2012 All-SCC football teams


The mighty Southern Connecticut Conference released its 2012 all-conference football teams Tuesday.

Division I Offense

Offensive line: Dennis Flanagan (Amity), John Thomas (Hamden), Zack Creeron (Xavier), Greg Purcell
Wide receiver: Kris Luster (Xavier), Chris Perry (Notre Dame), Kyle Drost (Shelton), Kyle Anderson
(Daniel Hand)
Running back: DeAngelo Berry (Xavier), Ervin Philips (West Haven), Cameran Tucker (Notre Dame),
Dave Attolino (Amity)
Quarterback: Tim Boyle (Xavier), Brendan Bilcheck (Daniel Hand)
Kicker: Ed Groth (Shelton)

Division I Defense

Defensive line: Alex Chow-Yen (Wilbur Cross), Peter Gerson (Daniel Hand), Eddy Williams (West Haven),
Anthony Palazzolo (Fairfield Prep)
Linebacker: Nick Crowle (Fairfield Prep), Matt Walsh (Daniel Hand), Matt Tylki (Xavier), Kadialy Toure
(West Haven), Chris Golger (Fairfield Prep)
Defensive back: Alex Tuccero (Daniel Hand), Jack Cunningham (Cheshire), Sam Pascale (Cheshire),
Andre Gee (West Haven), Vincent Sansone (Cheshire)
Punter: Yasan Frazier (Wilbur Cross)

Division II Offense

Offensive line: Matt Marcarelli (North Haven), Zach Huber (Foran), Nick Casagrande (Jonathan Law),
George Knoth (Jonathan Law), Sean Merrill (Sheehan), Colton Schilling (Guilford)
Wide receiver: Nick Weissauer (Foran), Ryan Bohne (Lyman Hall)
Running back: Harold Cooper (Hillhouse), Jalon White (North Haven)
Quarterback: Jake Kasuba (Foran), Joe Nault (Guilford)
Utility: KC Horton (Guilford)

Division II Defense

Defensive line: Andrew Klarman (Branford), Mark Spadacenta (East Haven), Anthony Jones (Branford),
Teno Simpson (Hillhouse)
Linebacker: Mike Halloran (North Haven), Ford Linell (Guilford), Alex Borkowski (Branford), Terrell
Fairweather (Hillhouse), Quincy Pecora (North Haven)
Defensive back: Je’Vaughn Moore (Hillhouse), Kyle Paolella (Sheehan), Darryn Horner (Hillhouse), Andre
Anderson (Hillhouse)

Sean Patrick Bowley

21 Responses

  1. Trophies for Everyone! says:

    What a joke. Why does every team have to be represented? This list tells me that Cheshire has three of the five best defensive backs in the league?! And Amity has two of the four best offensive linemen?!
    These teams stunk (both 4-6) and deserve honorable mentions at best.

  2. You think this is bad? It’s not. You ain’t seen nuthin yet…

  3. old man says:

    bring back the old all league teams. one player per position; i know that is a novel concept in this day and age!

  4. Cthsfootball says:

    Typo….The linebacker from Xavier’s name isn’t Matt Tylki. It’s Max Tylki.

  5. xavier fan says:

    Typo….Linebacker from Xavier I believe is Max Tylki, not Matt Tylki.

  6. ciacfollower says:

    – Right on, Old Man !

  7. Participation Guy says:

    @1, have you seen the SWC selection yet? 50something players made the first team. Tons of QBs and RBs who wouldnt even see the field in the SCC. A 4-6 SCC team is the equivalent of 9-1, 10-0 in SWC/NVL. Get used to it. As long as they keep the same unfair formate of the Newtowns playing Class S teams while the Amity/Cheshire playing 9 Class L/LL teams, you are going to have the 4-6 very good teams and the 10-0 average team.

  8. Jake says:

    To me, a bigger problem than recognizing extras at the “skill positions” is having only four offensive linemen on the Division I team…I understand fans and the media usually ignore those guys…it’s the nature of the position…but those that compile the list can’t at least find one more worthy of recognition when the time comes?

  9. Tom davis says:

    Biggest joke is CCC. 33 teams with two in state final. 194 kids on all conference team. Most would not start JV on better teams. Team like Rocky Hill had 9 players. Didn’t even win a playoff game

  10. hoop says:

    Sean, while I don’t question that Outlow may have received “form” letters from Alabama, Ohio State, etc. I find it interesting that I cannot find his name in the 2014 prospects on scout.com. usually when you hear name attached to the big-time schools, they’re almost automatically given a 3-star rating. what missing here??

    btw, I saw him in the Staples game and he was the best back on the field. hope UConn is at least giving him a look.

  11. @Hoop – The kid says “full ride.” It’s entirely possible Scout et al missed him. NUC has some videos of him at the combine

  12. RAY BROWN says:

    all-league teams are garbage

  13. mr fciac says:

    hoop, be careful SPB is Outlow’s agent

  14. @mr. fciac – and you must be the second-string tailback.

  15. mr fciac says:

    SPB you write-I played and make sure you have your scc pom poms
    with you this week. LOL keep up the good work your good for high
    school football

  16. jeb says:

    RAY BROWN just made the SWC ALL League team.

  17. spike says:

    Hey Jeb,
    Laughed my a– off about your comment about RAY Brown

  18. Paul says:

    @Ray-I guess Corey missed out on the NVL all League????

  19. ciacfollower says:

    @mr fciac – you’re right, SPB writes. And he’s sooo not Outlow’s agent. He won’t even look that far, much less drive that far.

  20. You guys are more than welcome to take over.

  21. bob gambardella says:

    k c horton, guilford has one of the biggest hearts i have edver seen in a football playerzzzz1 bravo kc!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ditto for each of his brothers in theit perspective areas(matty and kyle. another ditto for their father who has inspired them along their journeys and himself being an inspirational football player at east haven high. bravo to the whole horton clan including poppy ,earl horton sr, who recently was installed as a member of the town of east havens hall of fame!!!!!!!!! lets not forget the horton women, lynnie and flossie!!!!!