Connecticut’s National Signing Day List (updated)

National Signing Day is today. Here is the updated list of signees either from Connecticut or enrolled at Connecticut prep schools. This list was culled from various sources, including the Hartford Courant’s list of players from up north, and, of course you fine folks.

Thanks for your submissions.

If we’re missing anyone now, then I guess we’ll find out today when the colleges announce their signees.

Here we go:

High Schools

Updated: 2/7, 9:25 a.m.  — We keep adding names, so keep sending them and keep checking back.

  • Tim Boyle, QB, Xavier — UConn (switched from Boston College on Feb 3.)
  • Matt Walsh, LB, Hand — UConn
  • Andrew Isaacs, TE, Manchester — Maryland
  • Liam O’Neil, QB, Greenwich — Tufts
  • Peter Gesualdi, RB/DB, Darien — Hobart (lacrosse and football)
  • Tommy Myers, TE, Coventry/Windham Tech — UConn
  • Cole Ormsby, DE, Windsor — UMass UConn (Switched verbal on Jan. 24).
  • Lance Ormsby, LB, Windsor — Central Connecticut
  • Peter Gerson, DE, Hand — Yale
  • Marquis Little, LB, Manchester — Boston College
  • Andrew Barton, OL, Ridgefield — Bryant
  • Connor Rowe, QB, Ridgefield — Bryant
  • Jame Frusciante, WR, Staples — Princeton
  • Kyle Vaughn, OL, Staples — Fordham
  • George Smith, OL/DL, Holy Cross — Bryant
  • Andrew Matos, WR/DB, Ansonia — Rhode Island
  • Xavier Hardison, QB, Central — UNC-Pembroke
  • Mike Lasala, OL, Wilton — Washington & Lee
  • Chris Devaney, WR/LB, Newtown — Bryant
  • Nick Kelly, RB, Staples — Amherst
  • Joey Zelkowitz, RB, Staples – Middlebury
  • Kevin Kearney, LB, Staples — Bowdoin
  • Pieter Hoets, DE, Staples — Trinity
  • Patsy Romeo, OL, Wilton — Plymouth State University
  • Sean Merrill, OL, Sheehan — Sacred Heart
  • Brendan Bilcheck, QB, Hand — Bowdoin
  • Caleb Camacho, WR/DB, New London — Sacred Heart
  • Paul Angelucci, OL/DL, Trumbull — Nichols
  • Chris Golger, FB/LB, Fairfield Prep — Tufts
  • Frankie Colandro, LB, Stamford — Springfield
  • David Gilette, DE, Stamford — Norwich
  • Mike Vigliotti, OL, Westhill — Springfield
  • Moise Francillion, DE/FB, Westhill — Trinity
  • Darryn Horner, DB, Hillhouse — Stonehill
  • Andre Anderson, RB/LB, Hillhouse — New Haven
  • Je’Vaughn Moore, QB/DB, Hillhouse — Monmouth
  • Kris Luster, WR/DB, Xavier — Wesleyan
  • Will Lochtefeld, DE/FB, Darien — Trinity
  • Joey Paparelli, QB/DB, Norwich Free Academy — Bryant
  • Matt D’Andrea, DL/OL, Darien — Trinity
  • Nick Gaynor, Northwest Catholic — Trinity
  • Cam Gravina, OL, Hand — Endicott

Adds from Hartford Courant reports

  • Quinn Fleeting, QB, Windsor — Central Connecticut
  • Ryheime Moore, WR, Windsor — AIC
  • Chris Beauford,CB/WR, Newington — Monroe (N.Y.) CC
  • Ben Berey, QB/DB, Glastonbury — Tufts
  • Mitch Blanchette, OL/DL, Berlin — Western Connecticut
  • Tyler Bouchard, TE/LB, Berlin — Norwich
  • Isaiah Brooks, OL, Bloomfield — Maine
  • David Campbell, DB/RB, Bloomfield — Central Connecticut
  • Jonah Dorsey, OL, Xavier — Stonehill
  • Justin Gombotz, RB, Berlin — Springfield
  • Zachary Hedberg, DL. Newington — Western Connecticut
  • Tyler Janssen, RB/DB, Glastonbury — Bates
  • Tobi Lichtenstein, OL, Hall — Wesleyan
  • Kevin Main, RB, Berlin — Western Connecticut
  • Scott McLeod, RB, Berlin — Endicott
  • Shane McQuillan, OL, Glastonbury — Dean
  • Darick Orange, DL/OL, Coventry/Windham Tech/Bolton — Central Connecticut
  • Kevin Prempto, TE/LB, Wethersfield — Trinity
  • Hector Rodriguez, C/DT, Berlin — Dean
  • Eric Ryan, RB/FS, Newington — Harvard
  • Max Schumann, C/DE, Xavier — University of Chicago
  • Max Tylki, LB, Xavier — Brown
  • Hal Chapman Wingo, OL/DL, Avon — Georgetown
  • Kyle Young, CB, Berlin — Western New England

Prep Schools

Updated: 2/7, 9:29 a.m.

  • Shane Nastahowski, LB, Greenwich (Milford Academy) — Temple
  • Todd Stafford, QB, Brunswick — UMass
  • Noel Thomas, WR, St. Luke’s — UConn
  • Cory Jasudowich, LB, Cheshire Academy — UConn
  • Sadiq Olanrewaiu, OL, Salisbury School — Virginia
  • John Van Allen, ATH, Avon Old Farms — Harvard
  • D.J. Ellis, WR/DB, Sacred Heart (Gunnery) — Sacred Heart University
  • Dave DiGeorgi, RB Holy Cross (Gunnery) — Curry College
  • Kellen Croce, QB, Gunnery — Maine
  • Austin Whipple, QB, Salisbury — Penn State
  • Garrett Dolly, Canterbury — Temple
  • Pierre DuBois, Canterbury — Kenyon
  • Marty Moesta, TE/ DE, Hotchkiss — Yale
  • Jeff Biestek, QB, Cheshire Academy (Sheehan) — Brown
  • Leaon Gordon, RB/DB, Cheshire Academy (Brookfield) — Merrimack  Sacred Heart
  • Tommy Bodolus, Cheshire Academy — Bucknell
  • Kalief Joyner, Cheshire Academy — Albany
  • Sam Russell, Cheshire Academy — Brown
  • David Brzozwski, Suffield Academy (Cheshire), Trinity

Adds from Hartford Courant reports

  • Joe Ballard, LB, Hotchkiss — Rice
  • David Berment, WR, Taft — Sacred Heart
  • PJ Dorsey, DB, Hotchkiss — Trinity
  • Tim Drakeley, QB, Taft — Bowdoin
  • Tom Gregory, OL, Hotchkiss — Tufts
  • Bulolo Jonga, DE, Taft — Middlebury
  • L.J. Lawrence, OL, Loomis Chaffee — Bates
  • Nick LaSpada, FS/QB, Taft — Bates
  • Durelle Napier, DB, Loomis Chaffee — Princeton
  • Reg Paige, LB, Loomis Chaffee — Princeton
  • Adam Parker, LB, Taft — Rhode Island
  • A.J. Poplin, WR, Loomis Chaffee — Amherst
  • John Reddington, OL, Loomis Chaffee — Maine
  • Mandy Williams, QB, Loomis Chaffee — Georgetown
  • David Wolff, LB, Taft — Rochester

What else? Either post below or email me at

Sean Patrick Bowley

56 Responses

  1. tommymac says:

    What, no SEC signings? Connecticut players need to order deer antler spray STAT.

  2. Dog says:

    I count 1 kid going to the B1G (2 if you count Maryland) and 0 going to the SEC

  3. Dr. Von Nostran says:

    Why would an SCC player sign with an SEC school? From what I’ve read here that’s a step down.

  4. John says:

    It’s nice to see that so many players from CT will be playing in college and to know where they will be playing, but do 90% of these kids have to wait “signing day” to announce they are going to such small schools who don’t even offer scholarships? Maybe it’s me and I’m missing something.

  5. fciacfan says:

    In addition to the football talent, it appears many of these players have performed admirably in the classroom as well. Lots of Ivy League, NESCAC, and other schools represented here — all quality schools that will provide a top notch education. Congratulations to all of those student-athletes on their accomplishments.

  6. Jamison says:

    When do you get the time machine? You updated the list tomorrow (2/7)?

  7. @jamison – [ rolls eyes ] got me there, didn’t ya?

  8. read180 says:

    Dick Cerrone, the former Westhill Viking assistant has applioed for the Bunnell job. Jason Hart, former ND-fairfield coach has applied too. One would assume there are other canidates for this position. Cerrone’s lone job as a head coach, was at westhill. Needless to say, he has made Frank Maruccio look like Urban Meyer, based on his “6-4″ 2012 season. Something tells me there is another guy, or two that has a chance at the Bunnekll job.

  9. There are a lot of names floating out there for Bunnell. We won’t start making official lists until they begin interviews and we can confirm names. Otherwise, it’s all just banter.

  10. CTFB12 says:

    A name I havent seen is Boeing Brown, SCSU or CCSU havet approached him? I know it isnt South Carolina or Kentucky but he could play somewhere.

  11. Whopper16 says:

    I am sure there are many more kids going on to play somewhere, but I agree with #4..I thought signing day was for D1 Scholarships. Nevertheless, good to see so many moving on to keep playing, surprised that only 1 SWC player is listed ( Newtown’s Devaney-Bryant)…
    No Masuk, Bunnell, Weston, or other Newtown kids going on to play in college? Hebert?
    2#10- As for Boeing Brown, I had heard he may be going to Air Force Academy and play football there…we’ll see//Good kid who got a raw deal, not being able to play QB his senior year.

  12. FutureV says:

    where the hell is a kid like Monaco from Masuk going? great, all-state player

  13. Fciac Football Player says:

    I’m still trying to make my decision, Right now the schools I have to choose from where I’d be able to play football are Muhlenberg, St Lawrence, Norwich, Western New England, UNH, and Assumption College. I also got accepted to UConn school of pre pharm, but I would have to try and walk on. Any suggestions? Thanks

  14. swccoach says:

    Monaco is headed to Catholic University.

  15. FSU513 says:

    Boeing Brown going to be a preferred walk on at UCF.

  16. CTFB12 says:

    @Whopper16, I was just wondering because you were calling that he would have multiple offers by today. He may be a great kid, I dont know, but I know he wasnt a div1A or 1AA kid. Not at QB anyway. I do hope he walks on and is successful at the Air Force Academy though. Good Luck to him.

  17. Pete Gerson says:

    @FCIAC football player

    Man don’t let anyone here influence your decision. Do what YOU believe is right, if playing football means a lot to you and you want to play for as long as possible than clearly you have the option to do that and all that is left is finding the place that you belong the most, academically, socially, and with the team. If not then you still seem like you have plenty of options too. Best of luck.

  18. @Peter, you might be one of my favorite players to cover in the 13 years I’ve been doing this. It’s a relatively short list. Good luck, and win a Rhodes Scholarship will ya?

    Incidentally, for the rest of you, here are some of my all time favorites going back to 2000.

    (ADD: I’m qualifying this list: ‘Favorite’ players, meaning not the best, per se, but the guys who made the job fun by BSing with me throughout a season. See note below)

    Charlie Kroopneck, Hamden, 2000
    Josh Moore, Hamden, 2000
    Derrick Lewis, West Haven, 2000
    Tommy DeMorro, West Haven, 2002
    Jameson Davis, Hamden, 2002
    — The above guys were when I was sports editor for the New Haven Register Weeklies from 2000-2003
    Mike Kielt, Pomperaug, 2004
    Kelleray Gill, Central, 2004
    Nick Pellegrino, Notre Dame-Fairfield 2005
    Anel Montanez, Trumbull, 2005
    Nick Piccirillo, St. Joseph, 2005
    Torrey Mack, Stratford, 2007
    Octavias McCoy, Stratford, 2007
    Tim Zubrinski, Trumbull, 2007
    Byron ‘The Bus’ Jackson, Harding, 2007
    Geoff Schultz, Shelton, 2007
    Scott Christy, Masuk, 2007
    Rob Moir, Seymour, 2007
    Steve Smith, Bunnell, 2006
    Ryan Everetts, Bunnell, 2006
    Paul Fenaroli, Masuk, 2006
    Any one of the Bacarella Brothers from Masuk (2004-present)
    Any one of the Devellis Brothers from Newtown (2004-present)
    Any one of the Hardison Brothers from Central (2004-present)
    Nick Conte, Masuk, 2008
    Ray Palmer, Masuk, 2008
    The Treibt Twins, Brookfield, 2008
    Christon Gill, Central, 2009
    C.J. Elser – Pomperaug, 2009
    Jason Mawicki, St. Joseph/Staples, 2009-10
    Paul Piccirillo, Shelton, 2010
    Nick Pulaski, St. Joseph, 2010
    Jake Weil, Darien, 2010
    Tyler Matakevich, St. Joseph, 2010
    Nick Adzima, St. Joseph, 2010
    Kevin Macari, New Canaan, 2010
    Joe Diaz, Masuk, 2010
    Shawn Flynn, Masuk, 2011
    Tyler Wood, Ansonia, 2011
    Dan Hebert, Newtown 2012
    Bryan Monaco, Masuk, 2012
    Matt Walsh, Hand, 2012
    Peter Gerson, Hand, 2012
    Joe Pacheco, New Fairfield, 2012

    …there might be a few more. I just spent 30 minutes trying to figure this out… guess it’s not so much of a shortlist. I might have left a few guys out, too. Maybe on another thread.

    ADD: I got a ton of crap from the Ansonia guys because none of there kids were on the list. Wracking my brains, how many characters from Ansonia have I dealt with? Very few. They’re always so reserved. …Actually, I think Tyler Wood broke that mold and actually BS’d with me during his time. So i’ve added him.

  19. fciac jr says:

    whopper jr, from what I understand, the swc isn’t a hot bed for colleges to recruit from due to the competition. When you have masuk and newtown beating up on the sister of the poor each week, everybody looks like a star. Then when they play for real, look what happens? Blow out city from Hand, NFA, Staples, etc.

  20. CTFB12 says:

    @fciac jr, neither is Hand. Walsh is the first ever div1A recruit to come out of Hand since Fillipone has taken over(which in no way is that a knock on him, infact its just the opposite, THAT MAN CAN COACH)
    AND JUST SO YOU KNOW THE SWC MAY HAVE MORE PLAYERS IN THE NFL THEN ANY OTHER LEAGUE IN THE STATE. Not defending them but pointing out a fact. Its like any other league besides the SCC, some years are very good 2009, some years are bad 2012. Your FCIAC isnt all that strong either

  21. PatPatriot says:

    Will Patrick – OL Staples – Tufts.

    NESCAC seeing Staples blue….

  22. swcinsider says:

    swc has one player in the pro’s to my knowledge richards from weston
    fciac has had many including a hall of famer from greenwich

  23. roto says:

    @20. You sure about your NFL claim? I know it has the wrong school for Lutrus, but according to this the CCC and the SCC have produced more current NFL players:

  24. CTFB12 says:

    Easley, Lutrus, and Bannon &Fenaroli (practice squad) soon to be Mark Harrison

  25. CTFB12 says:

    Do you guys read or just respond blind. I said “may have more in the NFL” I wasn’t stating fact

  26. swcinsider says:

    lutrus is on a roster i would check that

  27. CTFB12 says:

    started to break down all of CT’s signees. Starting with the QBs we will be sending 15 to play college football next year
    9 Div1
    2 Div2(New Haven-UNC Pembroke)
    4 Div3
    Out of those
    3 have received full scholarships(Uconn-Maine-Umass)
    4 have partials
    2 walk-ons (1 to PSU-1 to UCF)
    4 to NESCAC schools

    Pretty impressive

  28. CTFB12 says:

    10 Div1
    1 Div2 (AIC)
    2 Div3

    5 full rides(Maryland-2 Uconn-URI-Albany)
    3 partials
    2 Ivy League (Yale-Princeton)
    2 NESCAC (Wesleyan-Amherst)

  29. CTFB12 says:

    14 All together

    1 Div1 (Harvard)
    2 Div2 (UNH-Merrimack)probably partials
    11 Div3

    6 NESCAC
    5 to WCSU-Endicott-Curry-Springfield-Hobart

    seems the RB position might be the weekest

  30. CTFB12 says:

    A VERY RESPECTFUL 29 going on to play college football!!

    12 Div1 (1 Ivy @ Yale)(6 full Uconn-Fordham-Maine-Virginia-Temple-Maine))(5 partials Bryantx2-Georgetown-CCSU-SHU)
    1 Div2 (Stonehill)
    16 Div3 (6 NESCAC)

  31. CTFB12 says:

    LAST 2
    9 Div1
    3 Div3

    7 full (Uconn x2-CCSU-BC-Temple-Rice-URI)
    2 Ivy (Princeton-Brown)
    1 NESCAC

    a whole 3 players
    1 Div1 (Ivy)
    1 Div2 (Stonehill)
    1 Div3 (Western New England)

  32. swcinsider says:

    SPB Where are all those D-1 candidates from NFA going

  33. You mean the one kid? He’s a junior so we don’t know yet.

  34. swcinsider says:

    That’s it?

  35. Bunnell says:

    Whered that RB from torrington wind up? He was one of the best ive ever seen.

  36. jucks says:

    Outlow from NFA is in love with BC as far as I know. Has got an offer from them.

  37. swcinsider says:

    Jucks That it, from what i read from the experts NFA was loaded
    with great players

  38. For Connecticut, yes. Beat the hell out of Newtown, stopped the Staples express.

    Stop trolling. It’s unbecoming.

  39. swcinsider says:

    Nah just reminding that most times the bias are unbecoming and i would
    never use Newtown as a gauge that shows lack of Knowledge

  40. Bias toward what, exactly?

  41. CTFB12 says:

    Kid fromTorrington is going to CCSU from Milford Academy this year

  42. SWC future says:

    NFA was loaded as one player could not have beaten this great Newtown team by himself. They were loaded on both O and D. But it will be a different story next season as Newtown will be able to keep up with NFA on speed which killed them in 2012.

  43. swcinsider says:

    Swc future please land the space ship your on

  44. Vincent Deramo (Bridgeport Central High) says:

    Going to St. Lawrence University next year

  45. FutureV says:

    SWC Future,

    NFA had a great option QB in Papavelli and more importantly a great backfield in Outlow (jr) and Exum-Strong (soph). Young and talented with amazing speed, both returning.

    Their female kicker was quite good, too.

  46. Thank you Vincent. Good luck!

  47. swcinsider says:

    OHHH the other great player from NFA where is he playing
    Bryant bulldog powerhouse

  48. Pat says:

    Does anyone know where shaquan howsie is heading

  49. CTFB12 says:

    @swcinsider, Bryant is still Div. Just because you dont think they arent a powerhouse doesnt mean they arent respectful. For the last 4 yrs they had arguably one of the best running backs in the nation who incidentally is from Ct. If you earn a scholarship it doesnt matter what school it is you are a very chosen few. I’m willing to bet you didnt get one if you even played.

  50. swcinsider says:

    CTFB12 I was under the impression that the NFA players were great
    i was just confused one of the great players ended up at Bryant and
    not at LSU or Florida.

  51. CT_Yankee_in_NC says:

    I really enjoy reading SPB’s blog. I spent the first 28 years of my life in CT before relocating to North Carolina. Reading the articles and associated comments keep me connected to the state and high school football. There is no doubt that passion and loyalty to teams & leagues run high. The back and forth banter is great to read. A couple of thoughts and observations. First any young man that earns a scholarship is to be commended for his hard work & dedication. Second, while Division III schools do not offer scholarships any athlete that decides to play football, go to school & study at a D-3 school is equally dedicated to his sport; maybe more so, as they are not receiving anything to play. That stated, if one is going to track “signees” it’s a bit disingenuous to not distinguish between Division 1 & Football Championship Subdivision (formerly 1-AA). Nor should one count DIII players as scholarship players. They are not. That does not belittle their desire to play football in college but they are not scholarship athletes. The fact is there seems to be many players from the state of CT heading to college to continue to play a sport they love. Good luck to all of them and enjoy your time in college.

  52. swcinsider says:

    Ct Yankee you are on point the problem is we have too many people using the “great” word and pundits over evaluating talent

  53. CTFB12 says:

    CTYankee, I disagree with distinquishing between 1 and 1AA teams. The gap between most of those schools and the “normal” FBS schools has closed dramatically. Now you have Youngstown St beating Pitt, North Dak St beating Colo St-and MInnesota(twice) in 3 consecutive years, App St beating MIch in the Big House, Maine beating Miss St, Towson playing almost heads up with LSU, Stonybrook vs Syracuse, South Dakota St over Eastern Mich, etc etc.

    To me if you earn a full ride whether your team gets 63 scholarships as in FCS or 85 as in FBS it’s still a major accomplishment!! To lessen the accomplishment would be disingenuous. Not a very high amount of players get a full ride from the state of Ct so when they do lets celebrate them not bash them just because they didnt go to Alabame or Notre Dame

  54. David Attolino says:

    David Attolino, RB, Amity – Ithaca

  55. Samuel says:

    Ct does great for a small state percentage wise sending football players to play in college. Also the smaller towns in Ct have tremendous teams for much less populated schools. Did you know you can fit 48 Connecticuts in the state of Texas! This state does just fine…