Live broadcast: Walter Camp’s ‘Breakfast of Champions,’ 9 a.m.


Ever want to know what it’s like to be wined and dined as a state championship football team by the prestigious Walter Camp Football Foundation?

Well, unless you’re Hand, this is the next, best thing.

Saturday at 9 a.m. at Anthony’s Ocean View restaurant in New Haven, the four Connecticut state champions will come together for some pancakes, eggs, O.J. (not Simpson [thankfully] or Anderson) and some good ol’ fashioned recognition from the fine folks at the Walter Camp Football Foundation at its annual ‘Breakfast of Champions.’

(No word on whether Wheaties will be served.)

In addition, the WCFF’s state player of the year — either Ansonia’s Arkeel Newsome, Xavier’s Tim Boyle or Hand’s Matt Walsh — will be announced, as will the 2012 All-Walter Camp Connecticut team.

The late, great Jack Hunt will be honored with the lifetime achievement award.

And, finally, one lucky student-athlete will receive the “UCAN Inspire Award.” will be on hand to broadcast the proceedings from Anthony’s.

Later this evening, Walter Camp will have its annual gala at Yale Commons to honor the best College football players.

Hand’s football team will get decked out in tuxedos and join the festivities to accept the 2012 Joseph W. Kelley award as the No. 1 team in Connecticut and the rest of the nation’s high school football teams can go green with envy.

Sean Patrick Bowley