Live Updates: Class LL championship Xavier vs. NFA

No. 5 Norwich Free Academy vs. No. 3 Xavier

WHERE/WHEN — Rentschler Field, East Hartford; Friday, 7 p.m.
ON THE AIR — Radio: WELI 960-AM | TV: CPTV Sports | Online: ESPN 3, Watch ESPN app
COACHES — Norwich Free Academy: Jemal Davis: 5th year (40-14, 0 state titles); Xavier: Sean Marinan (10th year, 89-31-2, 3 state titles)
RECORDS – NFA: 12-0 (ECC Large Division champions); Xavier: 11-1 (SCC Division I West champions)


Sean Patrick Bowley

22 Responses

  1. mr fciac says:

    The officiating has been terrible in the states it looks like every retire in the league has been doing these game

  2. SCC_Fan says:

    Sloppy game by Xavier. But, unlike game against Hand, they didn’t fold after giving up a couple of late scores in 1st half.

    They can just beat you so many ways. Berry really shifty. And Boyle throws 94 yd pass.

    NFA will be back, but they need to lose the attitude and the chippiness.

    SCC goes 1,2? Or 1,3?


  3. SCC_Fan says:

    Oh – and 1 more question. Since X won LL 3 times (1st time in CTHSFB history), are they a dynasty yet IYHO?

  4. Xhs says:

    Back from the Rent! Hand deserves the #1 ranking. But the best team in the state just played tonight. Without the 4 turnovers and doing the right thing at the end it could have been 70-7.

  5. ciacfollower says:

    I’ll say it again,
    Doesnt matter how dominant X’s win was tonight, if Hand wins by 1 pt tomor night, they’re #1 at the end of the season.

  6. MXR says:

    Well said Xhs, with caveat Madison still needs to win. If it does, X #2. If it doesn’t, then X and Windsor in a debate — advantage X off tonight.

    Tonight was the best Xavier defensive performance this year, and by far the greatest performance of Berry’s career. Well done all around.

  7. MXR says:

    A question: has a team before ever closed with five straight wins over play-off teams? Four LL, one L. A very solid win over GBury and four complete blow-outs.

  8. SJ Alum says:

    Xavier played ONE bad half of football (2 if you count the first half of Hillhouse), which will probably cost them a #1 Ranking, but overall THE BEST TEAM in the State. It’s quite the accomplishment to have all other teams compare themselves to you in blogs, articles,capsules etc. Your a TRUE DYNASTY and the past 4 years have been a fan’s dream! To the seniors good luck on all your future endevours, I’m sure you will be as successful in life as you were on the Field!

  9. ciacfollower says:

    Hats off to the Falcons tonight for an impressive win over a team that went thru & beat up the best teams in the FCIAC. Whats even more impressive now is Hand’s pounding of the big X back in Oct. !

  10. teamguy says:

    well said @ ciacfollower: “Hats off to the Falcons tonight for an impressive win over a team that went thru & beat up the best teams in the FCIAC. Whats even more impressive now is Hand’s pounding of the big X back in Oct.”

    any one that thinks Xavier deserves any part of the #1 Ranking in CT is absolutely delusional. X lost to Hand. If Hand wins today they are #1. Period. It’s absurd to think it’s any other way.

  11. mr fciac says:

    X beat down

  12. Paul says:

    A dominating performance by Xavier last night.That offense and defensive line’s just man handled a strong NFA team all night.Hat’s off to this incredible 3 year LL run Xavier has had.Since Hand beat Xavier, I feel real sorry for Windsor and all their so called skilled athletes.I believe an Xavier coach said it best last night…..SCC stands for “State Conference Champions”.That said,Hand and House in follow up victory’s today.

  13. SCC fan says:

    Lets see now, Xavier beats Prep by 3 TDs after starting off the first 2 minutes with a 2 TD lead. Now X crushes NFA and Greenwch! This class LL division is great but until they change up the point system for the CIAC, you will always have the Newtowns making it while a more competitive Prep or Ridgefield team gets screwed. Yes ridge and prep lost games but they were to LL teams! I mean come on, Newtown lost to NFA by 6 TDs while NFA lost to X by 30 and Newtown was supposedly the best from SWC.

  14. mr fciac says:

    SCC fan Ridgefield needs to amp up there recruiting to compete with X

  15. Garf says:

    @8 will chalk SJ Alum’s post up to emotion because the guy is usually insightful and relatively unbiased…reality is that was the same X team that got outplayed in every facet of the game in 2nd half vs. Hand AND 1st 3 quarters vs. Hilllhouse. Credit to Xavier – they are loaded with size and talent and looked like the Don Boscoe of CT last night – but NFA obviously didn’t handle the emotional highs of their upset last week and did essentially lose 2 of their best players early to injury. All that said, there’s a dynasty just gettin going in Middletown.

  16. teamguy says:

    @ SCCfan, very true that the SWC did not represent themselves well in the states this year: but made the semis last year in LL and the finals in L. BTW, Newtown played NFA without their best player (hebert) and Xavier played NFA without NFA’s best player (outlow). That means you can’t even compare those games; no seperate game equity at all. All these kids can do is play the teams on their schedules and try to win their scheduled games. I dont understand why some need to diminish the accomplishments of others just t make themselves feel better. Youmust be overcompensating for a shortcomng of your own.

  17. Xhs says:

    How about X knocked Outlow got knocked around like a pinball and his will was taken away. Call it like it was! If you think he would have had made a difference your crazy. With 4 healthy LBs no Connecticut team comes close. Next year, different story! But X will be back the following year write it down!

  18. Garf says:

    Xhs you continue to lose credibility… Outlow got hurt on NFA’s first offensive play and was obviously not close to 100%. Not implying it would’ve changed the outcome because it wouldn’t have. But try to think of it as X losing Berry that early, it has an impact.

  19. teamguy says:

    lol, yes big bad Xtook away Outlow’s will to play. I heard Nick Saban withdrew his scholoarship to #21 and offered it to the big bad X linebackers becuz they have a 6th sense and the abilty to take the will out of oppossing players. LOL, what a joke. The kid tried to play on virtually one leg. It’s more likely that an X player twisted the kids ankle at the bottom of a pile than anything else. Yes, Xavier has that reputation, not from me, bt from others.But you believe they are just innately tougher? yes!! and better people too! better kids! Better looking, and more intelligent! lol. If you think that Outlow wouldnt have made a difference than you are not only crazy, you are ignorant. No one can say who woulda won, but I don’t think Oregon, Clemson and Alabama are recruiting a kid that can have his will to play magically removed by a few CT HS football players. Get a clue. And dont you have some recruiting to do today? Last I knew NFA was a public school that plays with kids that grow upin their region…………..X can’t claim that. maybe you are just upset thatX didn’t show upon his doorstep with an offer 2 years ago?

  20. ciacfollower says:

    @Garf, #15 – good point.
    Just as X didnt show up ready to play the biggest game of its life against Hand back in Oct., NFA didnt show up to play its biggest game against X lastnight.
    When you fail to show up ready to play these BIG STAGE games, its not because “you werent ready” or had an “off night”, its because you’re just plain not as good as the other team.
    Yes I picked NFA……..I guess I didnt realize how over-rated Staples & Newtown were.

  21. another fan says:

    Refs made 3 bad calls both againt Ansonia today, was was over ruled(horse coller),one face mask (just a bad call), and one could have been game changing,giving NB the ball back after Ansonia recovered and obvious fumble at the 10 yard line of NB.

  22. SCC fan says:

    teamguy, so if Newtown had Hebert, they only lose by 5 TDs instead of 6. Please always excuses from the Newtown crowd. Last year you beat a 3rd place CCC team and then gave up 44 unanswered points against Staples. How about this, the rumor has it that Newtown didn’t have film on NFA as the coaches were looking at the Staples rematch so they took NFA lightly. How could a staff overlook Outlow and crew?