Championship Saturday links: Online replays of all four championship games


Ansonia coach Tom Brockett (left) and QB Jai'Quan McKnight are interviewed by CPTV's on-field crew following their Class S championship game.

The media coverage of the four state championship games was, in a word, unprecedented. In addition to all of the usual media types, Hearst CT (that’s us), the New Haven Register, The Day of New London, The Republican-American, The Hartford Courant, etc., we saw an explosion of online and TV coverage.

This year, CPTV Sports had exclusive rights to all four state championship games. It brought an army army of producers, a play-by-play man, a few color guys, a sideline reporter, a pre- and postgame reporter and analyst who camped out on the field … they did interviews with players and coaches on both sides, showed replays, and brought in the ‘experts,’ us poor writers and bloggers into the show.

It was something straight out of ESPN GameDay. We’ve never seen anything like it before. This coverage, which had typically been reserved just for some of the biggest states, has now trickled down to Connecticut. And it’s just getting bigger and bigger with each passing season.

What a fascinating modern world we live in.

Anyway, the benefit to all of this is that fans from all points of the globe were able to tune in on ESPN3 to watch the best of the best compete for Connecticut football’s biggest prize.

So if you missed anything, or actually attended the games at Rentschler Field and want to relive all the moments, click the link below to watch the replays on ESPN3 (Warning, your cable/internet provider may not allow it).

Or you can just watch the replays on CPTV Sports.

There were a few glitches. Xavier-NFA had some feed and mic problems. As a result, it won’t be seen on CPTV Sports. But you can watch the raw feed on ESPN3.

Anyway, watch all the replays here:

Sean Patrick Bowley