And now, a Masuk football update: Two candidates down, two remain

With John Murphy expected to be sworn in by a congregation of New Milford converts Wednesday night,  talk has naturally shifted back to his former place of employment: Masuk.

OK, let’s be honest, it’s never really shifted away from Masuk. We just took a slight detour when it was confirmed Murphy was on his way north, which seemed to bring out a rainbow of opinions from his former players on Twitter when news broke Monday night.

The naturally emotional Tweets from Masuk’s current and former players ranged from the initial shock (‘hypocrite’) to understanding (‘Coach did what’s best for him’) to anticipation (‘Can’t wait for Week 1′) and an underclassman’s lament (‘wish we could have shown him what we could do.’)

But now focus is back on Masuk’s next move.

So, here’s where we stand:

Athletic director John DeGenarro said Tuesday afternoon that second interviews were underway this week and that Masuk hoped to have a decision soon.

A source close to the Masuk decision-makers said that two of the candidates, Darien defensive coordinator Mike Forget, and Monroe Lions coach Steve Christy, were eliminated from contention.

That leaves Ridgefield associate head coach Dave Brennan and Weston coach Joe Lato.

The final recommendation will be made to the Monroe Board of Education for approval.

So there we are.

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Sean Patrick Bowley

45 Responses

  1. swcforever says:

    stop the suspense its lato

  2. mueller says:

    If they chose Brennan, what are they basing the hire on? While Callahan and the staff brought immediate respectability to the RHS program, including a title, they have stagnated in my opinion, especially when you look at the performance of their youth level and freshman squads. I question their player development, especially building bigger, stronger kids as they advance through the program. All that being said, defense has never been a glaring weakness, unless you only look at their past games versus Staples and New Canaan haha

  3. Paul says:

    Steve Christy’s elimination will give him plenty of time to make another video and prepare for the Bridgeport Chargers 8th grade game next year.LOL!!!!

  4. smitty says:

    Steve Christy is the best Coach for the job! the best Up & coming coach around, they blew it! He’ll come out on top somewhere.

  5. Chris says:

    @Paul – I’m curious why you feel your so qualified to make fun of Christy.

  6. swcinsider says:

    Ridgefields defense has been a problem for many years in big spots
    Alum are not upset hes moved out.

  7. masukparent says:

    Christy would have won just as much, maybe more, than Murphy did. He’s as good a coach as just about anyone else out there. And he would have done it without the tarnish of Cochran. This is Masuks chance to hire him now.

  8. swcinsider says:

    masukparent sorry its not happening Lato or Brennen

  9. Not Sure says:

    It is not just that easy to hire a coach who is not a teacher and who does not have their coaching permit. Sometimes rules are the rules.

  10. mr fciac says:

    look out swc New Milford just pushed the chips in the middle

  11. John says:

    Lato IS the hire. Not sure why Masuk is waiting. I guess they just have to follow certain rules and procedures when hiring. It’s been Lato since Day 1.

    Looking forward to see the other jobs get filled. Any news on Bridgeport Central?

  12. Roc says:

    Steve Christy should’ve been hired for this job already ,I hope he still is in the running for this, I love playing his youth team and will look forward to playing hi if he is back, but (@ Chris) I’m Bridgeport Chargers 8th grade head coach and I second what Smutty said, he’s one of the best coaches around and I’m sure if they don’t take him now, he’ll be kicking their a$$ from some where else in high school cause he’ll get hired some where and real soon!

  13. mr fciac says:

    Hey Roc those big time youth football games really translate in the Bridgeport high schools.

  14. fciac 2014 says:

    Roc, he is a glorified youth coach that promote himself but he is a pretty good coach. There are a lot of youth coaches out there that could easily be successful at the high school level but unless you are self employed or work at the school, it could be tough to make ends meet and coach. There are many former HS coaches that coach youth football now but the jump is not that great from one to the other. there are so many youth programs that dominate until they get to the high school level! Could this be coaching? I believe it has something to do with it.

  15. swcinsider says:

    Lato tomorrow at Masuk

  16. UBilly says:

    I do not know Mr Christy, but I do know that there are many differences between youth football and HS football coaching. You have all the parent and school board dynamics as well as the kids becoming their own person. It is a truely different role.

  17. Paul says:

    @Chris,anyone outside the Monroe circle knows Steve Christy is a self centered ego-maniac…Anyone who makes a video in 6th grade on how to beat your opponent by 50 points should be classified as such.Ya,he has won a bunch of games from 4-7th grade by out coaching his opponents.Does this justify he would be a great HS coach?No one knows that answer for sure….I can say to ROC if your team was better coached and more prepared you should of beat Christies team by 3 scores or more and he would not of got out of his own league.I can say Masuk will miss Murphy sorely going forward and whoever gets that job will have huge shoes to fill.

  18. passme says:

    Ironic is the fact that everybody not involved is saying how much Murphy will be missed, however the Masuk community is glad to see him bring his drama up i84.

  19. Not Sure says:

    Drama yes – good football coach yes…You always have a little give and take.

  20. swcinsider says:

    passme you think you had drama with winning seasons wait to you get
    a load of the drama after a few losing seasons

  21. Not Sure says:

    Masuk will not have “losing” seasons. they may not hit the 50 point margin in 8 of their games but hey I have an idea…have the starters play a full game. Not sure of the schedule next year but Newtown and Ansonia will be tough games.

  22. masukparent says:

    @ 18, that’s only because outside people just look at wins and losses, then idolize high school coaches, like they’re the NFL or something. They dont know the rest, or why a lot of people don’t mind seeing him leave. Like he has tried to do for years. He could have left years ago, and Masuk still would have won with the talent they had. With Christy as coach, or any of the assistants too.

  23. No respect says:

    Masukparent – how do you “know the rest”. Rumors always surface when someone has success. A lot of parents are sad to see him leave. He built Masuk football and made Monroe a football town. How do you know Masuk would have won just as much if Christy was running the team, he didn’t even make it out of the first round of interviews.

  24. swcinsider says:

    masukparent your funny and typical you want a winning team but
    little johnnie doesn’t like the coach you want to run him out.
    first the school gave him inferior stadium and my guess the rest of the facilities are antiquated. second he made a lot of money for the school
    you should look into the money that came in when the team was in all those playoff games he kept the girls soccer team in socks

  25. SOMEGUY says:


  26. Chris says:

    @Paul, sounds like you have an axe to grind and I bet it’s because you were beat 50-0 a few times by Christy. In addition, your criticim of Coach Roc is just plain ridiculous. What he has done with his team has to be commended but also don’t knock the kids on the Monroe Lions. I get the impression that you’re a Monday morning QB. The world has enough of these. Do everyone a favor and stay off this blog as you’re comments don’t add value to the discussion.

  27. masukparent says:

    @ 23 and 24, Yes, a lot of people sad to see him go, but the truth is, a lot of people are Not sad to see him go. And if you live in Monroe, then you should have heard all the rumors, over the years. He’s been wanting out just about ever year, so now he has it. Maybe, he will miss Masuk, more than Masuk misses him, time will tell. Masuk football will still be Masuk football, without him.

  28. No res[ect says:

    Remember they are all just RUMORS. If there was any truth to the rumors, don’t you think the administration would have done something about it. I guess the rumors all remained rumors. I am sure as soon as New Milford has a winning record and the program begins to build, the rumors will start all over again. Or maybe they will say that Lynch built a great program and Murphy just stepped in….everyone has their shortcomings, but give credit where credit is due.

  29. Joe_tucci says:

    This blog is funny, the comments and disagreements and banter make me wonder what exactly is the hype? Every coach, basically gets paid nothing… for the time and stress they put in….CT football is not like down south…nothing like it…

  30. CTHSFootballRocks says:

    In order, and I hope I don’t forget anything:

    1) Like him or dislike him, John Murphy did a great job a Masuk. He played a big part in putting that program on the map.
    2) Make no doubt about it, Steve Christy is an outstanding football coach. Somebody will wake up and understand what he can bring to a program.
    3)Masuk’s administration will do the right thing and bring the right coach into the fold. Only they know who that person is.
    4) Too many axe grinders on the board. Save the BS for someone that knows nothing about HS football, better chance of being believed.
    5) I miss the best season of every year, HS Football season!

  31. Carl D says:

    every coach has naysayers because you cant make everyone happy. Cant argue with Murphy”s success. I’m sure that the top candidates were all worthy but in the end the school has to do what is best for the school. Any word on Bunnel?

  32. WHAT says:

    so another week has passed and another week with no Masuk coach. Second interviews this week after elimination two. I wonder what could be so difficult…LATO

  33. Bill says:

    Heard that Lato has the job but wants a teaching position to go with it, which they do not have at this time.

  34. Masuk Follower says:

    @25 Someguy
    Explain how a coach at a school for 4 years could build a program more so than a coach there for 16 years?
    Dave Dunn: 6-4 (year 1), 5-5 (year 2), 9-2 (year 3), 10-3 lost in SWC and State Championship Game(year 4)
    John Murphy: 6-4 (year 1), 11-2 SWC and State Champs (year 2), 11-1 SWC Champs and State Semi (year 3), 11-2 SWC Champs and lost in State Champ game.
    I won’t continue with years 5-16. I get you are a Dunn supporter, maybe he coached you and you feel a connection with him, I am sure he did great things, but to say he built Masuk football in 4 short years, I am a bit reluctant to agree with you. Actually Dave might not even agree with you.
    Lets hope the person coming in can keep the tradition continuing.

  35. j.friedman says:

    As nick saban mentions in the bcs article in si …. “Success is not a continuum, and history never won a football game.” Let’s keep this in mind while making comparisons.
    The new coach will need support and that should be clear from the community and administration as a whole.

  36. a source says:

    Dunn changed football at Masuk. Murphy will never come close to doing what Dunn has. Dunn did it the right way and never got called into the principals office like little Johnny. Dunn won, had assistants and players who loved him, changed the school, and went on to do amazing things. Murphy was only able to do the first of those things.

  37. swcinsider says:

    I thought the youth coach Christy changed Masuk, I’m confused

  38. Swoboda says:

    I think Coach Dunn should have stayed at Masuk.

  39. Masuk alum says:

    Alright first if anyone is confused why Lato isn’t coach yet it is because they have to find a job in the school for him first. They are struggling to do this and I have heard from current Masuk students and players that he has the job if he gets one. But they might lose their great oline coach from what I hear if Lato comes from what I heard but thats just a rumor. But also for the christy supporters he is a great coach at the youth level but that is his thing! He would not suceed at the highschool level its just the style of coaching he has it dosn’t work with older kids. He has struggled coaching 8th graders in the past even too. I would know I played for him. If you would want to hire any Monroe lions coach you want Bacarella he is a hard ass but he is a great coach and builds bonds with his players. He helped open the door to nationals for christy by going 3 times and winning it once some thing christy couldnt do. Also they were runner ups the other 2 years. I know my shit I had lots of friends on that team and knew it well. Don’t listen to anyone else this is the insider information right here.

  40. disgusted outsider says:

    Never witnessed a bigger bunch of backbiters as I’m seeing on this blog post. How about a little dignity here? Knocking these guys, in an anonymous format, is disgusting. Stop the shameless promoting, the hiring decision won’t be made on this blog. You are messing with reputations here. Have a little bit of humility.

  41. fball5 says:

    Very difficult to hire a youth coach directly as a HS Head football coach. Moving up the ladder and coaching at the HS level as an assistant or coordinator is the logical step. Absolutely crazy to think someone can make that jump without experience with older kids, complex schemes, developing team bond/trust, weight training, passing leagues, etc. It is absolutely comical to even consider a youth coach for this jump up.

  42. Jamison says:

    @41 – It can be done. Steve Kaplanis at Immaculate.

  43. fball5 says:

    It can be done but very difficult. How much of that was coaching vs being able to pull many talented kids from the danbury trojans and vikings?? He had quite a pull of those players to get them into Immaculate which was huge. This would be more difficult in Monroe as there is 1 H.S

  44. someday says:

    This feels like groundhog day…
    When will there be news?

  45. Mastrosh says:

    You need new sources, everyone. Coach Lato will not be the head coach of the Masuk Panthers next year.