Wednesday Thanksgiving Primer and Live Updates

Welcome to High School Football Thanksgiving Day Central: Wednesday edition.

Here’s where you’ll get everything you need to know for surrounding Thanksgiving football week:

Game previews? We have you covered:

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Follow the ever-changing match on the CIAC’s H.A.L. Playoff Supercomputer, which will update in real time for the remainder of the year.

Here’s the full Connecticut High School Thanksgiving Day Schedule

Here are the latest Team Hearst previews (most of them are from the FCIAC).

For those stuck at home, we have some options:

You can listen to WELI 960-AM for “The Coach” George DeMaio’s Thanksgiving Eve Extravaganza here. He’ll be in the studio, getting scores from across the state all night.

You can follow ALL the scores on the live blog below, or check these links for individual games.

Game-by-Game updates

Woodland vs Seymour | Masuk vs Newtown | Stratford vs Bunnell |
Notre Dame-Fairfield vs Immaculate | Oxford vs Pomperaug | Danbury vs Ridgefield | Trumbull vs St. Joseph |

Full Live Updates

Sean Patrick Bowley

10 Responses

  1. Wayne says:

    Harding, Bpt. Central, Bassick to NVL very soon. Conference re-alignment underway

  2. johnnyribbs says:

    easy Wayne, the Oxford people are already shaking in their Ugg’s over the prospect of having to play Wilby once every other year.

  3. Hawk Fan says:

    Where’s all the big talk now Newtown haters?

  4. Casey says:

    Not a Newtown hater, but the only thing this really proves is that Masuk was over rated, and no team in the SWC has played any real teams yet.

  5. Cutler's Son says:

    Casey, good point. Newtown won a big game for them but overall, masuk was overrated and were shut out in the 2nd half by a defense without their best player playing. It would have been different if their QB had a better game as he missed badly on many passes

  6. ctfan says:

    Are you kidding me? Newtown practically shut down one of the best players in the state. In the 2nd half they DOMINATED masuks offensive line and defensive front 6. Give credit where credit is deserved. Newtown is underrated even without hebert. it will be interesting to see what they can do in states. They may shock some people.

  7. tigersfan00 says:

    @SPB does manchester vs east hartford game count towards playoffs? because if so then southington would be one seed

  8. Hawk says:

    Newtown wins the BIG game that all the skeptics say they need to and now you get some more negativity saying that Masuk was over-rated and they were not at their best. Can,t you just give Newtown credit for stepping up, and outplaying a very good Masuk team. The talent just gets better over the next few years (a very strong Youth Football program). Like it or not, Newtown will be a force to be reconed with for years to come.

  9. Cutler's Son says:

    8, a good youth program? Last I heard, they didn’t have a youth team play in a championship game this year in a weak AYF league. Their so-called state championship team last year(now freshmen) got crushed by the Brookfield freshmen team by something like 40 points. Sophomore class overrated and junior class finished 3-7 in their 8th grade youth division when Ridgefield dominated them! That ridgefield team will be the team to beat next year. Newtown will be big though but not much talent at the skill positions.

  10. RAY BROWN says:

    calm down hawk—-nice win but lets be honest,MASUK has been laughing at you for years—-every dog finds a shiny hydrant once in a while