The 2012 CHSCA All-State Football Teams: OVERALL

The Connecticut High School Coaches Association has unleashed its all-state teams for 2012. We’re publishing these in five installments, overall, and the individual classes.

These teams are voted by the members of the CHSCA.

Here are the four Class teams: CLASS LL | CLASS L | CLASS M | CLASS S

The following is the All-State Team. The best of the best. Players who make this list are excluded from the individual class teams. Positions are arbitrary.


BRANDAN BASIL, QB, North Branford
ANDREW ISAAC, TE, Manchester


JOEY PAPARELLI, DB, Norwich Free Academy
NICK GAYNOR, DB, Northwest Catholic

PLAYER OF THE YEAR — Tim Boyle, Xavier
ASSISTANT COACH OF THE YEAR — Dave Mastroianni, Hand

Sean Patrick Bowley

88 Responses

  1. Dylan says:

    What is the criteria for being on this team? This is very far off the beaten path.

    Where are all of the Xavier players on defense? Luster is all we have? We had the second best defense in the state. Also, our rb had over 2,000 yards and 40 touchdowns and our QB passed for more than 2,000 yards, we should have two OL at a minimum.

    Shout out to the Xavier players on the team. I think it is a joke that some of these guys were named ahead of Berry on the overall team for running back. He had as many yards , he had more touchdowns and his team won the state title. They may be better players, none of them had a better year. The kid rarely played in the 4th quarter and we would have lost to Fairfield Prep were it not for him. He scored 3 touchdowns against Hillhouse in the 4th quarter and the go ahead two pointer, even though the best player in the state is our QB and a guy who should be all state WR were on the field. Our passing game ramped up late but the run game was always there. It is a joke Berry is not on the overall all state team. Xavier played tougher competition including 4 teams that made the playoffs, who did Avon play?

    Again, where are the Xavier players on the OL? Zach Creeron and Ben Lisle, these guys started on 3 straight LL championship teams. I am certain the guys ahead of them are not better players.

    This team is not representative of the best players in the state.

  2. Dr. Von Nostran says:

    So…there are four “best of the best” quarterbacks?

  3. Nostran – No there are four best-of-best players, who are quarterbacks.

  4. JJ says:

    Vaughn is totally deserving, he was a beast this year and was the leader and anchor of his group. One of if not the best OL in the state.

  5. Fb says:

    Good squad

  6. Spreado says:

    I’m not even an Xavier fan but I do feel as though he was disrespected by not being put on this list. He dominated in one if the toughest leagues. I know not everyone can be or will be pleased by these selections. But some decisions such as to leave Berry off warrants criticism. I do feel like they selected the majority properly. Either way congrats to all of the players, coaches, teams and parents. These selections are a testament to everyone’s hard work and effort.

  7. bv says:

    When and why did these multiple QB all state teams start? Doesn’t make any sense. There is 1 all state QB. When are sportswriters gonna figure out football is won in the trenches and that is not just a saying. 2 oline? What football do you watch?

  8. FR says:

    Curious, only Class M placed a K/P on their team. What happened to the other Divisions? Surely there are kids in those Divisions that deserve recognition.

  9. @bv – Sportswriters didn’t vote. This is a coaches all-state

  10. Kyle Brennan says:

    Apparently bv has no idea that the Connecticut High School “COACHES” Association comprises of no sportswriters.

  11. Dr. Von Nostran says:

    I get it, but I don’t have to like it.
    If it’s not by position, don’t call it an All State “Team”, call it a “List”.

  12. bv says:

    ok my bad.Still don’t like it. It isn’t mvp or off player of the year. Its all state. 1 top QB please.

  13. bv says:

    Guess I didn’t read the top part at all. Oops sorry. Why are the positions arbitrary? grumble grumble

  14. M.Fortier says:

    IF you don’t go to a big school , or have winning record and program , you’ll never make these teams . Lots of kids on bad teams , that are good . It’s ( Politics ) that’s all !

  15. mr fciac says:

    wheres outlow he has looks from ala, ark,penn st, fla but
    nothing from ct. i guess ya cant earn it through the blogs

  16. SWC fanatic says:

    Ha ha, that’s a good one, okay now where is the All-State team by positions?? Hand had the best team in the state and only two members on this team. Joe Pacheco of New Fairfield left off all the teams!! With 4 QBs and only 2 OL the QBs will be sacked everytime, no blocking! As a former center I am insulted, we linemen know who decides the game.

  17. mr fciac says:

    Pacheco being left off is a joke lato from Weston said and i
    quote ” he is special ” and is all state db couldn’t stop him

  18. Dylan says:

    Best of Best not really feeling it here. The kid from Woodland threw for 3,000+ yards and 51 touchdowns. Why isn’t he on the list? This list is based on hype and potential and not on what was seen on the field. 5 Staples players to 3 Xavier players? Xavier scored 574 points on offense and you are saying it was because we had 1 good lineman and a QB? What an insult to all of the kids who played hard on offense for Xavier all season. The coaches are basically saying it was because we had one guy that could block and one guy that could throw. Wow. I am sure a lot of teams have gripes, I am a Xavier fan so that is where my buttons are pushed.

  19. 92 says:

    Wish more OL got recognized, kids like Padeli for Hand played a huge roll in their respective team’s success. Give some glory to the kids who play down and dirty in the trenches, any other OL who you think got shafted?

  20. D.mongo says:

    Not many kids from tech schools or constitution state league.their are alot of good players in this league.

  21. Pat McGroin says:

    :( To all of the people that have SERIOUS issues about this team… I for one, okay a few kids here and there – Start a blog, state your case – maybe people will think your opinion matters.

    Or!!! We can use the FCIAC way of doing it and give everyone a prize and bitch and moan that there are too many people!!

    This kid deserves it over this kid cause!!! Check out the All America teams – most of those players are from good teams, and most of these All State kids are from good teams too.

  22. WCC of Old says:

    Look like already if your are a Hand fan all of the Hand player should be on the list and if your a Xavier fan all of the Xavier players should on on the list. Just wait, the Ansonia group has not yet responded in. Yikes!!!

  23. Eddie says:

    I can’t argue that fact that more lineman should have made this list and not 4 QB’s. But I think they got this right with the 2 that they selected. But how does an OL separate from the pack to get recognition like this? What I saw in both Vaughn and Schumann was leadership and a motor that wouldn’t quit. I saw more Staples games this year and Vaughn was the vocal leader and protector of that team and that is what gets an OL the recognition they deserve. Fordham got a good one.
    Congrats to all of these deserving players, well done.

  24. Ryan says:

    Dylan- you are wrong as Staples had the best O-Line in the state. Xavier gave up 40 points to Hand therefore they are not even close to being rated as one of the better defenses of the past years. Also winning the state championship should have nothing to do with this list. It is based on the best players at each position.

  25. ciacfollower says:

    @Dylan, #1 – I’m not sure, but I’ll bet a key reason they overlooked Berry & his offensive linemen was the way they were shut down by an undersized Hand defense back in Oct, the biggest game of the season – remember ??? Hand held Berry & the whole Xavier offense to twenty something total yrds. The OL is supposed to create wholes for the running game, which they did not & thats the main reason they lost the biggest game of their(Xavier’s) lives. Thats also why Xavier didnt finish the season undefeated and Xavier didnt finish the season ranked #1. Once again another pro-xaverian with a bad case of amnesia.

  26. PapaDags says:

    @ 20 Really??????????????????????????????????

  27. JS says:

    Frusciante is overrated.

  28. ciacfollower says:

    Looking back at my post, I noticed I had trouble trying to figure out what Hole to use.
    I’m not trying to insult a very successful Xavier team, they’re a big, talented team. Had they gone the WHOLE season undefeated, the all-state team would & should be riddled w/Xavier players.

  29. Dylan says:

    @ciacfollower Your argument would make sense except Hand also held down Cooper and Phillips…Also our QB is on this list and is player of the year and he was in that game, in fact he threw an Int and fumbled in that very important game,so it could not be based on the Hand game…I am not saying the players on here are not good player, all I am saying is they did not have a better year on the feld than some of th Xavier players.

    @Ryan and yes as the LL champion I would expect Xavier to have more players than Staples on here…Xavier did give up 40 to Hand but gave up only 14 to NFA…thats a common opponent for ya.

  30. @JS – No way in hell is Frusciante overrated. No. Way. Period. End of discussion.

  31. D.mongo says:

    Rahkeem Jordan -prince
    John Shannon – Bullard haven
    Dan Fortier – wolcott tech
    Shaquille Rowe – Bullard haven

  32. SCCObserver says:

    @Ciacfollower-DeAngelo deserves to be on this list…Tim is their best player (and in the state) so he has to be on it, but DeAngelo was the offensive MVP of the team. Hand geared up to stop the run, so he had ONE bad game the entire year. You mean to tell me DeAngelo isnt better than Colin Moore ? He would eat that competition alive. I think that because of X’s line being so big peple take away most of his credit, but hes had a record breaking season. He’s not gotten any of the recognition he deserves this year.

  33. Raff says:

    @ciacfollower- When will you be replying to my requests? What happened to the cramping in the Class M game? Why are you hiding?
    You had so much to say last week.

  34. Tr says:

    How isn’t Lance Lanergan on this??? The kid was a dominant force in the run game for staples and has 5 picks (at outside linebacker) and returned 3 for touchdowns. Kid can play

  35. SCCObserver says:

    …and this list shows that he was basically scapegoated as if no one else had a bad game

  36. ciacfollower says:

    Dylan – to correct myself again, Xavier’s running game had 20something yards. Boyle, tho a couple to the wrong playrs, had some impressive completions – including a TD. So he did not have nearly as bad a game as Berry, which is mostly the Xavier OL’s fault. But I know, that was one, meezly little game…

  37. SCCObserver says:

    @Ciacfollower- I saw the game on tv, but Berry had about 50 yards that game…the xavier running game had 22 yards in the second half, but that partially because they didnt have the ball…but hillhouse lost to Hand too and other people had bad games , west haven wouldnt have had to play staples first round if they had beaten hand…and you’ve admitted a few times that that game didn’t have much to do withh him, who did about as well as all the others.

  38. Dylan says:

    @ciacfollower I will step away from this argument, thanks for commenting, a lot of these kids are deserving and my gripe is for Xavier players which is unfair on my part. My point is this follows no logic. It is not based on performance on the field, The players named are the ones who were highly touted at the beginning of the season but their performances on the field did not make them more deserving than other kids. Look Andrew Luck was the best college player last year but he did not win the Heisman. Why? because his performance was not the most impressive. Guys seemed to have selected known entities who, even though they are great players, did not outperform other players this year.

    getting all of the attention se are the players that get all of the attention during the course of the year Berry had 48 yards on the ground that game on 16 carries…the Hand

  39. JB says:

    This is a Coaches’ poll. Each coach submits a list and likely advocates a priority, but you will never see one team dominate the result (even if that might be warranted). It looks like the maximum per school was 5 players across the all-state and division awards. So the result can tend to look more like a compilation of team MVPs rather than a by-position all-state selection … hence four all-state QBs and eight all-state DBs. The Register All-State 1st/2nd/3rd team selections are more typically that by-position award.

    Anyway, congratulations to all of the Coaches’ selections. Most of your are seniors, so we wish you the best in college and thank you for an outstanding career in CTHSFB.

  40. just saying says:

    Didnt Luster from Xavier lead the state in receptions? Could be wrong. But picked as a db.
    Pretty sure Berry had more rushing TD’s than the all the other backs and mre rushing yards than cooper and philips.
    I think the others are terrific but if your saying that the pre season hype explains some of the picks, thats not right.

  41. gur says:

    Ryer Caruso…NFA, best pair of hands in the state.

  42. Chris Berman says:

    @ciacfollower you picked 3 of the 4 state championship games wrong, all of which should have been fairly easy picks if you actually know anything about HS football in CT…your credibility around here is minimal at best

  43. Westhill football fan says:

    DAVELL COTTRELL?????? WHAT???????????

  44. ciacfollower says:

    Just saying, Dylan – ok, i’ll stop bringing up THAT GAME since its too painful for X people.
    I will mention that it was fortunate for X that they didnt play Hand last year(’11) because it wouldve been very likely that they suffered a loss then too, to a bigger, more talented Hand team. Just ask Masuk’s vaulted former QB Casey Cochran & coach Murphy or NC’s Lou Marinelli, I know they would both attest to this.

  45. Fan says:

    Going to be hard for all the skill guys to do anything with no linemen. All those kids deserve it but the o line, in general, need to get more respect because anyone that really knows anything about football it is about the o line

  46. Chris Berman says:

    @gur maybe…but the way he was taunting in the LL championship game down 2 td’s was one of the most embarrassing things I’ve ever seen

  47. just saying says:

    Then I crown him “Best pair of hands in the state”

  48. ciacfollower says:

    & Raff – I’m sorry Hand & X got in the way of your boy’s fairy tale season, that’s life in the big(SCC) league. Maybe they can try merging with the Bridgeport boys to have better luck at an undefeated season.

  49. ciacfollower says:

    At least I put my picks out there for all to see, “Swami”…I did’nt see yours.

  50. gur says:

    @chrisberman FACT : He did do that, but only because the Xavier coach called him a [name] and said that he sucks on the previous play. He was thrown a pass on the xavier sidelines on the play before and the Xavier coach taunted him saying awful things. a 40 year old coach to an 18 yr old kid! SHAMEFUL….still he shouldnt have stoped to that level, but he is a kid. The Xavier asst coach should be fired.

  51. gur says:

    @chris berman. its on the game film, you can see that it happened.

  52. Raff says:

    @Ciacfollower- Fairy tale season? Hillhouse finished 11-2
    Class M Champs and #4 in CT. Hand & Xavier got in the way? That’s called SCC battles and it happens. Losing to them there is no shame in that and I think the board will agree. Not to mention Hillhouse battled Hand and had Xavier 49-21 entering the 4th until the comeback where Hillhouse and others made zero excuses when the game was over. Xavier knew the game was a battle and the Xavier coaches and players admitted that. Your credibility is shot picking 3 out of 4 finals wrong. Anybody who has a clue would never make the statements you make. You said Hillhouse would lose and cramp up. Did you see the second half? Seriously speak some facts and get back to me.
    For an M school to go 11-2 and take Hand and Xavier to the brink deserves some respect. Someone with a football IQ would know that.

    Hillhouse also placed two players on the overall ALL State team. That does not happen by mistake.

    It’s sad when I really thought you had a clue about football. Whenever you speak now I will have to ignore because not one thing you said happened. Berlin for 4 quarters? What a joke.

  53. Kyle says:

    Here’s when the parents start getting on the blog. It’s an all state thing, get over it. It’s all politics. So what your kid got left off. Stop crying about it.

    Arkeel is the best player in the state. I hope you all realize that.

  54. Brad Jones says:

    Raff – do you only maintain the fieldhouse, or are you also the guy who maintains the birth and residency records for Hillhouse? If so, you should get a trophy too.

  55. NH football says:

    Jalon White not on the overall team is borderline ridiculous.

  56. Dr. Von Nostran says:

    Do you cut and paste that paragraph or do you type it each time?
    Everyone respects Hillhouse. They had a tremendous year. They deserve the #4 ranking. However, Ansonia is Class S, and if they played Hillhouse’s schedule they would have finished 11-2 as well.

  57. Raff says:

    @Brad Jones- Once again Brad you got me. The comment you have made just shows how much of a coward you are. Seriously if we were face to face would you say that? You have made yourself on here to be a person of zero credibility. Dealing with you is a joke.

    @Dr. Von Nostran- My comment was directed to Kyle who said Hillhouse did not deserve to be #4 and his comment they are not a good team and my comment was meant for ciacfollower who ran his mouth last week and he won’t even acknowledge me now and admit he was wrong. Where is credibility on this blog. Anybody can run there mouth on here and throw insults like Brad Jones but Brad has proven he is a man of poor character and zero knowledge. If I trace that email address and find out who he is I will take legal action. Saying you know me and taking shots at me when you hide behind a computer is a joke. Be a man Brad.

  58. CTFootball says:

    Some of these choices are jokes Grady Lynch probably let up the most touchdowns for New Canaan this year. Cole Harris’ stats are all assisted tackles just look on maxpreps he had 27 solo and NC gives assisted takles for every play you’re within 5ft of the player . They are good players but shouldn’t be all state. Put a good player from Xavier, Staples, or Hand that deserves it.

  59. sopolitical says:

    As far a nvl players go. George Smith OL holy cross left off of class s when he made it last year….also Mick Pernell from Naugatuck is an absolute stud and should have been placed on Class LL team. He set a school record for 31 TDs. He rushed for over 900yds and had over 800yds rec. Also was a stud at DB maybe best in NVL

  60. will says:

    Why is everyone talking about Xavier and how they should have more kids on here. They lost by 20 to hand, and Berry, Boyle and the rest of their boys, were shut down by the MEN at hand, the #1 team in the state, that’s who should have more kids in here.

  61. CCC says:

    Josh Hill from Glastonbury one of the best DEs in the state.

  62. Jack says:

    No offensive linemen?? What are we playing RUGBY???????

  63. Brad Jones says:

    Excluding Berry and Ben Lisle from the overall team is a joke. Berry was the best running back in the SCC. Lisle was the best lineman.

  64. Frank says:

    Staples and Padelli of Hand are so deserving of being on the Class L team.

  65. Jim says:

    As a person who played against Grady Lynch….i do not think he deserves this as he gave up huge plays in our game..gave up like 3 td’s

  66. mueller says:

    @ ccc I agree about Hill saw him in person as well as Levi Hill was the better player, not taking anything away from Levi but it comes down to the name on the front of the jersey not the back

  67. mueller says:

    Looking at class L and overall teams you would’ve thought New Canaan was a top five team in the state this year! What they have 4 or 5 kids total, seems like alot for one of the worst NC teams in the past decade

  68. Frank says:

    Just put the Hand Defense as the All state team.

  69. Josh Boone says:

    If a team that goes 9-3 and lost a close game in the state semi-finals is called the worst in a decade, then there’s some pretty high standards in NC. And it’s not like they had guys on offense, which was horribly inconsistent all year, they were all guys on a defense that won them 3-4 games, when their offense was turning the ball over almost every time they touched the ball

  70. fan says:

    The coaches have a lot to do with who makes the All-State team. If you are a very successful caoch and you recommend to your colleagues a player or two for all-state then there is a good chance that player will make the team.

  71. CMM says:

    I’m not a big fan of 4 QB’s and 4 RB’s, but that being said they got it 95% correct. Luster could have gotten as WR but got it as DB so no big deal there. I would have picked Berry over Philips and Moore and how Pacheco didn’t make it all is ridiculous, but Berry at Class LL isn’t horrible, he had a good season and so did the other 4 guys. Tuccero from Hand easily could have been overall All-State, but he made Class L, so that’s good enough. Groth from Shelton should have made it as a PK. Kid has a leg and a half kicking a 49yd vs Hand that had another 5+ yds on it

  72. perspective says:

    Frank there is some truth to what you’re saying but take it easy, didn’t you see Cole Ormsby from Windsor, or Olmstead from Greenwich- and I love Hand but that type of comment is Ray Brownesque in its narrow-minded biased belligerence

  73. NF says:


  74. Kyle says:

    I know we argue about sports and which high school is better than which, but times like these I think everyone comes together.

    I would just like to say I am praying that all of you who are from Newtown or any bordering town effected by this tragedy can find some sort of peace come Christmas time. My thoughts and prayers go out to all of your families. Sports is one thing but life and the right to it, is one of the greatest gifts you can ask for.

    Again my thoughts and prayers go out to all of you in Newtown and to anyone effected by this tragedy.

    Kyle from Ansonia

  75. Dan says:

    Thoughts and prayers to the Newtown community

  76. Frank says:

    @72 Your right, I’m just having fun. Enjoy your Holidays. All my prayers and healing go out to the commmunity of Newtown. Been crying inside and out all day for those folks. Frank

  77. Sean Bell says:

    Justin Potts Rb/Cb Platt/ Meriden should be on the overall team ..He was definitly the best Shut down CB in the state. Had 29 tds,he score every way possible .I not sure if any other skill guy in the state did that.6 ints, 2 returned for TDs,2 punt returns,a kick off return,threw a td or 2,caught a couple out the backfield.He was the states leading scorer in points from all the 2 pointers. Lead his team to a conference title and playoff birth vs Hand were he broke first touch for 80 yd. He got busy on every team he faced. Berlin 200plus rushing 2 ints and td catch North West Catholic, Bloomfield, just to name a few. 6 ft 1 smooth as silk player. He will be playing on sundays one day..This is coming from a two time all state player in myself.95-96 at CB, 96-97 at RB..

  78. Sean Bell says:

    Justin Potts Rb/Cb Platt/ Meriden should be on the overall team ..He was definitly the best Shut down CB in the state. Had 29 tds,he score every way possible .I not sure if any other skill guy in the state did that.6 ints, 2 returned for TDs,2 punt returns,a kick off return,threw a td or 2,caught a couple out the backfield.He was the states leading scorer in points from all the 2 pointers. Lead his team to a conference title and playoff birth vs Hand were he broke first touch for 80 yd. He got busy on every team he faced. State runner up Berlin 200plus rushing 2 ints and td catch,175 on North West Catholic state champ, 150 plus on Bloomfield,250 on Hand in a first round loss to the # 1 team whom shut down Berry Mdletwn,H Cooper of Hillhouse.. . 6 ft 1 smooth as silk player. He will be playing on sundays one day.. This is coming from a two time all state player in myself.95-96 at CB, 96-97 at RB..

  79. JB says:

    @Sean Bell – have to agree with you. You should make your case to the NH Register. Watched Justin’s highlight video and his performance against Hand was outstanding. How many yards did Berry, Cooper or Phillips get against Hand? Looked it up … 3-game combined total was 151 yds, yes, that is 100 yds less than Justin’s alone total from one game. Unless your telling me Platt’s OL is like Alabama’s, Justin must be special.

  80. Tony says:

    Kudos to James Frusciante – 1st Team All-Metro. Also Kyle Vaughn 2nd Team All-Metro. Lance Lonergan and Nick Kelly as Honorable Mentions too. Frusciante 1 of only 2 1st teamers is amazing and Vaughn was 1 of only 10 OL overall. Great to see some CT kids crack this list and no coincidence they are all Staples kids. Speaks volumes for this football program.

  81. JB says:

    @Tony – agreed, great recognition for the FCIAC players to get compared with NJ/NY’s best and do well – All Metro is huge for Frusciante and well deserved. MSG Varsity sees a ton of the games/film and their football people are outstanding. Watched the broadcast last night and the coverage is superb. We should also give a shout-out to Taylor Olmstead from Greenwich who made the HM list.

    Jabrill Peppers was named overall player of the year – what a fabulous athlete and prospect. Might be the best HS football player in the country. Gave a fantastic interview and is what any of us would want as a teammate. Hope our current players watched one of the best prospects talk about how important the team is to winning – at any level.

  82. mr fciac says:

    Jabrill Peppers was named overall player of the year – what a fabulous athlete and prospect. Might be the best HS football player in the country. It wasn’t Outlow from NFA it must have been an oversite

  83. Jabrill Peppers…. From Paramus Catholic … from New Jersey.

    What are you talking about?

  84. mr fciac says:

    SPB I thought Outlow was the best high school player of the year
    ala,ark,penn st. ohhh my mistake Outlow was just the best player for NFA
    my mistake. what are you talking about???

  85. @Mr. FCIAC – RE: PEPPERS


  86. Sean Bell says:

    @JB ,Yeah Justin Potts of Platt in Meriden is a top notch baller,His father was also a two time All State player, Kareem Potts 92-93 Maloney Meriden. Justin will be attending Milford Prep in upstate NY..Whom ever he faced he had a big game against. Most of these Big school backs had the luxury of sitting on the sideline while the D was playing, Justin was making plays at corner also. He will be playing on Sat then Sundays soon remember than name. And Shout out to another Meriden Athlete John Jenkins DT captain of Geo Bulldogs and future 1st round pick, we ball over here in the CCC..

  87. JB says:

    @Sean Bell – curious if you know, but how did NFA get Tuzar Skipper to leave Maloney in his senior year?

  88. Dylan says:

    Oh I get it now. Other than Timmy Boyle all of these overall guys were two way players. So the coaches basically just rewarded all of the good two-way players. It works for offense, but it does not work for defense. If they could not fit a guy in at WR, no sweat we can get him in at DB.

    All Star teams are just about money, for the papers and the coach’s association. It would not do to just have one team, no the more kids you add the more parents that will attend the banquets and will buy the special edition newspaper. If I were a parent I would not bring my kid to this banquet.