Newsome raking up college interest, named MaxPreps’ junior All-American

Remember when we were all spun into a tizzy when we heard Marcus Outlow’s Division I college interest/offers last month?

Ansonia’s 5-8 back Arkeel Newsome has quite the collection himself.

According to a late-December report in ESPN Boston, which spoke with both Ansonia coach Tom Brockett and his two-time all-state tailback, Newsome has racked up a list of suitors.

In addition to offers from UConn and UMass, Brockett told the website Rutgers, Penn State and Syracuse were in to see Newsome before Christmas.

“He’s even getting some interest in the state of Florida -– Florida and Florida State. I would guess between now and May he’ll have another 15-20 [offers],” Brockett told ESPN Boston.

Also, the website said Newsome lists Boston College, Connecticut, Florida, Miami, Penn State, Pittsburgh, South Florida and Syracuse as schools “he hears from the most.”

Newsome, Hearst CT’s 2011 MVP who is in the running for the Walter Camp Foundation’s Connecticut Player of the Year award (along with Hand’s Matt Walsh and Xavier quarterback Tim Boyle), was named to MaxPrep’s Junior All-American team this week.

Sean Patrick Bowley

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  1. PapaDags says:

    Cetainly not surprising to anyone who has seen him play…He is truly one of THE BEST running backs Ansonia ever had….and just think how many they have had over the last 40 years….It is like a running back factory year after year after year….Un real

  2. Master Legend says:

    The cynics out there will probably have all sorts of dickish things to say about his age and place of residence, but the bottom line is that this kid has worked his butt off and put himself in a position to get a free ride to college, while rewriting the state record book along the way, and he has done so with great sacrifice and humility. Had he and his family not made the choice to use CIAC rules in their favor, he would be just another great athlete who nobody has ever heard of. Let’s respect the kid from what he is above all else- a phenomenal high school football player.

  3. mr fciac says:

    I’m just surprised it wasn’t the myth the legend Outlow getting
    those looks from d-1 schools i have been told he’s the best in the

  4. Interesting says:

    Will be interesting to see if Pasqualoni is able to keep one of these backs in Connecticut. When he was hired the state coaches rejoiced because of his ability to keep the talent in-state, so I guess this could be a test of that. Though, based on the article link I included, he doesn’t seem to be off to a great start on Outlow.'

  5. Frank says:

    Ansonia is not loaded with running backs, when they don’t have one. They go shopping, usually in Waterbury.

  6. Master Legend says:

    Frank- tell that to Alex and Ryan Thomas, Tristan Roberts, Montrell Dobbs, any of the Tinneys, Cortez Johnson, Roger Ings, etc., etc., etc.

  7. Dylan says:

    Is Newsome that much better than Cooper at Hillhouse? I don’t think so, Cooper plays tougher competition. I am suspect over the Ansonia competition. CT is a small state and playing in the smallest division does not seem worthy of Junior All American recognition.

    Also, Outlow is not over rated, he is clearly the best RB prospect or DB prospect in CT. There are over rated players for sure, just wait until the NH Register ‘All State” team hits. What is the criteria for being all state because from what I have seen it makes no sense. Xavier should have more offensive players on these All-teams, especially lineman, if the QB throws for 2,400 and the RB runs for 2,000 the the line has to have some players. Xavier had a tough schedule, playing 4 playoff teams (Hillhouse, West Haven, Middletown and Hand) before the playoffs and the 3 teams it beat in the playoffs. Throw in FF Prep and North Haven thats a pretty tough schedule. Our lineman Zach and Max and Ben Lisle were outstanding. I hope the Register includes them on the All-State team. This Coach’s team makes no sense whatsoever.

  8. mr fciac says:

    where’s the pacheco kid in all his his stat’s are probally better
    then most of these other backs

  9. passme says:

    Master, not a good idea to name players that actually ARE from Ansonia that went to Ansonia HS. Had to go back pretty far there. Does not really help your case lol.

  10. Master Legend says:

    passme- Didn’t have to go back very far if I didn’t choose to. My point is that Ansonia has ALWAYS had great RB’s. To prove your point, please name a RB aside from Arkeel who did not grow up in Ansonia. I can’t wait to hear the “stories” you’ve heard.

  11. passme says:

    Do you realize how much you are weakening your position? BESIDES the RB for the last 3 years? Why don’t you name the list of ‘out of towners’ just as you listed the homegrowns? How about a couple of those offensive linemen? Whats that River in Egypt? Just accept and deal.

  12. Rob says:

    There are so many things wrong with “Passme’s” argument. I won’t even bother.

  13. passme says:

    Ansonia is a near flawless program. They had an argument for numero uno the last couple years but we all know that things work a little differently over here. No big deal but to TOTALLY deny it is silly. I am not saying anything that everybody EVEN THOSE IN THE PROGRAM dont already know and admit to. I’ll leave it alone. Good day.

  14. Rob says:

    Newsomes size is a problem for D-I recruits as from what I hear so are his grades. Also I know people are questioning his age and have been from quite some time besides that he comes from Waterbury. Word is the Holy Cross kid who was expelled and went to Kennedy may land in Ansonis also… no surprise there. Their program is far from clean people. These are facts!

  15. kris1 says:

    These posts are hilarious.

    Read the article. Then tell us how D1 schools are concerned about his size.

    Then read this and tell us how size matters, again.

  16. Spreado says:

    This kid is deserving. He not only gets recognition from what he does during the season but puts himself in good position to get seen by attending combines and out of state camps. He usually wins in the competition or ranked in the top 3. So big time schools feel as though he can compete despite his size and completion during the football season. Just because the past few years one RB isn’t from Ansonia and all of a sudden Ansonia isn’t a RB factory? As far as the kid that got expelled from Holy cross it’s nothing but rumors. I’m sure if Ansonia was going to have him it would’ve been done sooner rather than later.

  17. LOL says:

    You would be experts kill me, Tavon Austin and Lamichael James are both less than 5’10” and less than 180 pounds, and yet they were (are) among the best backs in the country. For football having tremendous acceleration, super quick feet and good speed are what you need to be a great running back, and Newsome has all of those. And with his frame he can easily fill out to 185 without losing any athleticism. He can be a great change of pace back in the BCS or a cornerback.

  18. Elgin21 says:

    I have watched the program since Ron “Shorty” Gardin (1961).
    This young man is very special.

  19. CTFB12 says:

    cmon, I m a Ansonia admirer but to say that only one RB is from out of town is really knd of untrue. Thomas’ Mom lives in a coaches house and they can’t get her out now that the kids are all grown up, Dobbs was from Hamden(now Wtby), McKnight Waterbury, Tritan Roberts Brideport, Hyde(OL)Derby, etc
    Now if I had a son I wouldnt mind my kids being coached by those guys either, and everything is done legal. So complain all you want but that’s what happens when a school proves it could win, kids want to play there and parents want their kids to go there

  20. Spreado says:

    Wow. Please don’t post information that’s not true that’s how people get in trouble and rumors start. Dobbs grew up in Ansonia and has never lived in Waterbury. Roberts lived in Bridgeport before coming to Ansonia in 7th grade. Hyde family lives in Ansonia. Thomas is from Ansonia went to schools at all levels in Ansonia.

  21. passme says:

    SpreadO, Bass?

  22. kris1 says:

    You can name as many kids that moved to Ansonia, as you’d like. It’s a parent or guardians choice to do so. If you’re saying they were all “recruited”, then I call, bullshit. Because it doesn’t happen, nor will it….ever. Every kid you named, had their own reasons for coming to Ansonia. Many of them will have better opportunities and become better people, because of it.

    The Thomas’ lived in Ansonia their whole lives. I coached Alex in Pop Warner and High School. I was very good friends with their older brother, who is currently serving this great country overseas, in the Air Force. Who cares who owns the house the grew up in? They’re very good people and they’re Mom is a remarkable woman. So, unless you have first-hand knowledge of the family, please don’t speak of them in anything but a positive light.