(Not a) Shocker! Hand is No. 1


Hand of Madison earn the coveted No. 1 ranking in the state media poll conducted by The Register of New Haven.

I know. We’re stunned.

It was a unanim… wait, somebody voted Xavier No. 1?


Really? Did they not see THIS game?

Whatever. Didn’t affect the outcome. Though if you’re Ansonia I’m thinking you’re feeling a bit disrespected. 14-0. Back-to-back champs…

Oh well, to the victors go the spoils. Connecticut High School Football in 2012 is the SCC’s World, the rest of the state is just cannon fodder. The league came close to sweeping the top three spots.

Oughta be a fun time at the New Haven Chapter of the National Football Foundation and College Hall of Fame dinner. Get your tickets now.

Anyway, Hand, the Class L champions, won all but one of the 25 first-place votes. This is the third time in school history the Tigers have been named  No. 1.

Class LL champion Xavier leaped Ansonia to take No. 2.

Guess that Oct. 12 game really did live up to all the hype. Turns out it was for the No. 1 ranking.

Ansonia, the only team to ever go 14-0, went 14-0 again and won the Class S title. The Chargers finish third.

Class M champion Hillhouse took fourth.

FCIAC Champion Staples was the only Fairfield County school to finish in the Top 10. The Wreckers were No. 7. Both SWC champion Newtown and FCIAC runner-up Greenwich dropped out.

NHR Top 10 Media Poll

(Final 2012)

Dropped Out: Newtown (7), Greenwich (8).
Other teams receiving votes: Berlin (11-2), 257; Newtown (10-1), 241; Masuk (10-2), 212; Greenwich (8-2), 186; West Haven (8-3), 113; New Canaan (9-3), 106; Middletown (8-3), 46; North Haven (7-3), 25; St. Joseph (8-3), 24; Hyde (10-2), 19; Montville (9-3), 15; Woodland (8-4), 9; Wolcott (9-2), 8; Platt (8-3), 7.
The following voted: Marc Allard, Norwich Bulletin; Bob Barton, New Haven Register; Bill Bloxsom, Hersam-Acorn; Sean Patrick Bowley, Connecticut Post; Don Boyle, Sporting News CT; Jim Bransfield, Middletown Press; Kyle Brennan, Waterbury Republican-American; Chris Brodeur, Danbury News-Times; Bryant Carpenter, Meriden-Record Journal; George DeMaio, WELI; Mike DiMauro, The Day of New London; Matt Doran, MSG Varsity; Noah Finz, WTNH-8; Ned Griffen, The Day of New London; John Holt, WFSB-3; Mark Jaffee, Waterbury Republican-American; Ken Lipshez, West Hartford News/New Britain City Journal; Mike Madera, Elm City Newspapers; Joe Morelli, New Haven Register; Dave Phillips, Shore Line Newspapers; Mike Pucci, New Haven Register; Dave Ruden, Stamford Advocate; Tom Yantz, Hartford Courant; Mike Wollschlager, New Haven Register; Jimmy Zanor, Shore Line Newspapers.

Day Coaches Top 10

The Day is holding their final coaches poll for a blowout piece. All we care about is who is No. 1, and who else got high billing. They did give us a taste, which is all we really need, anyway. Ahem, they emailed it, as usual. Brain. Fried.

Hand’s No. 1, of course. The Tigers got 13 of 15 first-place votes. Ansonia got the other two first-place votes and finish No. 2.

Dropped out: Southington (6), Newtown (7), and Greenwich (T9).
Also receiving votes: Southington (10-1), 124 points; Masuk-Monroe (10-2), 117; Newtown (10-1), 107; West Haven (8-3), 61; Tie, Greenwich (8-2) and Middletown (8-3), 52; New Canaan (9-3), 44; North Haven (7-3), 35; St. Joseph-Trumbull (8-3), 15; Wolcott (9-2), 10; Montville (9-3), 8; Tie, Weston (9-3) and Woodland-Beacon Falls (8-4), 7.
The following coaches voted: Tom Brockett, Ansonia; Jim Buonocore, Ledyard; Craig Bruno, Bunnell-Stratford; Dave Cadelina, Bridgeport Central; Steve Filippone, Hand-Madison; Rob Fleeting, Windsor; Tanner Grove, Montville; Jude Kelly, St. Paul-Bristol; Tim King, Valley Regional-Deep River; Sean Marinan, Xavier-Middletown; John Murphy, Masuk-Monroe; Marce Petroccio, Staples-Westport; Bob Zito, Maloney-Meriden.

Sean Patrick Bowley

49 Responses

  1. MXR says:

    Congrats to #1, and it should have gotten all of the #1 votes. Xavier beat three of the Top 10 and seven of the top 18, but it should not be voted ahead of a team it lost to.

  2. Xhs says:

    Agreed Mark! Hand s/b the #1 rated team. Boy I would have liked to get them healthy.

  3. Tim says:

    Hand is truly #1. They played the toughest schedule in the state. Beat 5 teams that were ranked in the top ten at some point. Defeated Class LL X, and Class M Hillhouse. I agree with MXR, what does a team have to do get all the votes, this year it was undisputed. The writer that voted X over Hand should have his voting privelge revoke!

  4. GO NOLES!! says:

    Ansonia could make a solid argument for the #2 spot, but the poll seems to be fair.
    The only glaring flaw is Xavier receiving a first place vote. When a writer has the benefit of witnessing an actual head-to-head match-up, a game in which Xavier was outcoached, outplayed, and dominated by Hand the final 24 minutes en route to a 20-point loss, and still votes Xavier #1, he/she deserves to lose the privilege of voting in future polls.

    SPB, any idea of who among your fellow scribes is the dunce?

  5. another fan says:

    You have to be stupid not to vote ansonia #1 starting next years poles with everyone returning .Great year Chargers!!!!.

  6. CMM says:

    Hand thoroughly deserved the #1 ranking. There is no dispute. Whoever picked Xavier is deluded and to pick Ansonia #1 is like picking Boise St #1 over Alabama. The kids at Ansonia are good and its not their fault they play teams that L and LL JV’s could wipe the floor with, but going 14-0 against the sisters of the poor isn’t anything to get excited about. If they were in M this yr and they whipped Hillhouse, then you could have a small argument, but reality is if Ansonia played Xavier or Hand’s schedule, no way they come out of it unscathed.

  7. SJ Alum says:

    Congratulations Hand on your #1 well deserved ranking. To SPB, great job this year you really had your finger on the pulse of CT High School Football, I salute your efforts. To everyone who posted on this blog whether we agreed or not, thank you, best money spent on entertainment. And lastly to the players and coaches, who without, none of this would be possible, I thank you for the memories and your desire to be the best! And in the end all is right in the polls.

  8. GO NOLES!! says:

    BTW: Interesting that the Coaches’ Poll had Ansonia #2, with 2 first place votes.
    Unlike some of posters on this blog who write in absolutes, and make ridiculous assertions that reveal their lack of football knowledge and understanding, the guys who actually coach high school football have a good sense of and respect for teams’ strengths.

  9. Jesse says:

    @CMM they whooped everyone in Class M last year and nobody had anything nice to say then either.

  10. nhbeast says:

    The Coaches poll, I think, got it right. And if you think Xavier would destroy Ansonia, you’ve not seen Ansonia play much. Hand, Ansonia, Xavier, IMO.

    Polls are very subjective though, and don’t mean squat unless you get #1 in both, which Hand did, and deservedly so!

  11. Dylan says:

    Listen, I am a Xavier fan and I did not like these polls the last two years and I don’t like it now. As long as Ansonia is undefeated it is unproven that Hand is the number 1 team. It is a mythical title that only serves to diminish what the other state champions have accomplished. How lame is it to see yourself as a number 2,3,or 4 ranked team days after believing you are number 1? This is a silly distinction and it is unproven. I believed that in 2010 when I felt bad for the kids at Masuk and I believe it now when I feel for the kids at Ansonia. And for you media types to weigh-in and designate a state champion, to exert some measure of control over these kids accomplishments is a joke. In fact it is downright lame.

  12. eddysuds00 says:

    @Sean Patrick Bowley
    Whats going on?
    Are you slacking?
    Where are the video highlights set to great music?
    Waiting patiently for them. LOL…

  13. SLACKING???? check the championship pages. Two down, 1 1/2 to go. Saved Ansonia for my ‘best’* work.

    *By best I mean best an amateur can do

  14. Weasel says:

    Congrats to all the state champs.

    Insofar as the polls are concerned, I can’t disagree strongly with either though I tend to believe the writers are more accurate than the coaches regarding Xavier/Ansonia.

    It’s hard to say, despite being undefeated, that Ansonia’s 14-0 is a better indicator of performance than Xavier’s 12-1.

    Whereas I believe Ansonia would be competitive vs any team in the state, I know that Xavier was. And in this discussion we’re not talking about relative concepts, we’re talking about absolutes, an open class as it were.

    In an open field, I believe Ansonia, through no fault of its own, lacks the data points that can definitively demonstrate that it could complete a 14-0 season, even a 12-1 season, against opponents faced by Xavier this year (or Hand, Hillhouse, and North Haven).

    Look, I know that this is a judgment call of the heart as much as it is the head, but at least in my head the judgment call is that Ansonia would not have the same record if it played in the SCC (or even the FCIAC).

    Does anyone here think (outside of RAY BROWN), really, that they’d run the table in those two conferences?

    Would anyone think a 1 loss Ansonia would be ranked higher than Xavier, Windsor, NFA, or Staples?

    Again, it’s not a strong deal for me. It doesn’t really matter. But that’s where I am anyway.

    Sean Patrick Bowley ought to be beatified for all the work he’s done on this blog, the best high school sports blog I’ve ever seen.

  15. Ned says:

    “The Day is holding their final coaches poll for a blowout piece”

    Huh? We emailed it a smidgen after 6:30 p.m. We share with everyone as soon as possible

    You can stay at the office past 7 p.m., you slacker

    2012 state champion Polk High: AMERICA’S No. 1 team….

  16. It was made to sound like a big production, Ned! Comments from Steve etc…

  17. GHS1973 says:

    All right Hand…But, really it’s the flags that matter…You earned yours’…

  18. eddysuds00 says:

    @Sean Patrick…
    I hope you know i was kidding.
    You ROCK…

  19. ciacfollower says:

    Dylan – Hand would’ve dominated Masuk back in ’10 & X lastyear in ’11. I’m sure those programs were thrilled they opted to take up Hand in their schedules the following years. You can argue that they each had better teams / QB’s in those years but so did Hand.

  20. Master Legend says:

    Are coaches allowed to vote for their own teams in The Day poll? I’m trying to figure out who the two coaches were who voted for Ansonia. If they’re not allowed to, obviously one was Filippone, but can’t figure out the other. Torn between Ledyard’s guy and St. Paul’s.

  21. Kyle says:

    I always looked at the Day poll anyways. The Register poll is a bunch of guys who haven’t even seen every team play.

    Look congrats to Hand, they obviously deserve it. After watching all the games this year I’ve come to realize there are 3 good teams in this state and then the rest drop off.

    I went to the Hand Hillhouse game, and hillhouse is small up front and they have team speed. Ansonia is bigger up front and quicker than hillhouse and much more discipline. Now if that Hillhouse team can compete in the SCC and almost beat that Xavier team there is no question that Ansonia can play in that league.

    I don’t get the ignorance from you guys, HH is not that good and they are #4 in the state! God I wish Ansonia was in M this year. They were having trouble the whole game with Berlin, Berlin STINKS!!

    Stop giving me all this tough schedule crap like you’re in the SEC. There are 2 teams that would give Ansonia trouble in this state #1 and #2 in the final poll.

    CT football stinks, there’s 3 good teams and Ansonia is one of them and can easily win or lose to #1 or #2

  22. Jack says:

    Interesting that the coaches voted as they did. All four teams were showcased in one arena (please keep it that way). And, the games were televised, so most of the state saw these teams play.

    The coaches watched these games and made thier determination. So who knows better, the sports writers, or the coaches?

    Who has the more credible opinion? Coaches or sports writers?

  23. Frank Football says:

    Everyone once in a while, you have an opportunity to vote for the #1 team and this year it’s easy. All the guess work is done for you, no hypotheticals. Then a hero sportswriter decides to vote Xavier over the very team that dominated them in week 5. You should be ashamed of yourself. The Hand team deserves everything this year, including your vote. Stop pretending you understand all the intrinics involved in Football. You don’t what your doing. Hand is the undisputed best team in the little state of CT. Wake up and look for another profession.

  24. Observer says:

    @ 23. Why so much anger? Who cares if Hand lost one vote to X? It doesn’t diminish their status at all.

  25. cthsfbfan says:

    @Kyle: I used to share your sentiments, Kyle. You are correct that on any given night, Ansonia could hang with the likes of a Hillhouse or a West Haven or even a Hand or Xavier. We will probably never know, but I’m willing to assume that on a random night, they would show up. But they don’t play anyone – ANYONE – on their schedule that causes the brutal punishment of playing the teams in the SCC. Last year, Masuk played North Haven in the quarter finals. They got BEAT UP BADLY. And they won! See that’s the thing…I’m not saying that on a single night they couldn’t beat a top SCC team. But the punishment and hard hits taken week in and week out in the SCC are unrivaled by any other league in the state. I take nothing away from Ansonia. You play who is on your schedule. But in an opinion poll, you must take all factors into account and that is why I could never vote an undefeated Ansonia team over an undefeated Hand or Xavier or West Haven team. The level of competition really is that much better.

    SPB – let me add my voice to the chorus of those who have already thanked you for the excellent work you do. This happens to be my #1 stop during the fall when I hit my computer. I hope CT Post knows what a great job you do. Thanks for keeping us all informed and interested. Time for a vacation!

    See you all next year!

  26. Master Legend says:

    The fact that the NHR top 10 is considered to be THE POLL is a joke. It’s a bunch of writers. All they care about is how many yards a kid got on how many carries. No offense, but do you think guys like SPB and Mike Pucci know anything about schemes or X’s and O’s? I would have to put that in the coaches’ hands. I understand that coaches are too focused on their own team and the teams they have to play to get an accurate scouting report on EVERY good team in the state. However, writers are also too focused on their own coverage areas to get an accurate feel for what’s going on around the state (i.e. why nobody on this blog had heard of Marcus Outlow before the playoffs). There shuold be a comprehensive poll in which both writers and coaches get equal input.

  27. Xhs says:

    Only 13 coaches vote and Ansonia voted for themselves and xavier didn’t. That was the difference.

  28. Frank Football says:

    Your right Observer: My point is it’s irresponsible of the writer to exercise his voting right to create even the smallest amount of controversy.

  29. @Master – That hurts my feelings.

  30. Here’s how that Xavier argument might have gone for the lone Xavier voter: they were playing the best in CT.

    But you can’t do it that way. Xavier got beat. On the field. By Hand.

  31. PapaDags says:

    There is ABSOLUTELY no defense in hell for a sportswriter to Vote X #1 this yr….None whatsoever…..Hand beat them(rather handidly if my memory serves me correct,,and it does….)That writer should seriously relinquish his right to vote to someone a little more qualified….and that could be anyone on this blog at this point. What a disservice he committed to the athletes and programs in the state..Hand deserved it hands down and I feel Ansonia should be #2…But that point is open for discussion….Voting X #1 is NOT OPEN for discussion….makes one wonder about the professionalism in sportswriting within the state….after all , I could use another part time job….seems easy enough to get if that fool is doing it…..and now to SPB….YOU are at the top of my list and my first stop every AM, and then to Kyle Brennan…..Never give up YOUR day job….and keep it up kiddo!!!

  32. Raff says:

    @SPB- Can you or someone explain to me why 80 kids make ALL FCIAC? I mean every conference has a 1st team all conference but to have a second team all conference and honorable mention? That is a joke.
    Why don’t they have an all conference trainer team while there at it.

  33. monroe says:

    spread the word, coach murphy just stepped down! now who is going to coach us?

  34. Jesse says:

    @Xhs- Xavier sholdn’t have voted for themselves since they lost a game this year, Ansonia didn’t.

  35. Dylan says:

    Interesting. The fact that Hand beat Xavier does not make Hand the best team. As I recall, Southington beat Glastonbury and a few weeks later, Glastonbury returned the favor. See, you can lose to a team but that does not make them better than you (necessarily. Why have a playoff if the media is going to say 1 team is above the rest? How useless is that? Being the best team is established on the field. Why is Ansonia not the number 1 team? Because Hand is better? They are supposed to be better, it is a larger school. Isn’t that why there are four divisions because it is unfair for large schools to compete against smaller schools? Under this logic Ansonia and smaller schools should never be number 1. Because if you are not number 1 after a 14-0 season, when will you ever be? Do away with this silly distinction. Instead of an all-encompassing Top 10, have a Top 5 for each Division. At the end of the year the true number 1 will be revealed on the field in real and relevant competition. Nothing against nHand, they are a fabulous team with great kids and tremendous sportsmanship.

  36. John Flynn says:

    steve christy mark my word

  37. Impartial says:

    Ansonia would beat Hand.

  38. Kyle says:


    I realize we play no one, I completely agree. We have to play who is in front of us. Agreed

    I am an Ansonia plan and former player, I dont care if we finish two or three, its irrelevant. What do we get a trophy for second place. No so whats the big deal.

    But stop saying we can “compete” with those teams cause no we can win. Dont give me North Haven crap with Masuk cause we can pound Masuk. Hillhouse survived that conference and almost beat Xavier, no question we can beat xavier and Hand, our athletes are the best this state has. Matos would be going to Boise State if he played in someone like Masuk’s offense.

    You guys need to realize your conference isn’t that good. Look at Shelton, they had to sweat Derby! Derby stinks!

    Hillhouse was the only team willing to play us in ’09 and ’09 was our worst team we’ve had in a long time. Final score 44-14 Ansonia

  39. GHS1973 says:

    @monroe…I just heard RAY BROWN is interested in the job…

  40. Garf says:

    @27 this was posted on another blog (not by me but it does speak to your levels of ignorance)….

    Great article by Ned Griffen regarding Brockett voting for Hand, and glowing compliments by Fillipone pertaining to Brockett and Ansonia football- Ansonia and Hand, love them or hate them they are the best two programs in CT by a mile, they exude class in everything they do!

  41. Garf says:

    article by Ned Griffin, a good read…

    It was late last January and Steve Filippone was already discussing his Hand of Madison football team’s 2012 schedule.

    The Tigers would play the likes of two-time defending Class LL champion Xavier along with Hillhouse, West Haven, North Haven, Cheshire and Shelton.

    Filippone believed that if Hand could get through the regular season and repeat as Class L champion, the Tigers should finish No. 1 in the state based on their body of work.

    Filippone got what he wished for Monday when Hand was voted the No. 1 high school football team in Connecticut in The Day’s final Top 10 state coaches’ poll.

    The Tigers received 11 out of 13 first-place votes.

    “I really did feel that way,” Filippone said. “The first hurdle was getting Xavier undefeated. If we beat Xavier, I felt like we had a shot at running the table.

    “I figured we’d be battle-tested to the point that if we stayed healthy, we’d be okay in the (state) tournament.”

    Class S champion Ansonia (14-0) finished second in the voting and received the other two first-place votes. Ansonia head coach Tom Brockett, who votes in the weekly poll, voted for Hand.

    “Tommy is one of the most honorable guys and one of the best guys out there,” Filippone said. “He’s got a program that’s par excellence. Nobody has been able to do over time what he’s been able to do (win four state titles in seven seasons).

    “I was interviewed by Kyle Brennan (of the Waterbury Republican-American) and he asked, ‘What about Ansonia?’ I said, ‘Look, I said it back in 2005 and I’ll say it again — put our name and their name in the same sentence and make comparisons with our program and their program, and you’re giving us one of the highest compliments you could.’ To be considered in the same sentence with Ansonia and equate it to what they’ve done with their program is a tremendous compliment. Tommy is a good man, and I appreciate his candor and his willingness to vote us.”

    The Tigers were the first team since New London in 1991 to beat two state champions during the regular season. The Whalers defeated Class MM champion Ledyard (31-14) and Class SS champion Stonington (12-6). The CIAC had six divisions at that time. It currently has four.

    “We beat the LL champion and we beat the M champion,” Filippone said. “We didn’t play the S champion (Ansonia), and I think it would be a helluva a game. … I wouldn’t predict a winner, but it would be a heck of a game.”

    Xavier, Hillhouse and Class L runnerup Windsor finished three-through-five respectively.

    The Top 10 was rounded out by Class LL runnerup Norwich Free Academy (12-1), Staples of Westport (10-1), Class S runnerup North Branford (12-1), Class M runnerup Berlin (11-2) and Glastonbury (10-2).

    Hand also finished first in the New Haven Register media poll, receiving 24 out of 25 first-place votes. Xavier received the other first place vote and finished second. Ansonia was third, Hillhouse fourth and Windsor fifth.

  42. RAY BROWN says:


  43. RAY BROWN says:


  44. Yale Football Camp says:

    What offseason team football camp does Hand, Ansonia, West Haven, Fairfield Prep, and a few other schools attend every June?

    ANSWER: Yale Football Camp

    six sessions, full equipment, full contact, and game scrimmages in Yale Bowl on the last day.

    Great competition, great instruction, and a great way to improve your team.

    Wanna be the best? This is a chance to work against the best.

    Call Yale Football office for more info.

  45. Raff says:

    @Kyle- The Hillhouse team that played Ansonia was only 5-5 and coming off a 11-1 season in 2008 and losing to Darien 35-32 in Class M semi’s when they played Ansonia in 2009. Kinda hard to justify anything there after they finally played each other. If Hillhouse played Ansonia I am not going to sit here and say Hillhouse wins easily or even wins or who wins. I will say it would be a great game. You said how can Hillhouse be #4? Well losing to Hand week 2 37-19 in a game that was 23-19 heading into the 4th is respectable and House almost could have won. It was a battle. Then the other loss is week 7 vs. Xavier in a game that House led 49-21 heading into the 4th and it was a game that changed the season for both Xavier and Hillhouse. Since that game both teams won 6 straight and State Titles so it is what it is.
    To sit and here say they shouldn’t be #4 is a joke and then say they struggled with Berlin. Football is a game of 4 quarters. Berlin had 45 yards in the second half of offense and was outscored 27-0. Where was the struggle there? Bottom line is a W is a W.

    You can speculate all you want and I will be the 1st to say that Ansonia can play with Hand- Xavier & Hillhouse from this past season. But I will say until something changes which I don’t see happening it means zero.

    To say they don’t deserve to be #4 is harsh. Seriously like I said before Ansonia is talented and very tough but I saw this year Seymour- Wolcott and Holy Cross live and all three teams were terrible. To not get tested each week is a big difference.

  46. cthsfbfan says:

    @kyle: You have every right to defend your team and should! I would expect you to do no less. If you reread my original post, I said you could possibly beat an SCC team on a given night. But playing those tough teams each Friday night definitely takes a toll. That’s a toll Ansonia has never had to deal with. So without a final championship game (would LOVE to have seen Ansonia vs. Hand and Xavier vs. Hillhouse Rematch) then people voting have to take strength of schedule as ONE PART of their consideration. Simply put, what’s more impressive to you? Beating North Branford, Prince Tech and Naugatuck or beating Windsor, Masuk, Xavier and Hillhouse? Even you will admit that if you had to vote for one team without having them play, logic would go Hand. Your heart, of course, votes Ansonia #1. Enjoyed the discussion….thanks!

  47. Football Fan says:

    Curious what type of logic or reasoning Sports media or
    coaches use when ranking teams for Poll purposes.I doubt there is
    very little argument,especially from knowing Connecticut High
    School Football Fans,that Xavier’s and Hand’s schedules{Regular
    Season and Playoffs}were much tougher against higher quality teams
    than Ansonia”s.Using that preface how could someone{2} vote Ansonia
    #1 ? Possible reasoning,besides the useless”Eye Test”,Ansonia could
    have won all games that were dealt to Xavier and Hand in
    2012.Making this assumption is very hard as Ansonia’s “ceiling”was
    never really tested AND trying to evaluate Ansonia’s outcome
    against higher quality opponents is VERY difficult.Now on the Flip
    Side is there any knowledgeable person going to summize that Xavier
    or Hand would have had a more difficult time defeating Ansonia”s
    2012 opponents than Ansonia did ?

  48. NED says:

    Where to start, where to start:


    The media poll is an “SCC poll”? Me-eeeeow

    You would SO-OOOO hate the coaches’ poll as it voted three SCC teams. Or the Freeman rankings for CalPreps.com and MaxPreps.com — the computer model ranked four SCC teams in the Top 10



    XHS: “Only 13 coaches vote and Ansonia voted for themselves and xavier didn’t. That was the difference”


    Assuming that your tagline means that you have, or are, getting a Xaverian Brothers education, YOU of all people should know never assume

    Master Of Puppets: “Are coaches allowed to vote for their own teams in The Day poll?”

    Feel free to ask those of us who coordinate said Top 10. We’re just a short email click away

    Coaches can vote for their own teams. Since TEAM DAY took over the coaches poll, only two didn’t vote their own team No. 1 after coaching an unbeaten state champion

    “However, writers are also too focused on their own coverage areas to get an accurate feel for what’s going on around the state”


    There are reporters that will venture outside their readership’s borders to watch the best-of-the-best

    John Holt, for instance, visited more football fields this season than a gubernatorial candidate. He’s also a KING OF MEN

    Kyle: “You guys need to realize your conference (SCC) isn’t that good”


    Get that man to an open mike night!

    Dylan: “And for you media types to weigh-in and designate a state champion, to exert some measure of control over these kids accomplishments is a joke. In fact it is downright lame”

    If you are a Xavier fan, what say you about Sean Marinan voting in The Day coaches’ poll?

    Face it — America loves polls and rankings. You’ll see about a ga-jillion of them between now and the end of the year

    Anyone who hates rankings hates America. You don’t hate America, do you, Dylan? Or is it, “comrade Dylan”?

    “Instead of an all-encompassing Top 10, have a Top 5 for each Division. At the end of the year the true number 1 will be revealed on the field in real and relevant competition”

    Um, WHAT

    Under your scenario, how would El Supremo be determined if there’s still four divisions?

    Frank Football: “Then a hero sportswriter decides to vote Xavier over the very team that dominated them in week 5. You should be ashamed of yourself”

    Easy there, Frankie. Deep, cleansing breaths

    Don Boyle only voted Xavier No. 1. I think his reasoning is a bit nutty, but it ain’t like he set a bus full of orphans on fire and steered it into a church

    Jesse: “they (Ansonia) whooped everyone in Class M last year and nobody had anything nice to say then either”


    Wow, that borders the fine line between revisionist history and toad-licking hallucination

    Anyone who’s questioned Ansonia’s success is either bitter or licks them toads

    Weasel: “Sean Patrick Bowley ought to be beatified for all the work he’s done on this blog”


    Yo, man — this is the comment section of a blog. Please keep all words to one syllable

    Also, please don’t add more helium to Verhoeven’s ego. We love the guy and all, but he’s already so full of himself that he thinks he, not One Direction, should be on every cover of “Tiger Beat” magazine

    Sean Patrick Beatified: “It was made to sound like a big production, Ned!”

    You should know by now that nothing we’re involved with is a big production. It’s all bubble wrap, duct tap and caffeine

    Garf: “Great article by Ned Griffen….”

    Thanks, but that’s a lie, and you know it….


    [ DROPS MIC ]

    This much is true: I’ve learned people come here more for the comments, not what some SI Newhouse reject has to say.

    And that was a beaut.