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John Murphy expected to become next coach at New Milford



John Murphy is close to being named the next head coach at New Milford, pending approval by the town's board of education.

He’ll have a much longer ride to work, but it looks like three-time state championship winning coach John Murphy won’t be straying very far.

Murphy, who resigned at Masuk last month after 15 years, is expected be named the next head coach at New Milford.

It’s not official yet. Murphy’s hire is pending board of education approval, which will happen Wednesday.

Murphy, a Stratford resident, will be hired as paraeducator at Schaghticoke Middle School and would also take over as the girls lacrosse coach, according to the New Milford board of education’s budget agenda. He would officially begin his football coaching duties on Thursday.

Murphy and New Milford athletic director Lance Pliego both declined comment when reached Monday night. It’s board policy not to speak about potential hires until they’ve had board of education approval.

Murphy, who won 158 games in 16 years at Masuk, would replace Chuck Lynch, who resigned after nine seasons.

Unlike Masuk, which had played for a couple state titles before Murphy arrived in 1997, New Milford has had virtually no success in football.

Though the Green Wave once competed for an SWC title (a 7-6 loss to Foran in 2001), that remains its high watermark of football glory. It has never qualified for the state playoffs.

The Green Wave has just three winning seasons and has averaged just under 4 victories per season over the last 20 years.

Murphy’s first game as New Milford coach: vs Masuk.

Kevin Duffy contributed to this report.

Sean Patrick Bowley

20 Responses

  1. NF says:

    I’ve heard this rumor for a few weeks and I refused to believe it because unless Murphy’s bringing in questionable players from nearby towns (again) going to New Milford will bring him little to no success.. and to think a year ago he was allegedly in the running for a job at UConn.

  2. WHAT says:

    Sounds like the same job he had at Masuk…not sure what starting over in the same jobs, at a school that has never been successful will do for him. Maybe he is the missing piece to their equation. Weekk one next year should be fun.

  3. mr fciac says:

    He got more money and they are probably going to put turf in also
    he has a surrounding town to recruit from sherman

  4. Wave99 says:

    As an NM alum, very pleased. After less than 10 wins in last 10 seasons, perhaps light at the end of a very dark tunnel. However, it wont be easy for Murph. The Band seems to get priority over sports up here, and the youth programs are fractured, some Pop Warner, some AYF..A winless Frosh and JV team, and an indifferent administration, with little regard or interest in the football program. If Murph can turn this one around, wow! Good luck Coach Murphy.

  5. Carl D says:

    In time Murphy will do well. he wouldnt take the job if he didnt think he could win there. Give him 2 years and see where he is. If he’s still 2-8 then the doubters are right. I just believe a coach with his experience has a plan to make them relevant and in all likelyhood will. Any word on other spots?

  6. Paul says:

    Shelton again missed the boat by not hiring Murphy.Coach Roy has done an admirable job there but has seemed to flat line the program the last few years.He should of stepped down and turned it over to new blood.As far as Murphy is concerned leaving Masuk to go to NM?What the heck could he possibly be thinking?Time will tell….

  7. Ryan says:

    I’m not doubting you when I ask this but how do you know NM opens up with masuk next year? Are the schedules released already or do you just know because of the way the conference does their in conference scheduling?

  8. Jamison says:

    New Milford is the Danbury of the SWC. One of the biggest schools in the conference and they excel in Cross Country, Track and Wrestling. Football, not so much. However, given the size of the school, one would think that there is talent there.

  9. CTFB12 says:

    mr fciac, Sherman, really? I didnt realize that was a hotbed of football talent hahaha That is soccer country!!! Parents there dont allow their precious children to play football for the fear of injury. Maybe Coach Murphy just wants a administration and community to actually back him, maybe he wants to be able to play his home games at his “home field” for a change, maybe he wants the challenge of taking a program from obscurity to being a program that is respected and a playoff contenter every year.He has nowhere to go but up, They NEVER have qualified for the state playoffs!!

  10. passme says:

    Did I read that Murphy’s new nickname is Kermit the frog? Well played! It aint easy being green!

  11. Schedules are not officially released, but they’re pretty much done.

  12. FormerWaveBooster says:

    @#4..I think you meant less than 30 wins in last 10 years? I get your point though, its been bad.

    @8, you are correct, they have had some talent over the years; but coaches aloof to program as a whole, poor town-wide football morale, and poor general execution doom them every year.

    @9..I agree..nowhere to go but up…generally Wave has had talent to win 5 or 6 games every year with even decent coaching and support..LL school consistently beat by S and M schools every year, inexcusable. I give the AD credit for getting a proven winner in here and not settling for same old Wave.

  13. mr fciac says:

    ctfb12 i agree with the support from the school and town its going to be huge they want a winner up there
    as for the hot bed in Sherman it produced 4 quality starters for New Fiarfield and i think two where all league and a handful of underclassmen who have talent

  14. mr fciac says:

    wave99 get this masuk kids play in the grade appropriate unlimited weight league I wonder if that has anything to do with it?? pop
    warner is out dated of the 32 teams in the states this year i think two were pop warner

  15. SWC fanatic says:

    The Wave should win the SWC in 2 to 3 years. The sleeping giant will awaken. Would have been interesting if he went to Danbury High to see what he could do….

  16. tp says:

    Congrats to NM for getting a winner in Coach Murphy…A LL school that has talent in the hallways but not on the field…Murphy may be able to change that.

    @ mr fciac – NM has an AYF unlimited youth organization…last year was their first year. The program will grow over the next few years in that town…especially with Murph at the HS. I agree this structure is the way to go for a HS feeder program…Get the big kids playing early with their grade level…can’t argue the success this model has had over the past 8 years or so. You are seeing less and less 1 HS towns with a youth program under the Pop Warner structure have a lot of success at HS level.

  17. fan says:

    spb..where can i go to get an idea of what the schedules will be next year.

  18. @fan – Er… you’d have to either go to the conferences or school directly and ask for a copy of their tentative schedule (which probably just have the dates), or have me do it.

    If I get time, maybe I can do it.

  19. Jim says:

    New Milford seems to fairly happy about landing Murphy…..Enjoy the drama he brings. Never seems to fail to disappoint the people in the district and his coaching staff.

  20. swcinsider says:

    Its a big upgrade for NM drama or not people are going to miss the winning ways in Monroe