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2012 All-NVL teams



The NVL Football Blog, your place for all things NVL of course, published the 2012 All-NVL teams, including the photos of each individual squad.

Here are the teams. Visit their site for all the extras.

All-NVL Offense

QB — Mike Nicol (Wolcott)
RB — Arkeel Newsome (Ansonia), Mick Pernell (Naugatuck)
WR — Andrew Matos (Ansonia), Anthony Scirpo (Woodland)
TE — Raeshaun Finney (Ansonia), Brandon Kuczenski (Naugatuck)
OL — Jeremy Clark (Woodland), Zach McNutt (Torrington), Jim Nelson (Wolcott), George Smith (Holy Cross), Jh’mel Trammell (Ansonia)
UT — Tanner Kingsley (Woodland), Jai’Quan McKnight (Ansonia)

All-NVL Defense

DL — Dan Bonney (Seymour), Phil Bresson (Torrington), Andrew Kalach (Watertown), Gerron Pendarvis (Holy Cross)
LB — Bryan Burnette (Holy Cross), Hezekiah Duncan (Ansonia), Levi Fancher (Woodland), Matt Nicolari (Derby)
DB — Mike Conlan (Seymour), Dillon McMahon (Derby), Ryan O’Connor (Ansonia), Jaquan Overbey (Sacred Heart)
K — Arthur Kwaskiewicz (Ansonia)

All-NVL Brass Offense

QB — Mike Kreiger (Derby)
RB — Tyrae Small (Derby), Jacob Thomas (Wilby)
WR — Matt Cyr (Wolcott), Jon Mitchell (Watertown), Christian Thurmond (Seymour)
OL — Dave Ahearn (Derby), De’Cuan Digsby (Crosby), Mike Lombardi (Watertown), Blair Mitchell (Derby), Matt Simon (Ansonia)
UT — Roshawn Gainey (Crosby), Joe Lynch (Wolcott)

All-NVL Brass Defense

DL — Brian Ballenilla (Wilby), Nygel Gladney (Crosby), Tom Longo (Wolcott), Antone Mack (Ansonia)
LB — Jack Briggs (Seymour), Ephraim Collins (Ansonia), Saiheed Sanders (Ansonia), Zach Sirowich (Seymour), Paulo Villanueva (Watertown)
DB — Anthony Chacho (Watertown), Chris Petillo (Wolcott), Brandon Sierra (Wilby)
K — Joe Keeley (Wolcott)

All-NVL Copper Offense

QB — Logan Marchi (St. Paul)
RB — Adrian Brown (Holy Cross), Jerome Love (Naugatuck)
WR — Desmond Langs (Torrington), Kevin Kalosky (Holy Cross), Rahmi Rountree (Woodland)
TE — Brian Zaccagnini (Woodland)
OL — Kevin Brennan (Woodland), Mike Gugliotti (Holy Cross), Jordan Perna (Kennedy), Ernie Tracy (Torrington), Devon Watkins (Naugatuck)
UT — David Coggins (Sacred Heart)

All-NVL Copper Defense

DL — Matt Carda (Naugatuck), Eric Collodel (Woodland), Rourke Phalon (Holy Cross)
LB — Nick Brown (Woodland), Guen Park (St. Paul), Dan Schebell (Torrington), Xavier Woods (Sacred Heart)
DB — Nate Franklin (Naugatuck), Edgar Gonzalez (Torrington), Adam Grantmeyer (Torrington), Davon Humbles (Kennedy), Shyquan Thompson (Sacred Heart)

All-Waterbury Offense

QB — Javon Martin (Sacred Heart)
RB — Adrian Brown (Holy Cross), Roshawn Gainey (Crosby), Jacob Thomas (Wilby)
WR — David Coggins (Sacred Heart), Edward Ellis (Crosby), Kevin Kalosky (Holy Cross)
TE — Tom Rinaldi (Holy Cross)
OL — De’Cuan Digsby (Crosby), Mike Gugliotti (Holy Cross), Alex Guzman (Wilby), Jordan Perna (Kennedy), George Smith (Holy Cross)
UT — Dashaun Abdul-Lateef (Kennedy)

All-Waterbury Defense

DL — Damon Atkinson (Wilby), Brian Ballenilla (Wilby), Nygel Gladney (Crosby), Tim Lamadeleine (Kennedy), Gerron Pendarvis (Holy Cross), Rourke Phalon (Holy Cross)
LB — Bryan Burnette (Holy Cross), Parris Wolfe (Sacred Heart), Xavier Woods (Sacred Heart)
DB — Davon Humbles (Kennedy), Jaquan Overbey (Sacred Heart), Brandon Sierra (Wilby), Shyquan Thompson (Sacred Heart)

Special Awards

Jimmy Lee Top Senior — Mike Nicol, Wolcott
Top City Offensive Player — Davon Humbles, Kennedy
Top City Lineman — George Smith, Holy Cross

Sean Patrick Bowley

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  1. Master Legend says:

    This can’t be correct. Only 27 players are listed as 1st Team. What if a couple kids feel slighted??

  2. Josh Boone says:

    Don’t worry, the SWC has room for them on their first team.