the NVL athletic directors in this post on the Red Zone Blog. We’ll concur, Captain. Unless the teams didn’t meet in the regular season, dump this game.

Here in Shangri-La, we have our attention on a few much, much bigger and more intriguing games, including Trinity Catholic at St. Joseph.

Trinity can clinch a spot in the Class S playoffs for the first time since the state championship season of 1993. St. Joseph must win to keep its Class M playoff hopes kicking. Game time is at 7 p.m. on the campus of everybody’s favorite home away from home: Bunnell High School in Stratford.

Elsewhere tonight, Staples and Greenwich can both assure they’ll be playing for the FCIAC title on Thanksgiving AND clinch playoff berths in Class LL tonight. Staples hosts Davell Cotterell and Westhill at 5 p.m. Greenwich hosts Danbury at 7 p.m.

Also: Barlow travels to Brookfield with designs on inching closer to its FIRST state playoff berth. A win doesn’t ensure the Falcons a spot in Class M, but it’ll at least make them feel better about their chances.

Masuk hosts Weston in a game that’s key to Weston’s playoff hopes. If the Trojans can (somehow) pull off an upset, they’ll be in line to clinch sooner rather than on Thanksgiving.

New Canaan travels to Trumbull. A win gets the Rams back into the Class L playoffs, their eighth-straight appearance since 2005.

Week 10 Thursday Primer

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Sean Patrick Bowley

20 Responses

  1. Weasel says:

    Ever watch that Seinfeld episode where Kramer takes karate lessons with a bunch of elementary school kids? He beats ’em up and feels like a man about it.

    Sort of like the Ansonia fans here.


  2. Jack says:

    hmmm thought the skit with Jim Carey was better.

    Go Lavender! Go Blue! Go Chargers!

  3. Chris Berman says:

    @Weasel hahaha perfect analogy

  4. GHS1973 says:

    Hey…Did you see the Cards part the sea on the kickoff after it was 54-0 over the Hatters?…They had to let the boy score to get it back under 50 points…What a joke that rule is…Ruins the game in the second half…Even the JV scores on an off tackle running play…Ooops, my bad?…The kid is 15 or 16 years old…Who is responsible for this stupid rule?…I mean, don’t pour it on, yeah, but can you help it if the JV wants to score and impress?…Nope

  5. GHS1973 says:

    Oh yeah…And, I know you are heavily favored, Staples…But, you know the old exrpession..”Don’t count your chickens before they’ve hatched”…Oh Well, whatever

  6. Football Fan says:

    DOD.Like in Diving competition.This stands for degree of difficulty.Same goes with some teams Schedules.Some divers make a perfect dives with a low degree of difficulty others make almost perfect dives but have a much higher degree of difficulty.Translate to High School Football :Some teams look unbeatable against
    inferior competition and others look almost unbeatable against stronger or higher competitive programs.The bigger the risk{Tougher Competition} the higher the rewards{Higher Rankings}.

  7. another fan says:

    All wanna be’s HA ha ha….

  8. Hasbeen says:

    Greenwich and Staples will beat each other up. It will be. Great game and whoever makes the big stop or the big play will win. Definitely bet the over.

    After they battle it out they will show the rest of the state how good they both are. They will rip through their LL competition.

  9. fball5 says:

    Everyone please watch these teams in person and take a look at the films… Most people on here really are not football smart. Tell me the difference between their lines up front? Greenwich does not even come close to the Staples O-line. They do not get to the LBs very well and are slow into their blocks. These games are determined up front and then we look to the skill positions which also favors Staples in a big way. Staples will beat up greenwich (not both teams beating up each other).

  10. Hasbeen says:

    Don’t try to school me fball5. I’m a hasbeen. Staples O-line is big but not very quick. Their pass blocking is exploitable. Their traps are very good. I’m not sure but I believe that they have most of their line returning from last year which is a big plus for them.

    Greenwich is not as big and doesn’t have many 2 year starters as Staples but they pass block well, trap well and are disciplined.

    We all know the games are won in the trenches. I think that Greenwich’s defensive front will be a good challenge for Staples big boys and vice versa.

    As for skill positions the kids on both sides are all excellent athletes. There are kids that are 2nd and 3rd string players that would be starters at other schools.

    This game will be won by the team that wins the fourth quarter as it has gone that way for the last 2 out of 3 years.

  11. GHS1973 says:

    @Hasbeen….Right on the Super Flash Strike…Best “D”, and special teams wins it, IMO…

  12. JB says:

    Looking forward to T-day at Cardinal Stadium – a classic high school venue. Going to get there earlier and take it all in; love looking up at Steve Young’s jersey and that old press box. Makes you feel like you could play again.

    The game will be another Greenwich / Staples classic. Great athletes on each side of the ball. Both teams play physical in the trenches and will be ready. Coaches are legends. FCIAC championship and home-seed for States on the line. It doesn’t get any better than this. Let’s strap it on and find out!

  13. Football Fan says:

    Wow,talked to a few LL coaches scouting at the Glastonbury/Simsbury game tonight and I got talking with them about other LL teams and both seemed to think that Staples is a big favorite over Greenwich on Thanksgiving.I thought this would be a classic,close game.I guess we will see on Thursday which will take place.

  14. notfromridgefield says:

    Staples by 3 TDs.

  15. GHS1973 says:

    Maybe 3 pts either way, not 3 TDs…These games always seem to be close recently

  16. rt says:

    greenwich will will the 4th quarter by a touchdown. so the final score will be 49-14 staples because staples will have their backups in during the fourth

  17. Tony says:

    Agree #9 and have to comment to #10. Staples is most athletic Oline that I have seen in a long time. They are big but they are not slow getting to the point of attack. Vaughn gets to the 2nd level incredibly fast for a big OT but you will always see one of them leading the play and that is not easy when you have the speed of Zelkowitz, Lesch or Kelly receiving the ball. Pass coverage, really? Staples has probably taken less than 5 sacks all year. Coach P personally coaches this group. There are not 5 guys with more discipline in the whole league.

  18. jeb says:

    Why is Newtown ranked in the top 10 in the state. They have beaten no one and they won’t beat Masuk or anybody else they will play in the state. I can’t help remembering that they were dominated in a scrimmage against a poor Norwalk team. Please some Newtown fans make a case for your team.

  19. sawthat says:

    Who has Masuk beaten? Don’t say Barlow, it was a war until Barlows’s QB went down. Masuk ranked based on past performance and a good football player.Newtowns starters have played very little in the second half of all but two of their games and in three of them the top players were pulled before the first quarter was over. Loss of Hebert is huge, but be prepared to be impressed with a young talented group from Newtown, win or lose! Newtown sat their top players vs Norwalk?

  20. FCIAC fan says:

    @Jeb You’re right on the money, there is no case to be made.