Laxworm’s ‘The Show’: We break down the Thanksgiving Day playoff scenarios

Great show with ‘The Worm’ and Kyle Brennan this fine Sunday morning, talking playoffs, playoffs and more playoffs.

Who’s going to qualify? Who needs to win and pray? What will be the matchups in all the state playoff classes. Who’s going to win it all?

We break it down for you and answer some questions about some of the biggest Thanksgiving Day games, and make some picks. We also discuss the merits and demerits of having the Tech schools included in the state playoffs. You’ll be surprised at our answers.

Anyway, check out The Show here to make your own picks against ours, or just listen below.

We’ll have full, printable Mad Scientist breakdowns later this evening.

Or you can check out Ned Griffen’s Polecat breakdown now to get a good idea of where things stand.

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Sean Patrick Bowley