Championship Saturday: Live Updates from three title games


Good, early morning. Rise and shine campers.

Xavier quarterback Tim Boyle and his senior teammates mug with the Class LL championship trophy following their 48-14 victory over NFA Friday Night.Xavier quarterback Tim Boyle and his senior teammates mug with the Class LL championship trophy following their 48-14 victory over NFA Friday Night.

The cheers have barely died down on Xavier’s 48-14 victory over NFA in the Class LL championship game. Save for a few turnovers that let NFA hope down 20-14 at halftime, Xavier went to DeAngelo Berry and its defense to bring home the threepeat, and title No. 4.

Will the SCC get two more today to complete its own threepeat?

We’re about to find out.

But first, NVL power Ansonia — mighty Arkeel Newsome, Andrew Matos and Ansonia — take on upstart North Branford of the Pequot League in the Class S title game at 10:30 a.m.

Then the SCC gets two more shots. Hillhouse faces Berlin in the Class M title game at approximately 2:30 (though expect a little later). And, finally, No. 1 Hand plays Windsor in the Class L final at approximately 5:30, though it too might be later.

We’ll start with Ansonia. Here’s the short preview and the live blog is below. We here at Hearst Central need to get our shuteye. Expect full recaps as the day progresses.

No. 1 Ansonia vs. No. 3 North Branford

WHEN/WHERE — Saturday, 10:35 a.m., Rentschler Field, East Hartford
ON THE AIR — Radio: WELI 960-AM; TV: CPTV Sports; Online: ESPN 3, Watch ESPN app
COACHES — Ansonia: Tom Brockett (7th year, 84-7, 3 state titles); North Branford: Mark Basil (11th year, 82-34)
RECORDS — Ansonia: 13-0 (NVL champs); North Branford: 12-0 (Pequot League Sassacus 1st place)
HOW THEY GOT HERE — Ansonia: def. Prince Tech 53-16; def. Hyde Leadership 41-13. North Branford: def. Trinity Catholic 49-28; def. Woodland 62-27.
STATE TITLES — Ansonia: (17-8) 1976-S, 1977-S, 1979-M, 1981-SII, 1982-SII, 1983-SII, 1984-SII, 1987-S, 1988-S, 1989-S, 1994-SS, 1995-S, 2002-S, 2003-S, 2006-S, 2007-S; 2011-M; North Branford: (1-1) 1979-S



Sean Patrick Bowley

8 Responses

  1. Pat McGroin says:

    Good for CPTV to air the games. But after about 5 minutes of AWFUL commentating i muted it…. they are awful, terrible. Terrible enough for me to complain about it. And who are these people? Anyone? Can we get a little bio cause CPTV sure doesn’t give us one.

  2. Ray Smith says:

    I thank CPTV as well and I agree the commentary was amature hour. It was unfortunate that a couple of NFA starters were hurt early but as it was very obvious by the end of the third quarter Xavier’s running game was not stoppable. In the end NFA couldn’t have won this game with Marcus Allen at running back let alone Marcus Outlow. Congrats to X on the three -pete and to NFA on a great season.

  3. RAY BROWN says:


  4. fan says:


  5. GHS1973 says:

    In defense of CPTV, at least they showed the games…Is it NFL coverage, or even D-1 college coverage…No…But it’s coverage none the less…Better than nothing, and I’m sure they will get better…Remember, this is our State’s Public Television station, supported by members…They just lost the UCONN girls to SNY, which was a big hit to their income…They didn’t have to broadcast High School Football, but they did…I, for one, appreciate that…

  6. MXR says:

    Congratulations to four worthy champions. Thank you to all of the Play-Off teams for a great season and two week tournament.

  7. Honus says:

    Here’s how the polls should be:
    1-Hand: The SCC team I most admire given their total team play and coaching sophistication.
    2-Ansonia: Arkeel Newsome is a man among boys, literally.
    3-Xavier: If I had to predict an eventual Super Bowl winner it would be Xavier.
    4-NFA: What injury giveth to NFA, injury taketh away.
    5-Staples: If instant replay ever comes up for review, Staples will be first in line to vote for it.
    6-Windsor: Theme song for next year: Not Fade Away.
    7-Hillhouse: Who says we can’t play defense, sometimes.
    8-Berlin: They figured coming up aces on the goal line meant lady luck was allowing them to draw to an inside straight right after; doh!
    9-N Branford: Kudos for rotating in the seniors while Ansonia kept in their starters.
    10-Newtown: At least we’re in the Top 10 and Masuk isn’t!

  8. MXR says:

    How the polls should be (maybe not how they will be):

    1. Madison — any voter not picking them #1 (other than Coach Brockett or Coach Marinan) should have his/her voting privileges revoked. Dominant from Week 1 through the Championship.
    2. Xavier — the dominant team in the State at year end, closing by beating 5 Play-Off teams 216-62 and eviscerating the toughest bracket.
    3. Hillhouse — completed the SCC sweep by dominating a better bracket than found in S. Reward, do not penalize, the Academics for playing the two best.
    4. Ansonia — great history, great 2012 team and undefeated, but body of work does not match up with 1-2-3.
    5. Windsor — best team in the other Conference getting 3 teams here. Strong from start to finish, and gave Madison a handful.
    6. NFA — feel good story of the year.
    7. Staples — great regular season.
    8. Glastonbury — avenged regular season loss to a strong Southington team and though over-matched acquitted itself well in LL Semis.
    9. Berlin — hung with Hillhouse for 3 quarters; both losses to Play-Off teams.
    10. North Branford — undefeated to Class S Final and valiant in defeat against a much better Ansonia.

    Yes, three SCC teams at the top, and three CCC teams in the mix. Deal with it.