Oxford-NVL presentation and/or vote postponed to next week

Oxford-to-NVL fanatics who are waiting anxiously to bring the Wolverines into their apparently rightful place alongside the other All-American Valley schools will have to wait at least another week.

Both Woodland athletic director Brian Fell and Oxford athletic director/football coach Joe Stochmal confirmed Wednesday that the meeting of NVL and Oxford representatives, which was supposed to take place today, was pushed up at least a week.

Stochmal said the NVL informed his side the postponement was due to the death of Wilby athletic director George Tirado to cancer earlier this week.

Though Stochmal wasn’t certain, Fell said the meeting would probably take place Wednesday, Feb. 6. Fell did not guarantee a vote would be made.

Last November, the Oxford Board of Education voted to move its affiliation from the SWC, where it has competed since since becoming a school in 2008, to the NVL.

The Oxford board, led by former Oxford football assistant and board member Gerard Carbonaro, believes the NVL is a better fit for Oxford because of its proximity to natural town rivals Seymour, Ansonia and Derby, and because it would cut down on travel time between games.

Most of the NVL is located in and around Waterbury, whereas the SWC is spread further across Fairfield County.

The board also believes the NVL’s schools are closer in size to Oxford, a Class S school, and would create more competitive games.

Detractors, like wrestling coach Ben Blue, have pointed to the NVL’s lack of sponsorship of boys volleyball, lacrosse and wrestling as a prime reason not to spurn the SWC.

Adding Oxford would give the NVL 15 teams, and drop the SWC to 15.

To help Oxford’s football program, the SWC last year realigned its divisions into large, medium and small. Oxford went 8-2 last year, its best record since becoming a varsity program in 2008.

Sean Patrick Bowley

14 Responses

  1. Steve Sanders says:

    If I had to guess the real reason why this is being held up for so long it’s that the Waterbury Schools would lose that awesome banner that says they are city champs. Oxford should be in no questions asked.

  2. Steve Sanders says:

    Allowing Oxford in would also end the NVL championship game in football that would be good news!

  3. Carl D says:

    Oxford will be in. Just not til 2014. Supposedly OHS was to give a years notice if they leave the swc and swc is busting their stones. The NVL doesnt want to “poach” a team from another conference.

  4. johnnyribbs says:

    the city champ thing may stay alive and well Sanders….though Holy Cross may not be one of the options to raise it.

    the NVL championship game god willing is dead.

  5. Rightfully so says:

    Carl D, the SWC should bust their stones. Oxford cried and complained about how they needed help to compete and were the main people driving the relignment bus. They actually get what they want, have areally good seaon, and then try to bail? They should be forced to stay a year and every team they play should try and bury them as a nice farewell present. If they wanted out so bad they shouldn’t have cried like babies that the divisions had to be changed.

  6. Frank says:

    Make them pay an exit fee, that will make schools think twice. Oxford is a better fit in the SWC. Oxford will compete in football, and baseball and the comparable female sports. They won’t grow! Oh well.

  7. Carl D says:

    If Oxford leave how do they re align the SWC?

  8. Frank says:

    My guess is the Pequot will disband, Nonnewaug will join the SWC, the Shoreline will need a place in the sandbox, maybe small division of SCC. The rest of the the Pequot schools will be absorbed in the closest league to their boundries. It’s just a theory

  9. SWC Vet says:

    It’s funny how another small school, Weston, didn’t really complain about the difference in talent level for years. Coach Lato just put those kids in a position to be competitive every year. They might not always pop out state playoff teams like this year, but they compete

    Oxford looked like they were following a similar formula, building up into something that resembled a competitive program, again maybe not going 8-2 every year, but not falling into doormat status like Immaculate or ND-Fairfield… But they complained about realigning, and the league obliged, now they wanna jump ship? I’m with rightfully so on this one, the SWC should hold them for a year… and do they really think things will be more competitve in the NVL? Those teams, though record wise aren’t great, are pretty physical and have fun with Ansonia… They’re pretty much guranteed 6-4 AT BEST in the NVL every year if you ask me

    Good Luck Oxford! I think you’re gonna get exactly what you want and deserve in this whole thing!

  10. Coach says:

    The Pequot is not disbanding- they just finalized a realignment and new schedule for 2013 with three 7-team divisions: North, West and South.

  11. Local coach says:

    Frank – sounds like you and I have heard the samething. A few Of the better Pequot teams joining the SCC.
    Coach- your Correct about the Pequot realigning for the 2013 season. East Hampton vinyl tech left to join the tech league.

  12. Rob says:

    Which Pequot teams are joining the SCC? Is that happening this year?

  13. Frank says:

    Do you people read? I said the Shoreline teams could potentially join the SCC as a small division. The problem with the Pequot is they are geographically challenged. Teams in Woodbury, Burlington, Falls Village. Find a league closer to you, and beg for entrance.

  14. local coach says:

    I would say Cromwell, Hyde, North Branford make sense. Maybe Valley Regional, ann Cogincaugh (Durham). All would be good in Div II