The Lonesome Polecat Speaks! The Day’s Ned Griffen breaks down playoffs on FNF


We say this every year, but there are only perhaps three or four people in the state who see practically every high school football team of note throughout a season.

One is the New Haven Register football writer emeritus and Connecticut football record book archivist, Bob Barton. No one knows more than him.

The other three got together on the WFSB Friday Night Football show on Friday to talk some playoffs — hosts John Holt and Joe Zone and The Day of New London’s Ned Griffen.

Griffen, affectionately known as The Lonesome Polecat — named after the A) Bobby Darin song from ‘Seven Brides for Seven Brothers'; B) The B-17 Bomber from World War II; C) the unorthodox offensive formation; and C) after those lonely drives Ned makes every week to the far reaches of Connecticut (we wonder if Ned sings the song on his way from football outpost to football outpost), breaks down what he thinks will happen when the 2012 state football playoffs conclude in two weeks.

Ned also talks about who he’s voting No. 1 and who he’ll vote No. 1 should the top seeds win out. (Hint: Ned and I agree). Also, why is it so easy for Ned to predict the behavior of the majority of the voters? What he says will happen. Bank on it.

Take it away Polecat, whaddya got for us?

Class LL

WFSB 3 Connecticut

Class L

WFSB 3 Connecticut

Class M

WFSB 3 Connecticut

Class S

WFSB 3 Connecticut

Sean Patrick Bowley

32 Responses

  1. Honus says:

    The controversy that was not, thanks to Darien upsetting NC (Darien deserved the win but it was still an upset). Had that not happened, Staples’ point avg declines to 146.67. Southington could then make the argument that having beat both Manchester and E Hartford (whose game was cancelled because of a Manchester student’s death), they should be guaranteed 10 points (e.g. 5 points from each team for a tie), putting them ahead of Staples at 147. But, wait a sec. If they protest, they get SCC powerhouse #8 West Haven instead of #7 Glastonbury, a team they know and already beat (albeit in the final seconds). The point being it should not be their call. If there is an actual rule in place, I argue any non-forfeit has to be treated as a tie, not a non-event, the latter apparently now being the rule in place according to the computer rankings.

    I also just watched Staples v Greenwich on MSG. Staples can argue that specials teams and turnovers did them in, that their defense only let up one legit score, and therefore the game should have been a much bigger blowout. Greenwich could argue had they converted on all their red zone possessions, given how sloppy Staples was, they might have won. Either way, both teams are capable of playing much better IMO. Kudos to Greenwich for never giving up and for Staples answering the bell (again) in the fourth quarter (this time on the road).

  2. Brian says:

    State Playoff Predictions:

    Staples 34 West Haven 13
    Southington 27 Gbury 21
    Newtown 20 NFA 14
    Xavier 35 Greenwich 14. (tough for me to pick this lol)

    Hand 27 Platt 7
    Windsor 34 Fitch 13
    Masuk 21 Middletown 20
    NC 41 Avon 7

    Wolcott 26 Montville 14
    Berlin 40 Bullard Havens 6
    Joes 34 House 27
    Ellington 20 Weston 14

    Ansonia 47 Prince 0
    Woodland 47 Capital 6
    TC 26 NB 20
    Hyde 26 Rocky Hill 21

  3. Bubba says:

    Here are mine:

    WH,Glastonbury,Newtown, X
    Hand, Windosr, Middletown, NC
    Wolcott, Berlin, HH, Weston
    Ansonia, Woodland, NB, Rocky Hill

  4. mooncake says:

    Hey @Bubba, hope your coming to Westport to see your Vesties!

  5. Bubba says:

    naw: I’ll watch em in the Semi’s

  6. skizzed says:

    @Brian – smh at your predictions

    masuk barely over middletown?
    St Joes over hillhouse?
    Ellington (pequot) over Weston?

    S looks fine…….

  7. Honus says:

    @Bubba – You picking WH because you are a homer (which is OK) or because you think they are the better team? If the latter, since I don’t follow WH, what is your reasoning?

  8. fciac fan says:

    staples,greenwich,st.joe,n.c.and t.c. all advance.

  9. PatPatriot says:

    Honus – your kidding right – they play that game again Saples wins by 35. Nothing but good wishes for Greenwich on Tuesday though!

    Bubba – unless EP can throw – same fate awates WHS. Even the weather won’t help you (Staples are mudders)…

  10. GHS1973 says:

    Staples, Hand, Joeys, and gulp, Ansonia over Capital Prep…IMO

  11. Bubba says:

    EP best player in the State. My only concern is if WH is durable enough, they don’t play alot of kids and they tend to wear out. However, if they get up on you early, they play inspired football. Watch thier DB’s they press and react on run support. If the ball is hung in the air, it will be picked. If EP gets to the edge good-bye. Staples is awesome, I’m just going with my gut, it’s fun man!

  12. Dave Lib says:

    My Super 7 heading into the state playoffs, in order:

    1- Staples (big gap)
    2- Ansonia
    3- Hand
    4- Xavier
    5- Windsor
    6- NFA
    7- Greenwich

  13. @Libby – Believe me when I say Xavier is playing as well as anyone right now. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

  14. Dave Lib says:

    No doubt Xavier is playing on another level right now. But Staples (albeit vs. far weaker competition) has been on another level all year. I’ll stick to what I said while walking out of The Rent last year…Staples beats Xavier in the Class LL final, but not nearly as bad as Xavier beat Staples (42-7) last year. I’ll go with Staples by a touchdown or 10 points or so.
    It’s hard for me to get over the fact that X fell behind Hillhouse by 28 points! To me, that might say more than the fact they scored the final 29 to win. I know Hillhouse is an excellent team, but combine that with the fact that X lost at home to Hand (an excellent team) by 20 points?
    Two GREAT teams and I hope they meet in a Finals thriller.

    Anyway, since I gave my “Super 7″ before, I might as well finish my highly unofficial “Top Ten”:

    8- Newtown
    9- Masuk
    10- Southington

    I’m curious to know this: If Hand wins out, Staples wins out, and Ansonia wins out…..who do you think gets #1 in the coaches poll? And the writers poll? (Not who would you vote for, but what do you THINK will happen if those three scenarios play out)
    I think if Staples knocks off Xavier en route to winning a stacked LL, Staples should get it. Hand is great, and has played FAR better competition than Staples this year, but the L is not as strong like it was last year. I REALLY like this Ansonia team, but their schedule (and Class S field) hurts them. The only way I see Ansonia winning #1 is if somebody other than Staples wins LL, and if somebody other than Hand wins L.

  15. Bubba says:

    I thought Staples had turf, what’s the mudder comment all about? I will say this about Staples, Marce is great coach and person.

  16. Football Fan says:

    @ Dave..Too high with the Chargers and too low on the fighting Irish..

  17. PatPatriot says:

    It will be interesting to see what role the weather plays on Tuesday. Could really help Greenwich if that game turns into a cold slop-fest on that grass field. They have the type of backs who could thrive grinding it out if they have to.

  18. JJJJ4 says:

    If weather is a factor they will move games to Wednesday

  19. Football Fan says:

    Cannot see Wednesday-Saturday scheduling.CIAC losses big gate if moved from Saturday-Sunday

  20. swc fan says:

    @JJJ if they move the games to Wed. then are the Semi’s still on Saturday? That would be insane to have the teams play twice in 4 days.

  21. They’d almost have to go Sunday or Monday for QFs, depending on site availability.

  22. Honus says:

    @PatPatriot – Yes, a rematch for sure favors Staples who likely figures if they can beat Greenwich on a bad day, imagine what might happen on a good one. As for WH perhaps praying for snow, they might wish to check out that Staples game against then undefeated Darien last year. Per Greenwich, if they can get their hi-powered offense back on track, for sure they are capable of outscoring X. X reminds me of Staples last year, willing themselves to win and getting better each game. The problem is that in the playoffs you can’t just be greatly improved, you have to be flat out great.

  23. RAY BROWN says:


  24. JB says:

    Right now in FF county the NWS forecast is showing game-time high about 35; winds about 10; wind chill in the high-20s; light snow/rain before and during game time. 60% chance of the wet stuff starting about 1pm and ending after midnight. In northern counties bad weather starts a bit later, but forecast is basically the same (actually a bit worse for the New Haven area then Hartford or FF).

    Wouldn’t shock me to see the schedule get pushed out one day (Wednesday & Sunday). Teams driving long distances in the snow may be deemed a safety issue for the CIAC.

  25. mooncake says:

    I said at the beginning of the year that I bow to the SCC until its no longer needed. Will Tuesday be the day to finally break free of my FCIAC inferiority complex? I need 2 out of 3 games. I think I/we can get it.

    Back at the first game of the year at Staples we all were talking about the St Joes QB. I still think he was the best player we saw all year. All FCIACers need St Joes to win!

  26. GHS1973 says:

    Pleeeze play these games in what ever weather Mother Nature throws at us, except thunder & lightning…

  27. Bubba says:

    Mooncake: What if HH, Avon, WH, and Xavier all win. Will you harm yourself?

  28. Football Fan says:

    @ Ray Brown ,Are you looking past Prince Tech ?
    Be careful there you might give up a few points if you do.

  29. GHS1973 says:

    @Ray- I agree with you…Capital Prep is good (judging by their stats), and a potential sleeper team…They creamed Bullard-Havens (an M team), who is not that bad, either, but don’t think will hang with Berlin.

  30. GHS1973 says:

    The CSC Tech schools need some love…They got their budgets cut, but are back again in football…It would be nice to see one of them make some noise..

  31. mooncake says:

    @Bubba, No I will not harm myself, just once again sulk about not watching the best conference week in and out… Also, the thought of bowing my head as a sign of respect countless times as my way of saying hello to all you SCC fans at the QFs and Finals might be too much to bear.

  32. Bubba says:

    Both Conferences are the best in State. I’m a Brockton Boxer, and I think these two conferences in CT football are equal to the best of Mass. Enjoy the games, it’s all fun and a escape from the grind of working everyday. Go SCC!