2012 All-SWC football teams


The SWC has released its 2012 All-Conference football teams.

All Conference 1st Team

All Conference 2nd Team

Joe Piatnik Bethel Ian Melvin Bethel
Cal Daniels Bethel Nick Silva Bethel
Pete Serenciscis Bethel James Giannone Bethel
Brad Westmark Brookfield Liam Clancy Brookfield
Boeing Brown Brookfield Sam Johnson Brookfield
Tom Salvatore Brookfield Kyle Spera Brookfield
Terrence N’Dabian Bunnell Andrew Calzone Bunnell
Isaiah Arthur Brown Bunnell Justin Townsend Bunnell
Devante Teel Bunnell Bryan Castelot Bunnell
Darel Bowman Immaculate Michael Woods Immaculate
Nick Costa Immaculate Riley Cross Immaculate
Christian Huribal Joel Barlow Alex Gallaer Joel Barlow
William Wilson Joel Barlow Jordan Ewud Joel Barlow
Alex Lockwood Joel Barlow Josh Tunick Joel Barlow
Jack Shaban Joel Barlow Jacob Boxer Joel Barlow
Steve Miller Joel Barlow Malik Cummings Masuk
Brad Swain Masuk Kyle Fontneau Masuk
Thomas Milone Masuk Joe Damota Masuk
James Karavitis Masuk Jon Skoog Masuk
Brian Monaco Masuk Andy Fredeen Masuk
Billy Norling Masuk Frank Bacarella Masuk
Tyler Camp Masuk Collin Cioffi New Fairfield
Joe Pacheco New Fairfield Mike McCourt New Fairfield
Nick Guardi New Fairfield Dominic Mastrocinque New Fairfield
Liam Moriarty New Fairfield Chris Hernandez New Fairfield
Chris Gallagher New Fairfield Kevan Van Coughnett New Milford
Kameron Bradshaw New Milford Matthew Sheehy New Milford
Matthew Gugel New Milford Julian Dunn Newtown
Justin Devellis Newtown Cooper Gold Newtown
Andrew Tarantino Newtown Timothy Krapf Newtown
Dan Hebert Newtown Josh Krapf Newtown
Pat Thornberg Newtown Wyatt Depuy Newtown
Chris Devaney Newtown P.J. Hickey Newtown
Josh Villa Newtown Kevin Laing Notre Dame
Jalani Roman Notre Dame Kevin Loschiavo Oxford
Conroy Johnson Notre Dame Marcus Esteves Oxford
Brennen Diaz Oxford Kyle Chudoba Oxford
Chris Vankamerik Oxford Jeff Haney Oxford
Bucky Gumbrewicz Oxford Carl Gatzendorfer Pomperaug
Steve Persson Oxford Michael Calo Pomperaug
Jack Yule Pomperaug Jesse Prajer Pomperaug
Eric Beatty Pomperaug Sam Breiner Stratford
Dylan McAllister Pomperaug Ariel Leon Stratford
Noah Provo Stratford Aaron Pomerance Weston
Andrew Bouchotte Stratford James Brasco Weston
Tyler Hassett Weston Thomas McGlone Weston
Justin Schaffer Weston Zachary Cannon Weston
Austin Gomar Weston Samuel Panton Weston
Jack Hamilton Weston
Erik Dammen Brower Weston

Honorable Mention

Ethan Draper Bethel
Jon Dias Bethel
Gus Warner Brookfield
Kory Brown Brookfield
Andrick Bernadel Bunnell
Do Nyugen Bunnell
Steven Ghossaini Immaculate
Joe Socci Joel Barlow
Robert Seaman New Fairfield
Teven Leonard New Milford
James Flynn New Milford
Jack Kearney Newtown
Sean Edwards Notre Dame
Corey Baker Pomperaug
Rob Torino Pomperaug
Conor Bodington Stratford
Dan Dellavecchia Stratford
Peter Lummis Weston
Sean Patrick Bowley

53 Responses

  1. BHSFAN says:

    I wish there were a more thoughtful way of arriving at a team. Simply giving each coaching staff a number of slots to fill based on the team’s finish in the conference diminishes the honor of the award and results in a total of 98 1st and 2nd team players.

  2. JJJJ4 says:

    Totally Agree. It’s the coaches last hurrah to their seniors.

  3. Master Legend says:

    What an oversight….how could they leave out Barlow’s 3rd string punter and Newtown’ waterboy?!? They should add more people to the “Team” so mistakes like this are not made in the future.

  4. old man says:

    who didn’t make the team?

  5. SJ Alum says:

    I guess if you letter you make All-Conference? Gatorade just announced next year there will be 8 Players of The Year, One for each ounce in a bottle.

  6. ciacfollower says:

    Though the intentions are good, the lengthier these lists get, the harder it is on kids who dont’t get mentioned.

  7. Paco says:

    gotta say this is worse than the FCIAC. at least they make an attempt to make offensive and defensive units, unlike naming an entire roster.

  8. Remmy says:

    Took me 2.5 hours to read the entire list. Congratulations to everyone.

  9. future SCC says:

    I know why they dont have an honorable mention because there aren’t any players left to name. I counted 7 QBs to the first team. we all know the SWC is the weakest league in the state, but not only do they have lousy competition, they cannot even get the all league selection right.

  10. NHS 54 says:

    SPB I think you made it!

  11. alleycat9 says:

    this is worse than participation trophies.

    50 first team players, seriously dont even bother doing it if you are going to make such a mockery out of it.

    22 maybe 25 if you name special teams guys too.

    who is running the swc at this point? first the new divisions where the poor little schools dont have to play the big bad schools. then this list with what did someone say 7 qbs on the “first” team.

    its no wonder that there is absolutely no respect given to the conference.

  12. Davis says:

    You think this is bad….CCC conference had over 190 kids named to conference team. Some teams with 9 players and went no where in playoffs.

  13. BHSFAN says:

    I noticed that Weston named 11 players; that may be all of their starters.

  14. NorthernPride says:

    Everyone gets a trophy now….weal American society

  15. fan says:

    you people that keep saying the swc is the weakest league are getting boring to listen to. you have no proof of it. i dont want to hear that the best teams are here and there but the swc scks. the only way to get proof is to get rid of the leagues and let all teams play eachother. also those of you tht keep saying that must have something to prove to yourself because its non stop. you dont hear any swc people saying they have the best league. grow .. up and let the kids play without insulting them low lives

  16. ctfan says:

    This is a shame. It just takes away from players such as Hebert, Milone, Pacheco, Devaney, etc…. These kids were all dominate players week in and week out. But now grouping them with 50 other players just seems to take away from there accomplishments. These kids would be great on any team. Congratulations to all the athletes who made the team….I just wish the SWC would take a better approach towards selecting the teams.

  17. RAY BROWN says:

    close voting—all the parents and coaches relatives made team—-good job swc

  18. fan says:

    i will say that it is terrible to have so many. it should be at most 25 kids, it kind of defeats the purpose t have an all conference team when the majority of the kids get it anyway. we as a society have to get away from making everyone a winner and make these kids push themselves to the limit

  19. fan says:

    and every team should absolutely NOT have representation. the best should get it period

  20. Xhs says:

    You could take the all conference team and about five LL teams would beat them in a game.

  21. MHs says:

    Where’s bacarella that kid deserved it probably the most next to milone

  22. SCC fan says:

    fan, you don’t hear any SWC people saying they have the best league because the intelligent ones understand what a joke this league is. Nobody is insulting the kids, get over it and stop pounding your chest by beating immaculate, Stratford, ND, NM, etc.

  23. mr fciac says:

    New Milford had two wins and 6 players were picked for the 2012 All-Conference football team ????????

  24. mr fciac says:

    SCC fan i work in that league and you are correct there needs to be
    some realignment in the swc its a mess, as for pounding your chest
    you guys in the scc should take your own advise good luck this weekend

  25. alleycat9 says:

    @fan… i am an swc guy, i live in an swc town. i played at an swc school and many of the games i go to are swc games.

    i also have traveled the state and seen many teams from the fciac, nvl and ccc and a little bit of the scc but its an awfully long way away.

    and i can tell you from what i saw with all of my want for the swc to be respectable that it is just not in the class of football that is being played throughout the state.

    as a small school ansonia could literally come into the swc and almost never lose. they play a different brand of football. its tough its hard and its with speed.

    masuk has done a pretty good job representing the swc in the past few years but there needs to be more teams than just masuk.. they are rarely even challenged in the regular season.

    if you want the swc to become a decent football conference do what you can… whether it be to go out and volunteer your time to help on the high school level or probably more importantly on the pop warner level and teach the kids the game and how to make themselves bigger, faster and stronger both individually and as a team.

  26. CTdude says:

    #13 BHS FAN…so true!! And 10 of those 11 players play both sides of the ball because Lato is too narrow minded to play others. Especially notable in their last game when those poor guys we’re totally gassed in the 4th qtr and could not make a better run at Berlin.

  27. mr fciac says:

    alleycat99 you play better competition your learn how to play better
    competition they don’t get faster by accident better coaches, better program, better result.

  28. JLfan says:

    Wow going after Coach Lato. Really? The man has done nothing but positive things for that town and program. Whatever decisions he made on who plays, I’m confident were only made with the team’s best interest in mind. He has turned a laughing stock of a program around. Keep up the great work Joe. As far as the voting system,it’s all been said, and it’s all true. Something needs to change here.

  29. mr fciac says:

    easy on the weston program its been one time to the show and i don’t
    believe they were the best representation in class m from the swc

  30. Swc fan 123 says:

    Weston was the best class m team this year what are you talking about

  31. JLfan says:

    Trust me I’m in no way big on Weston. But to go and call the coach narrow minded for who is playing on the field is just ignorant. Last I checked there weren’t that many options for him standing on the Trojans sidelines.

  32. mr fciac says:

    swc fan 123 what was the score of the new fairfield game i remember
    it was a beat down

  33. Swc fan 123 says:

    They got great players Hassett, Schaffer, Gomar and the rest of the crew. Who do you think is a better class m team in the swc? Bc I don’t see any other team that’s better

  34. PapaDags says:

    The best class M team?????????????????I hope you mean in that league that they play in,,for if you mean the best class M team in the state, you either haven’t seen Hillhouse or flat out are a Weston resident who has not clue….PERIOD

  35. blindman says:

    Three best class M teams in SWC were Weston, Barlow & New Fairfield. Weston beat Barlow end of year when Barlow missing best player and lost to NF by about 20 pts. If Barlow had their QB they would have won and gone to states. One of NF loss was to Oxford at the Oxford mud pit which didn’t help NF considering they hand off ball to Pacheco everytime.

  36. CTdude says:

    @31… is that you coach?

  37. Swc fan 123 says:

    Papadas I mean swc, and you don’t know that if shaban played vs Weston that they would win. They played pretty good against the run to me when I was watching and Barlow is a run team period

  38. Swc fan 123 says:

    I mean swc, and you don’t know that if shaban played vs Weston that they would win. They played pretty good against the run to me when I was watching and Barlow is a run team period

  39. mr fciac says:

    swc 123 hassett and crew great players easy now apparently you haven’t seen great players in a while I’m sure they are good for weston

  40. Kyle says:

    Weston????????? They must be pretty good cause they have 9 players that made all conference. HA

    They got beat by Berlin didnt they. I saw Berlin play Ansonia last year in the playoffs and man that team was god awful. Hillhouse better smoke them.

    Your league is overrated, its not even a valid argument if you say someone like Weston is good cause they have 9 all leaguers, so does everyone else

  41. swcfan says:

    Do it by position, 1st team, 2nd team, then Honorable mention. It will mean something then. For the SWC the teams needs to play tougher opponents. Other than playing outside the conference. Try playing a home and home with the powers in the league like the NFL. Newtown vs. Masuk twice a year. Pomperaug vs. Newtown/Brookfield twice. Then have Immaculate play ND twice a year for a good contest.

  42. Brian says:

    As a SWC fan, I think I can speak for everyone when I say we realize that the league is not as strongest in CT. However, there are teams that are absolutely dominate such as the Bunell and Masuk teams that rolled through the states a few years back. (Bunnell beating Staples in the Class L state championship and Masuk putting up over 100 points in 2 weeks against the 2 teams that playing in the FCIAC championship that year). Don’t worry SWC family, there will be teams coming back to show the FCIAC and SCC what’s up. Also keep an eye out on Weston!

  43. Fred G Sanford says:

    It seems as if SWC has taken a page out of “Who’s Who” playbook.

    All in.

  44. Loui says:

    When do they announce all state?

  45. Past player says:

    Would be great if Lato came to Masuk.

  46. WHAT says:

    Second team…

    Fredeen 7-143-2 (makes it)
    P Kokkoros 12 – 303 – 2 (makes nothing)

  47. fball5 says:

    How much did Masuk beat Weston and Barlow by?? These two teams had good years but playing a cake schedule. Lets not go too crazy on these teams please. Lets be real. They would be smoked by most teams in the SCC or FCIAC.

  48. alumni says:

    as an alumni of WHS, i can say that the weston football program has come a damn long way. we were 0-10 constantly during my years. that team still has 35 kids max and are almost always oversized by opponents. their o-line this year had maybe one kid over 200. this team always has been working hard in the weight room and football field throughout the summer, visible at passing leagues. 4th quarter wins for this team were a result of this. hassett schaffer and gomar were tremendously fun to watch. noticed their special teams throughout the season was a weak point.they have a youth program that just got started up and a huge incoming freshman class seems excited to play.

  49. mr fciac says:

    If weston is 500 next year i will be surprised New Fairfield spanked them

  50. Brenndan says:

    There should be less people choosen for the All-Conference, but the only thing that matters is that the people that accually deserves to be first team all conference like Milone,Hebert,Serenciscis,Arthur-Brown,N’Dabian,Shaban,and Hassett get there look at all-state

  51. Brenndan says:

    it doesnt matter about the record because players like Serenciscis and Arthur-Brown played reeaaalllyyy well and didnt have a great record. They still had over 100 tackles and around 8 sacks each

  52. Cheyenne2 says:

    Wow.. a lot of Whiners posting. Let me guess you’re just mad because your kid wasn’t mentioned. Give me a break! These kids deserved their honors so SUCK IT UP CUPCAKES!
    Just because a “team” didn’t do well doesn’t mean they don’t have great individual players.
    I’m sick of these Monday Morning QB’s slamming the coaches and kids.
    YOU THINK YOU’RE SO GREAT?!?!?!? Get your lazy butts off the bleachers (if you EVEN attended any games ) and Petition to be a coach. OTHERWISE Like I said SUCK IT UP!
    Hard to believe ADULTS can be soooo Nasty! Grow up!
    I don’t mind a little banter but you guys act like they are NFL Players and you have a stake in every game.

  53. SJ Alum says:

    At what point do we recognize true talent? What are we telling underclassmen who receive these awards? Your the best, no need to improve to be recognized. This “political correctness” in competitive sports has diminished the accomplishments of those who put in that extra effort. Life lesson’s are learned on the football field, coaches instill values such as commitment, dedication, sportmanship and players are left to accept these challenges and strive to improve for themselves and their teams. “Mediocrity knows nothing higher than itself, but talent instantly recognizes genius”. Competition is just that, it’s not given in an award, to be The Best you have to work hard to achieve it. While most are dreaming of success the winners are the ones who wake up and work hard to achieve it. Today’s society is producing a generation of excuse makers, everything is given, not earned…there is no place for entitlement in competitive football.