Week 10 Saturday: Setting the Thanksgiving Table


Get out the napkins, the forks, knives and spoons, grab some extra chairs from the basement, an extra table from the garage.

Start thawing out that turkey.

We’re just about to start the Thanksgiving Day vacation. The last possible reservations are being made in the state playoffs before we begin the final madcap scramble on Thanksgiving morning.

The Week 10 scoreboard is below.

Here are the updated playoff points, and the H.A.L. Supercomputer playoff worksheet.

  • CCC: Hall 31, Conard 28 OT |  Glastonbury 24, Simsbury 14 [Glastonbury clinches Class LL berth] | Windsor at Hartford Public, 6:30 p.m.
  • CSC: Wilcox Tech 44, Wolcott Tech 14
  • PEQUOT: Hyde 48, Nonnewaug 0 [North Branford clinches Class S berth] | North Branford 49, Lewis Mills 0 [North Branford clinches in Class S]
  • PEQUOT: Avon 34, Windsor Locks/Suffield/East Granby 20 | Ellington/Somers 46,Housatonic/Wamogo 0 | Gilbert/NW Regional 42, Stafford/East Windsor 22
  • SWC: Oxford 35, Bunnell 12 |  New Milford 26, Stratford 22
  • OTHERS: Commerce Springfield (MA) 34, Bulkeley 6
Sean Patrick Bowley

21 Responses

  1. SWC Observer says:

    Update for you..New Milford over Stratford 26-22..very good game despite poor records of both teams..NM scored with about 30 seconds left to take the lead, but Stratford battled all game…proud of them.
    Beautiful new field at Penders…they did a great job…

  2. SWC Observer says:

    Yes…final…Stratford took a 22-19 lead on a great drive with 3 minutes left, but NM drove field to win it in final minute. 15yd or so td pass in corner end zone..debatable if kid got feet down, but refs said he did so that’s that..Undefeated 1972 Stratford team was honored at half time..very nice…you will like the new turf field, just too bad SHS couldnt hang on for win…

  3. Hsfan says:

    Yea that was final another tough loss for stratford almost drove down and won at end too after new Milford scored. Sets up toilet bowl with them and bunnell

  4. Hsfan says:

    I was right there kid got two feet down with three stratford defenders on him

  5. Observer game says:

    The last touchdown of NM was planted 1 foot and other foot was outside of the line. The ref. line did not want to raise his hand up. He know it was out of bound. The main ref did not care so he ran to the player and look at the guy who caught the ball. The ref put his hand up and say touchdown. I was there and disagree with it. It was a bad call. I am not either fan of the team. Came down to see the turf. Wow! The turf is beautiful. It was sad that Stratford did not win their brand new turf home game, I was listening other people talking saying the Freshman of Stratford High will be hot contender in the future. Sound Serious. Let see what the future hold.

  6. SWC Observer says:

    At risk of commenting too much on a game between two teams at bottom of standings, but it really was a great game. I will say that Stratford has a budding star in Sam Breiner, #3, only a sophmore, must have had 150 yds rushing…also NM QB #3 was on fire all day, very accurate..fun game to watch…just wish it was Stratford who got w..

  7. Hsfan says:

    Same thing was said about the junior class we will see about this years freshman class. Varsity ball is different seems as though this team is never preparded properly. It is a shame the record this team has they should have been at least 500. Breiner is a stud best player on both sides of the ball will be a problem senior year. I think he is a D1 player just has to get faster an in the weight room i do t think he has ever lifted weigts. And the receiver was clearly in I thought he even got two down. He caught it right in front of me. Still if your stratford you can not lose that game.

  8. GHS1973 says:

    Oxford 35 Bunnell 12…I know it’s a down year for Bunnell, but it’s still L vrs S…Oxford to the NVL keeps looking like a better & better move, especially if that’s where they want to go…New school & new stadium…Ansonia-Oxford could become a real rivalry…

  9. Devils_fan says:

    Sean, no need to find LL scenarios…. The westies will whoop up on the prepsters and end their weak season and enjoy a turkey feast at home! Bye, bye prep!

  10. GHS1973 — Bunnell is one of the teams Oxford wants to escape. BOE said so.

  11. GHS1973 says:

    @SPB Why?…Am I missing something?…Maybe other sports other than Football are involved?…I thought they (Oxford) just wanted to be in the NVL, because they are certainly located in the Valley…The Stratfords really are not…But, I don’t know any of the politics involved…

    I’d also like to see Ridgefield moved to the SWC to take the place of Oxford, and balance out the FCIAC…Or leave Ridgefield alone, and invite Shelton into the FCIAC…Anything to make the FCIAC balanced, for a more sensible Divisional set up…That’s my true motive, in a sort of Chess Game, just moving the pieces around..

  12. @GHS – Geographically makes sense, sure. But it’s purely a football move in those terms.

  13. bigmac says:

    the nm-strat game was a great one, teven leonard made a crazy catch(i saw the play he did get one foot down) with 3 red devil defenders there to take the lead, then stratford drove down trying to take the lead but an nm corner picked it off to win the game, the green wave finally played a good game. too little too late in the season, but a good w for them

  14. GHS1973 says:

    Yeah, but Football still rules big over all the other High School sports

  15. Jay says:

    Oh yea of little faith every year you all line up on the NC bandwagon..all aboard SPB…the train is leaving…after the annual turkey shoot at Darien

  16. mooncake says:

    Ah yes…its that time of year: SCC mating season, where everyone wants to be eating at the same table. The din will grow all week. The sounds of the mating call grows: Hand and Hillhouse all year, now X and the Westies. X from “overrated” to “firing on all cylinders”.

    Unfortunately for us attracted to other things, the SCC mating season usually results in a birth. A championship birth. I respect this and would never insult it. Maybe this year will be different? Maybe this year? Maybe a cry of joy from the “unclean”?

  17. GHS1973 says:

    I admit, New Canaan is always good…So is Staples, but GHS can get on a roll on occasion, too…

  18. GHS1973 says:

    Comcast TV went out…Internet, and phone are ok…Gonna listen to the Huskies on transitsor radio…Joe D’Ambrosio, etc…Let’s go HUSKIES…The “Paridise Jam” in the Virgin Islands…They beat Wake Friday night in an exciting game…Now they get Quinnipiac?..Oh well…No life anymore…Can’t wait till Thanksgiving Day, although I have to cook the whole deal…Go Cards, I’ll get there if I can, otherwise I’ve got you on WGCH…Don’t worry, the whole rest of the clan will be there for you, I know…

  19. Therealtevenleonard says:

    I got two feet in bounds on a backside fade route.