Relax, sit back and read up on your state championship matchups


NFA fans delight in their 30-28 semifinal victory over Staples on Super Sunday. (Sean Patrick Bowley)

The running joke at the state playoff luncheon, at least from your intrepid reporter’s perspective, was Fairfield County’s complete and utter lack of a representative (Bunnell’s Dave Johnson showed up. That might have been it?) and the sudden lack of coverage from Team Hearst.

Save for perennial champion Ansonia.

Ha ha, yeah, yeah, guys, Ansonia’s our “favorite” team now. No, we weren’t crying when Masuk, Staples and New Canaan failed to make the cut. Hardy har har. Good one, though.

With the winter season bearing down on us, having one team in the final allows the home office to start gearing for basketball season. We’ve suddenly become significantly more casual observers on the state football scene rather than active ones.

When was the last time we had just one state finalist in the Connecticut Post region? Let’s try NEVER. So this is new territory. Shangri La has been appropriately humbled and we’re suddenly not so busy as usual.

But there are some talented writers and broadcasters around our fair state. And, seeing that this is mostly a central, southern, eastern Connecticut affair, they’re entirely more invested into these state finals than we are, unfortunately.

We’ll be at all the state championship games, of course. We still have Ansonia to cover and we’ll be chronicling Saturday’s Class S final between the Chargers and the high-flying T-Birds of North Branford. Good stories there.

We’ll be paying close attention to and chronicling the rest of the proceedings, too. Videos will be made. Previews written. We know many of our readers here do not merely reside in Fairfield County, so we press onward.

But for the first time in a long time, we’re going to sit back and digest the chronicles of others. We’re scouring newspaper websites and TV channels to get you everything. So here we go:

And from the TV Folks


(See if you can catch the error in this one.)

VIDEO DELETED. (You know what, Hartford Courant/ FOXCT / Tribune, if you can’t disable AutoPlay on your dumb videos, then don’t expect them to be distributed.

Sean Patrick Bowley