State football semifinal schedule announced

Below is the schedule for the CIAC state football semifinals.

All games are Sunday, Dec. 2


Staples (10-0) vs. NFA (11-0) at West Haven, 12:30

Glastonbury (10-1) vs. Xavier (10-0) at Cheshire, 12:30



New Canaan (9-2) vs. Windsor (10-0) at Bunnell, 12:30

Hand (11-0) vs. Masuk (10-1) at West Haven, 5



Berlin (10-1) vs. Weston (9-2) at Bunnell, 5

Hillhouse (9-2) vs. Montville (9-2), at Middletown, 5



North Branford (11-0) vs. Woodland (8-3), at Falcon Field, Meriden, 12:30

Ansonia (12-0) vs. Hyde (10-1), at Middletown, 12:30

Sean Patrick Bowley

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  1. HSFBFAN says:

    Is this Saturday or Sunday?

  2. Sunday. Added that tidbit.

  3. Fixed typo on Ansonia. That game is 12:30

  4. Master Legend says:

    Nice job, CIAC. You have two teams a few miles apart (Ansonia and Hyde), and you send them to play in Middletown?!?!

  5. Brian says:

    I think the CIAC did a [bad] job scheduling these games. NFA/Staples shold be primetime game not Hand/Masuk. That had it’s turn last year and we all remember how it turned out. Repeat coming.

    Gave NC a home game vs Windsor too playing at Bunnell. XAvier and Gbury got home games distance wise.

  6. jeb says:

    The CIAC must feel that the Masuk vs. Hand game is the feature game of the semi-finals. Or, they might feel that NFA has a longer distance to travel and the NFA team wouldn’t get back to Norwich until after 10 p.m. Staples vs. NFA now looms large as far as interest is concerned. Masuk vs. Hand lost much of its lustre this year. Saw Xavier beat up on Greenwich last night…Greenwich lost to both Staples and Xavier for their only two losses but in truth they are not a typical Greenwich team.

  7. HSFBFAN says:

    Not quite sure about the NC home game. Still a 35 minute drive vs Windsors 60 minute. Might be getting a little picky to ask the CIAC to find someplace that’s middle ground for both teams

    And it does not really matter where that game is played. Windsor is going to put it on NC

  8. Brian says:

    #7, I heard that last year too. Then NC beat them.

    The home game I agree is not a big deal. I’m more upset for personal reasons….I can’t make 12:30pm only 5pm! lol

  9. JB says:

    @jeb – Greenwich was without O’Neil. No excuses, but that matters. He is a good QB and the offense never got going without him … and then all those fumbles off of bad exchanges. Watch the game on CPTV, and it was not the Cardinal’s best showing. However, much of that was due to Xavier’s defense – played really well. And Berry had like 100 yds before he went out, then Boyle took over and was on fire. Any word out there on Berry’s concussion?

  10. Dave says:

    Brian, they scheduled Hand-Masuk at 5 p.m because Hand and Masuk both draw a lot of people. Last year was standing room only at West Haven and will be again. NFA is over an hour away and won’t draw as well.

    The CIAC is all about $$$$ and putting teams that draw close to home and in prime time games. In this case, playing during the day on a Sunday is actually a good thing. Staples-NFA would draw a lot less at night.

  11. Dave says:

    Also don’t forget, Trumbull HS and Central Connecticut State University were Saturday site but are unavailable for Sunday games. Central would have been perfect for Xavier-Glastonbury.

    Could have put Ansonia-Hyde at West Haven but then you have to send Staples and NFA to Middletown.

    CIAC did a good job with just 5 sites, three of which (Cheshire, Middletown and Meriden) are close to each other.

  12. jeb says:

    Staples vs. NFA prediction:

    With Kelly Staples 49 NFA 14

    Without Kelly Staples 21 NFA 20

  13. Brian says:

    Xavier 34 Gbury 14
    Staples 35 NFA 14

    Hand 34 Mask 14
    Windsor 33 NC 21 (I can see this going other way though)

    Berlin 36 Weston 22
    House 41 Montville 13

    Ansonia 47 Hyde 12
    NB 27 Woodland 20

  14. The Dude says:

    I can definitely see Staples having some trouble with NFA with or without Kelly. They showed last night that they should be taken seriously and not thrown out with the trash like most ECC teams with the exception of New London are historically.

  15. FtballFanatic says:

    @JB-DeAngelo is fine,no-concusiion, coach marinan just didnt feel like even risking the possibility that he could be hurt when the game was well in hand .

  16. Chris Berman says:

    Looked over the NFA roster, very undersized up front on both sides of the ball. That may have worked against Newtown, but I doubt it will against a Staples or a Xavier sized team. Skilled athletes are important, but games are won or lost in the trenches….Staples rolls

  17. bb says:

    not sure why the ciac has to have pre determined sites instead of having around 10 possible sites with the site that is closest to the middle of the 2 schools as place they play . what would probaly be even better is to let the higher seed team host the semi’s then have the championship at the neutrel site . im not sure why the ciac rarley gets these things right . for such a small state theres always big problems

  18. Xhs says:

    Xavier met Glastonbury in a scrimmage this summer. Teams change but it wasn’t a problem. MLB Jones missed game last night disiplinary reasons. Berry s/b ok. Staples by 30. See you next weekend. Out.

  19. Dylan says:

    Congratulations to the kid from Avon getting Gatorade Player of the year. Never saw him play but his team finished undefeated, he was their best player and the stats are POY worthy.

    Honestly it should be tough to pick a POY for CT there are so many kids with great stats but none that really bowl you over.

  20. the fciac says:

    Dylan Joe Pacheco Joe Pacheco had the kid from
    avon beat hands down and didnt play in thanksgiving day

  21. Dylan says:

    @fciac was his team undefeated? Did they make the playoffs? See that is my whole point, all of these kids have great stats and its hard to pick one, fairly. So you have to have a differentiator and being a 2.000 yard rusher on an undefeated team is a major accomplishment. I would put those stats up against any other player.

  22. the fciac says:

    its a running back award not a team and didnt ya just lose in the states hmmm i wonder if that counts

  23. Dylan says:

    it is not a running back award and yes he lost in the states as did the previous winner. It is a regular season award. Is Moore better than the backs in the SCC? Is he better than Arkeel or Pacheco? Who knows, but he is as deserving as anyone else in this state. FYI – That is just my opinion, I could be wrong.

  24. the fciac says:

    dylan check the stats and then give your opinion

  25. FtballFanatic says:

    Moore is NOT as good as newsome and isn’t better than the backs in the SCC who put up awesome numbers in the most difficult conference in the state, or pacheco either…milone couldve/shouldve won it too

  26. FtballFanatic says:

    He’s an awesome player though and on statistics alone, and the fact that he had an undefeated season, he is deserving of the award, he just isnt the best player in the state

  27. Dave Lib says:

    Does anybody know why Pacheco didn’t play on Thanksgiving? I haven’t heard one reason. Injured? Trouble? Haven’t got a straight answer yet as to EXACTLY what happened. Thanks.

  28. Fred G. Sandford says:

    This coach of Xavior is a piece of work for a lack of a better choice of words. This is what he said in the Middletown Press after last night’s game: said Xavier coach Sean Marinan. “We were really physical, which is what I wanted to be. I didn’t think they (Greenwich) were used to that.”

    Sean, you big dummy…Greenwich started their year out with Don Bosco and played in a pretty tough league. It surely appears that Sean is starting to think too highly of Sean and his body of work over the last “few” years.

    This clown is a history teacher over at Prep North, one would expect he would have a better understanding of his very short tenure in being semi-relevant.


  29. Dwayne Johnson says:

    If you are deciding what game(s) to attend, make sure to choose Masuk vs. Hand. Hand’s confidence level is at the typical Masuk level (off the charts). Masuk has been humbled and should NEVER be doubted. I see a hand blow out or the best game of the playoffs

  30. NFA All the Way says:

    NFA say, “No effin way!” Wildcats wreck the day 42-20trey!

  31. Fred G. Sandford says:

    Richie Albonizio moaning about a slippery state ball last night at half time was really embarrassing for him and the FCIAC. If the coach could have found a way into the playoffs every few years he might consider having his team use the CIAC ball in lieu of what he has done.

    Time for Richie to go ciao and time to bring in Murphy!

    Richie, you Big dummy!


  32. Dave Lib says:

    I guess I’m out of the loop. Why would Jack Cochran help Newtown against his son’s former team (Masuk)? I’ve missed something. Thanks.

  33. Tim says:

    Dwayne: Have you been hitting the hookah pipe? Hand’s built in mandra is ” One play, One game at a time” Coaches and Upperclassmen preach it. Both teams will be ready to go. Hand will punch the clock and prevail victorious!

  34. Chris Berman says:

    Fred you ignorant […]

    It’s obvious you’re upset over the GHS loss and are looking for anything to discredit Coach Marinan. He was never insulting anyone, simply pointing out what he saw during the game. 3 state championships in 7 years, with the possibility of 4 out of 8 is hardly success for a “few” years. And he’s a Princeton grad so I’m not sure calling him a “dummy” or “clown” are very accurate. Grow up, take the loss like a man and move on. You’re just embarrassing yourself with posts like that.

  35. SCC_Fan says:

    @Fred – they beat the heck out of Greenwich. The QB got sacked 5 times in the first 2 series. With the exception of 1 67 yard run, the FCIAC averaged 2 yards a play all night. They looked about as good as Amity, save for Longi. Also, he was the captain at Princeton, where they know how to spell “Xavier” (with an “e”). He’s 45-3 in the past 4 years with 2, possibly 3 straight LL titles. I’d say that’s fairly relevant. He’s a class guy all the way and would never call you a “clown”. I will. But he wouldn’t. Lighten up. He was 1000% right.

  36. I’m getting sick of all the name calling on here. Enough. Enough. Enough. Enough.

    Are you all 12?

    I’m banning all name calling.

  37. FootballFan says:

    I am a former HS football coach and was at the Newtown NFA game last night and I must say that team was very, very good. However their coach, some players and 99% of their fans were very classless. People forget this is a game being played by high school KIDS. Coaching is about more than winning, but it follows the trend of America in all facets just going down the toilet. Fans chanting awful things. #7 doing his best Cam Newton Superman impression at all of 5’2″ and a coach running up the score with all starters in instead of putting in a young JV star to run jet sweep and insisting on taking a knee instead of playing football on more than one drive. It’s sad and awful what has become of our society. Not sure if Newtown was inferior or just had a bad game (probably some of both) but those kids (especially seniors) handled it with class. Stay classy HS coaches and fans. Keep some perspective

  38. Fred G. Sandford says:

    Berman and SCC fan,

    Boy did Fred touch a nerve. You gents must be Mr. Princeton’s water boys. Y’all need to brush up on your history.

    Coach McCarthy was 55-3 with 5 state championships back in the 80’s and you want to anoint Sean for being special? How many towns does Seanie pull from?

    Sean’s quotes were off, he is off in more way than one, and ask any college recruiter if they enjoy dealing with him.

    Fred G. Sandford

  39. Fred says:

    I wonder why the CIAC did not have simi-final game in Waterbury (Municipal Field). This would have been a perfect cite (and actually neutral) to play either/both Windsor vs New Canaan or the Berlin vs Weston game. Instead they chose to give the the lower seeded schools a home game in Stratford. Even SCSU would have been a better choice for the those games or the perfect spot for the Ansonia vs Hyde game. Instead they choose Middletown for that game (is that the best the CIAC could do – REALLY).

  40. RAY BROWN says:


  41. SCC_Fan says:

    SPB – fair enough.

    But the guy is calling Marinan a clown. And stating that college recruiters don’t like dealing with him? Let’s see, Graham Stewart went to Florida and Boyle is going to BC.

    Last WH guy going to a D-1 was? Booker in 2003, right? McCarthy’s salad days are behind him. And he acted like a complete fool last year both during regular season and at LL playoffs vs. X. He set up his players for failure and if memory serves, his LT got thrown out for unsportsmanlike early in a 40 pt rout.

    You’re right in that Berman and I, like MANY others, see this guy as a great coach with total class.

    And once again, we have the recruiting argument stated so eloquently. The kids who go to X come from towns where a.) the schools are not that great and b.) the parents don’t have enough money to move to say, Greenwich. Or Monroe (wink, wink).

    Sorry, but the guy is totally special. And with the JV class he has coming, there’s a pretty good possibility that he’ll match old EZ Ed here shortly – from a school that has pretty much no football history since a couple of years in the 70’s to speak of. Unlike Greenwich or WH.

    Let me just say, Fred. First, use spell check. Second, stick to facts (Marinan’s 3 titles in LL since 2005 and his 45-3 record and counting the last 4 years stacks up with pretty much anybody). Third, the anti-Catholic school bias (selective too, I might add given that Ed’s 5 titles included wins at St. Joe’s right?) is just plain ignorant. And last, who the heck are you to call anyone “Seanie” and insinuate that you have ANY first hand knowledge of college recruiting?


    Done now.

  42. PolarSC says:

    Hands off to Xavier they have a great QB in Doyle…Would have liked to see ow the game would have come out if the refs were wearing their stripe shirts instead of navy blue. It’s unfortunate that they are able to dictate the momentum of the game. I hope that the semi finals and finals are on a level playing field. Nothing against Xavier the result might have been the same wouldn’t it?????

  43. Whopper16 says:

    @37..are you serious? Newtown throws a 2 yard TD pass vs Oxford with 96 seconds left, already up by 3 scores, and now you whine and make false claims when Newtown gets thumped? Your comments are way off base, I was there too, NFA did nothing wrong, didnt even score in 4h quarter (didnt need to after scoring 5 times in 3rd) don’t complain about running up the score, not true. They could have scored 90 if they wanted to. I saw kids being kids, just like I saw when Newtown beat Masuk..when they win a big one, they celebrate on sideline and after big plays. Newtown kids do the same thing when they beat up on Immacualte and Notre Dame-Fairfield. Newtown student body/fans not above taunting chants either, been there, seen it vs Brookfield numerous times. You got crap kicked out of you, plain and simple..dust it off, get ready for next year, only thing you can do. Whining about kids celebrating a victory makes you look foolish and like a sore loser.

  44. JJJJ4 says:

    @whopper16….looking forward to continuing to dominate your Brookfield team for another 3 years!!!

  45. GHS1973 says:

    @Ray Brown…Sorry, slow to react…Shell-Shocked…lol…But, really I got some well needed work the last few days, so couldn’t hang around this blog all day/nite…I explained my feelings on another thread.. But,in a nut shell, we got whooped by a bigger, stronger, better team, that’s all (I did watch the game on TV)…

  46. GHS1973 says:

    @Ray Brown…By the way, what is your feeling about the possibility of the Bridgeports coming to tne NVL in all sports?..

  47. FootballFan says:

    I have no affiliation with Newtown, so to decend to name calling and say I am a sore loser is misguided and foolish. I didn’t care who won that game. I go to many different games during the year that are local to me and where I live and I follow the whole state in the paper. This was the first Newtown game I went to this year I can’t speak for other games and what happens at them regarding Newtown (perhaps they deserved it them from an out of conference team they never played before). What I can comment on was what I saw at that game. What I saw was not how I ever coached a game. I would have benched #7 for his actions in celebrating and I would be embarassed by the actions of my teams parents and fans, which are things that are hard to control as a coach. However it is possible to create a and promote a good atmosphere. As for playing the game out and putting in a JV kid that would be so excited to get on the field and run the ball and possibly score and just taking a knee on two series in a row, it is not right at all and I have to say the coaching was poor and it is reflected by their fans. If you can’t see how that is not right then you probably should apply for one of the vacant coaching positions. I am sure your complete lack of perspective is what most administrations are looking for in this world. Teach kids nothing about sportsmanship and win at all cost by as much as possible. To complitment NFA that #21 was a monster who seemed to play with class and is only a junior. Heard he has outstanding offers!! Keep it up kid, thats what it is about.

  48. eddysuds00 says:

    I have not heard anyone comment on the “Brawl” during the Xavier Game..
    I didn’t attend the game, but heard it on the news…
    What Happened, and Why did it happen?

  49. Whopper16 says:

    @JJJ.. Thank-you, you just made my point exactly. Newtown looks forward to taking on the Class M and Class S schools in SWC, but what happens when you play another LL School. Well, you did beat 2-8 New Milford, (21-7, scoreless 2nd half for Newtown), and you were embarassed by NFA on your home field. Big fish in a little pond jjj4!

    Class M Brookfield will be ready, see you next year.

  50. SCC fan says:

    @jjj4, how about looking forward to beating a team outside of the SWC? Please, stop picking on the Class M teams and dare yourself to dream outside of the SWC. Don’t lower your expectation when you are the big bully of the SWC. Is it true Newtown played 7 class M/S teams this season? what a shame.

  51. mueller says:

    SCC fan, Rob Jackson, 2004 grad (K-State) actually is playing and seeing the field for the Redskins , so your comment about Booker being the last D1 kid from WH is off. But I agree with you that the game is passing Eddie by, I heard they only practice a little over an hour due to Mac’s energy/health issues, anyone know if this is true?

  52. mooncake says:

    Is it me or do the NFA fans talk a lot? I just hope they show up on this blog on Sunday night/Monday if things don’t go their way. I have a feeling they won’t.

    Good luck to all the teams.

    “in quietness and in confidence shall be your strength”

  53. Gerg F says:

    Xavier is a very good team. Xavier recruits from over 29 towns. They should not be playing public schools, they should be playing catholic schools from all over the North East. They would be better matched playing similar schools in the Boston area, New York and New Jersey. Fair is fair, they are a great team and they should play similar teams. It would be great to see.

  54. mr fciac says:

    whopper 16 what makes you think brookfield is making a big turnaround
    the team i saw was average at best

  55. Observer says:

    @ Gerg F. Xavier does NOT recruit. It never has and never will. Xavier is no different than St. Joes, St. Bernards, Notre Dame WH, Northwest Catholic, East Catholic, Fairfield Prep and more. The only reason people find fault with Xavier now is because of their successes over the past five or so years. Frankly, I’m frustrated by the number of people who assume that Xavier’s success comes from their ability to draw from other towns. If that were the case, then all the aforementioned schools should be kicking the tails off of public schools as well. But they don’t. Why don’t people start recognizing the real reason that Xavier excels: the culture, the staff, and the hard-work of the players.

    On a different note, I believe your comment presents an entirely different issue that I often rail against: and that is the tendency of people to find excuses when they fail. I.E., “school “A” beat than us, so they must have cheated, or they must have an unfair advantage, or they must have poisoned our Gatorade jugs before the game.” I’m tired of it. How about a little accountability? How about “school “A” beat us be cause they worked harder, prepared longer, and wanted it more”? Xavier is good because they have eared the right through work ethic. No other reason.

  56. SJ Alum says:

    @Eddysuds, The Xavier vs Greenwich game became highly emotional, The “Brawl” started when Boyle crossed the goalline, in the process he stiff armed a defender. After scoring the touchdown Greenwich players then placed a questionable late hit on Boyle, Boyle’s teammates then took exception and the Brawl took place until the police, coaching staff and refs stepped in. The outcome was an Offensive facemask by Boyle (I don’t get that one, but whatever?) and offsetting personal fouls. The touchdown was negated. The next play Xavier scored and the frustration grew…both coaches regrouped with their teams and the fans settled down. Credit to all the players who showed some true sportsmanship after “The Brawl” I witnessed each team offering a helping hand to their opponents to get up after some physical plays and respected “pats” of admiration. At this point in the playoffs you realize emotions are high and tempers can flare up but the coaches and players did then right thing and sportsmanship prevailed on the field. At the end of the game there were even some hugs and congratulations. Let’s not sensationalize the Drama of the brawl but the competition of the game.

  57. GHS1973 says:


    I commented on the “brawl” on different thread…I only saw the game on TV, but they showed most of it…It started in the Greenwich end zone after a late hit by Greenwich, who were obviously frustrated…Then all hell broke loose, and the cops had to break it up…CPTV didn’t show that part, but I read it in the paper the next day…The whole thing interrupted the game for about 15 minutes…The funny thing is (to me anyway) was that the only flag was on a face mask penalty by X…But, they regrouped quickly and scored anyway…As far as I could tell, no one got hurt..Mostly pushing & shoving, and heck, they all had helmets & pads on…There were much bigger hits on the field of play…Those boys (both teams) play hard & rough…Xavier was just bigger, stronger, and better…

  58. MXR says:

    I was in the endzone bleachers at the GW-X game and think SJ Alum and GHS1973 have the major facts about right, although it was only one GW player involved in the late hit. It was very confusing to watch live, even more once things settled down. The official ruling appeared to be a do over due to off-setting facemask on GW and personal foul on X, both of which would have occurred after the score and should not have negated it. The post-game explanation reversed that and went as SJ Alum said. There were actually three flags thrown (at least that I saw), one back toward the line of scrimmage (consistent with the facemask on X), one at the spot of the late hit and one in the corner where the melee was. I have not seen a real explanation of the last one, but presumably it was off-setting personal fouls on a whole bunch of people.

    It’s a shame GW had to play without its Quarterback, and that Staples may be missing a key player. Hopefully Xavier will not have to go forward without Berry. I know injuries are part of the game, but they are particularly disappointing when they cause kids to miss the biggest games of their high school careers.

  59. Whopper16 says:

    @ 54..Mr FCIAC..never mentioned big turnaround for Brookfield. I was just responding to jjj4 who said his LL school was looking forward to dominating our class M school for next 3 years. Simply replied that Brookfield would be ready, and they will be. Good underclassmen coming up, returning qb, will be competitive. Not claiming a victory, just that Coach A will have them prepared to play. We’ll see.

    @47..I didnt call you or names. Just said that complaining after a beating is not becoming of Newtown and sounds like whining befitting a sore loser. You can claim that you are not affiliated with Newtown but that is clearly a red herring…no one else complained about NFA celebration, and only a Newtown parent/player/booster would take it so personnally. I was on their sideline and saw nothing but joyous expressions and euphoria over such a convincing win. I just find it comical that when Newtown players and fans act boorish after beating up on an Immaculate or ND Fairfield, its “play the game, if you dont’ like it, stop us with your defense”… but when they get humiliated on their own field and that team celebrates, and their fans celebrate, its all of a sudden “classless”. Cant have it both ways Nighthawk. The NFA kids took a 2hr bus ride on a school night and played a dominating game…to call 16-17yr olds “classless” is a poor reflection on you. Let the kids have their fun and enjoy it.

  60. MXR says:

    Congrats to everyone who made it to the Quarters, and good luck to everyone on Sunday. How I see it:

    Class S — Ansonia and North Branford

    Class M — Berlin and Hillhouse

    Class L — Madison 35, Masuk 14; Windsor 42, New Canaan 21

    Class LL — Staples 42, NFA 28; Xavier 42, Glastonbury 14

  61. GHS1973 says:

    @MXR….I’m pretty sure it was the DB Dunster kid who layed the hit on Boyle to start the whole thing…BTW, for Greenwich #40 Olmstead played great making big hits all over the field in a losing effort…

  62. MXR says:

    GHS — I was specifically trying not to call out any individual by name or number, and I cannot say with certainty who it was. I just wanted to clarify SJ Alum’s statement that it was “Greenwich players.”

    #3 for Greenwich is a heck of a player.

  63. Lebowski says:

    Dunster was in the other side of the field away from the play. The Xavier WR was flagged for a 15 yd face mask against Dunster at the beginning of that same play. Very chippy game.

  64. GHS1973 says:

    @Lebowski…I really couldn’t tell from the TV broadcast…My next guess would be Olmstead..He was all over the field all game making tackles & cracking heads…I don’t know for certain, and who really cares in the end?…X rolled big time…Yeah, it was a chippy game for sure.

  65. kris1 says:

    No one, who roots for FCIAC or SC teams, should never complain about not having a player due to injury. You guys have 60+ kids on your rosters. You’re the first ones to say S/M schools can’t compete with school L/LL schools because they would get banged up on a weekly basis and they don’t have the depth to handle a key loss. We don’t feel sorry for you. You guys lose one player and your looking for a built-in excuse. Kelly is a great player, but Staples won’t lose because he’s not there. Nor did Greenwich lose because O’Neill couldn’t play. Xavier is just better. If NFA wins it will be because they executed better. Staples is more then just a one-man show. Christ, Ansonia has played all season (I know…I know, not the same competition. I get it.) without it’s two top linemen, their starting QB/LB, and Newsome was banged up early in the year. The games were still played. Nobody said a word, other guys had to step up. That’s what good programs do.

  66. GHS1973 says:

    @Lebowski….By the way, I grew up with the Dunsters…Didn’t know them all that well (they all went to the old St. Mary’s back then), but they are football royalty in Greenwich…Whenever you hear that name you know that these are one their kids…

  67. jeb says:

    Dear Observer,
    I just returned from the Don Bosco vs Bergen Catholic football game in New Jersey. Both teams are national powers…..I mentioned to one of the parents from Don Bosco what area do they recruit most of their players from? With a straight face he said to me they never recruit. You are kidding youself if you think that Xavier doesn’t recruit. Do a little research yourself and try to find out how many of the players are receiving finacial aid or a scholarship to attend Xavier. You will be shocked!! Recruiting players is not limited to the Catholic schools…many public schools (shall we say entice) players to change addresses or move into their grandparents or distant relatives homes. Private schools should not be playing public schools period.

    Ray Brown…how about showing New Canaan some love for the past eight years of success….they are down this year even though they have advanced to the semi-finals of the Class L…they will be a big underdog against Windsor but the Rams have a way of surprising people.

  68. Observer says:

    @ Jeb. Perhaps you should do the research. I’m pretty sure you would be shocked by how little evidence you would find (I presume you would find none, even if you worked in the school). Believe me, this is no Watergate. Yes, Xavier does bear the markings of a team with an unfair advantage because of their recent success under Marinan. After all, 36-1 over three years does sound suspicious. I admit this. But success doesn’t always come as a result of unfair practices. I know that Bonds, Sosa, Armstrong, and many others have jaded the masses into believing so, but it would be a sorry world if it was ALWAYS the case. It would be a world that I wouldn’t want to live in. In Xavier’s particular case, I’m certain (and believe me this is not entirely an opinion), that X follows the CIAC rules to a T. If your argument is that private schools have an advantage because they enroll students from different towns (disregarding the possibility of illegal recruiting), then I might entertain a conversation with you. After all, it is a procedure not available to public schools (even though it is not prohibited by the CIAC). This is not debatable. But to sit, protected, behind your computer, and sling unsupported accusations of dishonesty and unfair play simply because X is successful, smacks of sour grapes more than anything else. Frankly, I’m exhausted by the poor sportsmanship that is entertained on this blog. I know it is easier to toss unwarranted rocks at the dominant team rather than assume ownership over defeat, but it has always been my mantra that the better way to approach adversity or failure is to be hardened and improved by it. Call me old fashioned. Call me idealistic. Call me whatever you want. But until I hear CONCRETE evidence (not hearsay, gossip, speculation, or wishful thinking), my belief is that Xavier is a team that has followed the straight and narrow.

  69. mr fciac says:

    @54 I don’t see it they will beat the usual suspects but that’s the way brookfield rolls these day a lot of talk National Champs

  70. Xhs says:

    As a member of the alumni board I say no one repeat no one (with the exception of the freshman who scores the highest on the enterance exam) gets a free ride at Xavier period! Financial aid is indeed offered but not over 50% of tuition. You could be on skid row and you are still paying 6 grand period! Doesn’t matter if you are in the band or the athletic field. That is xavier’s policy not sure of other Catholic schools.

  71. jeb says:

    Dear Observer,

    I am not saying that Xavier or any other private school is doing anything illegal..quite the contrary. they are allowed to recruit students from wherever they want in order to keep enrollments up. It’s a business The public schools are at a didadvantage because they can only get students that live in their town or district. But don’t come on this blog and say that no recruting is going’s an insult to all of us. The Catholic schools play by the rules and their kids are tremendous role models for all of us to follow…Please do me a favor and ask some of the football parents on Xavier if they are receiving any financial aid at all or a scholarship. If you do that for me and find that they are all paying full tuition etc….NOT HAVING SOMEONE ELSE PAY FOR THEM.. THEN I WIL BE MORE THAN HAPPY TO APOLOGIZE TO YOU. Again I have never said anything about dishonesty or cheating. It’s all legit but let’s call it as it is…recruiting.

  72. SJ Alum says:

    @Jeb and others. My son is a starting player at Xavier. First and foremost I sent him there for the education, that’s why they are called scholar-athlete’s (because scholar comes first) During this season several “starters” had to sit out for academic suspensions. What advantage is there to give out a scholarship if the player sits out for bad grades? All that being said NO ONE @ Xavier is riding on a full scholarship,(Except for the student with the highest entrance exam score, XHS is completely right!) Xavier doesn’t need to recruit, ask the surrounding towns pop warner players where they want to play and the majority will say Xavier. Is there financial aid available? Yes, however no one approaches parents and guarantees them financial assistance, you have to apply depending on your income level. I am by no means wealthy and have to work OT and sacrifice for my son’s education, my only assistance from Xavier is the $400 credit I receive for my second child who attends Mercy. I would also not have a problem pulling my son out of Xavier if he didn’t keep up his end of the bargain and get good grades. So 4 years have passed, my investment paid off (AP Scholar-Honor Roll Student 2290SAT) and the memories of Xavier football was the bonus! The lessons he learned “On the field” will continue to pay off throughout life, That’s what it’s all about.

  73. JB says:

    I think Xavier does it right, period. Great coaching, good kids that work very hard, strong academics … the total package. Why doesn’t Prep do better in football if it is only about money? People don’t transfer to Prep because schools like Staples have the best coaches you can find. The only legitimate argument for some amount of inequity is that public schools can’t have a non-resident commute to school just to be part of the football program. For example, if D.Berry lived in Wilton he couldn’t cross the boarder and attend Staples because it would be better for his football career. Xavier can do that and does get some excellent players from outside of Middletown. But I have come to realize that is OK because it raises the bar for everyone … makes folks work harder to get better. I truly believe that playing Xavier last year in the finals really made Staples a stronger football program. I think that is why you see Staples jump at the chance for the Challenge series and sign-up to take Xavier for its game. Competition is good, it makes you better.

  74. Jay says:

    SPB et al you doubted NC all year , AGAIN…when will you learn? How many years in a row to finals? Windsor will be a tough out but fade in 2nd half..and for the 10th consecutive year make the finals…Go Rams

  75. @Jay – NEVER!!!! (Windsor 35, New Canaan 20 :)

  76. FauxRealism says:

    If having kids from multiple towns is so important, why is it that Ansonia / Hand / New Canaan have won the most CIAC championships? If you look at the record book, only 2 private schools make the top 10.

    “But X won 30 straight games.” Big deal 10 teams have had longer streaks, including record holder Cheshire and Ansonia (a couple times).

    Look at list of active coaches winning %. All top 10 are public schools.

    Folks take at the football record book available from the CSWA. By any objective measure: PUBLIC schools dominate. So the ‘recruiting is unfair advantage’ is pure myth.

    Do I have to mention that families move their kids around to towns for pretty transparent reasons, too? Masuk, New Canaan, and Ansonia have all benefitted in the last few years. Any kid in Hartford area can go to any school in the region; Jack Cochran used that rule to ‘recruit’ kids to Bloomfield and Windsor is doing the same thing now to build their program.

  77. RAY BROWN says:

    @46—-I HOPE IT DOESNT HAPPEN——A WATERBURY -BPT. BASKETBALL GAME ON A FRIDAY WOULD BE GREAT—–s.w.a.t. teams would be needed instead of officials—-the nvl is better off grabbing oxford which i heard is a done deal,and reaching out to bunnell and stratford.

  78. RAY BROWN says:

    for all you nvl haters my picks
    st.joes–oops i mean hillhouse
    nbranford—-middle of pack fciac team
    ansonia—owns hyde

  79. RAY BROWN says:

    faux i agree——-what gets me is that schools like ansonia and new caanan have been forever people are pointing at one or two players that played youth football in other towns.i mean how many kids are from trumbull that play at st.joes?or iddletown kids at xavier? its just jealousy and excuses.if programs are not succesful—get better -stop crying

  80. RAY BROWN says:

    jeb—if youve been on blog in past years ive always given respect to new caanan.i think they are a lotlike ansonia.they are tough every year not two year wonders.however this year i dont think they have enough to beat windsor.

  81. Tim says:

    Prep is a Jesuit School, they are not controlled by the Archdioese. That is one of the reason’s why Prep doesn’t distribute Financial Aid, hence no recruiting. Xavier does actively seek out good athletes with sound academics.

  82. Reggie palmer says:

    Google ‘fairfield prep financial aid’ – the school says they gave away 2 million bucks for this school year alone. Plus these schools always have diversity initiatives etc., its all good. RAY is right, quit looking for excuses and get better.

  83. guru says:

    wow! is everyone done wining yet?! we saw a classic display of how not to act when playing the highly emotional game of football (ex greenwich…the mud on the cleats, the ball is different, brawl, etc) and or in this case, how not to write (several above comments). Respect and congrats to all the high school players and coaches and parents etc who act with dignity and grace whether they win or lose. Now lets say congrats the BETTER teams and not make 50 excuses why the loser lost. It’s football. Not politics. Lets be excited how great the winners are and shake hands and move on. All the players are the same age, if you want to compete improve. Don’t blame.

  84. SJ Alum says:

    @Tim, Prep distributed 2.1 million in financial assistance for the 2012-13 academic year, it’s even posted on their website. Needless to say if you don’t keep the grades up, it won’t matter.

  85. SJ Alum says:

    And in case your wondering Xavier also distributed just over 1 Million in financial aid this year (Also found on their website)

  86. notfromridgefield says:

    @Tim – you’ve gotta be kidding. Prep doesn’t provide “need based” financial aid?! Of course they do. There’s plenty of recruiting to be done in the “need based” community.

  87. fan says:

    mr fciac. you should know that brookfield scrimmages all fciac schools and they hold their own, even against new canaan. ya ya i know they are scrimmages but as we all know the kids play hard and try their best. brookfields biggest 2 problems were they had no speed at the skill positions. no long td runs. also they didnt have the heart and that is coming from players themselves. too many kids would rather play other sports like lacrosse and baseball. that is ok just not good for football obviously. i saw about 5 brookfield games this year and i will say they were better than there 5 5 record but as a famous coach once said, “you are what your record says you are”. good luck to the remaining teams, really impressed with staples and their coach

  88. eddysuds00 says:

    I attended the xavier/middletown thanksgiving game. Sat on the xavier side and listened to a bunch of football parents talk about another qb from a different school transferring to xàvier next year for his senior season. Maybe his parents can afford to pay for next year. Maybe xavier recruited him. We’ll see. But, other public schools dont have that option.

  89. eddysuds00 says:

    also, I attended the 8th grade championship game a couple weeks ago.. Madison vs East Haven… East Haven kicked Madison up and down the field and won by more than 20… sad thing, all the good players from the east haven team will be attending ND west Haven next year… East Haven HS Football program is very sad.. why cant they get those kids to stay in East Haven? where is the town pride… Fix It East Haven, you have had a great youth program the last 5 years or so…

  90. FootballFan says:

    So again you insist I am a Newtown fan/booster/parent and resort to name calling…your choice. Sorry your wrong, wish I could confirm your anger.

  91. Tony DeRosa says:

    Brookfield guy – how does kids playing spring sports negatively impact football? BHS has a solid football history and they are just in a down period. Live with it. SWC teams play who they play – why are people dumping on them? The whole conference setup is outdated. NFA is the 5th biggest school in the state…you could put Immaculate, ND Fairfield, Weston and Barlow together and they wouldn’t be as big as NFA. Newtown spent the entire season playing cupcakes getting readybforntheir big rivalry game. They weren’t prepared for what NFA brought..and as we saw today – NFA and their stud tailback are the real deal. They beat the clear-cut FCIAC Champ in a slugfest. Scrap the conferences and lets go 100% by Class.

  92. fan says:

    all im saying is football isnt some of these kids main sport, that is all. the younger kids are a different story