2013-14 SWC-NVL Challenge matchups released

The SWC and the NVL have announced their crossover arrangements for WEEK SIX of the expanded high school schedules in 2013 and 2014.

The SWC release was simple and to the point. The NVL (which didn’t email us. Send to hssports@ctpost.com or spbowley@ctpost.com, thanks) sent a more involved release expressing its excitement for the crossover matchups to the Republican American.

According to the SWC, the match ups were determined after examining the win/loss records for 2011 and 2012 season, with the home teams determining the date and time of games.

Unlike the FCIAC-SCC challenge, which didn’t quite get everyone on board due to Amity’s scheduling of Seymour in Week 1 and the subsequent backlash from the FCIAC, the NVL-SWC challenge is pretty straightforward.

Here we go. Remember, these matchups fill the 11th game in Week 6.


Masuk at Ansonia | Newtown at Wolcott | Holy Cross at Weston | Woodland at Pomperaug | Barlow at Torrington | Bunnell at Naugatuck | Seymour at Oxford | Derby at Bethel | Brookfield at Wilby | New Fairfield at Sacred Heart | Watertown at New Milford | Kennedy at Stratford | Notre Dame-Fairfield at St. Paul | Immaculate at Crosby.


Wolcott at Masuk | Ansonia at Newtown | Pomperaug at Holy Cross | Weston at Woodland | Naugatuck at Barlow| Torrington at Bunnell | Bethel at Seymour | Oxford at Derby | Sacred Heart at Brookfield | Wilby at New Fairfield | Stratford at Watertown | New Milford at Kennedy | Crosby at Notre Dame-Fairfield | St. Paul at Immaculate.

Sean Patrick Bowley

11 Responses

  1. tbart19 says:

    Love the Ansonia v Masuk match up in 2013 just wish Murphy would be there. Confused by what “the 11th game of week 6″ means? Does that mean each team now has 11 games on the season & they will be played week 6?

  2. @tbart19 – Because Week 1 is also a regular open date for NVL, and some teams have already scheduled other teams (re: Seymour-Amity). Unlike FCIAC, the SWC-NVL people had no issues moving whole thing to Week 6.

  3. Elgin21 says:

    SPB – I’m having withdrawal symptoms. LOL!

  4. Bubba says:

    Pretty cool, they went with different opponents in the second year, instead of a home and away 2 year deal with the same team.

  5. Dave Lib says:

    That is an excellent point and I agree with you I also like the 2 different opponents!
    (Now GHS Fan will come on here and say that I’m sucking up to you, Bubba….even though I don’t know you or any other guy named Bubba!)

  6. fan says:

    According to past-posts on this blog Newtown vs. Ansonia in two years should be the game of the year.

  7. The Dude says:

    Joel Barlow at Torrington. Yikes, now that’s a ride.

  8. SCC fan says:

    just Newtown’s luck, get Ansonia after Arkel graduates! Whoever Ansonia plays next year in the SWC, they will run all over by 40 points.

  9. Carl says:

    Looking at matchups quick I say it games go 7-7 or 8-6 for either league.Should be interesting though.SWC may have edge in lesser matchups.

  10. CTFB12 says:

    my picks for NVL-SWC challenge in both years
    Ansonia over Masuk- they can pick the score
    Newtown over Wolcott-Wolcott loses their only offensive weapon NHS has many
    HC over Weston- HC way to many athletes
    Pomp over Woodand- Pomp in a close one Woody loses all of Kingsleys weapons
    Barlow over Torringon- Nobody even paid attention to Barlow…watch out
    Naugatuck over Bunnell- Naugy may have close to 500yds rushing
    Oxford over Seymour- Civil War goes to Stochs
    Bethel over Derby- see Naugatucks rushing yards
    Brookfield over Wilby- now that they have a QB settled BHS goes 9-1
    New Fairfield over SHHS- whatta stinker- see Bethel rushing yards
    Watertown over New Milford(unless Murphy is their coach)- got nothing
    Stratford over Kennedy-just because
    St Paul over NDFF- Marchi will have 600yds throwing
    Crosby over Immaculate- give Tom Taylor one more year

    Masuk over Wolcott
    Newtown over Ansonia-NHS class LL champs possible #1 overall
    Pomp over HC- Pomps soph wil be seniors
    Woodland over Weston-only if Lato isnt there
    Naugatuck over Barlow- Barlow will be depleted by then
    Bunnell over Torrington- THS has no passing defense
    Derby over Oxford- Kreigers senior year will be a big one
    Brookfield over SHHS- if SHHS is still open
    New Fairfield over Wilby- just on coaching
    Watertown over Stratford- Toss up
    New Milford over Kennedy- see New Fairfield
    Crosby over NDFF- NDFF is just lain awful every year
    Immaculate over St Paul- T Taylor is getting it going

    SWC 8-6 in 2013 SWC 9-5 in 2014

  11. SCC fan says:

    CTFB12, Newtown class LL champs in 2014? who will be at the helm for them when tarrintino leaves? is there another QB in the mix? dont know much about the younger classmen but to predict the state champs already, come on.