Walter Camp announces Newsome Player of the Year, All-Connecticut team


Arkeel Newsome slips past a North Branford defender on the way to the end zone. Newsome ran for 234 yards on 28 carries and three touchdowns to lead the Chargers to their second consecutive state title in December.

The Walter Camp Football Foundation named Ansonia back Arkeel Newsome its player of the year and announced its 2012 All-Connecticut Team at the annual ‘Breakfast of Champions’ this morning at Anthony’s Ocean View.

Newsome, who ran for 2,245 and 38 touchdowns to lead the Chargers to a second consecutive 14-0 season and state championship, beat out Xavier’s Tim Boyle and Hand’s Matt Walsh for the honor.

Locally, Staples’ Kyle Vaughn, James Frusciante, Wilton’s Mike LaSala, Shelton’s Ed Groth and Masuk’s Thomas Milone all earned spots on the exclusive team.

The Foundation also awarded to Jack Hunt, the former Ansonia coach who died on Thanksgiving Day last year. Hunt won 193 games and seven state championships from 1987-2005. The award was presented to his family.

Law’s George Knoth, a linebacker and offensive tackle, was awarded the ‘UCAN Inspire Award,’ for his and his teammates efforts in raising awareness for Autism. Knoth and the Lawmen wore blue puzzle piece decals on their helmets. Knoth’s younger brothers are both autistic.

The 2012 Walter Camp Football Team

QB: Tim Boyle (Xavier)
RB: Arkeel Newsome (Ansonia), Harold Cooper (Hillhouse)
WR/TE: Andrew Matos (Ansonia), Kris Luster (Xavier)
TE: Andrew Isaacs (Manchester)
OL: Hector Rodriguez (Berlin), Jacob Basilica (Montville), Kyle Vaughn (Staples), Michael LaSala (Wilton), Max Schumann (Xavier)

Peter Gerson (Daniel Hand), Kyle Wilson (Ledyard), Tuzar Skipper (Norwich Free Academy), Cole Ormsby (Windsor)
LB: Mike Jones (Capital Prep), Matt Walsh (Daniel Hand), Marquis Little (Manchester), Max Tylki (Xavier)
DB: Andre Anderson (Hillhouse), Joey Paparelli (Norwich Free Academy), Justin Potts (Platt), James Frusciante (Staples)

Kicker: Ed Groth (Shelton)
Punter: Michael Nichol (Wolcott)
Returner: Thomas Milone (Masuk)

Sean Patrick Bowley

5 Responses

  1. Dylan says:

    Don’t have too much of a problem with the Camp team, however Newsome should not have won POY, walsh should have been the man. And about the the NH Register team, are you kidding me? Why isn’t Tuccero on the NH Register team? you think Outlow is a better DB or played better this year? What games were you watching? Why isn’t Bilcheck on this team? He beat both QB listed in the biggest games of their season and his stats rushing and passing are outstanding.But here is what I really don’t get, because I am a Xavier man, why isn’t Berry on this team? You have 4 Xavier players and he is not among them? That is a joke. Did you attend any Xavier games? Xavier had the highest scoring offense in SCC history this year. Why? Because the Qb threw for 2,400 yards and 24 TDs, or the WR had 13 TDs? Partly, but a big part of that was the 2,000 yards and 42 TDs by the running back. To not recognize him here is laughable. Last year Mikey Mastro made this team with a better O-Line yet he had less TDs and yards. Also, where is Creeron, he made all SCC and has been a stud O-Lineman for 3 years. If Newsome and Cooper are on here and their teams won titles why isn’t berry on the team, he accomplished the same outcome with impressive numbers like those guys.

  2. Dylan says:

    How can Newsome be state MVP or POY when there are virtually no other players from his division represented on these “all state” teams? Not knocking the kid but am showing how this does not stand up to logic. If Hand is the number 1 team having played the best competition why isn’t Walsh the POY? Also, where is Bilcheck on the NH Register all state team? Where is Tuccero or Lonergan, who were better DBs than Outlow, on the Register team.

    And both the Register and Camp have multiple Xavier players and they left D Berry off the teams, are you kidding me? Xavier had the highest scoring offense in SCC history yet the passing game only accounted for 25 TDs. On the other hand D Berry had 40 offensive TDs and I think 1 or two kick-off return TDs. D Berry’s name is the biggest omission here because you have more players on the team and crediting their success to passing game and that is not true. D Berry was either more responsible or at least equally responsible for his team’s success than Boyle. Were it not for him Xavier does not beat Fairfield Prep or North Haven and he had the big play against Hillhouse. Did the Register cover Xavier at all this year? Do you really think he was the 5th or 6th best player on his team? Mikey Mastrioanni mad the all state team last year with a better O line and less impressive numbers.
    A lot of New Haven area players on the team as well, lol, #zerocredibility.

  3. UBilly says:

    While it is hard to argue against any of the 3 nominees for the WC POY award, I also question the choice of Arkeel. He missed three games due to injury, so his work in just 2/3 of the regular season was enough to overcome both other players? Durability and consistency is what both Walsh and Boyle displayed that I felt seperated them from Newsome.

  4. High School Football Fan says:

    Newsome had a great year but as many know his Sophomore season was better statistically than this years and it has been widely noted by Ansonia Fans that the offense this year was more balanced with more “Weapons” than the previous year.Do not forget he missed a good portion of the season with injuries.That being said by logic he should have won this award last year also .Boyle or Walsh being Seniors and also leading their teams to State Titles MAYBE should have gotten the nod this year .I am sure,injuries avoided,Newsome will come close again to many State records{Individual Season and Career}in 2013.

  5. @High School Football Fan – Agreed. I thought their award should have gone to someone else… Also: I must have missed Wilton’s LaSala. I saw Wilton but, I was kinda stunned he made their overall team. Good for him, though.