NVL votes ‘no’ on adding Bridgeport schools (updated)

The Naugatuck Valley League won’t be bringing Bridgeport’s public school athletic teams into its midst any time soon.

The league’s athletic directors voted down a proposal to invite Central, Harding and Bassick, according to Bridgeport Citywide athletic director Neil Kavey.

Kavey didn’t remember the exact date, but was told “sometime last week.” A call placed to NVL president Tom Pompei of Naugatuck was not yet been returned.

“We thought we had a nice block of support, and we did,” Kavey said. “But there wasn’t too much of a block, I guess.

“We’re disappointed. But we’re anxious to move forward. The FCIAC guys are really going out of their way to helping us beef up our programs and help us work things out.”

Kavey said the NVL gave Bridgeport “a list of a couple of things we have to do if we every think about talking to them again, like adding or shoring up some sub-varsity programs and so on.”

“That was pretty much it, they didn’t go into anything else,” Kavey said. “Tom Pompei was very nice and very candid. We’re hoping to improve our programs.”

Bridgeport has been a member of the FCIAC since 1993. But other than boys basketball, its sports programs have had little success in the Fairfield County league.

Before the NVL, Bridgeport also reached out to the SCC, but was also rebuffed, according to a source from that league. But Kavey denied that the Bridgeport ever talked with the SCC.

Sean Patrick Bowley