It’s poll time: Pick the winners of the 16 state quarterfinal games!

On this lazy Saturday, we’re diligently working on our state playoff capsules for this week, to be published some time Monday.

But if you think you’re so smart about who’s going to do what RIGHT NOW, why don’t you give us your picks a little early, huh?

Who will win the 16 state quarterfinal games?

Here we go:


Staples' Joey Zelkowitz vs. Greenwich


Masuk's Thomas Milone


St. Joseph's Jake Pelletier


Ansonia's Raeshaun Finney

And, FINALLY, which one of these games is the best matchup of the quarterfinals? Vote now:

Sean Patrick Bowley

52 Responses

  1. Observer says:

    @ SPB Xavier is #3 not #1.

  2. Weasel says:

    God bless the folks who predicted a Prince Tech victory. They’re either abject fools or courageous geniuses.

  3. Remmy says:

    Class LL
    Staples vs. Norwich Free
    Xavier vs. Southington

    Staples over Xavier

    Class L
    Hand vs. Masuk
    Windsor vs. New Canaan

    Windsor over Hand

    Class M
    Wolcott vs. St. Joe
    Ellington vs. Berlin

    St. Joe over Berlin

    Class S
    Ansonia vs. Hyde
    Cap Prep vs Trinity

    Ansonia over Cap Prep

  4. Football Fan says:

    #3 it depends if they send the Heating and Cooling Dept or the Auto Shop Dept to Jarvis Field on Tuesday.NO GOOD can come from that game.It is VERY HARD to take that game serious.No disrespect to Ansonia but you CANNOT get any serious State consideration playing teams like this in the Playoffs.Even in 2006{I think} Power houses ND{FFLD} and a 1st year Cromwell.

  5. The Dude says:

    Class LL

    Staples over Newtown
    Greenwich over Southington

    Staples over Greenwich

    Class L

    Hand over Masuk
    Windsor over New Canaan

    Hand over Windsor

    Class M

    Hillhouse over Wolcott
    Berlin over Weston

    Hillhouse over Berlin

    Class S

    Ansonia over Hyde
    North Branford over Woodland

    Ansonia over North Branford

  6. RAY BROWN says:


  7. RAY BROWN says:


  8. Remmy says:

    @ #4 Football Fan – Totally understand your argument. But exactly how is that Ansonia’s fault? You don’t think Ansonia beats Hillhouse or St. Joe this year? We’ll never know but I’d say they’d be favorites in those games.

  9. Robert says:

    Class LL

    Staples vs. Newtown
    Xavier vs. Glastonbury

    Staples over Xavier

    Class L

    Hand vs. Masuk
    New Canaan vs. Windsor

    Hand over New Canaan

    Class M
    Wolcott vs. St. Joe’s
    Berlin vs. Weston

    St. Joe’s over Berlin

    Class S
    Ansonia vs. Hyde
    Trinity Catholic vs. Capital

    Ansonia over Trinity Catholic

  10. Kris1 says:

    Ansonia played Bloomfield (’06) and New London (’07) when they went back-to-back. They played ND-Ffld. and Cromwell in ’02 and ’03. Keep searching.

  11. guru says:

    Class LL

    Staples vs NFA
    Xavier vs Southington

    Xavier over NFA

  12. jeb says:

    Ansonia would beat every team in the state excep Staples, Xavier and Hand. Not only would they beat the other teams but would win easily. It’s too bad that ST. Joes and Ansonia arent in the same class next year. Both teams return everybody and the game would be a classic.

    The CLASS LL and CLASS L semis will have four great match-ups. New Canaan can’t play as uninspired as the did against Darien. Masuk will also have to rebound after getting runover by Newtown. They couldn’t stop the Newtwon ground game… West Haven has the kind of team that can surprise Staples but I doubt it. Hand, because of strength of schedule and the upset over Xavier deserve the number one ranking in all the polls. In my opinion they are not as good a team as Staples. Hand was a much better team last year but so was Xavier. The SCC and the FCIAC have two great games against each other for bragging rights. Westies vs. Staples and Greenwich vs. Xavier.

  13. Dave Lib says:

    make that three great games for bragging rights…..St. Joe’s vs Hillhouse, too.

  14. kris1 says:

    It’s good to see the entire Prince Tech team voted for themselves. Seriously though. Prince Tech does have some talented, athletic kids. Rakeem Jordan (#5) can play for anybody. He has great size, power, and speed. Roekwan Holmes (#50) is a D1 recruit as a junior. Their receivers aren’t big but they have very good speed. The problem for Prince Tech is they play a Freshman QB and they aren’t very good upfront. That spells disaster when your play an aggressive Ansonia defense at Jarvis Stadium. And if it wasn’t bad enough, Ansonia will be playing with a purpose from here on out. You can bet your house that they will be playing for Coach Hunt the rest of the way. They will be focused, motivated, inspired, and in the “HUNT” for another title.

  15. Brian says:

    I have seen both teams and I’m a cardinal fan and I see no way they can win at Palmer. Any “experts” out there that can change my mind? lol

  16. cthsfbfan says:

    Oh boy…if this happens we will never hear the end of gloating from SCC Commissioner…but here is how I see it!

    Class LL:
    Staples over Newtown
    Xavier over Glastonbury
    Xavier over Staples

    Class L:
    Hand over Masuk
    Windsor over NC
    Hand over Windsor

    Class M:
    Hillhouse over Wolcott
    Berlin over Weston
    Hillhouse over Berlin

    Class S:
    Ansonia over Hyde
    Cap Prep over NBranford
    Ansonia over Cap Prep

  17. GHS1973 says:

    @Brian…Have some faith me lad…A sloppy field will help us.

  18. MXR says:

    Capital Prep
    North Branford

    Hillhouse (yes, I am an SCC homer)

    Madison 35, Platt 7 (light scrimmage for #1)
    Masuk 28, MTown 14 (Blue Dragons still a year away)
    Windsor 42, Fitch 14 (easy win for the only real challenger in L)
    Avon 28, New Canaan 21 (history and better conference not enough)

    Staples 49, West Haven 7 (yes, I am an SCC homer; but I saw West Haven — or someone claiming to be — a couple of weeks back)
    NFA 28, Newtown 14 (not sure why, but pretty sure how it will be)
    GBury 21, Southington 14 (round 2 goes the other way)
    Xavier 42, Greenwich 21 (if Cardinals O is as good as advertised; more likely 42-14)

    I will leave the Semis and Finals until my misses here are exposed, except to say no one will be within 3 TDs of Ansonia in S.

  19. tj says:

    Just for some fun, odds based on current poll results:

    Ansonia & Hand games – both approx 25 to 1 – makes sense, they’ll both win by 40pts

    Staples/WH – WH over a 6 to 1 dog, seems steep to me – if WH turns over Staples they’ll win this one

    SJ/Hillhouse – basically even money, best game of the night

    NC/Avon – NC 5 to 2, NC’s luck to get the easy draw continues

    Masuk/Middletown – Masuk 7 to 2 – bunch of homers on the blog, game will be much closer

    Windor/Fitch – Windsor 7 to 1 favorite – the only Hartford area team I trust is G’bury

    Xavier/Greenwich – X 5 to 2 – sucker odds, X rolls

    Southington/G’bury – Southington 3 to 1 !!! – well there goes the validity of using these polls as predictive model

  20. Call me Kreskin says:

    Greenwich 35, Xavier 21
    Cards are good, Xavier has weaknesses

    Staples 56, West Haven 6
    if there was a 60-point rule it would be 66-6

    Southington 28, Glastonbury 21
    deja vu all over again

    NFA 42, Newtown 14
    Newtown won their playoff game last week

    Platt 42, Hand 40
    Panthers are faster than Tigers

    Avon 17, New Canaan 10
    two average teams

    Windsor 49, Fitch 7
    play fast vs play slow

    Middletown 35, Masuk 30
    time to reload for next year, Panthers

    Bullard 39, Berlin 32
    speed kills

    Hillhouse 44, St Joseph 12
    speed kills

    Wolcott 14, Montville 7
    NVL isn’t as bad as everyone thinks

    Weston 20, Ellington 0
    Pequot is as bad as everyone thinks

    Rocky Hill 21, Hyde 14
    Terriers are best team no one has ever heard about

    North Branford 52, Trinity Catholic 27
    these guys are good despite being in Pequot

    Capital Prep 74, Woodland 62
    record-setting night

    Ansonia 34, Prince Tech 31
    If you pick up the Ansonia blitzes you can score on them

  21. “NFA 28, Newtown 14 (not sure why, but pretty sure how it will be)
    Comment by MXR — November 26th, 2012 @ 8:32 am”

    wow, that’s a deep analysis man

  22. Brian says:

    The above is hillarious. I will leave it at that.

  23. GHS1973 says:

    Just read the tweets about the Bridgeports to the NVL…Interesting…I’m for anything that gets the FCIAC evened out and back to 2 divisions

  24. Dave Lib says:

    Urinating on uniforms and equipment?! Three straight years of this type of nonsense by one side. This used to be a HEALTHY rivalry, where the two schools RESPECTED each other.
    When will it end? How far will it go? Boy, have times changed.

  25. Carl says:

    West Haven will be too fast for Staples.WH 34 -Staples 30

  26. FCIAC Hoops follower says:

    Carl – if you haven’t seen Staples you have not seen speed. Their skill players all move very well as evidenced by the quick scoring capability that they have displayed all year. Ball control is the only way WH wins and even with that I think Staples is a 2 TD favorite

  27. Not JB says:

    Not to stereotype a whole school, but I have witnessed first hand too many times the absolute disrespect and sense of entitlement these kids from Darien have. I saw, 2 years in a row, students who couldn’t have been more tha 14 years old cursing and mocking parents and players and coaches from other schools as they were getting off the bus. This was in front of Darien parents and administrators. When challenged, the same parents and administrators were just as obnoxious in the defense of their spoiled brats.

    The problem starts at home and in the administration………

  28. skizzed says:

    platt over hand???

    lmao @ the above

  29. John Flynn says:

    is it true Jack Cochran helped newton win that game against masuk?

  30. Hasbeen says:

    I’m all in for Greenwich over Xavier but it will be very difficult to beat Staples this year. Their coach is too good. He blows away the competition in the game within the game. I would love to see the cards meet up with the wreckers again. We’ll see, it’s up to the kids tomorrow .

  31. @John Flynn — I heard that rumor, too.

  32. JB says:

    Man, those dudes from the SCC love to promote themselves and tweet … men, see below for some of the smack. Talk is cheap.

    Strap it on and let’s find out!


    Erv Philips Erv Philips ‏@Ambition1_ … Honestly Not Worried About Anything, Cuz Iknow My Team Gonna Ball Hard Tomorrow !!

    Peter Gerson ‏@p92g … I just want it all, money and the cars right, I don’t wear a tie but they say I live the boss life

    Tim Boyle ‏@T_Boyle_07 … Blessed

  33. JB says:

    My favorite so far:

    DeAngelo Berry ‏@Deeberry21 … Surviving practice with all the running is bad enough, but now it’s cold as Antarctica and it feels like my fingers are being stabbed

    Cardinals … time to break some fingers.

  34. GHS1973 says:

    At this point in the season, it’s all about Conference pride now..

    Interesting if the Bridgeports leave FCIAC for NVL…Makes sense, schools with L or LL population, but very little football interest…Like an LL who is really an “S” in Football…Basketball is a different deal, though…

    How would you put the 16 remaining teams in the FCIAC into 2 divisions?…Geographically?, or Division 1 vrs Division 2 regardless of geographics, more like based on the history of the programs?…The goal is to get them all to play a more even schedule how ever it’s worked out..

    Another tweet mentioned an 11 game schedule…With 2 eight team divisions you would have to play the other 7…And a crossover with the SCC next year, that makes 8…That leaves you with 3 “cross over” games left..Traditional T-Games should be kept, and the one or two “cross over” games left should be against a good team(s) (historically) in the other Division, to make it all fair..

    A schedule maker’s nightmare I know (because the kids graduate), but a necessity, none the less…

  35. Dylan says:

    @JB pretty sad trolling twitter for high school tweets…these kids are all good players and are not disrespectful in their postings…I can’t wait until 6:30 am going to the XHS/GHS game…I wish it was not at Palmer, the field is terrible and Xavier is a precision/speed team, the field will slow them down like it did against Fairfield Prep, the team needs turf!

  36. JB says:

    @Dylan – not me trolling. They all tagged each other and SPB’s account on this site. See the upper right hand Twitter box. Great place to get media stories and breaking news. But players posting stuff about themselves? Call me old school, but shows a lack of focus on the team. This ain’t hoops.

  37. No Ax to Grind says:

    @SPB…I have a couple of Shelton football friends that used to be coaches on the Newtown football staff…I’m sure that you know who I am talking about…anyway, as you probably know, Newtown had a big Alumni gathering before the Masuk game that included former coaches. At the Shelton/Derby Thanksgiving Day game one of them told me that a current Newtown coach said that Jack had broken down film with them in prep for the game. I though that it was strange…maybe just talk…But now this is the 3rd time that I have heard it. Very odd…I though that Murphy and Jack are tight.

  38. @No Ax – Makes sense to me. And that last part: Not a chance.

  39. Honus says:

    Hmmm, what next, farming out the filmwork to your coach friends at the college/pro level? Seems to me there should be a rule against this. It would be called the Cochr… nah, too silly.

  40. You guys don’t think something like this has ever gone on in HS football before? Lots of egos out there.

  41. FauxRealism says:

    We’ve covered this a couple years ago, Coach Cochran consults on the side, scroll down in his web page

    Some quotes:

    “his advice will instantly make your program better”

    “The Defensive Game Plan was developed and installed for the abc coaching staff by… Jack Cochran”

    “Jack Cochran initiated a whole new regimen working on speed, agility and conditioning”

  42. c-o-n-spiracy says:

    Cochran shook Newtown Coach Steve George’s hand after the game. Fact.

  43. Ernest T says:

    Gotta love SPBs minimal coverage AND picking against SJ. Lot’s of motivation for the hogs. Next time he locks his keys in the car he can walk home.

  44. @Ernest T – “minimal coverage?”

    And do you want honesty or do you want me to be a homer? Can’t take a homer seriously.

    (PS > I have AAA)

  45. Paul says:

    @Kris1-Thanks for that scouting report on Prince Tech I am sure everyone was anxiously waiting for that ….Now please tell us what the heck town they are actually from?No need building up Ansonia’s opponent they are not in the”HUNT”they already won it.Maybe they will play Capital Prep////in the Finals and you can tell us where they reside also.

  46. Ernest T says:

    Your about-face is great motivation, that’s all.

  47. @Ernest T – “about-face” on what? That I said nobody wants to face SJ? Well, Hillhouse is the exception. Didn’t think they’d match in 1st round.

    I’m not homering it up. Use it as motivation, fine. Whatever gets you going.

  48. Ernest T says:

    Just given you a hard time Sean. You’re the best thing thats happened to HS Sports around here since Agostino.

  49. @Ernest – I succeeded Agostino! I followed his lead.

  50. sawthat says:

    Say what you want about him, but Cochran is a heckuva football coach and he has helped many players and coaches improve themselves and their progams over the past few years , lets not forget the role he played in Masuks run the past 3 years…..

  51. that's funny says:

    Here we go with conspiracy theories. Cochran hates Murphy because he screwed up against Hand. Cochran is very friendly with many coaches but he did not construct a gameplan for any of them. Masuk loses and they have to find excuses. Here’s the excuse…you got outplayed and outcoached, especially in the 2nd half. Now was Cochran on the Newtown sideline after the game? Yes and that was b/c he wanted Murphy to see him there to throw salt in the wound. It’s funny how certain programs are always looking for a pass when they lose instead of just taking the loss or actually giving the other team credit. That would be a first.