NHR: Tracy resigns at Branford

And then there were 15.

The high school football coaching hot stove hasn’t finished flaring up just yet.

Mike Tracy has resigned at Branford after four seasons, according to a report by Mike Pucci of New Haven Register.

Tracy’s decision to resign is a familiar one:

Tracy has been at Branford for 11 seasons. He was the defensive coordinator under former coach Gary Gravina and helped the Hornets to back-to-back state championship appearances in 2004 and 2005. It was largely because of his defense that Branford won the 2005 Class MM title over East Lyme.

This move doesn’t come as much of a shock. I’d heard a rumor or two about Tracy leaving after this season.

As for a likely replacement, look no further than Madison and former coach Gary Gravina, who resigned in 2009 to watch and help coach his son, Cam, at Hand.

Now that Cam’s career at Hand is over, maybe Gravina’s open to coming back to the program he helped rebuild the last decade.

At least, that’s what was floating out there this season.

Anyhoo, now we’re at 15 vacancies. Anyone else?

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Sean Patrick Bowley

11 Responses

  1. Frank says:

    Houston we have a problem. Just a theory: Top programs are utilizing the available technology and spending a tremendous about of time preparing teams for success. Coaches are realizing that the committment is insane for the little monetary return on thier investment. Less time with family, daddy not bringing home the bacon, and compounded by parents driving them nuts. It’s going to hard to fill these position, because the young guys will work and burn out, and the older guys are behind the times. It’s a reflection of what’s happening in the NFL. 7 openings and no real prospects. I’m shooting from the hip. Interested in other football fan’s perspective.

  2. mr Fciac says:

    Frank you have touched on some of the points football brings in the
    money and the towns are gauged on there winning programs but there
    is little or no support from the administrations. They take all the
    money and the band has more practice time on the football fields
    It so hard to build a program, weight rooms are not up to date,
    etc, etc and real good coaches fight tooth and nail to overcome
    theses administrations

  3. Frank says:

    It depends on the program, successful programs that do it the right way, usually have the full support and cooperation of their AD, but it took alot of time and patience. A new anybody in any new job is going to have to overcome obtacles to reach the point of getting successful. You have to prove yourself in spite of what problems are in front of you. Once you find the pockets of success you have to move everyone around you in the same direction, it’s not easy. It takes a special and well rounded individual to lead a quality program. A famous former Xavier coach told me that the best H.S Football coaches in the nation would outperform many of the current CEO’s of many Corporations.

  4. Bill G. says:

    Frank, did that former Xavier coach really say that? That’s one of the most self serving statements and ridiculous comparisons that I’ve heard on this blog.

  5. mr fciac says:

    agreed then the question is who evaluates the ad’s? i say murphy
    left masuk because they would upgrade the program

  6. mike says:

    Frank you are so on target with your comments! As a former head coach i agree with you. The two reasons why coach’s step down is because of the lack of support from the schools administration and the insane parents who write letters asking for you to be removed. The schools cave in every time. I could go on and one about this but will end it here.

  7. FFCA says:

    New Canaan has no support from their AD – however Gwich has all the support… Depends on the coaching staff in place that can roll with the punches…

    But New Canaan is a disaster, their AD is an absolute IDIOT

  8. passme says:

    Come on man! Masuk’s AD cares about all sports equally!!!!

  9. Frank says:

    The AD is evaluated by his Principal or Superintendent. AD’s want the same as the coaach the ver best facilities, but the process is long and through the Boards of Education and Finance. AD job is to build solid relationships with everyone, so when the time comes to build it they will come, public and private resources.

    To respond to Serve Serving comment: Find a successful coach that has retired, and find out what he is doing now.

  10. mr fciac says:

    Merlin, whats a Barlow Student if that’s your gauge to Weston’s success that’s lame, i don’t remember you guys beating Newtown or Masuk to many
    times under your coach. Put 5 years or so of winning seasons before you anoint Weston football. Your better known for soccer and lacrosse

  11. fball5 says:

    Lets be real here guys.. Barlow and Weston are not very good teams. They played a cake schedule in the SWC which is already weak and take a look at the score when they played 1 decent team in Masuk! So lets calm down on how good they are, as they would probably be 500 record in FCIAC or SCC or below that.