THe mAD sCiENTist sTAte PLaYofF BReaKdowN: Class L [UPDATED]

His Madness returns!

Up next is a strong Class L field, not as strong as LL, but pretty solid.

This playoff division is done-diddily-done as far as qualifiers, save for one spot. It’s all about seeding, really. So it’s not so mad.

For a complete breakdown of all the other classes, follow these links: CLASS LLCLASS M | CLASS S

Also: Kyle Brennan and I broke it all down on the ‘The Show,’ the’s radio show. Listen to it all here.

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Now, onto the madness:

Don’t forget: Class L teams get 100 points for a league victory, and an extra 10 points for a victory over any Class LL school. Non-league victories over a Class M school is worth 90 points. Non-league victories over a Class S school is worth 80. The teams then earn 10 points for every win accumulated by a defeated opponent.

Top eight teams get in.

They’re In!

Hand (9-0, 1430 [158.9])

Opponent: Guilford (4-5, 140 pts)
Point potential:
Max: 1650 (165.0)-1600 (160.0); Min: 1500 (150.0)-1450 (145.0)
Bonus games (50): Notre Dame-West Haven (vs Hamden); West Haven (vs. Fairfield Prep); Xavier (vs. Middletown); Shelton (vs. Derby); Cheshire (vs. Southington)
The Skinny — They’ve clinched a home quarterfinal and will almost positively lock up the No. 1 seed with a victory over Guilford.

Windsor (9-0, 1380 [153.3])

Opponent: Done with regular season.
Point potential:
1450 (161.1) – 1390 (154.4)
Bonuses (60): Wethersfield (vs Newington); Farmington (vs. Plainville); RHAM (vs. Bacon Academy); Middletown (vs. Xavier); Maloney (vs. Platt); Hartford Public (vs. Weaver)
The Skinny — It’s clinched at least a No. 2 seed. It’ll be No. 1 if Hand loses to Guilford (not bloody likely).

Avon (10-0, 1400 [140.0])

Opponent: Done with regular season.
Point potential: 1450 (145.0) (all of their outstanding bonus games are guaranteed).
The Skinny — They’ve clinched a home quarterfinal. So now they’ll just sit tight, gnaw on Turkey and watch chaos ensue around them and get ready to host someone, most likely as the No. 4 seed.

Masuk (9-0, 1240 [137.8])

Point potential: Max: 1500 (150.0)-1470 (147.0); Min: 1300 (130.0)-1270 (127.0)
Newtown (8-0, 200 pts)
Bonus games (30): Pomperaug (vs. Oxford); Brookfield (vs. Bethel); Bunnell (vs. Stratford)
The Skinny — Masuk will clinch a home quarterfinal with a victory over Newtown. It’ll probably get as high as the No. 3 seed. A loss, and Masuk would be in a bonus fight with New Canaan, Fitch or Middletown for seeding. They could potentially fall as far as No. 8, but it’s not likely. Expect a “home” game vs. Fitch, most likely at Bunnell.

Middletown (8-1, 1170 [130.0])

Opponent: Xavier (8-1, 190 pts)
Point potential: Max: 1410 (141.0-1370 (137.0); Min: 1220 (122.0)-1180 (118.0)
Bonus games (40): Wethersfield (vs. Newington); Farmington (vs. Plainville); Maloney (vs. Platt); Hartford Public (vs. Weaver).
The Skinny — Even a glorious win over Xavier probably won’t get Sal Morello and the Dragons a home quarterfinal unless someone above them loses. It would likely lock up a No. 5 spot and a trip to Avon. A loss to Xavier would drop the Dragons to No. 7 and give them a rematch with Windsor. Middletown led the Warriors back in October only to lose late.

New Canaan (8-1, 1100 [122.2] 1120 (124.4)

Point potential: Max: 1320 (132.0) – 1280 (128.0); Min: 1160 (116.0) – 1120 (112.0) Max: 1340 (134.0) – 1300 (130.0); Min: 1180 (118.0) – 1140 (114.0)
Opponent: vs. Darien (6-3, 160 pts)
Bonus games (40): Fairfield Warde (vs. Fairfield Ludlowe); Stamford (vs. Westhill); Bassick (vs. Bullard Havens Tech); Wilton (vs. Trinity Catholic)
The Skinny — The Rams have virtually no shot at hosting a quarterfinal game. A win over Darien will get the Rams as high as No. 5 seed. They won’t drop lower than No. 7 if everyone above them wins. A loss to Darien probably puts the Rams at No. 7 and headed for a Windsor rematch of last year’s thrilling semifinal game.

Update, Westhill forfeits: Gained 20 points, but that doesn’t change NC’s scenarios enough to give them a home game unless someone ahead loses.

Fitch (8-1, 1080 [120.0])

Opponent: Ledyard (6-3, 160 pts)
Point potential: Max: 1310 (131.0) – 1250 (125.0) Min: 1150 (115.0) – 1090 (109.0)
Bonus games (60): East Lyme (vs. Waterford); Bacon Academy (vs. RHAM); St. Bernard/Norwich Tech (vs. Montville); New London (vs. Norwich Free Academy); Griswold (vs. Plainfield); Stonington (Westerly, RI)
The Skinny — A win over Ledyard will put Fitch in position possibly as high as No. 5 if enough teams above them lose or they get enough bonus help. It’s most likely it’ll finish at No. 6 and travel to Monroe whichever field Masuk calls home or Avon.

Just Win, Baby

Platt can slam the door shut on this division by beating 3-6 Maloney on Thanksgiving. Sounds easy, but this rivalry’s been known to surprise.

Platt (7-2, 950 [105.6])

Opponent: Maloney (3-6, 130 pts)
Point potential: Max: 1140 (114.0)-1080 (108.0)
Bonus games (60): Berlin (vs New Britain); Plainville (vs Farmington); Tolland (vs. E.O. Smith); East Catholic (vs. Cheney Tech); Weaver (vs. Hartford Public); Rockville (vs. South Windsor)
The Skinny — Win and they’ll likely be rewarded with a trip to the Surf Club. Lose and they’re out, opening the door for Farmington.

A Little Help Here?

Farmington (7-2, 880 [97.8])

Opponent: Plainville (3-6, 130 pts)
Point potential: Max: 1050 (105.0)-1020 (102.0)
Bonus games (30): RHAM (vs. Bacon Academy); E.O. Smith (vs. Tolland); Maloney (vs. Platt)
The Skinny — Must beat Plainville and hope Maloney upsets Platt. That’ll put the Indians just mere bonuses away from clinching over Darien.

Darien (6-3, 810 [90.0] 820 [91.1])

Opponent: New Canaan (8-1, 180 points)
Point potential:
Max: 1030 (103.0)-1010 (101.0) Max: 1040 (104.0) – 1020 (102.0)
Bonuses (20): Bassick (vs. Bullard Havens); Danbury (vs. Ridgefield)
The Skinny — Beat the Rams for the first time since 2002, Platt must lose and, since there’s almost no chance they’ll catch Farmington on bonuses, they’ll need Farmington to lose, too. They’re all but done.

Update, Westhill forfeits: Darien picked up 10 points, increasing slightly the chances they’ll catch Farmington on bonus points. They’re still a longshot.

False Hope

North Haven (6-3)

North Haven would need to win and all three teams ahead of it to lose. That would clinch. But it’s not happening.

Sean Patrick Bowley