Coaching hot stove is a blazin: Hocter resignation makes 13 (updated)

Stamford coach Bryan Hocter celebrates with his team following a 2011 victory over New Canaan.

Back to business…

With doubt rising from his administration and maybe himself throughout a 2-8 season, Bryan Hocter resigned at Stamford Tuesday just a half hour before athletic director Jim Moriarty was scheduled to meet with two assistant principals.

The Black Knights went 7-2 in 2011, but finished this season by losing eight consecutive games after a 2-0 start.

Though Hocter didn’t think he was going to be fired at the meeting, it’s evident even he had begun to question his role in the program after 14 years, 11 as an assistant and three as head coach.

“They brought up some concerns they had. Halfway through the season I thought it was time to explore other options,” said Hocter, who works in family services at Stamford Courthouse. “I thought long and hard about it. It took a couple of weeks to come to a decision, going backward and forward with it. I just felt I had done all I could do for this program.

“Last year we were 7-2, we were getting new uniforms and I thought we were going to have a bunch of kids who were going to want to play football. The numbers we had were disappointing. If you can’t attract kids coming off that kind of a season, maybe you never will.”

Moriarty, who complained there hasn’t been ‘consistency’ in the program for at least 40 years, said he was hoping to get a younger coach to fill the vacancy. “A mover and shaker,” he said, “to take the program back to past glories.”

Hocter’s resignation is the second in Stamford after Trinity Catholic’s Peter Stokes resigned last week, and it’s the sixth local resignation this offseason, following John Murphy (Masuk), Dave Cadelina (Central), Chuck Lynch (New Milford) and Matt McCloskey (Ludlowe).

There are now 12 13 vacancies statewide (Rockville recently announced it has a vacancy):

  • Masuk
  • Central
  • Ludlowe
  • Stamford
  • Trinity Catholic
  • New Milford
  • Naugatuck
  • Maloney
  • Bacon Academy
  • St. Bernard/Norwich Tech
  • Fitch
  • Avon
  • Rockville
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Sean Patrick Bowley

21 Responses

  1. Brian says:

    Add Rockville to that list.

  2. bigmac says:

    any words on any new hires? or nothing yet?

  3. FFCA says:

    Who are good candidates? Any good assistants out there? We know Murph and hoctor are probably looking for other jobs – any news on the ludlowe coach? stokes, cadelina, and avon coach are retiriing…not sure of any others… Throw some names out there, let the blog debate this off season!

  4. mr fciac says:

    just out Murphy will take all the jobs

  5. shs fan says:

    I have heard Bruno looking to leave. Him to Central makes sense I am a Stfd fan and after what he has done to us I hope he leaves.

  6. Mike U says:

    What happened to Jack Cochran taking the St. Bernard/Norwich Tech job? I know, I’m sorry for bringing him up..

  7. WCC of Old says:

    Mr. fciac best one of the year by far!

  8. mr fciac says:

    WCC of Old are you really? name the teams?

  9. Football Fan says:

    Bruno wanted the Naugatuck job the last time it ALMOST went up.I am surprised the Hamden job has not officially been posted.Rumors have Martone leaving.

  10. CTFB12 says:

    Why would Bruno want the Naugatuck job? He is an alum at Bunnell and they love him there, doesn’t make sense to me. I hear alot of applicants for that job including Dunai of Torrington, George of Newtown, Bruno, I even heard Marce P inquired about the job. As far as asst I hear Phipps of Woodland, Croce of Pomperaug, and an asst with Trinity College named Ecke. Dont know if any of those are true but thats what flying around the rumor mill.

  11. glory10 says:

    Bruno leaving for naugy makes too much sense. Alum or not, why would he not want a shot at an elite level job. the man has done everything a coach could do at bunnell. sources have divulged bruno, dunaj, and phipps, who i have never heard much about. george from newtown? why would he leave his successful and cozy job at newtown for one in the nvl? some things just don’t make much sense to me.

  12. WCC of Ole says:

    WCC:Bethel, Newtown, Masuk, Weston, New Fairfield, Brookfield, Barlow, New Milford, and Pomperaug

  13. mr fciac says:

    wcc of old you forgot ridgefield in the 60’s

  14. org says:

    Lewis Mills High School is open.

  15. #90 says:

    why did Murphy leave Masuk??
    Will anyone seriously give Cochran a look?
    Some real opportunity out there for the next wave of coaches.

  16. WCC of old says:

    Ridgefield and Wilton and lets not forget Norwalk CC before it closed. I played back in the 70’s in the old WCC! Brookfield was in the Berkshers conf and New Fairfield had no high school the students were going to Danbury High. Pomp was not in the WCC then.

  17. mueller says:

    Pomperaug was not a high school until 78 0r 79, before then it was SOuthbury HS.

  18. mr Fciac says:

    was john jay and abbott tech in the wcc in the late 60’s

  19. CTFB12 says:

    Waterbury Republican stating four interviews for the Naugatuck Football job. The names I heard were Phipps,Bruno,Croce, and the current interim guy.

  20. PapaDags says:

    Add Torrington to this list of vacancies. Dan Dunaj has resigned

  21. @CTFB12 – I’m positive those first three are finalists. Though I hadn’t heard about the interim coach, but that makes sense.