New Milford’s Lynch steps down

New Milford's Chuck Lynch during a game earlier this season. Lynch has stepped down as coach after 10 seasons.

Chuck Lynch has resigned as New Milford’s football coach.

Lynch, who took over for Tom Taylor in 2003, coached for 10 seasons and compiled a 28-73 record. New Milford’s best seasons under Lynch was 6-5 in 2008 and 5-5 in 2011.

Lynch told the News-Times’ Rich Gregory he left for personal reason, but planned on coaching somewhere else next season.

We’ll have more from Rich later.

Sean Patrick Bowley

28 Responses

  1. bigmac says:

    now lets just pray they dont have one of those assistant’s turn into head coach, they need to bring someone in from the outside to completely change the program around

  2. Hsfan says:

    I thought that coach did a good job with what he had that team had no speed I thought they were well coached

  3. wavepops says:

    Amen bigmac .. to make a real change they need to get rid of every single one of those assistants because they’re all clueless. I agree they need someone totally new and not some youth football coach either they need someone who has winning high school football coaching experience.

  4. anonymous says:

    I wouldn’t completely disagree with that, however there is a lack of skill and size in the roster…a change could start there also

  5. NM Native says:

    New Milford needs to assess the “football situation” with consideration of the ROI and financial strains of the educational and athletic budgets. Time to suspend the football program, put the money toward improving the stadium (TURF!)and moving forward with the programs that ARE successful at NMHS – at a FRACTION of the cost.

  6. Frank says:

    Suspend the program? Is that a new phenomenom! Never heard of that in High School. College yes! Do that, and no more football program at NM. You raise money, and build better facility, and then you may attract a quality young unproven coach, and get him a teaching job. That’s the reality!

  7. Shmogaflu says:

    I also think that Coach Lynch did a good job with what he had. Do need to take a look at the whole program and make major changes. JV and Freshman teams were winless, Varsity was 2-8. Any thoughts on potential candidates for the job or who you think would be up to the task.

  8. mr fciac says:

    NM Native, no football no school. people come to football games regardless of the success i no you soccer guys think your the
    center of the earth but I’ve never been to a soccer game were they charge the 20 fans and the football situation is a town thing you are
    a LL school that competes in the swc the town needs to support the program from top to bottom. you cant wish for wins everybody needs to do the work to be a success. stop with the older lighter youth programs and go to a grade appropriate unlimited league and in 3yrs you will see winning football in that town

  9. wavepops says:

    its a pay to play program , the boy fundraise to support the football programs needs as does the booster club. football can be successfull, its up to the AD to hire the right person for the job. hopefully it wont be a teacher! the wrestling team is not coached by a teacher and its a good program with major success. Chuck is a heck of a nice guy he has had great talent over the years, some with major speed..he just doesn’t know how to use it , motivate them or be consistent.

  10. Dave says:

    Rex Ryan may be looking for a job for next season HAHAHAHAH

  11. db says:

    I grew up in Newtown where the program had two major eras; the 70’s through early 80’s and again in the 90’s. You need to have a coaching staff that works with all the kids in town – starting in Pop Warner. This is where they begin to identify certain strengths in particular kids. They then “groom” them all the way through high school. There also needs to be more fundraising and working with the kids in the off-season. My co-worker lives in Westport and this is how they do it there.Staples (Westport) is currently the #1 football team in the state by the way…

  12. PapaDags says:

    @ NM Native….Bite your tongue….Never suspend a program…get rid of football??? How can you say that. Win or lose the kids wanna play..What would these kids do that want to play football…Get real man and please don’t repeat that to the powers that be in your area…LET THEM’s not about you or I,it’s the students…let’s not lose sight of what is MOST important here…Sure it’s nice to win, but losing also builds character…Not all school’s or towns are blessed with programs like Ansonia, Westport, Madison, etc. etc……Develop and promote the pop warner programs as the aforementioned have and see what happens…then traditions are created..Of course, good coaching must be in place(again as the 3 aforementioned)….But to even mention turning your back on the youth cause they lose is most ridiculous…PS I’m from Seymour, we have been struggling the last few yrs also, but never a whisper or thought of suspending the football program…In fact, the person in this town that even uttered that phrase would be run out of town………..

  13. Shmogaflu says:

    Mr. Fciac, just this year NM started a new youth team, that plays in the AYF, and is not weight limited. I hope you’re right and it makes a difference. Although, we still have a majority of the kids playing Pop Warner.

  14. Pardits says:

    LL school, how is it sooo bad at football? Tough kids in that town, it shocks me all the time

  15. Cheyenne2 says:

    As a football mom, I would like to thank Coach Lynch for the 3 years my son has played Varsity Football under his direction. This has been a great experience for him and has shaped him into the compassionate and driven young man he is. The boys have grown together as a group and are wonderful young men.
    Best of luck to you, Coach, in your future.

  16. Wave99 says:

    Chuck is a good man, good football coach, but the program gets no support there. Losing tradition is tough to break. Town programs, including new AYF, are a mess, filled with bickering and backbiting. Some good players over the years, but always seemed to be one or 2 athletes away. This year must have been disappointing for sure, had some talent, but lack of consistency and lack of size on line was a killer……Maxpreps (if properly updated) shows leading rusher on the team had less than 300 yds on whole season. If you can’t get more than 50 yds on ground a game, you have to pass and become one dimensional, which makes you very easy to defend, unless you have great speed, which this team did not…Time to bring back the option..

  17. Dave says:

    mr fciac: NM HAS 2 youth football programs, a grade appropriate unlimited league (AYF) and a older lighter league (pop warner) . The Pop Warner program is extremely successful, has local support , many years of stability and hundreds of kids. The unlimited weight league (AYF) has none of that and they don’t win games . Since they only have a hand full of kids in their program they aren’t able to field grade appropriate teams. While their argument is PW has to play up and has several grades, ages and weights on the same team , so do they. The difference is PW caps weight for the safety of the players and they don’t. More parents than none are completely against having a 50 pound 5th grader lining up against a 150 pound 6th grader. So the unlimited weight they brag to offer is not as big a draw as they thought it would be. Many successful local area high schools have extremely successful football programs and their youth programs are NOT unlimited weight programs but Pop Warner, so I’m not seeing your point in saying “stop with the older lighter youth programs and go to a grade appropriate unlimited league and in 3yrs you will see winning football in that town” . That seems a little ignorant and a bit like a poor sales pitch.

  18. oldmanphil says:

    i have 4 boys who played proudly for the bulls and the high school and my grandsons will start playing for the bulls next year. that new team they aint going to make no difference to the future of green wave football the majority of kids in new milford will always play for the bulls and be proud like my boys and my grandsons. my good friend jay must be turning in his grave that ayf dont belong in this town they are a disgrace to all his hard work

  19. Shmogaflu says:

    Dave, lets be fair to the NM AYF program. They’ve only been in existence for one season so lets not pass judgement too soon. The league they play in contains: Ansonia, Newtown, Masuk, Bridgeport, Norwalk,Aspetuck (Joel Barlow & Weston), Danbury, Bethel, Shelton, & Oxford. Some pretty established and successful programs. So if they didn’t win many games it was still a successful season.
    Our Pop Warner program does well, and has for many years, however their success isn’t translating to future success. Something needs to change for NMHS to succeed in the sport. I think the AYF program is a step in the right direction.

  20. Shmogaflu says:

    Phil, how many games did your boys win while at NMHS? Something isn’t working. At least the new team is an attempt at something different. As Einstein said, the definition of insanity is “doing the same thing and expecting different results.” The program needs to be changed from the youth programs right through the high school!

  21. mr fciac says:

    Dave, are you on the pop warner pay roll don’t get defensive look
    at all the state finalist and tell me how many pop warner teams are in
    the states my friend. get back to me i have been coaching pop warner
    for 17yrs and finally have figured that the “ayf xyz abc what ever” high
    school programs will not get better until they go to unlimited grade
    appropriate football older lighters win jr pee wee games not high school games

  22. mr fciac says:

    Dave where are you on the pop warner representation in the states
    who’e a little ignorant

  23. mr fciac says:

    28 wins in 10yrs but im sure that stacked jr pee wee team had a
    winning record!!! via florida

  24. Wave Alum says:

    @wavepops NM has had some excellent individuals come through the school in the last decade, but even in their best years they’ve never had a group that matched the talent of the other LL schools in the SWC. And the speed? Some of those guys may have been faster than their teammates, but they still couldn’t run with the guys lining up for teams like Masuk, Newtown, and Bunnell.
    Nobody has won consistently in NM (even Tom Taylor was 3-7 in his final year with the Wave). Coach Lynch prepared his teams as well as anyone in the league and ran a classy program. He should be praised by NM parents.

  25. the fciac says:

    wave alum poor excuse but im wih you on coach he is a good guy but head coach is not for everybody.

  26. Wave Alumn says:

    Chuck is a great person, and a very nice guy. However, he flat out can not evaluate talent at all. Kids who were MINIMUM time players at pop warner, start on his team, while starters at pop warner, sit. I know that sometimes kids change – but not this much on one roster. Pop Warner vs AYF does not change this fact either as these kids Chuck started were just never good athletes. It’s because Chuck plays favorites and its pretty well known throughout the town of New Milford. Also, there are kids who are fast, and useful football players that never even saw the field. Does that make NMHS better than Masuk, or Newtown? I dont know – but it would be nice to find out. The offense and defense he runs is also not very creative as it can not adapt to an opponent on a weekly basis. Its very vanilla and predictable. The rest of the staff is completely useless and should be cleaned out. The JV head coach also coached AYF this same season. How could New Milford accept that? Finally, there is the fact that every practice the entire JV team sat around and watched Varsity practice. How does that help anything? Here is the bottom line. Brookfield is a pop warner town with around 600 kids in their program. New Milford has 1600. What is Brookfields record over the last 10 years?

  27. Jeff says:

    @Wave Alumn how do u know all of this information about the coaches and the jv players standing around? U go to every practice? the only people that know what goes on in the practices is the players/coaches and thats it

  28. Wave Alumn says:

    Jeff, its a fact. Ask any of the players or drive around back of the high school and see for yourself.