Coaching carousel update: Naugatuck narrows, Masuk an enigma

The Naugatuck football opening saw some activity this morning when Kyle Brennan of the Republican-American reported on Twitter that Woodland offensive coordinator Tim Phipps had been offered the job.

Brennan had to walk back the statement slightly and quickly followed up by saying it was a “distinct possibility” Phipps was one of two possible interviews for tomorrow (Wednesday).

(Brennan told us the misinformation had something to do with being on a “weird probation” for calling the NVL Championship game stupid last November, to which we tell his NVL sources: Grow up.)

Anyway, our sources confirmed that Phipps is one of two frontrunners remaining. Post University’s offensive coordinator Steve Croce, who held similar positions at Pomperaug and Holy Cross, was eliminated from contention because he isn’t a teacher. The two remaining candidates are Phipps and Bunnell coach Craig Bruno.

Add: Brennan says he expects its a formality and that Phipps will get the job. We’ll see.

So we’re ready for final approach, but in a holding patter at Naugatuck

As for Masuk, former defensive coordinator Chris Gueli confirmed he has withdrawn his application for the head coaching job.

Potential candidates (we say “potential” because the school doesn’t seem close to conducting interviews yet), include: David Brennen, the defensive coordinator at Ridgefield who is a physical special education teacher at Masuk, former Ludlowe head coach Mike Forget, Monroe Lions youth coach Steve Christy and Weston coach Joe Lato, the 2012 Hearst CT Coach of the Year.

Lato, who coached at Masuk as an assistant for years before becoming the head coach at Weston in 2006, may not be a real possibility because the school doesn’t have a physical education job available.

Again, none of those candidates are officially in the running because Masuk hasn’t started interviews yet.

Sean Patrick Bowley

5 Responses

  1. PapaDags says:

    You say a possible candidate has been eliminated due to the fact he is not a teacher at Naugy?? I didn’t believe that was a criteria for coaching HS football?? Is it something new or one at only some schools??

  2. No. Because he’s not a teacher by profession.

  3. PapaDags says:

    So you are saying a HS football coach must be a teacher by profession?? I am unaware if Pete Tucci from Norwalk or Angelo Bruno where ever teachers by profession..Both are accountants. Any insight I might be missing or where they originally teachers at one time or another.???

  4. CTFB12 says:

    @Papadags No you dont have to be a teacher but in alot of regions they get preference regardless of ability or experience.

  5. BHSFAN says:

    I know first hand of one school district where a member of the teacher’s union need only be “minimally qualified” to secure a head coaching position over any other candidate, regardless of credentials. I have been told it is written into the collective bargaining agreement.