Super Wednesday: State quarterfinal live updates

Welcome back to round 2 of the CIAC state quarterfinals.

Tonight the remaining 12 games kick off around the state. Locally, in Class LL Greenwich travels to Xavier and Norwich Free Academy goes to Newtown. In Class L, New Canaan plays Avon in Simsbury; Middletown goes to Bunnell High School in Stratford to take on Masuk.

In Class M, Weston plays Ellington in Enfield. In Class S, Ansonia plays host to Prince Tech.

Here’s what happened last night: CLASS LL —Staples 42, West Haven 0; CLASS M — Hillhouse 34, St. Joseph 14 | Berlin 41, Bullard-Havens 14 | CLASS S — Hyde 15, Rocky Hill 14

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Game-by-Game updates

Xavier-Greenwich | Masuk-Middletown | Weston-Ellington | Newtown-NFA | New Canaan-Avon | Trinity-North Branford |

Or just follow all the quarterfinal action below in one spot:

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Sean Patrick Bowley

46 Responses

  1. Carl says:

    Woodland better not lose to Capital Prep!!!!!!!

  2. NFA Booster says:

    I sent in a post several weeks ago after the Stamford game to point out that NFA was for real this year and that parts of the state were disrepecting the tema and the ECC in state polls and articles. Then you predict that Newtown will win by 7 and NFA may now have to bring in the third string to avoid going over the 50 point rule. If my main job was to report on high school sports and I was off by 8 or 9 touchdowns in predicting the result of a playoff game, I would seriously reexamine my sources of information and my approach. Did you go watch NFA at all this year? Well maybe you will finally see them at the Rent. Go wildcats.

  3. Weasel says:

    W-E-S-T-O-N T-R-O-J-A-N-S!

  4. @NFABooster – Welcome.

    Welp, can’t pick em all right. And it wasn’t like I picked em to lose by 3 TDs. Relax brutha.

    My job is quite safe.

  5. Dan says:

    @NFA Booster- that’s a big maybe. GL with Staples

  6. Kyle says:

    Oh great, we already have enough annoying fans from NVL FCIAC and SCC, and worst of all SWC now here comes ECC. Please don’t start a ruckus, while I am happy you demolished that great undefeated Newtown from the SWC cause I was told last week how great they are and how great tht conference is! Well excuse me Bunnell probably would have smashed NFA, ha’

  7. Weasel says:

    I’m no journalist, but I’m gonna pick Staples by 3 TDs over NFA. Now NFAbooster and the NFA coach can go apoplectic together when the Westporters kick their score running up butts.


  8. Gur says:

    NFA is for real..that’s for sure…everyone knows it now. I think Staples is going to get beat…and its not going to be close.

  9. SBP Blog says:

    Marcus Outlow, Ryer Caruso, Joey Papparelli, Khalid Exum Strong…NFA has too many weapons….you’re going to finally know there names down south. FCIAC and those other over rated conferences be on the look out for these kids…you’re in for an awakening.

  10. JB says:

    So Sean – can you break down the Newtown vs NFA game for us. Was the thrashing a function of Newtown not really tested this year and ill prepared for a real LL team … or is NFA the team to beat in LL as claimed above by NFABooster?

  11. @JB – You could say the same about NFA. Played/beat nobody … until right now. That was pretty much a mission statement. Foof. My spies (i.e. fellow reporters) out east were weary about them, I’m sure they’re pretty stunned too.

  12. Gur says:

    Sean, as i said, NFA is for real…you are right, its unfortunate they “didnt play anybody” in the regular season (other than fitch a state playoff team, and new london) But a talented, stacked team is a talented, stacked team. Believe me, i’ve seen Staples play….NFA by two touchdowns.

  13. @Gur – This is from your own newspaper people!

    Get ready everyone for three days of NFA-Staples smack.

    Should be fun. Don’t turn that dial.

  14. jim says:

    yeah thy cant beat fitch by 2 tds who just got smacked by windsor but they will staples.

  15. Dave Lib says:

    Can’t wait to see Staples vs. NFA on Sunday. I’m hoping that’s a 12:30 game. Then off to Masuk vs. Hand (again) at West Haven at 5:30 or so. Maybe Windsor-NC if that is a night game. Should be a fun Sunday!

  16. FCIAC Football follower says:

    A few weeks ago the question was asked how good Newtown was and why weren’t they ranked higher. It was also talked about how the FCIAC was over-rated when NFA beat Stamford by 51 points. Let’s answer the first question – Newtown is the bully on the playground – was Jack not around to draw up a defensive scheme or after giving up over 60 points did someone tell him his services were no longer needed. Great year and great job last week but Top 10 team – eh no. On the second point, it was alo asked how Newtown would do in the FCIAC – well Stamford lost by 51 and Newtown lost by 42. Stamford went 2-8 in the overrated conference – guess Newtown would do better – maybe 3-7 – we will never know but we do Newtown is not as good as advertised. As for NFA, you wil get your chance – don’t go out like Greenwich and West Haven and be down by 28 points in the first quarter – prove how good you are before you talk about it.

  17. wasfromNewtown says:

    very disappointed the best from the SWC could not hang with the best from the ECC, and it wasn’t even close. All this talk about Newtown and their up and coming stars convinced me to drive back to the old stomping grounds to watch some real football, but the talk was nothing but that, just talk.

    It was evident after the first few series that Newtown and the lack of team speed was going to be a problem with NFA. Speed is a crucial factor when you play against a team with multiple athletes which could be the reason why they had success against Masuk(only one real athlete). I spoke to a few fathers in the crowd and they echoed the same thing about team speed and without Hebert, it is even worse. Their concern now is that their fastest 4 or 5 players are seniors who start at DB or one of the receiver positions and they really don’t have replacements with the size and speed of this year. They really thought this was their year to win the states but took a huge blow with Heberts injury.

    I still think 10-1 is a great record but is it overinflated as they only played 2 class LL teams this season, one is one of the lowest ranked teams in LL and the other was NFA?

  18. JB says:

    Wow, good looking campus at NFA from their website. Looks like the infrastructure of a small college. Curious, what is the history of the school?

    The football team looks good. Maybe a bit under-sized at the OL but it worked against Newtown. Marcus Outlow is a good looking player and his post game interview was very impressive. Need to research more their defensive unit and see what that looks like. Newtown is not a great measuring stick. They get thumped every year in the playoffs. Staples did the same thing to them last year when Newtown was much more physical with Feneroli and a much stronger OL/DL.

  19. Master Legend says:

    Does Outlow seriously have offers on the table from Alabama, Oregon and Florida?? Bama never recruits kids from CT….he must be legit if that’s true.

    NFA seems to have a real beef with the FCIAC and this part of the state. I hope they understand that Staples is not Newtown or Stamford, though.

  20. Brian says:

    Have not seen NFA or Windsor this year. Windsor always is big and athletic though so the rematch vs NC will be interesting. I saw NFA vs Trumbull 2 years ago and they were big and slow. This team seems faster and more athletic but still tough to gage. Schedule is very weak. Beat another fast team in Fitch by a only a TD I think and Newtown is a good team but not an elite one this year. NFA will compete or get blown depending on the line play.

    Good luck to all the remaining teams. Hopefully the times and sites are good ones!

  21. mooncake says:

    I have to wake up to this Gur guy? When did he see Staples play, BS.

    By the way its Westporters…

    Staples and its fans will goes quite, the way Marce likes it. See you Sunday. “In quietness and in confidence shall be your strength” – Isaiah.

  22. PatPatriot says:

    Ding ding ding …. we have a winner. For two year Masuk fans held the title for the most obnoxious fans/bloggers. “X” to their credit didn’t seem to want the crown even though arguably the best team in the state for two years. Now we have NFA – Sean, the GOLDEN PLUNGER please.

    Do you guys have the dude in the fireman helmet who leads cheers for you too?

  23. mr fciac says:

    is nfa like st joe’s a recruiting school playing public schools?? no room on the schedule for dom bosco?

  24. Brian says:

    HOw do u not put the NFA staples game at night?? Crazy. NC Windsor at Bunnell opposite the Staples game?? Hand vs MAsuk at 5pm should not be the prime time game this year. That’s awful scheduling!

  25. mueller says:

    Mr. FCIAC NFA is a private school with a board unlike a public school the town and many surrounding towns pay into it and send their students there, depending on how you look at it it’s quasi public or quasi private, but students themselves don’t pay tuition

  26. mueller says:

    Brian I agree, the timing of these games is a joke and a half, Weston-Berlin @ 5, I don’t know how Cheshire can acomodate the number of people who will be at the X- GBURY game, it will be like 10 deep along the fence! ever see the away bleachers at the Mclary complex?!

  27. JB says:

    Mr. Outlow would have a Rivals site filled with press articles if he had offers from Alabama, Oregon, Florida, etc. He is probably getting mail from a bunch of schools, like a ton of other good looking juniors nationwide. A guy like Jamal Peppers down in NJ, he had offers from those schools as a junior. The Boneyard blog has UConn showing some interest in Marcus, but that is it. Rivals is reporting that only Newsome has actual offers (UConn and UMass). However, Marcus is a really good looking player and definitely the heart of the NFA team.

  28. Master Legend says:

    @27- good insight. I just watched a couple of his highlight videos. Not very impressive compared to some of the other players in the state.

    Speaking of that, did the kid from Avon really get Gatorade POY??

  29. Dylan says:

    Tough break for Berry last night look like he was on pace for 200-300 yards. Is there another team in the state that has a 1500 yard rusher and a 1500 yard receiver? Thats what Xavier will hav by year end? Also, I believe Luster is the state’s leading receiver yards wise and Berry is one of the leading scorers with 36 TDs. Great year for these kid who rarely got a shot to pla last year because of injury and because Xavier had great players in the WR and RB positions.

    On another note, NFA is a scary team and I believe they will be a tough match up for Staples. The point is they are an unknown. Even though their schedule was “easy”, it does not mean they are not formidable. I suspect they are a tough out for anybody. Staples may have to score on each possession to win.

  30. Tony says:

    ECC – NFA, you guys need to chill. You qualified for the semi’s about 20 minutes ago so think it through for a few minutes before popping off so heavily. Unless you promise to check back on these blogs on Monday because all of us in the FCIAC and who are Staples fans will be interested in your comments. NFA is a good team, I saw them last night, but Newtown is no Staples so be warned not to provide too much bulletin board materials because my hunch is that the players love tuning in here as much as we all do.

  31. SCC fan says:

    #17,speed is something the SWC really doesnt have except for a few players here and there. I am sure Newtown will have some upcoming students fill the need and they will get by in their league until the states. It is a shame that they take away a spot from a Ridgefield, shelton or other SCC/FCIAC team that has to play some of the top teams in the state in class L/LL while Newtown plays 7 class S/M teams which are given wins. CIAC needs to step in and make adjustments to the current point system.

  32. SCC fan says:

    30, this is the same NFA team that squeaked by Fitch and beat a 7-4 New London team 28-7 so I think they just played their best game of the year last night with a 42 point victory. That, or Newtown was just way overrated as I think Newtown would whoop it up on Fitch or NL.

    With that being said, if NFA plays like it did last night, then Staples will be a great game. If they play like they did against Fitch of NL, then it will be a long night. Staples has been consistent all year long with no close games in the 2nd toughest league in CT. Hoping NFA shows up with last night’s game but my money is on Staples by 4 TDs.

  33. Fitch Fan says:

    Congrats to Windsor on a convincing win.

    Unfortunately, the refs were horrible. They ruined the game for all who watched. They got involved from the first snap and never let up. The back judge made several calls from 30+ yards away. The referee called back-to-back roughing calls on Fitch when the Windsor QB wasn’t even hit. All five refs threw flags on one Windsor INT return. It was so bad that in the second half the Fitch fans were booing when they called penalties against Windsor, even though Fitch still had a samll chance to get back in it.

    How do refs this bad get assigned to playoff games? There ought to be a rating system so that only refs who know how to control a game without penalties on every play are allowed in the playoffs.

  34. gur says:

    @mooncake. i work in NYC and caught the greenwich quarterfinal game on way home. NFA / Staples is a good match up, but NFA is faster, (now that kelly is out) and a bit deeper. Not worried about the size of the Staples line. should be a great one…

  35. gur says:

    @mooncake, sorry West haven game….jesus

  36. Brian says:

    Has NFA ever won a state LL title or played in the title game?

  37. Kyle says:

    SCC fan did you just bargain to have the CIAC let Shelton play instead of Newtown…. Shelton had to hand on tooth and nail to beat Derby, please Shelton is not very good

  38. HSFAN says:

    maybe NEWTOWN needed JACK COCRAN to win like they needed thanksgiving funny how carma work right coach george

  39. mooncake says:

    Hey @gur: You saw the Staples West Haven game and you are saying NFA is faster than what you saw in Westport? Well then sign me up, I want to see NFA play! Looking forward to a thrilling game. Also, Kelly is not the fastest on the team…Strauss is #32.

  40. Brody says:

    I’m sure a player has to work so hard to become a Capt. and leader for a “program” like Staples. I feel for Nick Kelly as a player and person if he can’t play a lot more than I feel bad for Staples. I’m sure he will lead this team one way or the other but Wrecker Nation hopes it is in pads.

  41. mr fciac says:

    i agree that the point system in the swc needs work the fciac is crossing with scc teams why not have the swc play some fciac teams?

  42. SCC fan says:

    @41, that would take away an easy victory for the Newtown and Masuk teams. I heard they are playing a cross over game against the “cough cough” NVL league. let’s hope Ansonia gets Newtown or Masuk or it will be just another Ansonia killing.

  43. footyfan says:

    @mooncake. Wow! Isn’t Kelly like a 100 yard dash champion? To have someone faster than that is impressive….maybe I’m wrong then…either way, gonna be great game…both teams are the real deal

  44. mooncake says:

    Hey @footyfan, My thought is Strauss is faster 0-40, Kelly is faster 0-100. I was at the X/Card game and was speaking with the Staples coaches who were there, one said Kelly the other said Strauss…

  45. Remember when Staples was going to beat NFA by 4 TDS???…….. yeah.. me either.

  46. spike says:

    Mr. Mooncakes,

    Mr. Kelly might not be the fastest player on Staples but he is the best player on Staples. I don’t care how you slice it. What do you have against this kid?